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Top 8 Chinese Courses in Mumbai for Perfect Career Growth

Are you a language learner? Do you want to add more feathers to your cap? Do you wish to learn new skills? Then you are the perfect fit for the Chinese Courses. Are you searching for Chinese courses in Mumbai? Then congrats! You are in the right place. But before going through the course details, you need to realize the importance of the course. Then make your mind whether you should pick a Chinese course or not.


List of the Chinese courses in Mumbai


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Do you know the power of the Chinese language? Why will you learn it?


  • China is growing fast. So Chinese is becoming the language of business. There will be lots of options to increase your business. More and more western companies are currently doing business with China. Thus, it will be a good opportunity to increase your business there.
  • By learning Chinese, you can dig out the history of China.  It helps to know the Chinese culture also.
  • If you can speak Chinese, you can make friends around the world. More friends around the world mean more opportunities for jobs.
  • Studies recommend that learning Chinese uses spaces of the cerebrum; that learning a different language doesn’t. As Mandarin uses both sides of our brain, it’s a great exercise for our brain. (Chinese is a language and Mandarin is a dialect of Chinese.) It helps to develop creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Not only in China, but around the world, 1 billion users also use the Chinese language. Besides China, countries like Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, also speak Chinese. There are 900 million native speakers who speak Chinese.
  • If you ever plan to take a trip to China, it will be an added advantage.


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Why should you consider the following facts?


The following facts will help you to choose an appropriate course for you:


If you have a brief timeframe and need to learn as much as possible, take a 1-on-1 Intensive Course. Here you can establish the rhythm yourself. Take Group classes assuming you need to meet different pupils and learn together. If you have some extra time, you can take part-time courses.


A Chinese Institute offers a ton of adaptability in its various courses. According to your spending plan, time, and interests, there are several courses. You can choose any one of them which will fulfill your needs. Their course specialist can assist you with settling on that decision. Simply call them and they will be happy to help you.


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Here is a list of Chinese Courses in Mumbai.


1. Confucius Chinese Institute (Mumbai University)


Confucius Chinese Institute is the perfect destination for Chinese Courses in Mumbai. The Chinese government has set up the Confucius Institutes. Hanban administered it to advance and support the Chinese language. It supports the Chinese culture across the world.


Choose your best Chinese classes at Mumbai University. The Confucius Institute is in collaboration with Mumbai University. They offer a different scope of diploma and short-term certificate courses in Mandarin.


The Kalina Campus in Santacruz holds the courses. This course is accessible to everybody. The confirmation depends on a first-come and first-served basis. Nowadays, online classes are also available. If you want to consider Mandarin in Mumbai at reasonable expenses, this may be the ideal choice. The Confucius Institute is additionally one of the test communities. They arrange tests for the BCT, YCT, and HSK.


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Key features of the courses:


  • conducts Chinese Mandarin courses.
  • offers efficient and extensive and intuitive language learning through learning games, multimedia.
  • gives globally legitimate standard accreditation to HSK tests (Chinese Proficiency Test).
  • intends to promote the Chinese language and culture.
  • intends to improve social relations between India and China.


Mandarin language courses in Mumbai


Serial No.Courses Name Duration  Fees
1.Certification I (HSK 1)48 HoursRs. 12,000/ –
2.Certification II (HSK 2) 60 HoursRs. 12,000/ –
3.The Diploma I (HSK 3)80 HoursRs. 14,000/ –
4.Certificate II (HSK 4)120 HoursRs. 20,000/ –
5.Adv. Certificate (HSK 5)170-180 HoursRs. 24,000/ –
6.Adv. Certificate (HSK 6)170-180 HoursRs. 24,000/ –
7.BA in Chinese Studies.3 Years/6 SemestersRs. 30,000/ –


*BA is a full-time program, though any remaining courses are low maintenance. Confirmation in BA is through the passage test or legitimacy list.


