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10 Best Job-Friendly Diploma Courses in India

In this article, light has been thrown on job-friendly diploma courses available in India. These hand-picked courses are in trend in the current job scenario.

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What are job-friendly diploma courses?

There are various recognitions that an individual earns after completing an educational course. These courses are footsteps taken by an individual to rise high in the career path. The duration of the courses can be short-term or long-term, full-time or part-time. In general, the recognition granted after completing a short-term course comes under the category of diploma courses. The duration of such courses is usually 6 months to 2 years. The major focus is on practical training in the diploma courses. The long-term courses are usually degree courses.


Who confers a Diploma?

Any institute or university or any college can offer a diploma course under its curriculum. There is no requirement for any university or any institute to be UGC or AICTE approved to confer diploma courses. 

Let us have a glance at what exactly UGC or AICTE approved colleges or universities are.

UGC or University Grants Commission was established in 1956 as a statutory body of the Government of India for determining, coordinating, and maintaining the quality and standards of education in India. An institute is categorized as a University if it is recognized by UGC. The government of India provides grants and monetary aid to various universities under UGC. 

AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education provides recognition to private institutes to offer various courses. Only AICTE accredited colleges can confer the degree courses. This organization works towards improving the quality of technical education in India.


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Difference between a Degree and a job-friendly Diploma? 

All the students should have a clear idea about the differences between a degree and a diploma course.

A degree course is usually of a longer duration of 3-5 years. For example, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is a degree course of 3 years, Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a degree course of 5 years. MBBS is a degree course of 5 years for doctors.

The degree is conferred to the students after successful completion of the course offered by a UGC-recognized university. It should be kept in mind that an institute cannot offer a degree course.

A degree course offers in-depth knowledge of the subject or the specialization an individual opts for. It allows the job aspirants to start at a potentially higher level.

A diploma on the other hand is a short-term course of 1 or 2 years which can be conferred by any institute, college, or University. Several polytechnic colleges and institutes have been set up by the government offering diploma courses. There is no necessity for colleges to have UGC or AICTE accreditation to offer diploma courses.

The focus of diploma courses is mainly on professional or vocational courses providing education in the field of interest in the practical world. It enables the job aspirants to get an insight into the job field sooner.

However, the relative importance of a diploma course is lesser than a degree course as a diploma course does not yield a very high salary at the very beginning of the career.


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Eligibility to pursue diploma courses

Anyone who has passed class 10th can enroll for a diploma course. Some institutes offer diploma courses after class 12th. Nevertheless, diploma courses can be pursued after graduation too. Such diploma courses come under the category of a Master’s degree. Graduation is mandatory for pursuing a diploma course at the Masters’s level.


Scope of job-friendly diploma courses

After completion of a diploma course, one can either opt for higher studies by enrolling in degree courses or may try seeking jobs in the relevant field. Since the epicenter of diploma courses is getting practical knowledge, students with diplomas get first-hand experience. However, the jobs after a diploma vary depending on which level the diploma is awarded.

The profiles of the jobs are on a lower level if the diploma is accorded after passing class 10th and class 12th. To uplift one’s career, one may go for degree courses with experience gained after completing diploma courses.

Diploma at Masters level accorded after graduation adds more weightage in the career profile of the job aspirants. The jobs offered are usually on a higher side in an organizational hierarchy. One can join directly as Managers, Senior Managers, or Team Leaders after completion of postgraduate Diploma courses.


Job friendly diploma courses in India

These courses can be classified into two categories:

  1. Diploma Courses after Graduation
  2. Diploma Courses before Graduation


Let us have a glance at the 10 best diploma courses in India, 5 in each of the aforementioned categories.


5 best job-friendly diploma courses in India after Graduation


  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM):

    The course is now a hot cake in the job market. Equivalent to an MBA degree, the course is now a synonym for a job for the job-seekers.

