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7 Best Project Management Courses in Pune In 2024

From my observation, the education system is changing very wide range and for this there is always the hope for doing something best and get the best career exposure which will be beneficial for us. There are lots of job-oriented courses which is giving the students the best learning experience and great job opportunity well.


7 Best Project Management Courses in Pune

In all this, the Project management courses are becoming day by day the best choice for the seekers who want to learn this course.


Project management is the process that is said as leading the team in achieving its goals at the specified time. In project management is said that all the works are assigned and there is a limitation of the time by which the work is to be finished by the employees for the particular company.


Project management comprises the skills like very strong leadership quality, critical thinking, strong motivational skills, analytical skills, Creative mindset, Very good communication skills, negotiation skills, lots of work ethics, Problem-solving attitude, risk management, multitasking, and most important strong management skills.


Project management courses have their exposure to career opportunities in various fields like Banking, Financial services, construction, IT companies, Government agencies, etc.


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Here is the below list of the 7 best project management courses in Pune in 2021 they are as follows:


  1. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training by Excel R


The Excel R Institute was founded in 2014. It is said as the leading training and consulting. The main focus of this training center is to provide well learning and educational environment to the students and the professionals who are in hope of joining the project management course.


The institute is having its presence in India as well as outside India also like the USA, UK, Netherland, Middle East, and Australia.


The Full name of the course is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training.


The Project Management Professional course is having a total of 14 modules those are taught are as follows Introduction to PMP, Project Management Framework, Project Management Processes, Project integration Management, Project scope management, Project schedule management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Resource Management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, Project Stakeholder Management, and PMP Examination Tips.


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This Training Institute has Experienced and certified faculty, 3000 Practice questions, Free Project management templates, Self-paced videos, what’s app support, a Money-Back Guarantee, and a 97.3% Rate.


The Institute provides the proper Certification of the course after the completion of the Programme.


Eligibility: The Candidates must have Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management business and any related field.


Duration: 35 contact Hours (PDU Certificate)


Fees:  14750 INR (Live Virtual Classroom), 8999 INR (Self-paced learning).


Career:  Assistant Project Manager, Project Analyst, IT Project Manager, Coordinator, etc.


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  1. Project Management Professional Certification Training by Simplilearn


As we all are aware of the Simplilearn this institute is nowadays, providing quality education to the learners, who are looking for the best career options for them. This training institute is fulfilling them by providing them high qualitative and quantitative learning environment in Project management courses.


The Course name is Project Management Professional Certification Training in Pune, the course is having emerging trends providing the competencies for the project management professionals. It also has to Open a new section for the project managers for the small and large companies with a different emphasis on strategy and business.


The Institutes Cover is the Course modules in 6 different sections those are as follows likewise


Section 1-Introduction: Course Introduction and PMI LO choice walk-through.


Section 2- Create a High-Performance Team: Build a team, Define team ground rules, Negotiate Project agreements, Empower Team Members and stakeholders, Engage and support virtual teams, Build a shared understanding about a project and case study.


Section 3: Start the work: Determine project methods and practices, Plan and manage scope, Plan and manage budget resources, Plan and manage schedule, Plan and manage quality product and deliverables, Integrate project planning activities, Plan and manage procurement, Establish project governance structure, Plan and Manage project closure and Case study.


Section 4: Do the Work: Assess and Manage risks, Execute project to Deliver Business Value, Manage Communication, Engage Stakeholders, Create Project Artifacts, Manage project changes, Manage project issues, Ensure knowledge Transfer and Case study.


Section 5: Keep the Team on Track: Lead a team, Support team performance, Address and Remove Impediments, Manage conflicts, Collaborate with stakeholders, Mentor Relevant Stakeholders, Apply emotional Intelligence and Case study.


Section 6: Keep the Business Environment in Mind: Manage Compliance requirements, Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value, Evaluate and Address Business Environment changes, Support Organizational Change, Employ Continous Process Improvement and Case study


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In this training institute center, you will be having the access to Digital materials from PMI, 4 stimulation test papers which include 180 questions each, Experiential learning through case studies, and a 100% money-back guarantee also.


While taking its sessions for the course it covers the following skills also like work breakdown structure, resource allocation, Gantt charts, Mathematical projects, Project cost estimation, cost management, engineering economics, and leadership skills.


The Training Institute provides PMP Exam & Certification also, flexible pricing options, a Customized learning delivery model, an Enterprise dashboard for individuals and teams, and Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS), 24×7 learning assistance and support.


Eligibility: Graduate and Masters in management and business.


Duration: 35 contact hours.


Fees: 13999 INR Live online Classroom training.


Career:  Project Director, Senior Project manager, Team leads, Team managers, Project Management officer (PMO).


  1. Project Management Professional Certification Training by VINSYS


VINSYS was founded in 1998, having 15 plus years of experience which has taken its journey very forward by providing the knowledge and training to the professionals and the corporate also.


This training center has globally acclaimed at various places the USA, China, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman, Singapore, and UAE.


The Course’s full name is Project Management Professional Certification Training. The Course gives you the flexibility to learn the course at its own pace. It has all-inclusive of the exams, assignments, homework, and plan for the post-course studies.


