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Importance of Education in Life and Society

The history of education tells us that it was started at some places to let children have a better childhood while to bring a change in society to others.


The image reflects on the importance of education in life and society

The evolution of education has diversified to a great extent and hence, Education has become one of the prominent parts of an individual’s life. Therefore, it becomes important to understand various aspects of to Importance of Education.‘Roti, Kapda, Makaan’ has been modified to ‘Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Shiksha’ in the new age.


What is Education?


To get educated is to receive learning. Education is the process where a person is enlightened with something new. Right from where a baby speaks out the first world till the time where we reach our last day, everything we do is an outcome of the education we have received. The systematic instructions of schools, the experiences at our home, the content in the books and outside of them; all these maps to education in one way or the other.


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Philosophy of Education


Philosophy of Education is a pillar build from the investigation of the reason, nature, procedure, and goals of education. Education can be defined as the process of instructing and learning explicit aptitudes, the conferring of information, judgment, and knowledge. Education is essential needed in regular survival. It is important to prepare learners to address the difficulty of the present times and make them ready to adapt to what’s to come.


Education must be perceived or given to ignite the inborn potential of the youngsters. Learning experiences ought to be exhibited in an assortment of ways including exercises that emphasize the visual, sound-related, and material modalities. 


Good teachers know their every single kid’s interests, learning style and furnish guidance that networks with that learning style. Educators must be the spark that lights up the world of knowledge in their students. It is believed that education has the power to change the world and educators, if understand the importance of education have the capacity to precisely structure desires of the incapable towards empowerment, on an individual basis, to achieve one’s own best. 


The student needs the correct guidance to perceive education in the correct most intention and sees the application to life outside the classroom. A defined syllabus may impact what subjects are educated, how they are educated, and maybe more essentially, the convictions and qualities that are instructed, both verifiable and expressly, inside and around the main subjects.


While pedagogy on the other hand is a term that encourages us to comprehend and depict how instructors develop, support, continue and in fact change students. It includes the objectives and the expertise, the structure of learning, the choice of educational programs, the style of exercise conveyance, the classroom association, the nature of learners’ cooperation, the types of control and discipline, the instructing and learning methodologies, and the strategies for evaluation picked by the educator and authorized in the tutorial room. 


Parent acknowledgment, backing, and comprehension build-up to basic requirements in a child’s progress. And as Sydney Harris said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”, therefore the development of a kid is exponentially multiple if the school, home, and the social circle work together to the true sense of education.


The importance of education, if realized from an early age can change the future and opportunities for generations to come.


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Types of Education


Education has a wide radius of definitions for people around the globe. Some will see it as a regular classroom learning process, while others might take it as a chance of enlightenment that comes from life experiences. As per the basic categorization, there are three different types of education, each of which has its characteristics. Let’s have a look at them and how they differ from one another.


Formal Education


 Formal education is anything that is taught in a formal setup such as a classroom or an institution with an infrastructure. It usually begins in elementary school and continues through middle school, high school, and further. Informal education, students can be grouped in two ways, 1) By age, and 2) By education level. They are taught by professional educators in a structured environment. The curriculum is planned and follows a strict syllabus created by the staff or by an outside education professional.


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Informal Education


 Informal education refers to any kind of education that doesn’t involve a formal learning or teaching method. It covers everything from parents teaching their kids at home, to learning cooking while you live independently to every skill taught by family, friends, or life. It consists of experiences and learning, and the impact caused by being a part of a family and a community that is completely opposite from a structured classroom setting.


Non-Formal Education


 As the name suggests, the reader might think that Non-Formal education and informal education are similar, but non-formal education has more in common with formal education. However, the non-formal education process does not rely on a syllabus or any other set protocol. If there is a structure in place, it can be bent over by the teacher and can be customized to meet a student’s needs.


Some examples of non-formal education include adult education courses job training, fitness courses, and any one-on-one tutoring session that can be changed in accordance with the students’ requirements. Non-formal education focuses on flexibility while maintaining the outcomes and importance of education.


