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Free Job Posting Sites In India in 2024

Many employers are looking for free job posting sites in India. Such job portals help employers easily connect with candidates without having to pay anything for the job ad post.


Free Job Posting Sites In India


We all know one fact that India is a growing population and 8 to 10 million young professionals enter the workforce every year. According to the NSSO survey, India’s unemployment rate is 6.1 percent which is the highest in the last 45 years. Experts say that universities and colleges should focus on the requirements of the global job markets and not just the placement at the end of the academic session.


Nowadays the public and the private sector have come a long way to make the process of recruitment easy, unlike earlier when internet penetration was not as widespread as it is at present. Print media used to be the medium for job posting but talking of present when the internet is ubiquitous, the job market is moving towards the free job posting sites for the required job by the candidates applying as well as the recruiter. You can see the public sector like defense having their sites for army, navy, and airforce recruitment and union public service commission having its website.

Why shall you go for free job posting sites?

Both in context to the private and public sector online free job posting sites for employers in India is the best and economical way to find the right candidates for employees. When posting the jobs the recruiters are having two options that either to post the jobs in newspapers or post them on websites and placing an advertisement in the newspaper costs some bucks as compared to the sites where some charge you for the job advertisement and some post it for free.


Additionally, the print media ads for job posting are of very short duration for a day or two depending upon how much you splurge, whereas in the free job posting sites the ads remain for a long period ranging from a fortnight to a month.


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Advantages Of Free Job Posting Sites

The conventional methods of circulating job advertisements in renowned newspapers are costly and are not a suitable option for small businesses, startups, and home-based enterprises.


By posting ads for jobs on sites you ensure that the job goes online on some of the top recruitment websites of the world which are viewed by a large number of job seekers. Free job posting sites allow you to advertise the same job on multiple websites which results in increased chances of more qualified candidates viewing the job posting as the number of applications received is higher which allows recruiters to shortlist, interview, and hire from a vast talent pool.


Reason For Using Free Job Posting Sites

Government organizations, multinational companies, and corporate giants have large advertising budgets, hence it is easy for them to afford to pay for the job postings, whereas small businesses, start-ups, and home-based enterprises cannot afford to spend their funds on advertising vacancies, so you can avail of free job postings offered by over dozen websites, although there are many job listing sites that allow job posting, but below we are listing some of the topmost websites that offer free job postings for individuals and businesses.


Top Free Job Posting Sites


1.  National career service as a free job posting site

It is an online recruitment portal managed by the ministry of labor and employment, the government of India. As part of the skills India initiative and make in India this portal offers free job postings in India for individuals and families and businesses small and large, as it provides job matching services in a user-friendly and highly transparent manner.


The career counseling content offered by NCS  also e-delivers through multiple channels like mobile devices, career centers, skills India website, and other platforms. The capability of NCS of meeting the varied demands and requirements of the youth for information on education, training, and employment will soon be supported by a multilingual call center.


This makes it one of the most preferred free job posting sites for employers, apart from this it provides information about the local service providers to households and other consumers for services like carpentry, driving, plumbing, etc.

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2.  Indeed as a free job posting site

On this global recruitment portal, you will get offers paid as well as free job postings, it is considered as an ideal recruitment portal for small enterprises and start-ups to post advertisement-free jobs. The only major difference between the free and paid listings is how your ad appears, as paid ads are promoted to appear on the top of a search page, free job postings appear at the bottom and this thing does not impact your free job posting in any manner because job seekers are looking for multiple positions and apply to every single advertisement that is according to their skills and educational qualifications.


So if you are looking to hire staff quickly indeed is one of many options out of free job posting sites, as it also operates with a smart-phone based app.


3.  Glassdoor as a free job posting site

This is a US-based site that also offers recruitment services in India, besides, it allows you to post free job postings on its Indian portal, apart from this glassdoor carries a huge database of millions of company reviews, salary reports, questions, interview reviews, office photos, and benefits reviews, etc.


Glassdoor for employers offers employer branding solutions and effective recruiting for its employers. They help thousands of partners and clients to promote their employer brands to candidates searching for them and advertise their jobs to suitable candidates who may not be aware of them. What differentiates Glassdoor from other free job posting sites is the quality of jobs they deliver and influence on candidates’ decisions as they research companies and jobs.


4.  Aasaanjobs as a free job posting site

This site is gaining ground in India amongst the freshers and professionals as a favored website to search and apply for jobs, it is also one of the free job posting sites that provide employers the facility of free job posting under specific categories. There is a little clarity about the Aasaanjobs paid plans but there are links that take you to the free job postings for a limited period, due to its pan India coverage it is a must-go-to site for searching for talents in various parts of the country.


