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Top 10 Healthcare Courses In Mumbai In 2024

It has been predicted that the global healthcare market might expand to 133.44 billion USD. According to National Budget of India, 1.2% of the GDP was dedicated to healthcare. It is one of the largest revenue-generating and employing sectors in India. Jobs in the medical fields shall increase by a surmountable figure in the coming years, thus making healthcare education a highly sought-after area. The metro city of Mumbai offers healthcare that is arguably the best in India. Unfortunately, it was determined as ‘not enough’ by an Indiaspend investigation in 2014. The ever-growing field thus is one of the sectors that can promise 99.3% employment within 6 months of finishing courses. Below are the top 10 healthcare courses in Mumbai.


The list of the healthcare courses in Mumbai


B.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, Amity University

Fees: INR 3.21 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 3 years

Placement Support: Yes

Eligibility: +2 (with 50%)

Mode: Classroom (Full-time)

The course is a highly interdisciplinary one and it blends philosophy with the modern understanding of psychology.


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B.A. (Hons) in Applied Psychology, Amity University

Fees: INR 2.55 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 3 years

Placement Support: Yes

Eligibility: +2

Mode: Classroom (Full-time)


Any list concerning healthcare courses in Mumbai must consist of psychology courses. The primary difference between B.Sc. and B.A. in Psychology is in the curriculum. B.Sc. in Psychology is suitable for students who intend to enter medical practice (clinical psychologists) or research in the neurosciences, while the B.A. course is for people who are more inclined towards social work and counseling (for example, counseling in schools and colleges; sports psychology; developmental psychology). Both the degrees are well-marketable and equally diverse in employment opportunities. Here’s how to choose between them if you are eligible for both:


While the B.Sc. course helps develop practical training for the industry, a B.A. brings you closer to the philosophy and history of behavioral patterns and helps you understand human nature. You must compare the curricula that any institute offers for its course and decide which interests you more. Although, in the case of building a career, the difference matter little since holders of both degrees shall need to earn a post-graduate degree to be taken seriously in the field.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, St. Xavier’s College

Fees: INR 60,000 (approx.)

Duration: 9 months

Placement Support: Yes

Eligibility: Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or Human Development

Mode: Classroom (Part-time)


The students are required to lend their services for 10 hours every week at an old age center or geriatric care home. They shall take on clients as part of the course under the guidance of their mentors.


The compact nature of the course makes it a perfect feather on your hat while sharpening your counseling skills. The department has opened up the course to postgraduate degree holders in other service field disciplines although the final word on the suitability of the candidate is decided by the Board of Studies.


Although a rather specialized course, this makes it on the list of healthcare courses in Mumbai because of the liberal policy about course intake. Hence, if anyone out there with a degree in the helping field hopes to enter the discipline, this shall be the perfect entry ticket. The curriculum design is Applied in nature and employs practicums as the major learning tool.


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Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing, ITM Group of Institutions

Fees: INR 4.40 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 4 years

Placement Support: Yes

Eligibility: 10 + 2 with PCB and English (with 40-45% aggregate depending on category); applicant must be at least 17 years of age


Studying nursing can tentatively guarantee you a job if you stick to learning it well. The course by ITM offers learning balanced with equal acknowledgments to theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure global standards for its students.


Excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced faculty shall groom you to be among the very best in the profession. Equal focus is imparted on research and practice. The soft skills that a nurse would need are also laid stress on.


The students participate in organ donation drives and awareness camps.


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Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology, ITM Group of Institutions

Fees: INR 1.10 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 3 years

Placement Support: Yes

Eligibility: 10 + 2 or equivalent with PCB (with an aggregate of 35-40% depending on category)


Candidates who hold diplomas in Medical Lab Technology from a recognized institute can seek lateral admission in the 2nd year. A rather underrated option among healthcare courses in Mumbai that represents the Allied Health Sciences, the undergraduate program in Medical Lab Technology is a vital one.


The students specialize in clinical tests that research diagnosis, possibilities of treatment, and prevention of medical conditions. They perform diagnostic analyses on bodily fluids.


Possible jobs: Medical and clinical lab technician (CT scan, Optical labs, Pathology, MRI, X-Ray, Dental Machine, Radiology), Medical and clinical lab technologist, phlebotomist, biochemist, Lab manager, medical officer, research associate, medical record technician, lab assistant.


Modern treatment is entirely dependent on clinical and medical lab tests. The course teaches the full utilization of modern resources and knowledge to produce test results that remove chances of error.


Graduates of lab science play a critical role in the healthcare sector. Although still an atypical choice, the demands are destined to rise. Be the early one amongst your peers to think of this as a possible career outcome.


Bachelor of Pharmacy, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University

Fees: INR 5.05 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: 10 + 2 PCB/PCMB; admission through CSMU Entrance Examination or through NEET/ MHCET/ CUCET


The pharmaceutical industry in India is fast-growing. In such an expansive economy, medicinal scams, false awareness, and unoriginal drugs are problems that tend to rise. A Bachelor of Pharmacy comes into the scenario to combat these problems.


A core medical field of study, B. Pharm. relates health to chemical science. In any given economic scenario, the demands for pharmaceutical experts shall not diminish. This makes the graduates among the most employable in the country. Hence, B. Pharm. makes it on the list of top healthcare courses in Mumbai.


Scope: The graduates find employment both in the public and private sectors. There are a variety of jobs available. Clinical research associate, community pharmacist, drug inspector, quality control manager, hospital pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist, sales and marketing representative/ executive, drug formulation associate, analytical chemist, drug therapist, customs officer (for drug import-export control), etc. The possibilities today are endless.