Most of the education system followed fall into one of these three categories. Throughout our lives, we encounter examples of each of them in one or the other phase. In general, people receive formal education when they go to school, but an informal education is an outcome of the time spent with their family and community.


As people grow older, they also tend to experience non-formal education in various life events apart from classroom teachings. Each of these three types of education is equally important as they help to groom an individual from different perspectives. They are what will turn a learner into a well-rounded expert.


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Why is Education Important?


1. Builds the Foundation to a Mind.


The human mind is one of the miraculous and powerful things in the world. If nurtured correctly from an early age, it holds the ability to change things around towards progress. Therefore, it is essential to realize the importance of education for the development and success of young minds. Education in our lives has an impact as close as to how strong foundations build stronger infrastructure.


Imbibing a mind with reasoning and logic can only be done from education. Education can make a mind ask questions of ‘Why, How, what’ about everything and, it makes a mind able to answer the mysteries as well. The purpose of education lies in progressing an empty mind to an open one.


2. Enhances the Quality of Relationships


The importance of education realized in one’s life helps in enhancing the person’s social skills. This is where the Emotional Quotient (E. Q.) aspect of the education comes in. A person to be groomed correctly needs an apt balance of Intelligent Quotient (I.Q.) along with the E.Q.


Therefore, Informal Education plays a significant role in how relationships are built, developed, and progressed throughout people’s lives. The skill of Communication coming through education helps us in a variety of ways. We can say out how we feel, listen to what others have to say, and therefore, build a positive bridge in our friendships.


Even when the child does not start school, education starts. As Chanakya Neeti says, treat children with complete love and care for their first five years followed by strict discipline till the age of fifteen. Once they cross fifteen, be their friends for life.


So, be it following various other techniques of parenthood in raising a child or treating yourself correctly in being a new player of parenthood, the importance of education plays a key role. To be educated makes us an asset. Without education, we might live and with it, we can lead ourselves and many others, towards a better place to be in.


3. Education Helps to Earn


As I said in the beginning, ‘Roti, Kapda, Makaan’ form the basic needs of our lives, and education (Shiksha) can help us to achieve these. One of the most powerful results of a good education is it changes our thoughts, our lifestyle, and our achievements.


Education always makes a person who can help others with that knowledge. The ones who practice their knowledge and skills professionally do make money out of it. The importance of education lies in the fact that it helps one to learn a skill, provide a service in the same and earn a good wage out of the hard work and learning.


It does not require a one-time big degree to make your life. Rather, it takes an effort of continuous discipline and consistency to learn new things every day and reach a better version of yourself with every passing hour. If you are a good musician, you will earn with your tunes. If you develop the skills with medicines, you will earn a doctor. There are millions of ways in which one can pursue education to earn money and start a life with more stability and a better goal to reach for.


4. Education enforces Independence


Right from raising young buds of mind to making them self-sufficient, education is all that one needs. Education is what gives us a sense of freedom and independence. It helps us to make our power reach many more and set records of exponential growth.


While formal education helps us to learn from the classroom methods and explore the world of books, informal education helps us to learn how to make a sandwich when we are hungry, how to pay bills and rent when we live alone, and how to manage ourselves as an individual. It is the confidence we acquire from our education which makes us walk with our head high. Our knowledge makes us brave to speak in front of thousands of others and explain our thoughts to the world.


5. Education builds Creativity


Can we possibly imagine our school or college life without co-curricular? No, for sure. Even the shy most hearts or introvert minds, all of us have loved school more because we had so much more to do rather than just books and studies. The importance of education is stepped up in the best way in Schools. 


The development of a tender heart to a strong and bold mind is a combination that is the outcome of a good education. Education does make us super skilled with the technical and a complete education makes us an expert at managing both our skills and emotional capabilities in the best way possible.


Education not only lets us dive into the ocean of knowledge, but also it lets us explore the Artist within us. It brings us closer to opportunities in Art that help us bring about a balance of stress-free hours throughout our lives.


