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10 Best Online Graduate Certificate for Technical Writing

Online graduate certificate for technical writing offered online is an advanced program that builds on prior experience and skills. Earning a credential may also lead to a new profession or provide further research in a specific field.


The image tells about the 10 best online graduate certificates for technical writing


What is a graduate certificate?


Colleges and universities deliver online graduate certificates for technical writing to complement existing expertise by providing insight into particular aspects of a single discipline. Graduates must learn new skills in order to stay successful in the workplace. Many graduate qualifications place a premium on leadership abilities, giving students an advantage as they advance into administrative and management positions.


Professionals who receive an online graduate certificate for technical writing show that they have a thorough understanding of a topic. Graduate certificates in project management or data analytics, for example, are available for business professionals, while graduate certificates in cybersecurity and database administration are available for information technology professionals.


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Onlin technical writing courses


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is a form of writing that focuses on making the complicated simple. Technical writing entails conveying complex knowledge to those who need it to complete a mission or achieve a goal. It often yields appropriate, useful, and reliable information aimed at specific target audiences in order to allow the audience to take a series of actions in pursuit of a given objective.


It isn’t just about writing user manuals for machines or applications. Modern technical writing is used in virtually every sector, in some form or another, due to its broad scope.


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The goal of technical writing


Good technical writing produces appropriate, useful, and accurate knowledge aimed at a particular audience in order to allow the audience to take a collection of actions against a given objective.


The target may be anything from using a software application to running industrial machinery, preventing injuries, safely eating packaged food, evaluating a medical condition, complying with a rule, coaching a sports team, and so on. Professional writing is a required component if the task needs experience or the ability to complete.


Just a small percentage of professional writing is specifically intended for the general public. Technical writing is used by companies and organizations to describe internal procedures, design, and manufacture goods, enforce processes, market products, and services to other businesses, and define policies.


The Society for Technical Communication, the leading professional body representing technical writing, hosts a variety of special interest groups for these various facets of the profession.


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Scope of technical writing


Technical writers’ employment is expected to rise by 7% between 2019 and 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. The expansion of science and technological goods will continue to drive employment growth. The demand for technical writers should rise in tandem with the growth of Web-based product support. Job opportunities are expected to be plentiful, especially for those with technical skills.


A professional online graduate certificate for technical writing is not required to work as a technical writer, but it does demonstrate dedication and excellence to employers.


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Following are a few places you can get an online graduate certificate for technical writing:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a state-of-the-art ed-tech institution that seeks to bridge the in-demand skills gap for the requirement of technical writing professionals in the nation. Those of you who want to develop a long-term career in technical writing can definitely get an online graduate certificate in technical writing at IIM Skills.


Having offered remarkable courses like digital marketing, content writing, this institute extended its wings across technical writing courses. Whether you are a newbie jumping into this domain or a real marketing professional, the acquisition of technical writing skills at this institute is a fit decision for you.


Some of the things that are taught in this course are:


Introduction to technical writing
the writing process
content creation
technical report writing
White papers
DDLC and versioning
Conversational writing
Review and publishing procedure
API Documentation
Datasheets, user manuals
Medical writing
Case studies


In addition to these theoretical concepts, you will also gain proficiency in using several subsequent technical writing tools such as MS Viso, Git, Scribus, etc.

What more in it for you? You get a free lifetime membership. Moreover, you get to publish your first white paper post-one-month internship. The internship is a worthwhile exposure for you to harbinger real-time experience and brush your skills.


Onlin technical writing courses


2. One Week Technical Writer program


Professionals who want to advance their technical writing careers can take advantage of Technical Writer HQ’s top-tier online courses. This online graduate certificate for technical writing program teaches you the fundamentals of the technical writer job, as well as the strategic and technical writing skills you’ll need to be successful. Professionals who complete the courses will have a thorough understanding of how to direct writing teams, guide professional writer projects using documentation foundations, and more.


