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Top Investment Banking Services In Indore

Investment banking service is an emerging service across the world right now. The investment bank is part of a financial institution that usually serves business institutions, governments, and corporate sectors by providing them advisory services, underwriting services, raising capital, and mergers and acquisition services. It plays an intermediate role between investors and service seekers. This article will discuss the definition of investment banking, its skill, types of investment banking services, career opportunities, and the top 12 investment banking services in Indore. Responsibility for investment banking services includes designing various types of financial models, creating general recommendations for product contributions and mergers & acquisitions, and setting up a good relationship with present and potential clients for business growth. 

Investment Banking Services In Indore

What is Investment Banking? 

Investment banking is a kind of bank that raises money for their clients i.e., government, corporate sectors, and other public institutions, and makes transactions easy for their business in several ways such as underwriting, initial public offering (IPO), mergers & acquisition. The investment bank works as planners and advisors for reorganization and restructuring. 

Investment Banks and their Types 

Investment banks can be divided between the size of the banks and the services they provide to their existing clients. Therefore, they can be classified into four levels: Elite Investment Banks, Middle Market Investment Banks, Regional Investment Banks, and Bulge Bracket Investment banks.

Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Bulge Bracket Investment Bank is the largest and it provides services all across the world. They come up with international investment banking services nationally and internationally. These banks consist of an unlimited number of employees and also cater to every type of investment banking service to their clients from all over the world. Their provided services are equity research service, mergers & acquisition service, asset management service, underwriting service, sales, and business development services. They specialize in all services.

Elite Investment Bank

Elite Investment Bank resembles a bulge bracket investment bank in several aspects. Not present in all countries in the world, elite investment banks serve most places around the globe. Their services differ from bulge bracket investment banks at some point. They have limitations in mergers and acquisition services to their clients and at the same time, they may offer equity research service, restructuring, and asset management services to their clients. 

Middle Market Investment Bank

As per the name, it is clear that middle market investment banks have fallen under the bulge bracket of investment banks and regional investment banks. There are more opportunities in the bank than regional bank services and fewer opportunities than bulge bracket bank services. Regionally, they spread their services but nationally they are underdeveloped. They provide services like M&A services, asset management services, and restructuring services to their clients but they specialize in only a few. 

Regional Investment Bank

Compared to the other investment banks, regional banks are generally the smallest in size and they operate at the regional and local levels. Naturally, the number of employees in these banks is less, and also the clients can be counted as the deal is not large. They cannot offer all investment banking services. They work on one or two services such as M&A services probably and it is the only option for the investment bankers to maintain their livelihood by providing this service.

Investment Banking Skills

Banking professionals and analysts associate with various types of valuation methods while spending a lot of time using Excel to advise their clients about investments. Therefore, investment banking requires the following skills: 

Financial Modeling:

To achieve the business goal, financial modeling is required for a company and thus three statement models, discounted cash flow model, leveraged buyout model, forecasting model, and budget model are designed for this purpose. 

Business Valuation:

Investment bankers use a vast range of business valuation methods, and these are discounted cash flow analysis, comparable business analysis, and so on. 

PPT and Pitchbooks:

Investment bankers develop the client’s business by using PPT Presentations and Pitch Books which give a new perspective to pitch ideas to encourage the potential clients about growing their business in the long term. 

Relationship Management:

The advancement of any business entirely depends on the relationship between the clients and the investors. The investment bankers successfully create a good relationship with their existing clients and make sure that the clients are really happy by getting the services provided by the investment bankers. 

Sales and Business Development:

Investment banking services also enlarge their scope to serve the clients with their new ideas and plans to increase the client’s business and provide value-added advice about how to develop sales and business of the existing clients strategically and rationally.

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Types of Investment Banking services 

Investment banks offer a wide range of services such as underwriting, asset management, equity research, sales and corporate broking, and mergers & acquisition services. Let us discuss the services below in detail.


Underwriting service is one of the biggest business segments of investment banking service. Through this service, the banks raise capital from investors for their clients in the form of equity and debt securities. Underwriting service goes through three phases i.e., planning, demand, and tissue structure. In the first stage of the service, the investment bank plans the whole public issue and understands the logic between the investor and investment demand.

In the second stage, the bank usually focuses on the current market condition to raise capital for its client. This phase analyzes the market condition, the experience of the investor, the target market, the political conditions of the market, etc. In the last and final stage, the investment bank creates a structure of the entire public issue and brings out it by creating three main questions is it a national or international issue, whether are investors genuinely interested in this offering and how will the process of sales happen?

Asset Management

Asset management service is one of the most essential services of investment banks. Clients of the investment banks take services from them including government provident funds, big insurance companies, and other several departments. The service also involves different types of investments such as stocks, fixed-income stocks, derivatives, and other. In this service, investment banks define themselves as a personalized asset manager to their clients and maintain a portfolio for the clients which generates a maximum return for a specific risk that the clients are ready to bear in all circumstances. Thus, asset management is denoted as investment funds in investment bank service. 