    • Nature of the course: It offers the students with knowledge of various management issues in the business industry. Various specializations are available in this diploma course like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, etc.
    • Average Salary: It ranges from 3-10 Lakhs per annum based on the college profile, placement infrastructure, and records.
    • Job Positions: Manager HR, Marketing Executive, Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Production Manager, etc.
    • Duration of the course: The duration of the course is usually 2 years. It can be pursued both as a regular course which is full-time in nature or a distance learning course which is part-time in nature. Some colleges offer an online mode of education too. However, the recruiters give more preference to the full-time regular course than the distance learning course, especially for freshers. 
    • Fees: The average fees for pursuing the course ranges from 3 – 20 Lakhs depending on the ranking of the college and the placement facilities available in the college.
    • Eligibility: One has to be a graduate to get enrollment in PGDM courses. Some institutes offer direct admission. However, the majority undertakes entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT for deciding the eligibility criteria. Some institutes conduct their own entrance exams.
    • Colleges offering PGDM courses: Some of the best colleges offering PGDM courses are –
      • Indian Institute of Management
      • SP Jain Institute of Management and Research
      • Loyola Institute of Business Administration
      • Great Lakes Institute of Management
      • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


  1. Postgraduate diploma in taxation:

    Following are the basic features of this job-friendly diploma course.

    • Nature of the course: This course is related to study in the field of the income tax department. One can gain knowledge of technical, research, and conceptual issues in taxation. Students with good mathematical skills and subject knowledge have an added advantage while pursuing the course. 
    • Average Salary: It ranges from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs
    • Job Positions: After successful completion of the course, one can seek jobs in both government departments like Excise and Taxation Department and Indian Revenue services, as well as in private financial companies as Financial Analyst, Senior accountant, Money Manager, and Investment Banker, etc.
    • Duration of the course: It is for 2 years.
    • Fees: It can be from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 500000 depending on whether the college is private or government. 
    • Eligibility: The applicant must be a graduate for pursuing the course. Selection is based on a merit basis or entrance exams conducted by the colleges.
    • Colleges offering the course: Some of the institutes offering this course are
      • Arihant Group of Institutes, Pune
      • ASM’s Group of Institutions, Pune
      • ODM education Gurgaon
      • Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune
      • FINPLAN – International Institute of Management, Pune


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

    To optimize the cost of the organization’s maximum market penetration of the products, this job-friendly course has the following features.

    • Nature of the course: It is a full-time autonomous, industry-defined program. It helps the managers and practitioners to equip themselves with concepts and practices of supply chain management enabling them to coordinate better with the supply chain and logistics.
    • Average salary: After successful completion of the course one can expect a salary of Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs.
    • Job Positions: One can work as Purchase Manager, Strategic Planner, Purchase Assistant/Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Inventory Manager, Procurement Manager, Operations Manager, Warehousing Manager. 
    • Duration of the course: It can be a 1-year course or 2 years.
    • Fees: It can be from Rs.2 Lakhs to Rs. 15 Lakhs depending on the college.
    • Eligibility: Graduation is the minimum basic requirement for applying to the course followed by clearing admission tests like CAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT.
    • Colleges offering the course: Following are some of the colleges offering the course.
      • Indian Institute of Management
      • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
      • University of Mumbai
      • Chandigarh University
      • IIMM, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade:

    This job-friendly diploma course has the following features.

    • Nature of the course: The course is a specially designed course to extend knowledge about international trade policies. The curriculum of the course imparts knowledge about the international market and research. The students learn about export marketing, export finance, documentation, and foreign exchange.
    • Average Salary: It can range from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs.15 Lakhs depending on the job positions.
    • Job Positions: After successful completion of the course, the students can join export-oriented companies, Trade Regulatory Bodies, Custom Clearing House, State Trading Corporations, Export Promotion councils, etc. as forex professionals. 
    • Duration of the course: It i.s usually of 1 year. Some institutes offer two years course
    • Fees: The fees range from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1500000 depending on the nature and scope of the institute.
    • Eligibility: Graduation in any stream is the minimum requirement.
    • Colleges offering the course: Some of the colleges offering the course are –
      • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
      • Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune
      • Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
      • Birla Institute of Management Technology, Noida
      • KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics:

