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Top 3 Ghostwriting Services in India

In India, ghostwriting services are still very unheard of, as the concept remains quite unexplored. Most people still don’t know that they can not only freelance in this field but can also make a living by providing ghostwriting services.  We will start by understanding what ghostwriting service in India is all about, and everything that is needed to start a career as a ghostwriter or ghost blogger.

Ghostwriting Services in India

This article is helpful for both ghostwriters and the people who want to hire ghostwriters.

Meaning of Ghostwriting Services: –

If defined in simple words ghostwriting is getting paid for writing for others without getting any credit for your writing (mostly). Ghostwriting or ghost blogging is like any other writing apart from the fact that you will not get the credit for the piece of your writing and you cannot post that writing in public, all you will get is the amount of money as per the fees of your service. The content is posted under someone else’s name.

It is kind of a contractual relationship between one party which wants content creation and a ghostwriter to get creative content in exchange for the fees demanded by the ghostwriter. People who are creative in their writing but don’t have enough substance or knowledge about the content can take up ghostwriting too, where the other party gives the relevant information and the ghostwriter uses his creative skills to convert raw information into a curated piece of writing.

Ghostwriting services in India and abroad are not just related to writing pieces of articles for journals and blogs, ghostwriters work for various creative fields such as music, nonfiction, visual arts, etc. People like celebrities or political leaders who have to give opinions and speeches in public or people who are always short of time hire ghostwriters to write artistic, journalistic articles for them.

People who want to maintain their anonymity as a writer, mostly choose to provide ghostwriting services. Ghostwriting gives them their chance to understand writing and if it gets approved by the other party, that acts as a validation for the ghostwriter’s writing.

The debate regarding the legal and ethical grounds of ghost-writing services as a field of career always remains on the surface; however, despite this debate and confusion, people who want to test their skills as a writer, go for freelancing as a ghostwriter.

Today, writing is not restricted to just a handful of platforms, and with the increase in number and diversity of platforms, types, and demands of writing has also diversified, ghostwriters back a lot of content available online.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Ritchie, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy are some of the big celebrities and politicians that have time and again accepted the fact that they have taken the help of either one or various ghostwriters for their books and speeches.

Who can Provide Ghostwriting Services?

1.      If you are a freelancer

Being a ghostwriter doesn’t start in the initial phase of your writing. However, you need to build a strong customer base who support your work and add to your credibility, and only then a prospective customer will understand your type of work.

Being a freelancer, you understand the needs of the different types of customers and industries and get acquainted with how the writing industry works consequently getting you an upper hand in providing your writing services.

2.      If you are comfortable with meeting deadlines

Ghostwriting as a field deals with strict guidelines and deadlines, if you are someone who is serious in your writing career and can meet the deadlines without compromising on the quality of your content, ghostwriting can be a preferable career choice for you.

Ghostwriting was not much heard of, until later, and since ghostwriting services in India have started to firm their roots, it is gaining popularity more than ever now.

Creativity block can eat a lot of your time, but if you believe that despite these odds, you can meet the deadlines given to you, then you can try to find more about ghostwriting services in India.

3.      If you can write creative articles

Generically, ghostwriters are expected to write big pieces of writing while being creative at the same time. It is preferable if you find your niche, work on it and perfect your craft, this way you will create a supportive audience that will get you a better recommendation.

Creativity can be checked as well as monetized if you provide ghostwriting services, the feedback and the value of your writing in terms of fees can help you analyze your creativity.

4.      If you want to maintain your anonymity

Technically, anonymity is a prerequisite in ghostwriting services in India. If you are not interested in revealing your identity to the world, while still wanting you to get your writing published, nothing fits better than ghostwriting services.

Generally, people find this aspect of ghostwriting a drawback, but like everything else, this aspect has its pros and cons. Finding the worth of your content can be one of the pros, while not getting the credit can be one of the cons.

5.      If you just want to make money

Ghostwriters, if they get the right customers, can make a lot of money, and this aspect of ghostwriting services makes this field a lot more profitable. Ghostwriters do not have to depend on the profit made by their writing in the market as they get their fees once they are done writing.