Following are some of the things taught in this course:


  • How to Put Technical Writing’s Main Responsibilities into Practice
  • How to Define Your Documentation’s Scope and Intent
  • How to Evaluate Your Target Market
  • What is the Best Way to Do Research?
  • How to Build and Structure Sentences
  • How to Layout Excellent Documentation
  • Conducting User Interviews
  • How to Encourage Learning and Growth
  • How to Keep a Knowledge Base Organized
  • How to Make the Most of Your Documentation Tools
  • For the Most Common Use Cases, How to Write and Edit Documentation
  • Writing Frequently Asked Questions
  • API writing
  • Writing White Papers: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • User Manuals: How to Write Them
  • Writing Case Studies: A Guide
  • Answers to 20+ Technical Writer Interview Questions
  • Creating a resume and conducting a career search that will result in interviews


You get access to exclusive interviews with current technical writing professionals from companies such as Airbnb, PlayStation, Spotify, and Oracle, including insider tips on breaking into technical writing, popular interview questions, and advice on how to stand out in the recruitment process.


You also get access to downloadable models used by skilled technical writers on the job. In order to stand out as a technical writing nominee, you get to learn how to answer the most common technical writing interview questions.

You can earn an online graduate certificate for technical writing of completion after you have completed the course.


3. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)


This online graduate certificate for technical writing has been divided into 3 certifications: Foundation Certification, Practitioner Certification, and Expert Certification.


The Foundation qualification is designed to determine whether an applicant has adequate knowledge and comprehension of the Technical Communication Today text to contribute as an informed member of a technical writing or technical communication team in their professional work or organization.


Applicants must pass an examination to earn the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)–Foundational certification, which requires them to demonstrate their experience and comprehension of best practices in technical communication.


The competent candidate should be able to remember, identify, and demonstrate understanding of the following ideas, principles, models, genres, and approaches:


  • Planning a project
  • Analyze the project
  • Development of Content
  • Designing an Organization
  • Communication in Writing
  • Communication by images
  • Editing and Revision
  • Management of Content
  • Production Execution


The Practitioner certification verifies that the applicant has a thorough understanding of how to implement and interpret Technical Communication advice in a given organizational communication situation.


With appropriate guidance, a competent Practitioner applicant should be able to begin applying Professional Communication methods and strategies to a real technical communication project, but they may not be sufficiently qualified to do so in all circumstances.


What the Practitioner may accomplish would be influenced by their Technical Communication skills, the scope of the communications situation, and the help given for the use of Technical Communication methods in their work environment.


The ideal candidate will be able to comprehend and apply technical communication principles, protocols, and processes in order to have applicable knowledge and ideas that will help with decision-making.


Candidates should be able to do the following in particular:


  • Technical communication teams’ work should be planned and managed.
  • Determine the various types of readers and build reader profiles.
  • Define the research subject, the research issue, and the research methodology.
  • For an information product, triangulate data, record sources, and appraise evidence.
  • Determine appropriate content for an information product and arrange the content in the product’s recommended pattern of arrangement.
  • Determine what improvements are required to enhance a professional communication’s writing style.
  • Determine can graphics to use to display a given collection of data.
  • Determine what improvements can be made to an information product’s graphic design.
  • Make edits to an information product that is suitable for the degree of editing necessary.
  • Propose a method for evaluating the usability of a knowledge product.
  • Propose effective Internet networking tools for the workplace.


Expert Certification necessitates a range of work products as well as expert interviews. The Expert level exam is yet to be launched by STC.


4. Tech-writer certification


Career-minded people, corporate workers, military, government, current professional authors, and consultants may all benefit from online technical training. Enroll in their online graduate certificate for technical writing that is relevant to your technical writing interests and objectives.


The Techwriter-Certification program will help you prepare for a technical writing career. It will also help you to improve your writing and communication skills in the workplace.


You can earn a prestigious TWC Certificate from Clemson University, The University of Maine Conferences & Institutes, or The Ohio State University by completing a non-credit course.


