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An Interview With Jyoti Jha – CWMC Student

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  • How was your learning Experience with IIMSKILLS for Content Writing Training?


My learning experience with IIMSKILLS for Content Writing Training has been very enriching and effective. The sessions were well-crafted and purposeful and yet interactive and enjoyable. At the end of the training, I was able to comprehend the true objective of content writing and its meticulous process.


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  • What made you go with IIM SKILLS to Master Content Writing Skills?


While researching online I came across the amazing reviews and experience of people who had pursued the Content Writing course at IIMSKILLS. The institute is ranked among the top and provides the most comprehensive online training that can be taken from the comfort of one’s home or office. They provide a well-structured and well-defined course outline and give lifetime access to recorded sessions and course material. They offer an Internationally accredited certification at an affordable price. All these made me choose IIM SKILLS to master my Content Writing Skills.


  • How has our Content Writing Master Course Contributed to your Career/Business Growth?


Content Writing Master Course has instilled in me the confidence to step out to explore the world of content writing and content marketing. It has equipped me with the necessary tools to survive and flourish at it. As a Content Writer by profession and a blogger by passion, I feel this course has introduced me to many freelancing work opportunities in this field and has provided me the gears to showcase and promote my work more effectively by creating a personal brand. Even though I am from a non-technical background, I feel much assured now in handling the key features of content writing and content marketing.


  • Why do you think Content Writing is a must-have skill in Digital World?


“Content is king” and content writing is the heart of digital marketing. Only good content attracts more business and engages its readers online. Content Writing is the filter and amplifier for a business to speak out through the web. Hence Content Writing is a must-have skill in Digital World.


  • As per your what are the Top Benefits of Content Writing Career?


  • A content writing career is more of a ‘passion as a profession’.
  • It provides ample opportunities for freelancing and independence of choosing whether one wants to join a company or work from home.
  • It provides the flexibility of working from any location and simultaneously creating a wide network with clients all over the world.
  • One can develop a stronger knowledge-base through working on various niche and subjects.


  • What’re the Top Recommended Sites to Stay Updated about Latest Trends in Content Writing?


  • HubSpot
  • Neil Patel
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • IIM Skills


  • Which are your Favorite Content Distribution Channels (Eg: Quora) & Why?


  • My favorite Content Distribution Channel is primarily my own website because it helps establish my own brand. The other channels are:
  • Public channels like Quora – It offers networking with various audiences and a plethora of topics in different fields. It also gives a chance for guest-blogging.
  • Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – These provide the prospect to reach a greater audience and also give the opportunity of paid marketing.


  • Which are the Top Content Writing Tools Which you use regularly?


  • Grammarly
  • SmallSEO Tools
  • MailChimp
  • Buffer
  • Hemingway
  • WordCounter
  • Google Analytics


  • Who was your Trainer & Your Feedback about him/her?


My Trainer was Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar. He has been a fantastic trainer with a vision for all his students to understand the material in an easy manner. He is an industry expert with vast experience in his field of work and an excellent guide in boosting the confidence of his students, helping them achieve the writing objectives and the technical knowhow, and equipping them with the tricks of the trade.


  • What are the Top Challenges for New Digital Writer? Would you like to give them any advice?


Some of the challenges for New Digital Writers are:


  • Getting traction and retaining it
  • Finding real clients
  • Maintaining a consistent workflow
  • Extremely competitive area
  • Initial low-pay
  • Establishing a connection with the real audience


My advice to the New Digital Writers- Create good captions, maintain hook points, research well, optimize your work and enhance your skills through online/classroom training.


  • How do you see Career in Content Writing in the Future?


The Information age had already begun and there is immense scope in a Content Writing career in the future. The web is an amazing resource and an effective and productive content rules the web-world. A career in Content Writing in the future is powerful and lucrative with the upcoming markets.


  • Would you like to share a few words about our work at IIMSKILLS in educating People about Content Writing Courses?


IIM Skills is a top brand in Content Writing Courses and comprises of industry experts who are apprised of the latest trends and techniques in the Digital Marketing World. They not only guide their students through the learning process but also extend substantial support after the completion of the course. They have an impactful online presence and through diverse channels, they successfully keep educating people about Content Writing Courses.

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  • Wonderful interview content scurried & well-balanced response from Jyoti. I feel glorified that my daughter Jyoti had got so much intrinsic qualities which got out in proper time, so it has been said for showing merit there r large number of platforms credit goes to the digital world that one can show his/her merit from his house too along with serving family members, with paramount blessings

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