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2. INCCS Academy of Chinese Language


Mumbai’s other renowned Mandarin organization is the INCCS Academy of Chinese. It is one of the top academies for Chinese Courses in Mumbai. It’s famous for its imaginative way of showing Mandarin in Mumbai. This Academy offers a coordinated Chinese course. It begins from the Beginner-level course. It moves to the Intermediate and completes with the Advanced Chinese.


This is the one-stop arrangement supplier for the Mandarin language in Mumbai. The INCCS foundation likewise has a specific HSK preliminary course. For the Mandarin capability test, you can get customized plans also. Additionally, the INCCS likewise offers Corporate Chinese Training and interpretation and translation work.


Classroom Course Details                                                  Hours


  • Beginner Level (Basic Chinese speaking course)       40 Hours
  • Intermediate Level Chinese Training Course             50 Hours
  • HSK Preparatory Courses (HSK-1 to HSK-6)             30-120 Hours
  • Corporate Chinese Language Training                         30 Hours


Online Course Details


  • Basic Chinese Online Course
  • Corporate Chinese Online Course
  • HSK Test Prep Online


3. Second Tongue


Pupils who are eager to learn different foreign languages can join Second Tongue. Lots of options are here like French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. Second Tongue’s Mandarin course is one of the effective Chinese Courses in Mumbai. With an emphasis on showing a little gathering, they concentrate on every student.


The Second Tongue can mentor you for different Chinese Certification exams. They can help you with their experienced educators, including HSK, HSKK, BCT, and YCT.  They have to instruct programs for an alternate term according to the prerequisite. This Centre offers a wide exhibit of Mandarin courses. They offer varieties of programs as per the need.  The courses are going from novices to cutting-edge ones. Thus, this institute becomes one of the top Mandarin language organizations.


Course Curriculum   DurationFees
Mandarin Course for Beginners (HSK 1)30 Hours Rs 11209/-
Mandarin Course HSK 2 35 Hours Rs 12999/-
Mandarin Beginners for Kids (YCT 1)30 Hours Rs 10599/-
Mandarin Foundation for Kids (YCT 2) 30 Hours Rs 11999/-


4. Inchin Closer, Mumbai


Are you pondering foundations offering Chinese Courses in Mumbai? Another name that clicks in mind at the top of the priority list is Inchin Closer. Are you looking for a conversational and beginning Mandarin course? Then this is a perfect course for you in a range of a couple of months to 1 year.


They direct three degrees of Mandarin classes – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. They likewise offer different customized courses for corporate people and kids also. They provide self-made study materials to upgrade the learning experience.


Course Curriculum


HSK 1 Beginners Mandarin45 Hours Sunday MorningRs 25,000/-
HSK 1 Beginners Mandarin45 Hours Sunday & Sunday afternoonRs 25,000/-
HSK 2 Intermediate Mandarin28 Hours Monday & ThursdayRs 28,000/-
HSK 3 Advanced Mandarin 36 Hours  Saturday afternoonRs 28,000/-


5. India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCCI)


ICCCI is one organization that has made its name in the Chinese Courses in Mumbai. The full form of ICCCI is the India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They conduct Mandarin classes in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune.


They offer ordinary courses for Elementary Level I (45 hours), Level II (60 hours), and Level III (60 hours). The institute likewise offers Chinese understanding, interpretation, advancement, and different administrations.


Charges of Level I, II, and III are Rs. 12,000, Rs. 16,000 and Rs 18,000 plus service tax. The Classes are held on Saturdays or Sundays with one teaching session of 2 or 3 hours every week.


6. Cool Panda

Cool Panda is one of the fun and real learning institutions. It offers what you are looking for, that is Chinese Courses in Mumbai.  They planned and used their own strategies for teaching Mandarin. They are experts in this area for a long period of time.


Their self-made courses increased curiosity to learn the Mandarin language among the students. They provide different types of courses as per your need from kids to corporate level.