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How to Start Providing Ghostwriting Services in India:

Ghostwriting services in India is a brooding field in writing services, and to start with, it might need some initial help. You can follow the steps given below to understand how to go through the entire process of being visible to the desirable audience:

1.      Decide your niche

Ghostwriters only find work through their work and recommendations, if you want to start your career as a ghostwriter, the first step to it is to decide and find out what is your niche.

Figuring out the type of writing in which you feel you can be most comfortable can act as a major driving force of your ghostwriting career, decide which type of writing brings out the most of your creativity, and start working on it accordingly.

2.      Choose a preferable location

If you decide to work offline and work from an office, choose a location, where you can be easily accessible to those who want to approach you for work.

Location acts as an indirect advantage for providing ghostwriting services in India. If you are not easily approachable to your potential clients, then you might face problems finding work for you. A desirable location for you would be anywhere, where a majority of your potential clients reside.

If you are working online, location refers to being visible to your potential clients online. Nowadays, when everything is available on the internet, you need to make sure that your availability and work reach the right audience at the right time of need, consequently being at the top of providing ghostwriting services in India.

3.      Be visible to potential clients

Visibility comes from work and the idea of reaching the right and needed audience of your work can be the most important factor to be considered while trying to build a career in ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting services in India are still not very widely known which makes it even more crucial for all the service providers to be visible and to let people know about their services.

4.      Work on word of mouth

Recommendations and word of mouth not only add up to your credibility but also make your work sound more effective consequently adding up to your clients and making you gain profit eventually from them.

Word of mouth navigates faster than any other advertisement that you set up. Try to get feedback from people who you think can add up to your credibility as their word of mouth counts and has some kind of weight.

Ghostwriters don’t have any work to show as they can’t take credit for their work, in such a situation it is only your client for whom you write you can get your recommendation for more work.

5. Be punctual and consistent in your work

Consistency and punctuality in your work can take you a long way. Ghostwriting services work on deadlines and if you can meet them without failing and be consistent in your services, the graph of your career will shoot up.

The steps given above are a small road map that can take you a long way if you decide to follow them while trying to provide ghostwriting services in India.

Types of Ghostwriting Services in India

Non-fiction books and journals are knowledge-driven and need expertise content to make them up ghostwriters with the needed subject knowledge come to rescue in such cases.

Various nonfiction in which ghostwriting services in India are needed are:

1.      Professional writing

Business reports, records, and journals are written by ghostwriters, professional writing needs ghostwriters as the content is mostly data-driven and needs to be researched backed which might take up a lot of time.

Other kinds of nonfiction writings that mostly need ghostwriters are:

  1. How to manuals
  2. Informative blogs and articles
  3. Medical documents

2.      Speeches

From celebrities to politicians’ speeches are an inseparable part of their schedule, obviously, to write these speeches, the politicians and celebrities don’t have enough time, ghostwriting services are needed here the most, as this type of content mostly comes from ghostwriters only, which the celebrities and politicians use under their name, ghostwriters get paid according to their fees. Speech writing for celebrities and politicians needs creativity while being knowledge-driven and that is why the ghostwriters need the recommendation to make them come in contact with these people, ghostwriters who have many clients to back their work mostly get these kinds of opportunities.

3.      Newsletters

Newsletters need consistently updated data as their content, ghostwriters come up as great help in this case and that is why there is a huge demand for ghostwriters in this sector. Ghostwriting services are expanding with the expansion and diversification of content because of technological advancements explaining the demand for ghostwriters in various fields.

4.      Social media content

Social media content covers various things that mostly comprises blogs/articles for various big social media handles, or social media posts for celebrities and handling their social media accounts.

Social media comprises most of the internet people use, social media is the answer to most of our entertainment needs, and to fill it in with that kind of huge content ghostwriters are needed for content writing, copywriting, creative writing, etc.

Summed up above are some major sectors where ghostwriting services in India are highly needed. Apart from these, there are some other fields like fiction book writing, short story writing, script and screenplay writing, autobiography writing where ghostwriters are used to writing content.