    This is another job-friendly diploma course quite in the talk in the recent job market. Some of the features of the course are –

    • Nature of the course: It combines the study of data analytics and business intelligence. It uses exploration as a tool to analyze the present data and helps in building and formulating strategies for achieving organizational goals. It is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge. 
    • Average Salary: The salary ranges from Rs. 500000 to Rs. 1000000.
    • Job Positions: One can join as Data Scientist, Market Research Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Quantitative Analyst in companies like Amazon, JSW Steel, HCL, HP, Dell, Flipkart, etc.
    • Duration of the course: It is for 2 years.
    • Fees: The course fees can be between Rs. 300000 to Rs. 1200000 depending on the institute offering the course. 
    • Eligibility: Graduation from any stream is the basic mandatory requirement. However, some institutes conduct entrance exams for admission.
    • Colleges offering the course: Following is the list of some of the colleges offering the course.
      • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, 
      • Welingker Institute of Management
      • IFIM Business School
      • Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
      • ITM Business School

5 Best Job Friendly Diploma Courses before Graduation


  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing:

    Digital Marketing has now become the core function of any business organization. This field has a wide scope for job seekers. Some features of the course are – 

    • Nature of the course: It imparts knowledge and training in the following fields.
      • ¨ Social Media Marketing
      • ¨ Search Engine Optimization
      • ¨ Pay per Click
      • ¨ Conversion Optimization
      • ¨ Web Analytics
      • ¨ Content Marketing
      • ¨ Mobile Marketing
    • Average Salary: After completing a Diploma, one may expect a salary in the range of Rs. 100000 to Rs. 300000 per annum.
    • Job Positions: One may work as a digital marketer for various companies with a digital presence.
    • Duration of the course: It is a short-term diploma course of 3 to 6 months duration.
    • Fees: It can range between Rs. 50000 to Rs. 100000 depending on the institute offering the course. 
    • Eligibility: There are no such eligibility criteria to join the course. Anyone after class 12th can join this course.
    • Institutes offering the course: Some of the institutes offering the course are 
      • Asia Pacific Insititute of Management, Delhi
      • Thadomal Shahani Centre of Management, Mumbai
      • Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur
      • Centre for Digital Excellence, Jaipur
      • Arena Animation, Delhi


  1. Diploma In Multimedia, 3D Animation, and Visual effects:

    This is another job-friendly diploma course for early job seekers. The industry has grown multiple times and has created a substantial demand for trained professionals in this field. It has turned out to be one of the most favored and profitable choices for early job seekers. Following are the highlights of the course.

    • Nature of the course: It is one of the most sought-after courses after passing class 12th. Students learn about 
      • Basics of Designing 
      • Story Boarding 
      • Lighting
      • Basics of 3D Animation, Rigging
      • Compositing and Post-Production.
    • Average salary: It can range between Rs. 200000 to Rs. 1000000 depending on the experience gained by the students and institutes offering the course.
    • Job positions: One can join as an Animator, Art Director, Multimedia Programmer, Flash Animator, 3D Modeler, Film and Video Editor, Content Developer, Video Editor, Game Tester, and Reviewer.
    • Duration of the course: It is a 1-year diploma course.
    • Fees: It ranges between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1000000 depending on the institute offering the course.
    • Eligibility: Anyone having passed the class 12th examination can enroll themselves for the course.
    • Institutes offering the course: Some of the institutes offering the course are –
      • Pearl Academy, Delhi
      • National Institute of Design, Vijaywada
      • Lovely Professional Institute, Chandigarh
      • IIFA Multimedia, Bangalore
      • FAD International, Pune


  1. Diploma In Web Designing:

    It is another lucrative job-friendly diploma course available in India. The IT industry has been a major job provider for the Indian market attracting a lot of students in this field. Some of the features of the course are –

    • Nature of the course: It’s a graduate-level course providing advanced professional learning in 
      • Website Design and Concept,
      • HTML and JAVA Script
      • Adobe Fireworks
      • Photoshop
      • Flash for design and animation
      • Swish
      • Action Script
      • Adobe premiere 
      • Dreamweaver
      • Search engine optimization


