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10 Best Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is said as the condition of the writer when they totally block out and are unable to generate new ideas. It is said as the psychological effect on the minds of the writer that they feel they are blackout and they cannot write a single word. They are in a certain position or at a stage where they don’t think of something productive from their efficient mind.

Best Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

It cannot be said as they don’t want to write anything it’s all about the messed-up situation in their mind that they get jammed and unable to figure out the exact issue with them.

The most important reasons for Writer’s block are:

  • Fear – The most important reason is fear as it can be described as a writer is afraid that they are putting the perfect ideas in their write-up or not because if the ideas are not perfect then their write-up they have written will not be up to the mark. Due to this reason sometimes they are stuck in a certain place and unable to develop a particular idea for writing.

Fear is always a very bad feeling in the human’s mind because, with this fear, the mind stops thinking to take any of the perfect decision or thought and it does sometimes the activity which is not in favor of the person.

  • Perfection- The second most important reason is perfection the author thinks so much that, what they are writing is according to the requirement or not. They also think off that the stuff they are putting in their write-up is as perfect to be published or not. In that way, they waste their lot of time thinking that what they are writing is should be all the way full of perfection.

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As a writer, we have a habit of always go for perfection that the stuff which we are producing in our writing it should be best and when we go through with this kind of block condition the thought of perfection kills our thought process and make us lie in that kind of situation.

  • Anger- The third and most important reason for this condition is anger or stress. The writers sometimes get affected by their emotions; this is perfectly not in their hands. We all are humans sometimes; we get affected by some situations which disturb our mind. By which Writers lose all their control on their self and if they wish also they are unable to generate some beautiful idea in their writing.
  • Few Ideas versus Too many ideas- The fourth reason for this condition may be that you have very few ideas, that you cannot make a proper write-up or writing the book. For writing, you must have a genuine amount of ideas that always help you at the time of your writing. If you have few ideas then there is no doubt that you may feel stuck at a certain point in time while you’re writing because not producing an adequate amount of ideas never makes good content.

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The second thing when the author has lots of ideas, which he or she has developed from doing lots of research, interviews, and sampling. The author at the point of time when they start to write.The writer block because they don’t have any idea that from where to start, it means when the author has an adequate number of ideas, then why they get stuck.

The main important thing is that for proper write up the starting paragraph of the content must be marvelous, because this starting keeps the reader engaged, and build a certain amount of curiosity inside the readers that they maintain their existence with the concerned book, article, blog, etc that what they will find next to read.

So, this always makes clear to the writers that don’t collect few ideas or lots of ideas because in both the situation it will be problematic for him/her at the point of time of writing, always keep a balance between both the aspects. Maintaining a balance of your ideas before writing is always important for the writers.

These are all mostly the four reasons which important for Writer’s block and these reasons affect themselves.

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10 Best Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block:

1. Create a Routine:

If you are a writer then you should always develop a routine for writing. This means you have to develop a habit of writing daily. Sometimes the author is not writing daily and one day they lock themself in the room and start writing. By this habit, they will never make a good write-up. The best solution is that maintain this habit of writing daily stuff in a proper routine don’t try to skip it.

2. Write Anything:

The most important thing is that don’t think about what to write. You should write anything that’s going in your head or which is revolving in your mind. Try to write that in the single-handed way, where you will get the best approach, and by this, you will certainly develop a habit that you will be having lots of ideas for your writing.

By following this particular habit when you will get any proposal or assignments to write down while reading your stuff you will be having a lot of ideas and you don’t have to overthink for the same and you will never get stuck for the same.

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3.Take a Break:

If you are facing the writer’s block condition, I want to suggest that take a break means you should have a coffee, tea, or any of the energy drink which will make you feel energetic and in a mean, while it may clear out your head. It can be a break for an hour then you will feel opinioned and responsive towards your writing.

4. Travel the place:

In this Writer’s block situation traveling is the best option as per my experience, sometimes it happens that you are living at a certain place for so long and you haven’t visited a single place during that period.

