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An Interview With Alisha Mewada – CWMC Student

An Interview With Alisha Mewada Content Writing Master Course Student

1.How was your learning Experience with IIMSKILLS for Content Writing Training?

My experience with IIM Skills has been way different than what I’d anticipated out of an online content course. IIM Skills brings along not just the understanding of content writing but the role of it in the digital world. It aims in teaching the process of how one can lead their content and keywords to top the line of the digital search.


2. What made you go with IIM SKILLS to Master Content Writing Skills?

I choose IIM Skills because the website answered all my queries regarding a career in copywriting/content writing. 


3. How has our Content Writing Master Course Contributed to your

Career/Business Growth?

I work in a PR agency that demands me to draft releases/content for my client’s constant activations/IP’s. IIM Skills has inculcated in me the understanding of the proper use of keywords and has improved my writing format. These 2 are the quintessential steps that need to be followed while drafting content.


4. Why do you think Content Writing is a must-have skill in Digital World?

The world is all about selling a story/product/brand to the audience. Every brand/product requires to walk through 2 directions to do so. One way is passing your details/message about the brand through excellent copywriting and the other one is putting up across the same with digital marketing. The amalgamation/balance of excellent copywriting and digital marketing can connect the brand to a worldwide audience in a shorter span of time.


5. As per your what are the Top Benefits of a Content Writing Career?

Content writing is now an essential part of every field/sector. You can embrace any sector as per your interest and write about it on any platform, anytime independently. From freelancing to a committed writer of an esteemed publication or for a renowned brand, content writing is quite a diversified career path that brings along no barriers or restrictions. 


6. What’re the Top Recommended Sides To Stay Updated about Latest Trends in Content Writing?


IIM Skills, digitaldefynd.com, and udemy.com


7. Which are your Favorite Content Distribution Channels (Eg: Quora) & Why?

Quora is my favorite content distribution channel. The platform is open to all and never fails in providing answers to any random questions.


8. Which are the Top Content Writing Tools Which you use regularly?

Grammarly and keywords everywhere are the tools that I use every day for my contents (emails, releases, etc)


9. Who was your Trainer & Your Feedback about him/her?

Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, Founder of IIM Skills was my trainer/teacher. I appreciate the introduction of IIM Skills by him as the platform is quite beneficial for any beginner who is looking to excel in the career of content writing. Also, Mr. Vaibhav is a teacher who’s available anytime to help or solve queries regarding the course and career to boot. 


10. What are the Top Challenges for New Digital Writer? Would you like to give any advice to them?

I believe the biggest challenge is to understand our copywriting interest concerning genres. 


11. How do you see a Career in Content Writing in the Future?

As answered above, the career gives you the option of being your own boss and is pretty diversified


12. Would you like to share a few words about our work at IIM SKILLS in educating people about Content Writing Courses?

To understand the career, IIM Skills is a great platform to start with.

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