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The CSMU School of Pharmacy is approved by the Pharmacy Council of India. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the center approaches excellence in pharmaceutical learning and research. It is your perfect option to graduate with a B. Pharm. in Mumbai.


Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Tulip International

Fees: INR 14,990 (visit website to learn about discounts)

Duration: 3 months (correspondence); 1.5 months (classroom)

Eligibility: Anyone can take the course

Mode: Correspondence and Classroom both


As people become more self-aware and health-conscious, the demands for yoga therapists are bound to rise. Health consciousness has led to a shift from curative measures to preventative measures. Lifestyle training and change is a large party to have caused that, yoga being one among such lifestyle methods.


If you hope to test the waters before you invest a ton of money into getting trained and certified as a yoga trainer, a small course such as Tulip International’s diploma is the perfect icebreaker.


The institute often offers diet and nutrition courses and yoga/ fitness courses complementarily which will significantly bump up the training at affordable fees. Thus, this shall be a pragmatic choice among healthcare courses in Mumbai if you hope to get the most out of short-term courses.


The course is 80% practical learning. It shall begin with an exploration of the various bodily system including the respiratory, muscular, nervous, and digestive systems, and how yoga shall perform in sync with your body to improve itself from the inside.


Weight loss yoga, asanas that can manage diabetes, digestion issues, back pain, detoxification, heart and lung functions, and pranayama are among other practices. The course module includes facial yoga and pregnancy yoga.


Even if you do not hope to teach yoga, this is a course you could take up for yourself. You shall learn the ‘why’s of the yoga you do, which will deepen your personal practice. It shall expand the horizon of your yoga knowledge beyond poses. It shall lead to an understanding of your inner self and accelerate transformation emotionally.


Post Graduate Programme in Healthcare Management, WeSchool (Welingkar Education)

Fees: INR 5.50 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Graduation with 50%

Placement Support: Yes

Mode: Classroom (Full-time)


A healthcare management course is perhaps the most vital addition to this list of healthcare courses in Mumbai for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this has been crafted to impart knowledge of modern innovation in healthcare information technology, management, finance, administration, business plan, and everything that can ensure the design of the healthcare sector.


The WeSchool offers its students the opportunity to learn from senior leaders of big giants like Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, etc. The learners can choose to specialize in hospital administration or pharmaceutical and life science management in this MBA-equivalent course.


Employment opportunities are plenty. The course aims at creating employable healthcare managers who are equipped with pragmatic knowledge of the field. Application of business knowledge with the sensitivities of human touch is the core concept of this course. Hence, it is imperative that the students keep faith in learning from experience (field visits, case studies, interactions, etc.).


The curriculum is highly contemporary, bringing in the roles of digital marketing, machine learning, data analytics, AI, etc. Each student receives individual attention in the learning process.


Scope: Digital marketing professional, business development professional, healthcare sales personnel, hospital design consultant, healthcare advisor, research associate, insurance experts, supply chain manager, product manager, clinic or branch manager, business analyst, health claims manager, healthcare IT expert, etc.


Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Allied Healthcare Academy

Fees: INR 41,000 (available at 20,500 currently)

Duration: Self-paced

Eligibility: No strict bar

Mode: Online


Nutrition is the basic factor of human performance and hence, must be taken as a crucial element among healthcare courses in Mumbai. In an urban space, the demands for sports nutritionists increase not only for professional athletes but for people who passionately practice a sport as a way of life, or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Having food with respect to the sport one practices is essential. Food affects our endurance, optimization of performance, and everyday recovery. Simple Google searches cannot discover well-structured diets that ensure food intake at its balanced nutritional proportions.


This short course on sports nutrition delivers on all these claims. It is highly sought after by athletes, coaches, and nutritionists professionals who aim to work with sportspeople. On completion, the students receive a certificate in all three modules separately and also an advanced diploma in sports nutrition.


You can also make this investment if you wish to be a sports writer, sports nutrition writer or sports/ fitness influencer. It shall help build your credibility in your career.


 Diploma in Clinical Research, St. Xavier’s College

Fees: 1.30 lakh (approx.)

Duration: 1 year

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in life sciences or psychology

Mode: Classroom (Full-time)

Placement Support: Yes


The last entry to the list of healthcare courses in Mumbai is another paramedical or allied healthcare course. Clinical research focuses on the bioethics of healthcare. Courses in clinical research include modules on observational studies and clinical trials. It imparts an ethical understanding of the role of human involvement in drug development.


The role of clinical research begins with the diagnosis of a health concern and expands to the cure. All that comes in between is the domain of a clinical researcher. The clinical trial industry has expanded exponentially in the last few years, which has led to a rise in the demands for employable clinical research personnel, complete with required soft skills.


This course takes a highly interactive methodology and focuses on planning, design, conduct, quality of clinical trials, research management, clinical data analysis, and pharmacovigilance.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Which course is best for the hospital?
  • MBA and Diploma courses in hospital management and administration are in high demand these days.


  1. Is there any entrance examination for MHA?
  • You have to qualify entrance examination organized by few universities to pursue courses like MHA.


  1. Can I join hospital management courses after Higher Secondary?
  • Hospital management courses are undergraduate courses and students can pursue the courses after qualifying for Higher Secondary or equivalent examinations.




Hopefully, this list shall help you identify your perfect fit from among all the above-mentioned healthcare courses in Mumbai. Other than these, you can also explore courses in Ayurveda.

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