Some of the courses offered by Tech-writer certification are:


  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing


Three courses make up the Basic Technical Writing Certificate. The curriculum is Instructor-Led, which means you’ll be taught by industry and technical writing experts. Our program is designed for those who do not have enough expertise in the field, as well as those who want to advance their careers in professional writing or change directions.


  • Certificate In Writing For Current Technical Writers, Editors, And Designers


This curriculum is designed for those who are already working in the industry. The Certificate in Technical Writing is an Instructor-Led program, which means you’ll learn from industry experts and Technical Writing faculty. This program is tailored for those who want to advance their careers in professional writing or change careers within the corporate environment.


  • Certificate In Professional Technical Communication


This Certificate in Professional Technical Communication is intended to assist new and experienced writers in working with a variety of technical writing types. This curriculum focuses on improving writing styles and competencies for professional written papers, project plans, feasibility analyses, website communication, presentations, manuals, and other types of technical correspondence. A well-rounded technical writer should be knowledgeable in all of these fields and have written in each of them.


5. Medical Writer Certified (MWC)


If you are looking for becoming a technical writer specifically in the medical field then this online graduate certificate for technical writing is the best option to boost your career significantly.


The Medical Writing Certification Commission (MWCC) has created the Medical Writer Certified credential in conjunction with the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), which determines the scope of medical writing practice and distinguishes individuals in the profession. MWC credentialing is a rigorous, exam-based professional certification program. Professionals who hold this degree have shown a thorough understanding of the core competencies of medical writing.


By being an MWC, you would be able to:


  • Increase a client’s or employer’s confidence in your reputation and medical writing knowledge
  • Demonstrate your dedication to continuing your education in the area of medical writing.
  • Increase your marketability by taking advantage of career growth opportunities.


Skilled medical writers with communication skills, ethical awareness, and healthcare experience are eligible for the MWC. For target markets, they collect, analyze, coordinate, interpret, and present knowledge about medicine and health. Their knowledge clarifies research advancements for healthcare practitioners and informs the public about medical breakthroughs.


Candidates must also meet the following requirements:


  • a bachelor’s or master’s degree (in any field)
  • a minimum of two years of paid experience in the area of medical communication


6. British Council


This one-of-a-kind workshop focuses on the specific skills that technical writers need to ensure that their writing has a positive effect on their readers. It walks you through the entire process of preparing, drafting, and editing technical documents, including determining user needs, choosing document formats, and using graphics effectively. Thus, facilitating and providing you with an online graduate certificate for technical writing.


This workshop will assist you in putting your thoughts on paper, describing complicated information in layman’s terms, and writing simple and efficient processes and instructions.


You’ll learn how to use the tried-and-true IMRaD formula to arrange your test and lab results. You’ll also participate in a fun experiment with household materials that will form the basis of a project that will run during the workshop.


Duration: 2 days


You’ll be able to do things like:


  • Compose useful technical documents by using the writing procedure.
  • Create professional documents that are tailored to particular audiences and writing scenarios.
  • Apply technical text conventions to original compositions
  • Apply Standard English conventions to all written documents.


Learning objectives:


  • Learn how to tailor the knowledge to your reader’s needs.
  • Recognize the characteristics and differences among different types of technical documents.
  • Develop your skills as a professional document editor.


Course Outline:


  • Essential Elements of Technical Writing
  • Understanding your reader
  • Document design
  • Writing clear and concise technical documents
  • Presenting information clearly
  • Editing and reviewing
  • Guidelines and formats for technical documents


7. Udemy


Udemy is a full-fledged e-learning platform with courses on almost everything. Though Udemy offers a variety of industry-specific certifications and professional writing courses, it’s always a good idea to start with a beginner course. Online graduate certificate for technical writing of completion is provided to students who complete these courses.


It focuses on improving the fundamentals of the English language. It will realistically produce a writing pattern. They will issue reminders about the audience’s needs because it is their job to meet them. It will give you trust in writing any assignment after you enter Udemy.


People who want to develop their writing skills, as well as fiction writers, can take advantage of Udemy’s online courses. After we finish the course, they will give us a certificate. If anyone is not happy with the session, they will get their money back within 30 days.


