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6 Best French Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Do you have an innate passion for learning French? Doid learning French often cling to your mind, and you have finally decided to hit the road? Then, these top-notch institutes offering French Courses in Mumbai would be the precise read for you. Delve in. 


List of the best French courses in Mumbai


Mumbai is one of the vibrant and lively cities in the world. It is the hub of business and trade, fashion, and films and is rightly said to be India’s financial and cultural capital. It is also the center of learning and education. With more than 80 Universities and institutes, Mumbai is said to be the second most preferred city in India to pursue sciences, humanities, and foreign language courses.


French is one of the world’s most beautiful and alluring languages. It is the sixth most widely spoken foreign language after English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic. The French language is ranked as the second most influential language in the world and the official language of 29 countries. It is also the second most learned language worldwide and hence there are numerous courses are available in Mumbai and other cities of India that teach this beautiful language.


French is one of the popular foreign languages in India. It is taught in schools and colleges. Hundreds of students study French in Mumbai itself. In today’s highly globalized world, knowing English and one’s mother tongue is not sufficient. The perks of learning an international language like French have immense benefits.


Mumbai is the city of dreams and opportunities. If you are in Mumbai, then you must take advantage of its renowned institutes and enroll in the best French courses in Mumbai.


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Why should you learn French?


·       French is one of the languages for the global job market


Learning French is an asset in many professional sectors like tourism, hospitality, fashion, diplomatic services, education, and much more. There are also great jobs in translation services, proofreading, language teaching, etc. Numerous French companies like L’oreal, Dior, Chanel, and Axa have their offices in India.


The ability to communicate (spoken and written) in French is advantageous for career opportunities and working in these companies. One can also apply to these companies as a lingual expert. A knowledge of French also provides an opportunity for French-speaking Indians to work in French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world. Proficiency in French is thus, crucial for anyone aspiring for an international career.


As per LinkedIn, Naukri, and other job portals, there are a plethora of opportunities for those proficient in the language in the scope of a content writer and content reviewer for French companies, brand specialists, French language trainers, TRMS Investigator, and so on.


Being the hub of many international companies, it is advantageous for students and aspiring job seekers to take up French courses in Mumbai to boost their employment prospects.


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·       Career Opportunities in various sectors

·       Job in foreign embassies

With 25 French-speaking nations, proficiency in French is an asset. One can work as a translator, interpreter, research analyst, etc. in foreign embassies. A career as a translator and interpreter is highly rewarding and seeks high remuneration.


·       Teacher and corporate trainer

Since French is one of the most taught foreign languages in India, skilled French teachers and lecturers are in high demand and according to India Today, teaching is one of the highest paying sectors for the French language.


·       Import and export industry

Proficiency in French helps to establish and maintain contacts in European and African countries.


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·       France is one of the top destinations for students from India


France is one of the most preferred countries in Europe for Indian students. French is one of the most commonly used and preferred languages after English. More than 5000 students go from India to France every year for higher education. Mastery in French provides opportunities to study at renowned French universities and business schools.


Students with a good knowledge of French can enroll in a Postgraduate course of their choice in France thus leading to an internationally recognized postgraduate degree. Taking up French courses in Mumbai shall help students find jobs or internships after their studies in France.


·       Learning French is beneficial for the brain


French is a rich, mellifluous language. However, it is also an analytical language that structures thoughts and develops critical thinking. Studies have shown that people who spoke three or more languages were less likely to have cognitive problems. A language learner is a more conscious thinker and listener. They also have a broader, global perspective.


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What are the different levels of proficiency in the French language?


The CEFR explains the methods of learning, teaching, and assessing languages and provides a language proficiency scale. It was established by the Council of Europe to standardize the levels of language exams. Proficiency in any language(s) is measured on a six-level scale that is from A1 to C2, A1 corresponding for beginners, and C2 for those who master the language.


The framework and six levels of progression are recognized in Europe and now increasingly worldwide. Countries like Mexico, Japan, Canada, and China recognize CEFR. Many international tests like IELTS, TOEFL are mapped with CEFR.