6. Contributes to Country’s Growth


The most successful nations in the world always have education as the primary pillar in their country’s growth and development. Individuals who pursue education and understand the importance of education make their country stronger and better.


The learning of today’s kids is paving a progressive way for the generations to come. It is the hard work and thought of our older generations that have helped us to explore more things in the present. If our Grandparents had not invested in our parents’ education, our parents would have never emphasized the importance of education in our lives. 


A country is nothing but what and how are its people. A good education system builds a foundation of engineers who will make the country’s infrastructure, citizens who are well aware of their rights, artists who will make a country unique for its cultural flavor, and many more skilled and educated individuals who will make the country excel in various fields.


7. Education Empowers.


It is the result of a long struggle where education was started as social reform and has led us to a chance today where education has changed everything around. It is astonishing to see how women have become so much educated and independent, how people have started alternate careers in their passion, how age has just become a number because people have started to realize the importance of education from every age group.


Education is not only a way to read, write, and earn. It is a continuous process that empowers us with new thoughts and learning throughout our lives.


8. Makes an Individual Unique


Education enriches individuals with skills and knowledge. These skills make them unique. Be it Albert Einstein’s vivacious mind on theories of science or William Shakespeare’s literature, their work made them reach every corner of the world because of their uniqueness. 


Education gives a never-ending opportunity to people to explore their capabilities and realize their unique special point through these experiences.


9. Education forms Character


Education lets you develop critical thinking. Once we start questioning why things are the way they are, we no longer take things for granted. We, as an individual then explore the bits and parts of everything around us like a curious mind. 


We learn about people who saw wrong in practices followed and put up the courage to do things differently. Such people led a nation to an impactful transformation. Yes, we all need courage and tenacity to break the conventional barriers in society, and once we receive education, we realize the importance of education and believe that we can make a difference as well.


Role of Education in Society


Education is an institution used by society to provide its members with important aspects of knowledge such as basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms values.


One of the most critical benefits of education is that it improves the quality of personal lives associated with it and helps society to run with ease and smoothness. Education helps in eradicating poverty from society and helps to strengthen the incapable to be better citizens using the advancements of education.


1. Education Helps in Creating a better society.


A person who has received good education is always more likely to have better moral values and etiquette compared to someone who did not get a chance to receive it. Lack of education creates less exposure and then gives rise to problems like superstition, domestic violence, poor health, and poor living standards.


Education brings equal opportunity for all the genders of the society and instills a culture of coming together as a united group. Good education brings along chances and opportunities for society to think better and big things.


2. Education forms the Backbone of a Society.


Education is an integral part of the community we live in. Education lets people change their life for the better. It helps them to take care of their finance, health, and the way they lead their life. Education gives us choice and chance as well. It is only because of a good education that we can find better and faster solutions to problems we face within our surroundings.


Education in Modern India


  • To be educated is to be able to read and write!
  • To be educated is to be able to handle falls with rising!
  • To be educated is to make apt use of our eyes, ears, and mouth!
  • To be educated is to stand with the truth and inspire a crowd!


The importance of education has been realized more with every next century. Education is a means to earn their daily livelihood for many and, it is also a way to create jobs. People have become more confident and risk-taking in the modern world. Therefore, they not only explore the types of education, but also its outcomes. 


Some years back when Doctors and Engineers were only good jobs, to today, here we are! A world where there are as many options as the number of chances you see around. Technology has led the education system to reach extraordinary outcomes. It is amazing to see how elementary education has made kids smarter and more creative than their past generations of the same age.


Education is a continuous process. Therefore, the scope of improvement is always there. Where the cities have a more developed system of schools, the small towns, and villages of India still have a lot of scope for the education to dwell and develop. Changes are coming in gradually and we need more educators to transform our surroundings with their path of knowledge.


With education, a home is a better place to live in. Education enhances the lifestyle of the ones who pursue it and encourages a path of enlightenment and progress in their surroundings. Therefore, education is everything one needs to mark a change and build the world to be a better place to live in.


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