Equity Research

Any business involved in investment activities needs equity research. Firms include insurance companies, and asset management firms that invest deliberately in the equity market to receive a good return for their existing clients. Thus, in investment banking services, equity research professionals analyze the data and produce reports based on the client’s investment opportunities. It provides the knowledge to the investors to make decisions before purchasing a stock. The main aim of equity research is to supply insights into a firm’s financial performance and features of the potential risks created for its investors. An equity report scrutinizes the company’s strengths and weaknesses based on its past financial data and submits them to the investors after completing an in-depth analysis of those data. 

Mergers and Acquisition Services (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisition service is the part and parcel of the investment banking service. In the Mergers service, the board of directors accepts the association of the firm and looks for the approval of the shareholder. On the other hand, in acquisition service, one of the companies obtains another company and the acquired company receives the majority of the stakes in the firm. Under the Mergers and Acquisition service, mainly four types of transactions come namely Mergers, Acquisitions, Leverage Buyouts, and Tender Offers, and therefore the service has a wide scope in the investment banking service. 


Investment banks attach with the companies so that in the present or the near future the company can be able to trade publicly. This service offers research, analysis, reporting, placement, publishing, and stock marketing. 

Advisory Services

Investment banking offers a plethora of advisory services such as analysis of assets, financial restructuring, business valuation, strategic business planning, etc. They also evaluate the capital flow, and its design, and offer solutions to the clients to deploy transient funds. Additionally, advisory services offer feasibility analysis and submit a feasible project report to help the business to grow enormously in the world of the business market. 

Careers in Investment Banking 

It is a desired career as an investment banker often earns enormous money with an abundance of networking opportunities. An investment banker’s work schedule may be considered stressful as the field is highly demanding to meet the client’s choice and help them to enlarge their business regionally and internationally. Any working professional can hold the common job titles in this field i.e., analyst, associate, managing director, president, and many more. They can work on several services such as debt and equity services, Mutual funds, pension fund advisory services, mergers & acquisition services, and underwriting services. Underwriting services include book building, initial public offerings, investment meetings, and selling securities and the job responsibilities of an investment banker rely on the client’s need and current business condition. 

Top Investment Banking Services in Indore


IIM SKILLS is the leading company popular for offering wide range of skill development & professional courses. Their most recommended courses is Investment Banking Master Course. They have the most brilliant team of mentors who have most than 12 years of experience in their field.

Investment banking course is a certified 3 months of course which is 100% practical oriented training along with practical assignments & case studies. They offer guaranteed internship of a month & job support. All the services under the course are at a very minimal cost INR 39900/- only.


They have the most talented and efficient team of mentors who personally design the curriculum and which is timely updated. Said that, they offer 100% practical training which helps in professional career. The course is purely tool oriented. Not only this but they also provide timely recording of the live training sessions which is approved with a lifetime access absolute free. They also help their students in career building.

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Geojit Financial Private Limited

Geojit Financial Private Limited is one of the best Investment Banking Services in Indore that offers their clients to invest in a share market to expand their business and meet the business target in the market. Geojit Financial limited offers services such as IPO trading services, life insurance, and currency trading service. Its IPO service helps the company to raise money by issuing debt or equity. Among the important financial planning, life insurance is one of the most relevant steps to go forward. Geojit provides life insurance services to the company and individuals to meet their wealth planning through long-term saving. 

Motilal Oswal Financial Service Limited

Motilal Oswal Financial Service Limited offers other investment banking services in Indore. Their services include asset management, equity research analysis, currency broking, financial strategies, and so on. They provide such services so that the client’s expectations are met with the service and they can expand their business globally. 

Victory Terminal Financial Services

Victory Terminal Financial Services also offers investment banking services to its clients. They provide mutual fund investment services as per risk profile assessment. Their clients can invest in mutual funds through systematic investment plans and strategies. Thus, Victory Terminal Financial Services is a big name in the Indian Financial Market as they advise clients for short-term and long-term investments in the stock market. Their low-cost packages suit those clients who seek investment advisory services, financial planning, or any type of investment planning for growing their business regionally and internationally. 

SBI Global Factor Limited

SBI Global Factor Limited is a non-banking financial company controlled by the Reserve Bank of India and it is a section of the State Bank of India. It helps their business and individuals by providing loans to meet their financial business goals in the future. Depending on the needs of the companies or people, SBI Global Factor Limited generates various types of loans to their potential customers and thus the organization gives one of the best investment banking services in Indore. 

Fincox Consulting

Fincox Consulting provides other investment banking services in Indore. They offer services to their clients such as chartered accountants, financing & taxation services, and company secretarial services. They have a team of professional chartered accountants to provide investment banking and financial services to clients. 