Ghostwriting Service Providers in India:

Ghostwriting services in India are provided mostly by publishing houses. Freelancing as ghostwriters in India is still not much heard of. People prefer finding clients via publishing houses rather than going in this profession solo.

Most celebrities’ books are written by ghostwriters. Being a ghostwriter has its subjective pros and cons both. When ghostwriting services in India are highly paid off at the same time we cannot ignore the fact that the job can at times get highly monotonous as the lack of freedom of choice. As a ghostwriter, it is mostly out of your scope of choice concerning the topic of your writing, the time in which you have you write

If you have read this article till now, you might need to know about who all provide ghostwriting services. Whether you are someone who wants to be a ghostwriter or you want to find a ghostwriter for you, these are some of the places you can check out to find more about it:

Top 3 Ghostwriting Service Providers in India:

1. Write Right

Write right is an esteemed organization that offers a range of content writing and creation including ghostwriting services. Their skilled team of writers have years of experience in the field and offer exemplary services to create content that is relevant, useful, and matches the tone and style of the brand. Whether it is SEO optimized writing, formulating impactful headlines, or creating content that appeals to your focus group, Write Right has you covered. For more information, you can visit their site.

2. Power Publishers

Power publishers have been a self-publishing organization since January 2008 offering several other on-demand services like ghostwriting, screenplay writing, biography writing, comic book art, and songwriting services, and to help them they have the industry’s top writers and artists who have been associated with them ever since.

They have been connected with some of their biggest clients such as cartoon network, ABP news, MX players proving their work dedication.

Call: +91-9830089375 / +91-9051117550

Email at – [email protected]

3.    Orange Publishers:

Orange publishers provide a premium ghostwriting service that is already quite renowned and they will provide you with a dedicated ghostwriter who will constantly be in touch with you. If you wish to write a fiction or non-fiction book, children’s storybook, autobiography, history, or business book, think of anything and you will find ghostwriting services at Orange publishers.

4.    Contentholic

Contentholic is yet another ghostwriting service provider in the country. They believe that “every word is an idea” and they will provide you with the services of highly experienced and skilled ghostwriters. Your dream writing project is only a phone call away. Contentholic is a prominent content management system that offers the greatest content, promotion, and marketing solutions.

Their staff is made up of acclaimed authors. When it comes to ghostwriter services, they believe in the power of the pen and guarantee you that your ideas will be realized. Contentholic helps you share your thoughts with the rest of the world. They will give your ideas a voice, and that is what they have accomplished. In India, Contentholic provides ghostwriter services in places such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and others. However, you can contact them from anywhere in India, and they will meet all of your expectations in terms of ghostwriting services and project types.

Call: +91-9811040414

Email: [email protected]

Growth and Scope of Ghostwriting Services in India:

Ghostwriting services in India are still a relatively new concept and information regarding ghostwriters is still not widely known in the market. Ghostwriting as a career is highly paid off. On average ghostwriters earn around INR 600 – 700 per page normally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the scope of ghostwriting services?

Ghostwriting services are still not a widely known concept, but the need for ghostwriters is surely rising in India with time. With an increase in the number of content-consuming platforms, the need for ghostwriters has increased exponentially, and its growth is going to rise in the coming time.

2. Are ghostwriting services profitable?

Ghostwriters get lucrative fees, once they start getting recommendations and their work starts reaching the masses, providing ghostwriting services can be profitable if you are a dedicated writer and give quality content to your clients while following up the deadline.

3. Can I start providing ghostwriting services as a freelancer?

Yes, you can work as a freelancing ghostwriter, but that would require doing everything on your own, from making contact with your prospective client to managing all the deadlines and finding new clients, and that could get quite hectic so it is advisable to at least initially tie-up with some ghostwriting service providing firm.


Everything covered above is enough to give you a basic idea about ghostwriting services and everything that you need to know if you are interested in making a career out of ghostwriting. Ghostwriting is a new opportunity to discover writing in almost all types.

Ghostwriters get paid quite well but at the beginning of your career as a ghostwriter you might need experience as a writer, so start writing. Hope this article helps you get an answer to all your questions about ghostwriting and its service providers.

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