5.  Quickr as a free job posting site

Though this is a site which offers services such as buying and selling used stuff, alongside individuals can do free job postings for common jobs such as cooks, drivers, domestic helpers, handymen for home or workshop and many other professions, one can also look for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen through quicker for short and long term employment.


6.  Bayt as a free job posting site

Bayt stands for house or home, it is one of the premier free job posting sites of the middle east and lists thousands of jobs in various countries of levant, north Africa, the Arabian Gulf region, and the Indian subcontinent, it looks at hiring talent from India and elsewhere for jobs in north Africa and middle east with a listing of jobs in India as well. By registering your company you can avail yourself of free job postings, it also helps in attracting talent from fresher and Indian diasporas in the middle east who are seeking successful jobs in India.


7.  Workindia as a free job posting site

It is one of the free job posting sites where job posting is very easy where you register as a member by submitting an online form after which you are issued a username and password, but it does not receive applications on your behalf, hence one needs to provide a postal address if you wish to receive the applications by mail or an email id. You only need basic computer skills for a free job posting and can be done by anyone.


8.  Freshersworld as a free job posting site

This is one of the free job posting sites which is favorite among the undergrads, fresh graduates, and tradesmen, it has different categories of job postings from private to public sector and is a suitable place for the ones looking for their maiden jobs as it serves as an ideal platform for small ventures and start-ups looking for budding talent.


After completing the formalities and required registration the site offers you free job posting in India, one thing which is different here from other free job posting sites over here is that this site primarily targets interns or fresher applicants having no prior experience so you cannot post a free job posting for highly experienced professionals here.


9.  PlacementIndia as a free job posting site

PlacementIndia boasts some of the topmost companies and corporate houses of India as their clientele, it offers free and paid job posting services, the difference here is that the paid postings get promoted to appear on the top of the list whereas if you are not in a hurry to hire then you can benefit from the free job posting facility provided by placementIndia.


10.  Careerage as a free job posting site

This is a site where you will have a job listed in various categories from IT professionals to tradesmen and very experienced senior managers, if you are looking to hire from any location in India you can consider free job posting at career age. Also, it is one of the free job posting sites where youth from rural and semi-urban areas find great careers in other parts of the country.


11.  ClickIndia

It is among the larger free job posting sites where the small enterprises and start-ups are looking at hiring middle level experienced staff and freshers, like some of the other free job posting sites here also the registration is simple and you just need to provide a postal address or email id to receive applications from job seekers through this website.


12.  LinkedIn

This is not exactly a recruitment website it allows professional and business-to-business networking with India having around 68 million registered users.  LinkedIn does not act as a recruitment portal where you can post jobs for free, there are two ways you can use it, if you or your company have a LinkedIn profile you can form a group and do free job posting, which would be available to all the members connected to the group, also you can use the feature which would update your free job postings on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn also has a recruitment app that allows registered users to apply for jobs through their smartphones.


13. Postjobsfree

Postjobsfree is is another one of the free job posting sites where small enterprises can post their vacancies for free, as you can post job of any type at postjobsfree, the duration for which your free job posting is generally displayed is from 21 to 28 days depending upon the category.


Some sections are highly in demand for free job postings where you have to repost your ad after a week to get maximum coverage as the previous ones will get pushed below in the automatic listings which will display the fresh ads first.


14. Walkinsindia

This website is for companies of all sizes that have no time to screen scores of applications and invite jobseekers for interviews. Walkinsindia like other free job posting sites allows free job listings on its website. These jobs generally are for freshers who have to appear directly for interviews with their CVs.


You have to provide a detailed description of the educational qualifications, job, skills, and any other requirements and you can also add google maps location of the venue where interviews are to be conducted.


15.  Craiglist

It is an American classified venture that allows you to advertise almost everything. This site is widely followed in India and abroad, it answers the question that normally arises in the mind that how to post a job on Craiglist.


Due to its worldwide following, the number of free job postings Craiglist receives can cause your ad to get buried in a flurry of others, hence the common recommendation is to use keywords and search the words very carefully before drafting your free job posting on Craiglist.


16.  Monsterindia.com

It is a platform where you will get a cloud of various sectors and verticals of requirements at one place where huge listings are updated on the daily basis, the thing that stands apart on this site from other job posting sites is that they offer the right kind of advice to the employees and also courses for career enhancement, renowned free job posting sites in India allow the applicants to check, compare and post their resume without any charges or hidden costs.


