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10 Best Ghostwriting Companies Around the World

The writing industry has come up with brand new terms and careers in the past few years like content writers, bloggers, proofreaders, technical writers, etc. and this doesn’t end the list. There are numerous writing positions that are nicely paid but are not so much in market visibility that ghostwriting has its place. Though ghostwriting has now been gaining attention and consideration, people are looking forward to becoming ghostwriters. In this article, I am going to write about ghostwriting and some global ghostwriting companies.

Ghostwriting Companies around the World

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is writing a book or any content on a hired basis. A ghostwriter is a skilled person at writing powerful stories, plotting, and editing. The ghostwriter is hired, gets paid but is not credited for the work; the work is actually published under the name of the author.

Ideas and plots are of the author and ghostwriters are only required to write, bring stories to life and edit the book with some additional responsibilities. Simply, to write someone’s ideas under their name and get paid in return defines the job. If you have ideas inside your head but don’t have time and skills to write them, think of a ghostwriter then.

Why Ghostwriters?

In today’s time, no one is that free to give time to their suppressed dreams over responsibilities. There may be many out there having a wish to write or want to become a published author but writing can be a Herculean task for ones who wish to write but can’t find their time, ones who have ideas and stories to tell but do not know the right way to put them on paper; ghostwriters work perfectly for them.

There are a plethora of stories inside people, the difference is just that some are able to express in words while others are not following possible reasons. As e-book publishing is trending and increasing, ghostwriters come in high demand.

People want to publish their content or books but can’t manage to find their time as a good book completion can even take you years so, they hire a ghostwriter to get their work done in a short time under their very own name.

Although ghostwriting is about not getting credit for your work but paid; it allows some crediting in some cases where the ghost writer’s name is mentioned in the book as co-editor but that is purely a contract-based agreement between both the parties (hirer and writer).

Learn How to Become a Ghostwriter

What are Ghostwriting Companies and why Choose Them?

In this advanced time, almost every service is just a cell phone away. So, freelance ghostwriting is no exception and can easily be reached out to. As a freelance job, ghostwriters have established successful passive careers and are expanding the industry.

But do you know the difference between working with a freelance ghostwriter and a ghostwriting company? First off, a ghostwriting company is basically a dedicated organization of ghostwriters who mostly cover all the aspects of ghostwriting from scratch to final publishing.

While working with a freelance ghostwriter will cost you equal and still proofreading, and little final touches may be left for you, a company would do all this. In addition, while a freelance writer writes in many other formats, a ghostwriting company will be a single field specialist.

They have vetted writers. So, the possibility of quality compromise is zero. That’s why most people choose ghostwriting companies over freelance ghostwriters for their work as it ensures them no supervision or further revision plus a final publishing-ready product. Your ghostwriter’s search ends here as below are some best ghostwriting service providers.

Noting the demand for ghostwriting companies, below is the list of some top ghostwriting companies in India and abroad:

1. Write Right

Write right is one of the best ghostwriting companies that offer a wide range of services for your different content needs. The team of writers is excellent and helps you with focused write-ups. With years of experience of working in the domain, they understand the characteristics of ghostwriting very well and weave content that resonates with your target group.  They offer ghostwriting services to bloggers, businesses, and companies who want to disseminate important information.

2. Orange Publishers:

Orange Publishers is a fine self-publishing company that provides writing and publication services in India. With 30 years of experience in the industry, the company also provides ghostwriting services and has the best Indian ghostwriters in the range.

Be it an ebook, an autobiography, a novel, or a storybook, one can get quality services from the company. The company provides a personal approach to their clients in which the ghostwriter will remain in constant touch with the author throughout the project. There are many other services you can get like editing and proofreading, website content creation, book covers, designs, etc. They guarantee original quality work. So yes, you can go with them.

3. Ghostwriter:

Ghostwriter is a first-rate company providing services in ghostwriting in Delhi, India. It has worked with top professionals: CEOs, professors, directors, etc. The company helps clients in writing novels, books, magazines, blogs, and much more. From fiction to nonfiction, web copy’s to resumes, the company works efficiently, provides well-researched and precise work.

4. Vox Ghostwriting:

Vox is a US-based ghostwriting company and is well established in delivering the best publishing and writing services to its customers. They stand out as having capable writers in the field from across the world. Working according to the market trends, the company knows the work and is well adept at providing creative content.

Editing, proofreading, composition, and almost every aspect of the writing procedure are served by them. They promise to boost your work’s online recognition and excel. It is trusted by 400+ authors at a global level and also has a high rate of rehiring. More than 2.5k writers and editors are engaged in making the best content for your target audience. Their pricing is also quite convenient. The company assures writing books in any genre.

5. Book Writing Inc.

It is also one of the US-based ghost-writing companies. It has offered book publishing and writing services for over a decade. Being a professional publishing house, the company has completed many projects and published manifold books securing a place in the list of best-ghostwriting companies.

They provide vetted ghostwriters for hire and do everything from writing to final publishing. Their plus point is that they keep on updating their clients about the work under an ‘On-call service’. Extensive research, editing, and revision would be there in their work.

