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Top 7 DITA Technical Writing Courses in India

DITA is a short form of Darwin Information Typing Architecture. It is an XML data model for creating, producing, and publishing topic-oriented content or information. It has a significant place in technical writing. In technical writing complex information is provided in a simple language to the readers, so they can easily understand. It helps even those readers, who do not know about the topic. DITA helps technical writers to provide technical information to the readers in a simple language.


Top 7 DITA Technical Writing Courses in India


DITA is not a tool, but many other tools help DITA exist. This data model includes a set of design concepts that help to create and manage content separately from formatting. With the help of this process, the content creation process becomes more flexible. To learn more about DITA, you can simply join a DITA technical writing course.


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The Purpose of DITA Technical Writing


Storing your documents inside a Word or PPT file is not appropriate nowadays because interaction with these files becomes limited. The content creation process becomes tedious. To store knowledge in documents is important, and this knowledge has value. And this value can be treated as an asset for any organization. Using traditional tools for creating documents is an inefficient way of managing, updating, or writing information. To solve that inefficiency, DITA helps in many ways.


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DITA technical writing affects the content positively, and it is useful in:


  • Making your writing process easy and smooth.
  • Streamlining your content creation process.
  • Increasing your productivity
  • Enhancing the quality of your content by making it standardized.
  • Allowing you to reuse your content and publishing it in multiple formats.
  • Making the content creation process far more efficient and intuitive.
  • Repurposing your content.


Most people are unknown about the quality of their content, and sadly, they do not even realize that. Writing content in formats like Word, PPT, WordPress can stick your content in that particular format only. You cannot use this type of content because that is costly and inefficient.


The main purpose of DITA technical writing is to make your content portable, flexible, manageable, and versatile. It stores your content in a way that you can manage it like an asset. Content can be published in PDF, HTML, PPT, RTF, or other formats without copying or pasting anything between the files.


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Well, you do not need to be scared about the XML part of the DITA. Underneath your content, it is just architecture. Every part of content stored insights tags. For standardization of your content, DITA defines what tags are allowed and where.


Three things DITA XML does:


  1. Organizing content into topics. Not every XML can do this, but in DITA you can add the right information in the right topic. It ultimately gives the results you want for your content, and your content becomes highly usable. You can use it in different ways to create what you need.
  2. Separating content from a given format to make it versatile. Your formats and words are no longer mixed. Independently they can be updated and managed. If something changes in your plan, you need to change (font, style, color, size) in your every document, which is ultimately hectic. Through DITA XML, you need not do that. It stores your documents without changing formats.
  3. Transforming content into many other formats. Once your content is in XML, you can publish your content in formats like PDF, Epub, HTML, or mobile. It also allows a writer to set the rules in formatting so each reader can get the information in the formats that usable for them. It helps to build the relationship between writer and user as formats are not a hurdle.


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Top 7 DITA technical writing courses in India


The aforementioned information about DITA technical writing is enough to choose this course, but I would like to suggest to you the top 7 DITA technical writing courses in India. These institutes can transform you from average to expert in DITA technical writing.


#1. IIM Skills


Needless to say, IIM skills is one of the best and leading institutes in India. Situated in Delhi, it offers numerous courses to everyone. It does not matter whether you are a student or a working professional, IIM Skills transforms you. If you want to develop your skills, IIM Skills is the best choice for you.


All courses in IIM Skills are online, and because of that, you can learn anything comfortably. Moreover, the timings for batches are flexible. Flexibility in timings makes these courses more accessible to students and working professionals as well.


Theoretical knowledge and practical training in IIM Skills help you to achieve your goal. Live sessions create a healthy learning classroom environment. Tasks, assignments are given after the end of every session so you will keep happy learning. You can clarify your problems and doubts with the experts.


What makes IIM Skills special is its promise to provide lifetime access to the course through Learning Management System. Apart from that, you will get rewarded with internationally accredited certification.


If you are willing to upskill yourselves in a technical writing course, then IIM Skills is the best option. Industry experts from this institution make you perfect in this course, and you will get endless opportunities in your career. The Technical Writing Course is regarded as one of the best.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Demo Invite


#2. Udemy 


Udemy is another well-renowned name that offers technical writing courses in India. Students or working professionals who want to learn technical writing with ease can go for Udemy. Technical industries are always in search of technical writers, and Udemy serves this purpose. This is the best institute if you want to learn technical writing.


Udemy is an online platform for learning and teaching where you learn according to your comfort. Udemy offers many courses. It connects students from all over the world to instructors who are experts in their field. Individuals can gain skills and transform their lives with the help of Udemy.


Technical industries demand various kinds of skills related to technical writing, whether it is business writing, DITA, or API documentation. One should always know the things related to technical writing. Once you get to know your requirements, you can choose a course at Udemy.


Udemy offers courses from basic level to advance level. It is up to you what kind of courses you want to join at Udemy. Prices for courses at Udemy are affordable and pocket-friendly. You can also opt for a specific topic related to the course. For example, learning DITA technical writing. This is the platform where all your doubts can be cleared related to technical writing. The process for joining courses at Udemy is hassle-free, and one can easily join by paying affordable fees.