Profit Vista Financial Research

Profit Vista Financial Research is one of the few financial service providers that provide data and information about the Indian capital market. Thus, it serves various advisory services related to investment banking to its clients. 

CapitalVia Global Research 

CapitalVia Global Research is an investment banking service in Indore that advises investment banking services to its clients so that clients can grow their businesses very effectively with the help of that financial advice.

Swastika Investment  

Swastika Investment is a well-known investment banking service in Indore that provides investment banking services to its existing clients. It is one of the best Investment Banking Services in Indore. It provides financial strategy on investment, new ideas on trading and product innovation, and personalized service, and in this way, they advise on how the clients can value money and engage in enlarging their business. 


TradingBells also provides Investment Banking Services in Indore. This service generally consists of stock trading solutions with other trustworthy investment banking services to its clients. It is one of the finest Investment Banking Services in Indore.

CapitalAim Financial Advisor

 CapitalAim Financial Advisor serves investment banking services in Indore. It is India’s one of the most trustworthy financial advisory firms that helps its clients to make holistic development of the business by giving recommendations to the investors in a unique way. They have a comprehensive approach towards the clients about the needs and requirements of their business so that the traders can utilize the service ac according to their business style. 

Desire Research

Desire Research is a SEBI-registered investment banking service in Indore. As per its clients’ risk-bearing capacity, the firm provides recommendations about the investor’s business strategy so that they can make a profit from the financial market as much as they can. Their advice is very unique, strong, effective, and disciplined. Their mission is to inform the clients to trade and invest safely around the market. Their vision is to satisfy customers by providing great investment banking advisory services. 

Mahesh C Solanki & Co.

Mahesh C Solanki & Co. is another investment banking service in Indore that delivers value-based services to its clients to maximize the client’s business growth in the business world and make remarkable competition with other business rivals in the market. With the help of a professional team, it provides business solutions based on accounting, finance, and auditing. According to their client’s needs, they provide services and therefore they have a client-centric approach. They manage a long-last relationship with the clients through business commitment and different project management at the same time. 

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Salary of Investment Banker in Indore

Nowadays India is a good place to explore new industries and investment banking is one of them. It is an uprising industry now. Therefore, in India and also in Indore, an investment banker usually earns between INR 1.9 lakhs to INR 27.4 lakhs with an average of INR 4.0 lakhs. The salary highly depends on the experience of the investment banker and how much they contribute to this financial industry.  

What Are the Commitments That Are Offered by Investment Banks?

Majorly three commitments are offered by investment banks. These are firm commitment, best efforts, and all or none.

Firm commitment: In the underwriting services, the underwriters admit to buying the whole issue at a fixed price. If it is seen that the underwriters are failing to sell the issue, then it is the underwriter’s responsibility to take the entire issue for unsold shares. 

Best efforts: The underwriter promises to sell the issue as much as possible but somehow, they can give back the unsold shares without taking financial responsibilities. 

All or none: In this process, if the whole issue cannot be sold then the entire deal is abandoned and the issuing company receives any feedback or any financial success. 

FAQs on Investment Banking Services in Indore 

Q1. What is the meaning of an initial public offering or IPO?

An initial public offering or IPO is a process in which a company at the very first time shares a new issue of securities or recommends for sale of its existing securities or offers both for the first time to the public. 

When the shares are offered to the public, the shareholders become the owners of the part of the company and also acknowledge the right of making future decisions for the company.

Q2. What is “book building?”

Book building is a kind of process by which the price of an IPO or initial public offering will be resolved. In this method, the shares of a company will be advertised. 

Q3. What is the role of an investment bank in economic development?

Investment banks play a vital role to develop the economy of a country. Various services such as mergers and acquisition services help the firms to enlarge their business all across the world. Investment banks raise capital for their clients to upgrade their business precision in the future and generate funds for the individual as well. 

Q4. How do investment banks compete with each other?

Investment banks generally compete with each other as many services do. They first attract their clients through a non-price competition strategy. They leverage their reputation and promise to produce the best service for their existing clients. Reputation is based on various factors such as abilities of debt offering, past business performance, distributional capabilities, and quality of analysis. 

Q5. How do investment banks source deals?

Deal sourcing is a significant part of investment banking. In this process, opportunities and strategic relationships are generated for continuing business and making a profit at its best. The banks often use several types of deal sourcing because of the huge ranges of money that the investment banks deal with. 


This article has thoroughly evaluated the meaning of investment banking, and the services it provides to its existing customers to maximize profit for creating long-term business goals. It has been clear that investment banking services offer a financial business strategy to its potential and existing customers for the betterment of the client’s business in the future. It also helps the clients to acquire long-term business precision and make them strong to keep the business in the market by utilizing that financial advice such as underwriting, asset management, mergers & acquisition services, equity research services, sales, and other advisory services. Also, this article offers in-depth information about different types of investment banks and various types of investment bank services to the readers. Additionally, the top 12 investment banking services in Indore have been explained through thorough research. 

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