The course syllabus includes the following topics:

  • Objective to the Facilitation program
  • Brief information-PMI procedure & PMP exam
  • What is Project & Project Management?
  •  Why Project & Operations, Definition
  •  Role of Project Manager
  •  Project Manager Role of Influence
  •  Project Manager Role as an Organization
  • Project Manager Role- Industry & Professional Discipline
  • Leadership, Project Management, Business Management Skills,
  • A guide to the project management body of Knowledge a guide to the project management body (PMBOK Guide) knowledge areas and process groups
  •  Professional Conduct
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project scope management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Stakeholders Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management.


The key features of the training center are that quality-driven, results-oriented, Committed trainers available on-demand 24×7, subject matters expert 1000 plus professional globe, Infra ready 140 labs with the capacity of 2400 delegates globally, Credible served 3000 plus corporate across continents, etc.


The Institutes that have top reasons to choose them are Global presence, Customized workshops, Classrooms, Certifications, Services, Infrastructure, and Quality & Experience.


Eligibility: Graduate and Masters in management & business or relevant field.


Duration: 35 contact hours


Fees: N/A


Career: Project Director, Senior Project manager, Team leads, Team managers, Project Management officer (PMO), Project Analyst, Product Manager.


  1. Project management professional Certification Training  by Knowledge hub:


The knowledge hub is the best training provider helping professionals and corporate person for enhancing their skills with innovative and practical approaches and get better career opportunities for them and climb the corporate ladder. They started the Project management courses for those who have large future goals.


The full name of the course is Project management professional Certification Training in Pune.


The training center has Earn 35 PDUs, live instructor-led sessions, PMP Exam prep- 4 mock exams (700+ Qs), Curate Digital Resources from PMI, PMP Exam Application Assitance, 100% PMP Money Back Guarantee. It also Empowers your PMP teams with best practices with the latest tools, skills development, business objective, Leverage KnowledgeHut,s, learning approach, and get customized corporate training programs.


The training institutes has also the following key features like  Experience Workshops, PMP Exam Success Formula, Free Refresher course, PMP Exam application assistance, Certification Journey support, and Exclusive Post-Training sessions.


The Course will make you experts in team building, Negotiating project agreements, Managing conflict, choosing the right project methodology, Managing risks, project governance, Delivering business value, Managing Compliances, Continuous process improvement, and project continuity.


The PMP Certification Course Curriculum includes Introduction Project management mindset, creating a High-Performing team, Starting the project, Doing the work, keeping the team on track, keeping the business in mind, PMP Examination Preparation.


Eligibility:  Educational background should be Diploma, Graduate, Masters or Global equivalent to the relevant field.


Duration: 35 contact hours


Fees: 11849 INR (Online)


Career: Mid-level Senior Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project analysis, Project leaders, Product manager, Program Manager.


  1. Project Management Professional Course (PMP) by Sevenmentor :


Sevenmentor is working since 2002 in Pune. The organization is setting up the remark that it is providing the Best Project Management Courses in Pune. They are teaching the corporate and professionals of any age and making them capable of getting the proper amount of salary hike from their existing packages.


The Full name of the course is Project Management Professional Course (PMP). In this course, they are providing a flexible learning environment.


The most important factor is that the mode of the classroom is both online and offline by which way the candidate is comfortable may join the course and start gaining new skills.


The various skills will be taught to you like learn and prepare for the examination, Implement the various tools and techniques with the real-time project, Relate PMBOK Guide with 6th edition theory and case studies, various framework, and processes, Professional and social responsibilities and use in ethical work, implement and track the change control, work with the vendors, stakeholders communication and engagement, manage performance using earned value management.


The training center conducts workshop activities which include Project chartering, Brainstorming sessions, Idea, Mind mapping, Delphi technique, Create WBS, Schedule Development, Earned value management, Communication management, EMV Calculation, etc.


The institutes are giving lots of advantages with this course which will be exactly beneficial for the seekers who are doing the course. It has the PMP training program come with the inclusive of the exam, assignments, homework, and proper plan for the studies.


The Project management professional course is the certification of globally known all over the world. The Institutes trainers are having 8+ years of experience, you will get the proper 24×7 support by the side of the institute.


Eligibility: Assistant Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Software Developers, Team members, Any professional aspiring to be a project manager.


Duration: 35 contact hours.


Fees: N/A


Career: CIO/CTO/ Vice President IT Heads/ Senior IT Heads/GM/AGM Projects, Senior project managers, Program managers, Project managers, Product Managers, Team Leads, Senior consultants project, PMO Business practice Heads Department/ business Heads Business Analyst.


  1. Project Management Professional Course (PMP) by Star Agile:


The Star Agile is founded in 2016, this institute has to start teaching the students and the professionals the Project management courses in Pune because they are looking for advancements in their skills and looking for better and suitable future goals. The Star Agile except in India has across 25+ countries USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia, etc.


The full name of the course is known as Project Management Professional Course (PMP).


The course topic is under the 6th edition of the PMP Certified training program. It also empowers the professionals with various tools and techniques.