This affects your mindset also because during traveling you visit different places, see different destinations and look to see many people around you, which will make you feel free from the stress and all over, this will make you happy. As we all know that if your mind is happy then our thoughts are beautifully designed and the same are presented beautifully in your write-up also.

5. Find the Motivation:

If the writer is suffering from the Writer’s block condition the best thing is that the author must always try to find out his or her motivation. There is always one thing in every person’s life that keeps us motivated all the time for doing certain things.

Motivation gives a kind of push when we are stuck with some issues. It helps us when we are in a certain kind of position, where we can’t analyses that what’s next. In this kind of situation, motivation always helps, as generally it is said that, we all are aware of the fact that motivation always gives you a certain path for the success.

6. Interact with your favorite person:

This is the best therapy to come out of the writer’s block condition because in this situation the author is completely blank. By this, they don’t have any idea that why and how to write about a certain topic. My observation would like to say that, we should always make interact with the favorite person of our life because interaction is the best healing process that will enhance yourself and make you feel good.

If you are suffering from any kind of problem then it is the best thing to do first, it will make you feel good from the inner side also. If you are good from your inner self then it will make your mind clear. In this way, you will perfectly get a kind of clarity about your writing skill.

7. Go away from distraction:

Sometimes distraction creates a lot of issues by which you got stuck. To overcome the particular situation. My experience says that you should always go away from all types of distractions. It happens that the place you are living you are surrounded by so many distractions and you will never find a solution to get over it.

The easy thing is that you should always search for a silent place away from all types of distractions. While doing this you will appropriately get a better mindset for writing and you will be able to develop an extraordinary idea, which will make your write-up also extraordinary.

8. Choose the tool:

For writing, you must always choose your favorite tool which suits you accordingly like on Notebook, Laptop, Typewriter, or any online app. These are the basic tools that are mostly used by the writers for their concerned write-up. This all comes up from the dependency of the writer on which tool he or she is more comfortable with.

This is important because it will also help to overcome the writer’s block condition. Sometimes author back out because they are told to use certain tools and the matter must be also that the author is not comfortable in writing from that particular tool. I would like to say that always choose the tool which suits you and which makes you feel comfortable in the entire possible manner.

9. Create your own story:

For some time you should forget that what topic you are told to write or what is all about your book is for which you are writing. Try to follow this activity that creates your own story and in that particular story mention your characters which are all come up from your imagination and you are thinking about them. This practice you can do when have gone for your outdoor tour.

At that time you will develop lots of creative ideas because you will be writing for your own story which is all out from your imagination and converted into words. It will also help you a lot, due to some particular topic; we got stuck and feel distressed. So, write what you always wanted to write your own story with your characters and in your own words.

10.Write for yourself:

When you are in the writer’s block condition than to come out from that, you should always write for yourself because while writing for yourself, no one going to judge you because it will be all for you only. No one is going to read it you are not going to write it for the readers it’s all your creative stuff which is completely your thought process.

In this, you don’t have to think about perfection, grammar, and sentence construction anything. While writing for own self you will become fearless and make yourself more experienced in your writing skills.


At last, I only want to say that Writer’s Block is not a serious condition that the writer may not come out of it. My perception says that, there should also be a chance, that if you are stuck with this kind of situation. Then you must always prepare up with the backup also because sometimes there are conditions where you do not get leverage and you have to face the consequence.

The solutions which are mentioned above this should be followed, and make it a habit. Why wait that if anything so serious happens to you then you roam around for the solution. Make it a habit that you always have an alternative because the writer has to use their minds in such a way that they should always develop unique content which is always in favor of the publishers, company, stakeholders, etc.

I would like to end up my article by saying this that always be prepared and have a routine of writing daily because in a single day a person has lots of thoughts revolving around in their mind so use your thought a create them in your writing.

Hello, I have done my graduation from Commerce background and my Masters in Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy from Banaras Hindu University. I actually needed a Career change for myself so I choose Digital marketing and content writing to enhance my career growth. Now I am working as an Intern at IIM Skills in Content Writing.

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