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7 Best Book Ghostwriting Services In India 

You’ve got an idea for a book that is timely, insightful and you want to share it with others, but there’s a problem- writing is not your strength, or you don’t have enough time to write blogs or articles, let alone a whole book. Whether you are a business owner, CEO, executive, consultant, coach, celebrity, or politician, you can take the help of ghostwriting services. They will provide you with writers who will work with you and turn your ideas into manuscript form for a publishing house, or you can self-publish your work. Before exploring the best-ghostwriting services, let’s understand what ghostwriting is all about.

Best Book Ghostwriting Services In India 

What is Ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes a text for someone else who is credited as an author. Ghostwriters write public speeches, nonfiction books, online content, and book proposals on behalf of their clients. The ghostwriting process involves collaboration and communication between the author and the ghostwriter.

The author who is being credited gives the requirements to the ghostwriter for the piece to be written, and it’s up to the author’s discretion how much information he wants to give. He can provide the ghostwriter with detailed research notes on multiple pages or generalized topics that later the ghostwriter will do the research and write about.

As writing usually takes large chunks of time, the author can focus on other aspects of the publishing process and delegate the writing work to a professional ghostwriter, which will allow the author to produce high-quality work quickly and efficiently while keeping the voice of the author intact.

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Types of Ghostwriting 

Ghostwriters are versatile in their job as they can take on any creative or professional role. The strength of the ghostwriter also differs depending on the writer’s style, technique, experience, and the type of writing he does. Hence, it is important to take strengths into account while hiring ghostwriters.

There are different types of ghostwriting services which can be categorized as below:

Benefits Involved In Hiring a Ghostwriter

  1. You get a Professional Writer

Most ghostwriters are professionals at what they do. They understand clearly what are the author’s requirements, the most suitable voice, how to arrange the thoughts and ideas in proper order, and also grammatical correctness. They know what the readers want and write in a way that the reader is hooked to the book.

  1. You Have a Quick Turnaround Time 

Professional ghostwriters will help you in completing your book faster, which saves you a lot of time, and you can utilize that time in marketing and publishing aspects of the book.

  1. You will be Able to Maintain Authenticity

Ghostwriters will help you in writing a book that is going to have a tone of authenticity which is very crucial for any author. The books that have proofs or examples for the claims being made always have credibility, as the authentic book is always valued. With the help of ghostwriters and with their research process, you will be able to maintain that authenticity required.

  1. You are Free to Customize and Own the Book

Once the manuscript is done, you have complete authority and control over the format of the book. If you want to have any changes being made to the book, the ghostwriters will help you with making the changes that are mentioned.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter is not an easy task, it will be worth it if you put some time and effort into finding the right ghostwriter for you. Consequently, you will be able to come up with a beautiful book at the end of your collaboration. Let’s look into some points to be considered before hiring a ghostwriter.

  1. Decide on Your Goals

Before putting your hard-earned resources into the project you are going to undertake, you must be clear about what you want to achieve. This will help you later when you are explaining your objectives and goals to the ghostwriter. 

  1. Assess the Skill Level of the Ghostwriter

The best writing professionals in the field have strong writing, storytelling, and problem-solving skills, along with that they can handle large amounts of information efficiently. They can capture the author’s true voice.

Whether you want the best or just a strong writer, depends on the goals you have set for your project. Ghostwriters who have good publishing track records are more sought-after writers. According to your requirements, you can assess what you like and what reads well when you are selecting a ghostwriter for your project.

  1. Look at Ghostwriters’ Previous Track Record  

Check what they’ve written previously and also how long they have been professional writers. You should look for someone who has written at least two books that have been traditionally published who will be able to establish your expertise, expand your outreach and grow your business.

It’s not that others who have done self-publishing is not qualified. But there are certain standards set by the publishing houses which have to be considered while deciding on hiring the ghostwriter.

  1. Determine whether a Ghostwriter will be Able to Capture Your Voice and Style

An experienced ghostwriter who has written books or scripts can match different styles and voices in writing. They carefully choose words, rhythm, and pacing. If you don’t have a voice or style of your own, an experienced writer will help you in capturing your voice.