In the following course the Course content is divided into four different sections they are:


1. Create a High-Performance team- Building an effective team, Define team ground rules, Negotiate project agreements, Empower team members and stakeholders, Train team members and support virtual teams, Build a shared understanding of a project.

2. Starting the Project: Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices, Plan and manage scope, budget and resources, schedule, quality of products and deliverables, Procurement, project, and phrase closure, Integrate project planning activities, Establish project governance structures.

3. Doing the work: Assess and manage risks, Execute Project to deliver business value, Manage communication, Engage stakeholders, Create project artifacts, Manage project changes, Manage project issues, Ensure Knowledge transfer of project continuity.

4. Keeping the Business in mind: Manage compliance requirements, Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value, Evaluate and address internal and external business environment changes, support organizational changes, Employ Continuous process improvement.


The Training Center has the key features which are included in this Project management courses are 4 Day Full-time intensive training, Exclusive access to PMI developed content, Delivered by PMI Authorized training partner,35 PDUs offered-PMI Approved, Endorsement from PMI, PMI Certified Instructors, 100% money-back guarantee Course Completion certificate and Application assistance with PMP application template.


The Project Management Professional Certification advantages are Higher salary potential, Gives organizational Adaptability, Increase Network opportunities, Provides Greater Job opportunities & global; recognition, and gain invaluable experience.


Eligibility:  Graduate, Masters, Diploma in the relevant field.


Duration: 35 contact hours.


Fees:  12999 INR (ONLINE)


Career: Project managers, Product managers, Program managers, Senior business analysts, Team leads, Consultants.


7: Project Management Professional Certification Training by Prothoughts


Prothoughts have been born to provide deep in focus knowledge about the Project Management courses. Its team leads to provide the top organizational behavior to the professionals who want to quit their job and find something so relevant.


The Course’s full name is Project Management Professional Certification Training in Pune, this course will lead the superior material of Rita Mulcahy’s 10th edition. The training center has a highly interactive session, which has a game-based interactive classroom session.


Prothoughts has three different modes of learning which are classroom training, Online Learning, and Corporate training. The PMP certification process is like getting free consulting, get trained, give the mock test, schedule your PMP Exam with PMI and Get PMP Certified.


The institute conducts workshops in which they provide various things like the Highly acclaimed book for PMP Exam Prep, Mock test in a pro metric simulated environment, free counseling with the project instructor, 100++ flashcard ready memorizer, Quizzes with rapid-fire rounds, crosswords for fun, 100 % money-back guarantee if not pass the exam within 45 days, crosswords for fun.


The Prothoughts has the key takeaways in which there is demonstrate a solid knowledge of project management tools, techniques, and methods in line with the latest edition of the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK GUIDE).


Apply the concepts that are taught in the classroom in your real-life projects, understand the difference between good practices and real-life projects, access to PMI Choice Platform access, PMP student manual access from PMI for 6 months, 15+ spotlight videos from PMI for 6 months, and tools from PMI explaining set of guidelines for PMP.


They have mentioned in their portal the participants’ profile that the participants should have a project management background or at least worked in a project environment, the course demands a clear focus and commitment from the participants to study and take up the exam, and they should have to complete homework, assignment, classwork, etc.


Pro thoughts have key differentiations like a game-based interactive classroom, Acclaimed material, Exam pass guarantee, In-House Instructors, Pre-Post training support, and proper career guidance.


Eligibility: Graduate/Diploma/ Masters in relevant field.

Duration: 35 contact hours

Fees: N/A

Career: Project manager, Product manager, senior consultant, Business analyst, Team leads.




In the above article, there is a list of the 7 Best Project Management Courses in Pune. It is not about only the particular place it is about India also because the Project management course is flourishing so much because it is now in so much demand by corporate managers, IT Professionals, Software Developers, and organizational heads also. The demand for this course is in the market due to various reasons but the topmost reason is about the money and the best position in the organization with the good and influencing package.


The main reason for doing the Project management course is to enhance and inbuilt your existing skills with new skills like critical thinking, strong leadership skills, analytical skills, creative mindset,problem-solving skills, work ethic, strong organizational and multitasking skills, good communication and negotiation skills, self-motivation, excellent time management skill, Accountability, ability to monitor and control budgets.


The Project Management Courses has also had opportunities in various sectors like IT companies, Banking sectors, Designing companies, Trading, Government agencies, Financial Services, Healthcare, Law, Construction, and Engineering.


Various job positions like Assistant Project Manager, Project Analyst, IT Project Manager, Coordinator, Technical Project Manager, Product Owner Program Analyst, Production Coordinator, Program Assistant, Associate Project Manager, Business Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, Software Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Product Manager, Information Technology (IT), Project Manager.


The seekers can choose the best opportunity after completing this Project Management Courses and you have to be expertise in the relevant field and then you will be able to learn this course with more interest and efforts.


Hello, I have done my graduation from Commerce background and my Masters in Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy from Banaras Hindu University. I actually needed a Career change for myself so I choose Digital marketing and content writing to enhance my career growth. Now I am working as an Intern at IIM Skills in Content Writing.

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