French courses in Mumbai helps to acquire the language skills as per the CEFR guidelines. Below is a brief description of what the learners should be capable of after completing each level.


  • A1 –Breakthrough (Basic User) – At this level, one can understand the use of familiar everyday expressions and very basic terms and phrases. The users should be able to communicate and exchange simple information.
  • A2 – Waystage (Basic user) – The users can communicate simple and direct exchange of information in routine matters or tasks by using simple vocabulary.
  • B1 –Threshold (Independent user) –Users should be able to understand and communicate in situations that are likely to arise while traveling. They can also describe topics related to personal interests like dreams, hopes, experiences, etc.
  • B2 –Vantage (Independent user) -Users can understand and communicate on diverse topics including technical discussions on the user’s specialized field. Independent users at the B2 level can interact fluently and spontaneously with native speakers though they are not expert speakers yet.
  • C1 – Effective Operational Efficiency (Proficient User) –Proficient users can communicate effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes.  They use clear, well-structured sentences on complex topics and recognize implicit meanings of longer texts.
  • C2 – Mastery (Proficient User) – Proficient users at the C2 level express themselves spontaneously and precisely and understand with ease spoken or written text. They can summarise information and coherently construct arguments.


Top 6 French courses in Mumbai


There is an increasing demand for French courses in Mumbai. Mumbai, being the hub of all major industries and multinationals provides ample opportunities for internships and jobs for people who are pursuing foreign language courses. Below is a brief description of the most reputed institutes offering French learning courses.


  • Department of French, Mumbai University
  • French as Alliance Francaise de Bombay
  • Cambridge Institute
  • Excel Academy
  • The American Institute of languages
  • Second Tongue


1.     Department of French, Mumbai University, Santa Cruz


The department of French in Mumbai University was established in 1964 and is one of the few departments in the country to specialize in French, French Literature, and French didactics.  This course is specially curated for students who want to specialize in French literature and culture. Students can also choose from a wide variety of subjects like art, history, tourism, business French literature, translation, etc.


Training in language skills which includes both oral and written are offered through Certificate diploma, Advance Diploma, Masters and Doctoral program. Courses offered are B. A in French Studies, M.A French, Ph.D., and part-time courses.


The objective of the Department is to equip students with foreign language skills while encouraging them to connect with their own culture through translations and intercultural studies. The department organizes food festivals, film shows, talks on art, storytelling, and music of the French culture. Students also have the opportunity to meet writers, poets, filmmakers, and playwrights from France and French-speaking countries.


The French embassy gives students a unique opportunity to discover France and teach English there at the school level for 7 months. The Lion’s Club and Rotary club cultural exchange programs offer students the possibility of spending a few weeks in France. The Department of French is one of the most in-demand French courses in Mumbai and hence, this is one of the best French courses in Mumbai.


2.     Alliance Francaise de Bombay (AFB)


The Alliance Francaise is a nonprofit educational organization that offers French courses in Mumbai. It has created a unique identity in 138 countries where thousands of students have been exposed to French civilization and language. There are 15 Alliances Franchises in all the major cities of India. The teachers are FFL qualified (teaching French as a foreign language) and participate in National and International training.


Courses are offered for adolescents and adults and they can select from Monsoon and Autumn terms. Students also have the options to choose from Regular, Fast – Track, and weekend courses. Alliance Francaise also offers language courses for children. The junior program is conducted online on Saturdays and Sundays.


AFB also offers courses aimed at professionals which are designed to enhance fluency in French while focusing on major aspects of today’s businesses like human resources, marketing, commercial correspondence, and result analysis.


Alliance Francaise also provides counseling and conducts exhibitions where colleges, universities, and private schools from France represent their establishments.  This provides an excellent opportunity for the students who wish to pursue higher education in France as they get to interact with the representatives directly. This is one of the best French courses in Mumbai.


3.     Cambridge Institute, Mumbai


Cambridge Institute is a specialized foreign language training institute that offers reading, writing, and speaking courses. Cambridge Institute has been in the education industry for over 13 years and now offers six different specially designed foreign language courses including a French course in Mumbai.