Before committing to the full project, ask for a writing sample that will give you a fair idea of how you and the writer can communicate and work well together. The voice and style for your book should belong to you, not someone else. There should not be any disconnect between you and the readers.

  1. Be Clear in Your Requirements

Whether you are going to give them a creative license or stick to the detailed plan as discussed, be clear about whether you are open to feedback and open to any new ideas from your ghost. You have to establish clear boundaries to avoid any further confusion later. Also, give thought to whether you want to meet the ghost in person wherever possible.

  1. Discuss the Details 

Some of the ghostwriters spend a great deal of time with the authors to collect the information, ask questions, and research, or conduct interviews required for the book. Then, they disappear for months as they draft the chapters and show chapters in batches or even finish the entire book.

Some ghostwriters work with the author closely chapter-wise and deliver the drafts as they proceed. You need to understand the process that the ghostwriter uses so that it is compatible with your style of work.  Now let’s look at the best book ghostwriting services.

Best Book GhostWriting Services 

1. Write Right

If there is one company you can trust blindly for your book ghostwriting services, it is Write Right. Write Right has one of the most prolific teams that harness their creative capabilities to the maximum and help you with writing a book that will help you connect with your target reader. Bhavik sarkhedi, the founder ensures that the quality provided to you is the best and pulls out all stops to give you the best possible service for all your book ghostwriting needs.

2. Orange Publishers

Orange Publishers is a leading self-publishing house in India. With more than three decades of experience in the custom publishing and printing industry. Orange publishers offer one of the best-ghostwriting services in India. They provide a much more personalized approach.

Their premium ghostwriting service is tailored according to the client needs, and they provide dedicated ghostwriters who will be in touch with you whether you wish to write a fiction or a non-fiction book, children’ storybook, autobiography, history, or a business book they will assist you in putting your thoughts to words, without staking a credit for it. If you want to be a published author, leverage the expertise of ghostwriting services from orange publishers with guaranteed, original, and well-researched work. You can talk to their team of ghostwriters today and get started.

Contact: +91 9830330809

3. E-Storytellers

E-Storytellers is one of the highest-rated and most viewed content marketing agencies in India. They have made significant space in a short period in the market, with a team of young, dynamic, and highly experienced writers providing superior quality content for their clients.

Apart from content writing services, they also offer one of the best book ghostwriting services. E-storytellers ghostwriters are professionally trained towards writing, editing, and researching for blogs, fiction, non-fiction, medical as well as academic writing.

They provide high-quality written content innovatively and creatively to grab the reader’s interest. If you want a top-notch quality book ghostwriting service from expert writers, then you can contact them through the mail id given below.

Contact: [email protected]    

4. 24by7 Publishers

24by7Publishers is a creative publishing company in India and is considered among the fastest-growing publishing houses, publishing books of various genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc. They help budding authors to materialize their dream by publishing their books in a very short time.

They also provide one of the best book ghostwriting services in English, Hindi, Bengali, or Tamil languages. Whether you are a new author, celebrity, executive, doctor, or politician, you can save time by hiring professional ghostwriters who will write the book for you.

You can choose from the different ghostwriting service options depending on your budget, language, and genre, in which you want to write your book. They will also guide you in finding a ghostwriter with the perfect match for your writing project. You can call for a free consultation and they will assist you in finding the best ghostwriter for your book.

Contact: +91 9433444334

5. Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter is a premium company offering the best book ghostwriting services for both fiction as well as for non-fiction. They have served many clients who are CEOs, Directors, Professors, and professionals from all backgrounds. They are one of the forerunners of book ghostwriting services and have worked on numerous projects. They provide a wide range of solutions in editing, writing, publishing, and marketing.

The ghostwriting services offered are for novels, blogs, magazines, etc. Apart from this, they also provide the best book ghostwriting services for other innovative projects. They establish a cordial relationship with the clients so that they can easily comprehend the precise meaning of what has to be written. Every project is thoroughly researched and tailored according to the client’s needs. If you want to get on the path of being an author contact them.