17. Timesjobs.com

When it is about making a smart decision about choosing the right career perspective this job portal is the one to be looked out for. It is headquartered in California and has a complete bend of insights and information, here the job applicant gets cloud services with its unique feature like skill benchmarking, salary, interview cracking tips, and even the employers get the right kind of recommendation based on the profile. These free job posting sites act as a perfect mate to bring in the right dream job or the talent right at your doorstep.


18. Shine.com

Here you will get more than 3 lakh job vacancies from the leading companies. The clear readable section and the user-friendly interface brings a strong reason for grabbing second amongst all free job posting sites. You get the advantage of a career course that are 500+ certified skills to enhance your professional skills.


19. Timeascent.com

These days the world is having different requirements, here on this portal in addition to listing you can get knowledge from industrialists, renowned columnists, and much more. For ease, there are even chat columns for freshers, as such free job posting sites have faster response rates and multiple scopes of opportunities lined for each of candidates.


20. Facebook careers

Social connection is one of the things that has captured the minds of youth today and with the mass population entering the job market the jobs that are near you are the special features that attract you as the opportunities for remote work are also incredible. Free job posting sites allow you to connect with a large audience, with a large number of users this is one of the best free job posting sites in the terms of acquiring talent.


21. Careesma. in

This is one of the promising free job posting sites for the Indian job market, the standout feature about the site is that there are 7.5 million visitors and 9 million job seekers already using the site even when the site is a new entrant. Free job posting sites have complete transparency for both employers and employees.


22. Jobrapido.com

This site is having 90 million registered users and a listing of 20 million jobs with listings available for more than 58 countries, the best thing is the top job portals does not share any information with the third party, the privacy of applicants is the topmost concern, the concerns of the applicant are kept in concern before sending the application to the company. Such sites make it easier for the companies and start-ups who want to cut down on the fancy bills of recruitment.


23. IIMjobs.com

This site solves the purpose of finding the jobs according to their interests for the people, the company boasts more than 13,00,000 job seekers already registered on its platform. These best free job posting sites make every effort in finding the right jobs in almost various verticals.


24. Myamcat.com

One of the needs of the markets these days is to identify the right skill, apart from the job listings on this site its iconic features contain special characteristics like resume buddy where you get instant feedback, and paid resume writing services too are available for candidates.


25. Hirist.com

If you are looking for futuristic IT-related jobs then this is the place for you to be at. It is having the handpicked listings which are not found elsewhere. Such free job posting sites are a boon for companies looking out for the right and bright talents.


26. Nevvoo.co.in

More than 75 million job seekers using this platform to find jobs that tell about the importance of this portal, in respect to various verticals there is the largest selection of jobs available, here the employers can highlight the job positions by sponsoring it, best free job posting sites in India have updated systems and disciplined way of regularly updating job listings, as on this portal availability of immense options help in finding the right kind of jobs.


27. Instahyre.com

Here the employees can hire at 5 times response rates compared to other job sites. It consists of a large number of listings available even for start-ups, if you are an employer and are looking out for free job posting sites in India then it is worth adding this platform to your list.


28. Jooble.org

There are various factors involved in gaining talent and hiring employees to achieve those simple goals, this makes multiple users prefer this platform, be it the recruitment process or the wish of gaining the dream job jooble does it all for you in a simple way. When job searching websites are becoming the new way to find jobs of your choice, jooble is coming out to be one of the most preferred choices.


29. Jobgrin.co.in

After adding more than 5 million people to its repertoire, this site is becoming one of the most sought-after choices for the corporate looking forward to hiring talents. With accessibility from any part of the world, it is a perfect platform to bridge up the gap between talent and opportunities, as it is one of the free job posting sites.


30. Cutshort.io

When the real deal is to explore new jobs or hiring, cut short is the easiest way to climb the success ladder faster. With its bank having more than 4,50,000 professional job seekers and more than 16,500 companies, the rewards of login are super fast. This makes the shortlisting procedure very easy for human resources. They can go ahead with the hiring process without any hassle through this.


Q. Which are the free job posting sites in India?

A- There are lots of free job posting sites in India, and some of them are Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn

Q. Which job app is best in India?

A- Although there are several apps for searching and posting jobs, LinkedIn happens to be one of the best job apps in India.

Q- Are free job posting sites safe to use?

A- The job posting sites are safe, however, some people might try to trick desperate unemployed youth to pay security charges which no one shall ever pay.


As mentioned in the beginning that 8 to 10 million young professionals enter the workforce every year in India. The free job posting on multiple websites helps you reach out to a wider audience. By hiring through the free job posting sites can take a bit longer, you need to keep updating your advertisement frequently. This is to ensure that it remains on the top.

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