Udemy teaches you what you need to know about written correspondence and reporting. By covering the engineering report, API documents, or public relations, this training will be effective. Technical writers will, of course, have the ability to act as a translator between businesses and consumers for new goods or services after they have completed their studies.


Students must have a Windows PC and Office 2007 or 2010 installed (Word and Excel). The course includes everything else. Students do not need to purchase any additional books, videos, or other materials in order to complete the course.


8. Coursera


Top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions teach every course on Coursera. Recorded video tutorials, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and group discussion boards are all included in the courses. When you finish a course, you’ll receive an electronic Course Certificate that you can share.


Some of the online graduate certificate for technical writing offered by Coursera are:


  • Technical Writing


The course teaches students how to convey knowledge learned through technical or experimental work through technical writing. The course focuses on the factors that influence the technicality of the vocabulary and concepts used.


You’ll learn how to write a variety of technical reports, including laboratory reports, analysis reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, and consulting reports, among others. Several languages, structure, design, and content issues that you may experience when presenting the results of your research are also addressed in the course.


Difficulty: Intermediate level

Duration: Approximately 19 hours


  • Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders


For their careers, engineering leaders must write a lot, and their writing must be competent, reader-friendly, and error-free. Leaders’ written correspondence, in particular, has the potential to impact the success and the bottom line, so it must be straightforward and succinct. This course will teach you critical writing skills that you can use in your day-to-day work as an engineering leader. You’ll learn important concepts in


  • Approaching different engineering genres
  • Using the writing method to produce high-quality documents
  • Organizing the writing
  • Ensure that the writing is straightforward and succinct.
  • Managing speech, style, and tone


Difficulty: Beginner level

Duration: Approximately 17 hours


9. Symbiosis


Communication experience has provided an extra advantage over others in recent years, with exponential growth in trade and commerce combined with technological advances. The company has become increasingly reliant on technology.


Technical communication is regarded as a technical activity that should be handled by experts in the field. As a result, there is a clear need for Technical Writing experts. The PGDTWBM software trains such workers and thereby meets the industry’s needs.


This online graduate certificate for technical writing is designed to familiarise and prepare students for the theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing. The curriculum aims to develop professional technical communicators who are diligent and responsible in their work at all levels of the profession. This curriculum also aims to improve students’ imagination, attention to detail, and process control.




  • Graduate of a recognized university with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • International/SAARC graduate of a recognized/accredited university/institution.
  • Students who have taken their bachelor’s degree program’s final year examination and are awaiting results are also eligible to apply, provided they complete their bachelor’s degree program/graduation within the time frame set by SCDL.


This course lasts for 2 years.


Semester 1:


  • Grammar in English
  • Technical Communication: An Overview
  • The First Stage of the Information Development Life Cycle
  • Phase II of the Information Development Life Cycle
  • Editing and Technical Writing Style


Semester 2:


  • Software for Technical Communication
  • Advanced Technical Communication Concepts
  • Project Management for Technical Communication
  • Management Principles and Practices


Semester 3:


  • Communication in the Company
  • Business Communication Instructional Design
  • Introduction of Business Communication’s Creative Writing
  • Advanced Documentation Processes and Types


Semester 4:


  • Tools for Advanced Technical Writing
  • Methodology of Research
  • Project


10. Emory


Students will practice cultivating rhetorically successful and ethically responsive dialogue in genres that represent professional activity both within and outside the university in this writing-intensive course. There is no need for any previous professional expertise.


This online graduate certificate for technical writing explores rhetorical analysis and user interface design as tools for creating complex knowledge for a variety of audiences, including technical colleagues and the general public. Work in a variety of genres, such as research papers, infographics, technical instructions, translations, and student-generated data, results in communication through prose, voice, visuals, and gestures.




These are the best online graduate certificate for technical writing that you can leverage to outlay your excellence and prominence. Having one will put you in a better position to prove your substantiality in the technical writing world.

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