Thanks to the online classes and flexible timings where one can attend the live interactive session easily. Sitting comfortably at home, you can enjoy the process of learning. There are programs for professional technical communication but, for that, you need to pay extra. By joining a technical writing course on Udemy you can boost your career and get a job with a handsome salary.


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#3. Information Developers Foundation


Information developers foundation or InfoDev was founded in 2009 by Rahul Karn. InfoDev is an online as well as an offline learning platform for technical writers in India. It is a transformational home for technical writers and content strategists.


InfoDev’s straightforward aim is to empower people by creating and growing a passion-based community. InfoDev is one of the premier institutes where people can learn without thinking about their background. This institution always encourages big ideas that can change the world of content.


InfoDev helping students and working professionals to become great information developers. This institution always tries to keep its students on top of the latest trends, so they will never miss a bit of knowledge in the digital world.


Rahul Karn, who has 15 years of experience in this field, is on a mission to help 10000 people and transform them into technical writers. This institute helps you to become a technical writer without any technical background.


Any graduate from any discipline can join the course in InfoDev. The requirements to join this course are the knowledge of computer and basic understanding of English. People who are working professionals and want to upgrade themselves in technical writing can also join this course.


#4. Coursera 


Stanford computer science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng laid the foundation of Coursera in 2012. It is an online course provider that offers many courses to students. For providing courses to students, it collaborates with universities and many other organizations.


Coursera is a well-renown platform where students learn online and gain expertise with practical skills. Coursera is helping students to accelerate their careers. It does not create content for the education itself, and that is why it partners with universities.


The majority of the lectures for courses in Coursera are free. However, students who are willing to get a certificate can go for paid courses. After completing given graded assignments, tasks, and examinations, students get a verified certificate.


Coursera is the best place to join a course for technical writing. Although Coursera provides many courses to students, the technical program is famous among them. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology provides this course to students.


For technical writing, Coursera offers a course called, technical specialist writing course. This course is completely online. It is a 19-hour course with flexible timings. By joining this course, you can upskill yourselves in technical writing. This course in Coursera would provide a fillip to your career.


#5. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning provides students an excellent range of programs in the industry sector, one of them is a technical writing course. The technical writing course in this institute is made in a way that students get attracted towards it. What makes this institute different from the others is its adaptation of the contemporary style of delivery. This institute provides printed study books to students, and that is why this course is famous among students.


Since 2001, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is a prominent autonomous distance education institute in India. For 20 years, this institute is giving high-quality education to students. There is Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in SCDL. This program is approved by AICTE. Because of this course, students are getting theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in technical writing.


Students who are graduated in any discipline or waiting for their final year result can apply for this course. Training of students in SCDL for becoming a technical writer is smooth. Trainer in this institute takes all efforts to make students proficient in technical writing.


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SLDC) with its student-oriented programs helping students to achieve their goals in technical writing. This institute also creates an excellent learning environment for students. Students after completing Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing become industry-ready. This course provides limitless opportunities to students.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Demo Invite


#6. K Buffer


Another prominent name who provides technical writing courses in India is K Buffer. It is a name that everyone trusts. Its student-oriented course for technical writing helps students to achieve their goals in the technical industry.


K Buffer has a variety of courses in technical writing. Courses like Certificate Course in technical writing, Diploma in technical writing, and Post Graduate Diploma in technical writing will help you to boost your career. You can also learn DITA, XML, and Structured Authoring in technical writing.


After getting registered at K Buffer, you will get access to a free demo session. Once you like the demo and it fulfills your demand, you can think about joining it. Students prefer K Buffer because it promises to deliver the best technical writing course to them. Sundaram GM, CEO, and trainer of this course has expertise in this field for more than 37 years.


He makes sure that students get proper and profound knowledge about technical writing. For him, it does not matter whether you have average knowledge or you know a little bit about this field. He makes you an expert in technical writing, so when you step outside after completing a technical writing course in K Buffer, you will ready for the technical industry.


#7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a leading name in the field of education. This organization provides excellent training, skill development, content services, and higher education. Talking particularly about the technical writing course, this organization has this course in India and at the international level as well.


Henry Harvin is the best option if you want to do a course in technical writing. In this course, the time and resources invested carefully to make sure that students are getting proper and relevant knowledge about technical writing. Through this course, the ultimate aim of this organization is to provide a cutting-edge program to students so they can transform the data into technical documentation and user guide.


This organization has online as well as offline courses for technical writing. Experts here always make sure that the teaching-learning process is interesting. Students who opt for this course get to know everything about this course and become proficient in technical writing.


After successful completion of a technical writing course, students get a certificate. Knowledge about technical writing along with certificate help students to get a job in technical industries. If you want to make your career in technical writing, then you should go for Henry Harvin.




All the institutes mentioned above provide the best courses for technical writing. It is up to you which institute you want to join. As everyone knows that a person doesn’t need to know everything in technology, that is why technical writers are needed to provide critical information about technology in simple and understandable language.


There are various things to learn in technical writing, DITA is one of them. To make content reader-friendly is the main objective of the DITA technical writing course. The purpose of the DITA in technical writing is to create documents that are versatile, portable, and manageable, so they can be published in any format.


After completing the given modules at your pace and practicing these in DITA, you can build your expertise in DITA technical writing.

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