    • Average salary: The starting salary can be between Rs. 200000 to Rs. 600000 depending on the institute and the company providing the job offer.
    • Job Positions: One may work as Front-End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer, Web Application Developer, Design and Layout Analyst, Web Marketing Analyst, etc.
    • Duration of the course: It can be from 3 months to 3 years. 
    • Fees: It can be from Rs.50000 for 3 months to Rs. 1500000 for 3 years
    • Eligibility:10+2 completion with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate is the minimum basic criteria for admission in the course.
    • Institutes offering the course: Here is the list of some of the institutes offering the course.
      • P.A Inamdar Visual Effect, Design, and Art, Pune
      • Zee Institute of Arts, Ranchi
      • Reliance Education, Animation and VFX Academy, Pune
      • ZICA- Noida
      • Global Institute of Gaming and Animation, Chennai


4. Diploma in Photography:

It is a job-friendly diploma course lured by creative people who are interested in expressing themselves through photographs. Some of the basic features of the course are listed below.

    • Nature of the course: It aims at teaching the detailed nuances of photography to job seekers and would-be entrepreneurs. The course is mainly about-
      • Learning the basics of photography
      • Learning basics of photoshop 
      • Knowing to print 
      • Street photography
      • Photojournalism


    • Average salary: It ranges between Rs. 200000 to Rs. 500000 per annum for beginners. However, one may plan to start their own set-up.
    • Job positions: One may work as a Fashion Photographer, Photo Journalist, Still Life Photographer, Photoshop Editor, Freelancer Photographer, etc.
    • Duration of the course: The course duration is of 1 year.
    • Fees: The course fees range from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 500000 depending on the institute offering the course.
    • Eligibility: Anyone having passed class 12th is eligible to enroll in this course.
    • Institutes offering the course: Some of the institutes offering the course are –
      • Institute for Media Studies and Information Technology, YMCA, Delhi
      • World University of Design, Sonepat
      • MIT World Peace University, Pune
      • Institute of Photography Excellence, Ahmedabad
      • Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography, Pune


5. Diploma in Event Management:

With the growing event industry in all sectors like corporate, sports, health, etc., this job-friendly diploma course has drawn the attention of many early job seekers. Some of the basic features of the course are –

    • Nature of the course: It is about coordinating, running, and planning people and teams who come together to organize events in their respective fields of industry. The students are trained in analyzing, marketing, planning, and producing an event for the organization. It enables the students to learn about the prudent use of technology tools along with good communication skills to organize an event efficiently and effectively.
    • Average salary: It ranges from Rs. 300000 to Rs. 400000 er annum.
    • Job positions: One may work as Events Account Manager, Event Coordinator, Customer Care Executive, Business Development Executive, etc.
    • Duration of the course: It is a 1-year course.
    • Fees: It is between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 120000 depending on the institute imparting the course.
    • Eligibility: Anyone who has passed the class 12th exam can enroll for this course.
    • Institutes offering the course: Some of the institutes offering the course are 
      • National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
      • University of Mumbai
      • Impact Institute of Event Management, New Delhi
      • National Academy of Event Management and Development, Noida & Mumbai
      • Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication


These were the list of a few of the many job-friendly diploma courses that can be pursued after and before graduation. Everyone now in the world of competition and survival for the fittest wants to have the advantage of early learning and practical experience.


Theoretical or bookish knowledge alone is not going to help students get jobs easily. Hence, many students are now opting for diploma courses to get some practical insights into the field of interest. These diploma holders after gaining experience may also enroll themselves in degree courses and higher education to increase their viability as potential candidates for the jobs.


Even though diploma holders begin their career with a salary in the lower range, the increasing number of students enrolling for diploma courses indicates that the young Indians have the mindset to earn as early as possible even by choosing some of the off-beat career options.

Conclusion on job friendly diploma

In a nutshell, there are myriad available options. The secret of having a successful career is to identify your own strengths to focus on and weaknesses to improve and choose the career path accordingly.

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