They offer the below-mentioned courses:


  1. Spoken Chinese
  2. Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK from 1-6)
  3. Corporate Customized Course
  4. Advance Business Chinese
  5. Youth Chinese Test (YCT)
  6. Business Chinese Test (BCT)


7. Vzone Academy


Mr. Sandeep Hariani’s Vzone Academy is one of the best Chinese Courses in Mumbai since 2010. They offer a variety of foreign language courses including Mandarin. They use a unique methodology to teach Mandarin. The students experienced a peaceful stress-free journey during their learning period.


8. Udemy


Udemy is one of the World’s biggest and savvy Online Learning platforms. It’s a great destination for Chinese Courses in Mumbai. In Mumbai as well as you can access the courses from anywhere.  It is a place where you can get access to plenty of courses. Furthermore, they are accessible in different dialects also.


Free courses on Udemy offer students a comprehensive learning experience. In a free course, there are some restrictions. These provisions are accessible in their paid course contributions.


Do you want to experience restriction-free learning? Then you can choose the course ‘Learn Chinese Level 1’ created by Felix Lattman, Ann Zhu. After finishing this course, you will be able to read and write simple stories and articles. You will be able to speak Chinese about almost everything.


The course fee is Rs 8,640/-. But wait! If you are not in a hurry, then don’t buy it immediately. You can get this course for only Rs 455/-. Often Udemy offers huge discounts. So put it in the cart and keep an eye on the course.


Moreover, best of all, you can contact coaches if you have any questions. They are eager to assist you with the inquiries raised.


Frequently asked questions


1.    Is Chinese tough to learn?


The Chinese language is considered one of the world’s most troublesome dialects to learn.  But this is a fact only. Change your way of thinking. Thousands of students are learning Chinese every passing year. Learning Chinese has its own difficulties like any language. As a language student, setting yourself in an optimal learning climate is the key to learning Chinese.


     2.   What is HSK?


HSK is a Chinese capability test for non-local speakers of Chinese. The test is what could be compared to the English TOEFL test. It is composed of oral Chinese and goes from level 1 (HSK 1) to even out 6 (HSK 6), HSK 6 is the most troublesome, however can be utilized as an authority capability. For instance, if going after a position that requires you to speak Chinese, they might ask you for HSK level 5 or above.


    3.    How can I learn Chinese fast?


I’m afraid that there isn’t actually a ‘fast’ approach to learn Chinese. There are no shortcuts. You need to try sincerely and enjoy your learning! Nonetheless, here are some tips by which you can learn Chinese quicker:


  • mobile-dictionary-version
  • Get a CN-EN word reference:
  • To learn vocabulary, you can utilize the WCC Dictionary App. You can use it to compose characters and figure out how to read!
  • Utilize various assets, for example, books, pay attention to Chinese music, and recordings. Sitting in front of the TV Shows, particularly Reality and Game shows, use ‘ordinary’ regular language which is simpler to follow, and try to spot repeating sentence patterns.
  • Follow a Chinese educator or Chinese classes that you can go to. Practicing with a Chinese speaker is important to learning Chinese appropriately!


    4.    How can I write and read Chinese on a PC?


In general, if your computer is four years old, then your system (PC or Mac) is Chinese-ready. You needn’t bother with extra programming. Simply, go to the control panel and add the Chinese input technique. Your mentor will direct you through this interaction. There is additionally a great deal of valuable and free devices on the internet, including English-Chinese and Chinese-English word references.


    5.    Which is better to learn Mandarin or Cantonese?


Mandarin is the standard Chinese language. It is the formal or official language. It is spoken by one billion individuals. Cantonese, paradoxically, is one of the major languages, spoken by individuals of South China, Hong Kong, and some abroad Chinese people. The choice is up to you.



In a nutshell, all the above-mentioned Chinese Courses in Mumbai are the most effective. But some must-have conditions vary for each person. Some may like virtual classrooms; some may like real classrooms.


Once again, some may want to speak Chinese fluently. On the other hand, some may want to excel in the reading and writing part. That is why it’s important to go through the course details before joining a course. So, do it first. Then pick a course that ticks the most compartments in your agenda for your better future. Wish you all the luck!


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