6. Power Publishers:

Being in the field for 13 years, Power Publishers are also one of the great ghostwriting companies and book publishing houses in India. They provide the country’s best ghostwriters and also run writer4me.com, which is a leading online ghostwriter hiring platform.

They provide their services both on a hiring and freelance basis. The prices are quite affordable. They provide samples before signing any project, which helps satisfy the client of the quality. To name a few, fiction, non-fiction, e-books and, autobiography writing are some of their areas of expertise.

7. Ghostwriting LLC:

It is a premium ghostwriting firm abroad that has established its recognition through extraordinary contributions to the writing world. The company is able to provide remarkable results and also publishes books. Their extensive research, affordability of fees, and privacy policies make them stand out and trustworthy.

Many authors globally get their dream works done from LLC. There is an adept team of writers and editors who draft content keeping the terms of the author and are patient in consulting throughout the project. Their areas of expertise include fiction and nonfiction both of which further expand to sub-genres like sci-fi, adventure, politics, religion, history, finance, etc. They also sell books and e-books on platforms like amazon.com and Barnes.

8. The Urban writers:

The Urban Writers are a great choice to get your book written. The ghost-writing company offers writing services in many types. They also offer cover designs and translation services.  The list of writing services includes fiction and non-fiction, SEO content, blogs, editing and proofreading, and much more.

The top-notch writers on board complete work in a short time with utmost quality and authors can also earn rewards on their next book. Prices are affordable and the company has got more than 3900 published authors. The Urban Writers can be a one-stop-shop for authors as book marketing is also done there.

9. Elite Authors:

Elite Authors is another good platform to get your book done. The company has a top-notch team of ghostwriters who will give words to your story. They assign the best-suited writer after interviewing the client, the one who can write exactly your style. They specialize in non-fiction, fiction, business, memoirs, help books, and much more. Their privacy policy makes your work confidential plus publishing will also be provided by the company at last.

10. Ghostwriting Solutions:

Ghostwriting Solutions is a team of skilled writers hired from across the world, having years of experience and holding at providing great content for readers. It has earned quite good reviews and its books have been rated best sellers as well.

The company promises authors online recognition making sure the sale of their books. The ghostwriting agency has assisted many businessmen, amateurs to flourish their ideas in the field of fiction, non-fiction, manuscripts, motivation, etc.

11. E writers Solutions:

One of the most convenient price-providing ghostwriting companies is e-writers solutions. They offer ghostwriting services at very affordable prices. A deep consultation is done with the client before getting started on the project. There is a dedicated team of writers, who write the best quality content under stipulated time.

All the written content is supervised by the content manager of the company, which ensures quality and zero mistakes. Their prices are decided according to the length and topic are chosen. The client need not worry about the project and can stay updated with the author all time. Their areas of expertise are e-book writing and editing, which includes topics like religion, non-fiction, fiction, spirituality, cookbooks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. On what factors do the prices of ghostwriting get fixed?

Ans: As ghostwriting is a challenging work that needs proficiency, the prices of the work may depend on different factors like the genre of the book, length, duration, or cost per word. Experienced ghostwriters might ask for a good amount as they are always promising and return you the best possible work. So, prices may be a bit higher, but that’s completely a fair deal as ghostwriting and talented ghostwriters are in high demand.

Q2. Is ghostwriting a legal practice?

Ans:  Ghostwriting is definitely a widely accepted legal practice. There are certain copyright laws that are made and taken into action for practicing ghostwriting safely. One needs not worry about it and can hire ghostwriters of their choice.

Q3. Does the author get all the rights over the work written by a ghostwriter?

Ans:  As ghostwriting in itself is the practice of writing under someone’s name, all the rights and credits are given to the author (hirer). But all this is the part of the contract that both the parties sign. However, a ghostwriter can’t demand any part of the credit for the work, he/she can still get credit only if the author wants or if there is any payment issue.

Q4. When should the payment be done to a ghostwriter?

Ans: It depends on the time you are working with a ghostwriter. If it’s your first time, then it is better to pay in installments or after the completion with a little advance. If your ghostwriter is your best and trustworthy one with whom you often work, then it is safe to pay the first or anytime you both are comfortable.

Q5. Do I need to revise the work done by a ghostwriter?

Ans:  Most of the ghostwriting companies provide this perk of final supervision by the company itself but working with independent ghostwriters can subject you to supervise or revise the work by yourself.

Final Thoughts:

Ghostwriting is coming up as a growing need for modern authors as there is a rapid increase in e-book publishing and so writing comes as a challenge. Ghostwriters are highly demanded and also paid well. Some people hire freelancers, while some go with ghostwriting companies.

However, both are good to go with, but there are some differences in both ways. So going for a ghostwriting company or a freelancer ghostwriter can be purely your own decision after all the assessments. The final step of a book is publishing, and that is where ghostwriting companies take a lead. The above-mentioned list encompasses all the best-ghostwriting companies to materialize your dream of becoming a published author.


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