Contact: (91)-9811040414                

6. Scribblers India

Scribblers India started its journey in 2012 from a hostel room in Nagpur and is now a full-fledged content marketing and publishing agency catering to different needs in the market. They involve the clients in each step of the delivery, to be in sync with client requirements by making sure that the content delivered is in alignment with the overall objective of the project.

They are considered as one of the best book ghostwriting services, as their writers are well versed in the language and have the capabilities to achieve your dream book. The steps involved are understanding the plot, which will be discussed along with you before starting with the work.

For effective collaboration, the writer and client will meet at each stage of the writing process for approval. They deal with different genres including fiction, non-fiction, business books, politics, and much more. Their writers are experts on different topics and are also well known for how to work around controversial topics. If you have a story or a research idea and you want to convey it, then Scribblers India is the ideal choice for your project.


7. Power-Publishers

Power Publishers is a self-publishing organization started in 2008 with a small core team headed by founder Pinaki Ghosh, who is the author of several best-selling titles. Their services multiplied soon as they started other on-demand services like ghostwriting, screenplay writing, biography writing, comic books, etc.

Power Publishers is a brand driven by women, as many of its professionals within the freelance base as well as core base are talented women writers, actors, and artists. Their mission is to become one of the finest publishing platforms for new-age authors.

Power Publishers are one of the best book ghostwriting services, having professional ghostwriters assigned for different types of books, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, self-help, biography, etc. If you are looking for professional ghostwriters to write a book, you can contact Power Publishers for details.

Contact: +919830089735

8. Getbestwriters

Getbestwriters is popular and one of the best book ghostwriting services. Their writers include writers with experience in writing bestselling books and editing magazines. They are a unique agency that values every minute detail of the project and works toward creating one of the best compositions that the client can think of. Credit and ownership can be kept by the author and the agency will not claim any recognition.

The ghostwriting service includes special packages:

  • Planning through a book with as many sessions as possible according to the requirement.
  • Tailored marketing and PR strategies.
  • Professional editing before the book is published.
  • Strategic targeting in the bestselling list.
  • Customized publishing strategies

For further details and costs, you can contact Getbestwriters on the numbers below.

Contact: +91 9830330809

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What kind of projects do ghostwriters work on?

Ghostwriters are available for any type of writing. Some of the writers call themselves ghostwriters, professional writers, freelance writers. Regardless of the labels, you will find ghostwriters for your project, typically they write nonfiction, fiction, web content, medical writing, academic writing, etc.

2. Where do I find ghostwriters?

Through a simple internet search, you will be able to find ghostwriting services. However, to make your job simple, the list above mentions the best book writing services in India. You can go through the ghostwriting services and decide which one will satisfy your needs.

3. Is hiring a ghostwriter for writing books legal?

Yes, ghostwriting is legal throughout history; it is a widely accepted practice. When you hire a ghostwriter, you pay for him for the service he has rendered. They work anonymously for you without taking any credit. Many celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, sports personalities, and people from all walks of life use ghostwriting services for their work.

4. Will the ghostwriter help in publishing and marketing the book?

As part of their job, they will help you with researching, writing, and editing for your project. However, they might help you in providing contacts for agents or editors in the traditional publishing field.

If you are self-publishing, then marketing and distribution are up to you. The ghostwriter might guide you in the process, better to check with respective publishing houses for the details. You can check the list of best book ghostwriting services above.


If you have an idea and want to express it through the book, but you don’t have enough time or your strength is not writing, then you can hire a ghostwriter who can do the work for you without taking any credit.

Ghostwriters are professionals who are proficient in different types of writing like fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, autobiographies, etc. Depending on the type of writing you want to do, you can collaborate with a ghostwriter and have a final say in the project.

Not all use ghostwriters for writing books or any type of content, but it is common practice in today’s fast-paced world. If you are looking for the best book ghostwriting services, please check out the list mentioned in the article.

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