The academy also has conducted an award function “Global Education Excellence Award”. Cambridge Institute helps students familiarize themselves with different aspects of the French language. Their specially designed courses help the students to prepare themselves for DELF exams which is the official diploma of the French language awarded by the French Ministry.


These exams are conducted to test the French language proficiency of non-native speakers.  The academy also offers training and interpretation services which are critical in this current globalization trend.


Cambridge Institute also offers a course in Academic French which is aimed at students in classes VI and VII and who wish to hone their French composing skills with the specific goal to acquire better evaluations in their secondary school courses.


The institute also provides its students with the opportunity to learn online, select their module and preferred batch. Cambridge Institute is an accredited center for D.I.E exams and also provides international exam preparation courses.  World-class facilities, free wi-fi, and a skilled faculty make the institute one of the most sought-after institutes offering French courses in Mumbai.


4.     Excel Academy


Excel Academy is a leading corporate training academy that offers French courses in Mumbai and its centers are located in Andheri and Malad. The course curriculum is designed for people who wish to develop a basic understanding of the language which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The academy offers 100% placement services and offers normal and fast track batches, conversational, reading, writing, and translational services. This is definitely one of the best French courses in Mumbai.


The institute offers a wide variety of workshops during each term which helps the students to make the most of their travels not only in France but also in many European and African countries where French is widely spoken.


5.     The American Institute of Languages


The American Institute was founded in 1996 and provides training in foreign languages like French, Spanish, Dutch, personality development, public speaking, and business language. The institute has provided French courses in Mumbai for companies like Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Glasses, Larson, and Turbo.


They have also provided French translation services for corporates like ACG Pharma, Universal Mine Developers, and much more. The institute provides training in different levels of the French language as per the CEFR guidelines including Fast track batches and Traveller’s crash course which is specially designed for corporates. The academy is also conducting online classes on Zoom or Skype due to the pandemic.


6.     SecondTongue


Another reputed institute that imparts a French course in Mumbai is SecondTongue. The founder and CEO of SecondTongue, Ms. Tanvi Salva is passionate about linguistics and teaching. She was awarded a scholarship to France as part of a cultural exchange program in France in 2009. On returning to India, she founded SecondTongue to create an opportunity for all who wished to learn international languages.


The institute provides 45 courses that cover 13 global languages. The course is categorized into Professional Course, Traveller Course, Summer Camps, and Junior Course. SecondTongue has 3 branches in Mumbai and is now offering language courses through digital classrooms.


SecondToungue offers the following programs through an online module that caters to people from different walks of life.


  • French Language Summer program for juniors
  • French Language Summer programs for Champions (11 + years)
  • French Course for Beginners A1
  • French Language Course A2.1
  • French Language Course A2.2
  • French Language Course B1.1
  • French Language Course B1.2
  • French Foundation Course for Kids
  • Advance Foundation French Course for Kids
  • Travelers Course


Additionally, they also prepare students for international certifications like DELF Junior A1, DELF Junior A2, DELF-DALF Preparation course, and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How much time do I need to learn the French language?

You will need at least 7 to 10 months to master the basic speaking skills and you need to practice more to have a good grip over the language.


  1. Is French an important language to study?

It is one of the most popular languages in the world and studying it will definitely prove to be beneficial for you if you are in search of a job.


  1. Can someone learn French within a short period of time?

Learning a language is not something very easy. You need to put in your effort and have the patience to learn a language properly. Time should not be a factor if you are trying to learn something. You just need to put in all your hard work.


Final thoughts


The knowledge of any foreign language has multifold benefits. They not only boost a person’s employment opportunities but also enhance their linguistic skills and provide a gateway to explore and learn about other cultures. Pursuing French courses in Mumbai, not only will give young students a boost to their job prospects and broaden their horizons but also help them to appreciate the concept of diversity and intercultural understanding.

  • Great news. Elaborate information to choose French language as an important language that gives value for. But, I am not in Mumbai.

    I am already doing Deutsch A1 with DW. Give exam at Goethe Institut, Chennai.

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