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10 Best Free Web Hosting Sites In India in 2024

Web hosting sites are one form of Internet hosting service that enables any person or corporation to make their website visible on the World Wide Web. When a hosting company assigns storage to a website for its files on a web server, it hosts a website. Web hosting makes the files that make up the website (code, images, etc.) ready for online access. Every website is hosted on a server. We will cover 10 such free website hosting sites in India today. 

Best Free Web Hosting Sites In India

In short, web hosting is the platform for all the website files to live. It’s like the place where your website lives. A perfect way to think about this is like if the domain name is the address of your home, then web hosting is the real home with that particular address. All websites need to get good web hosting services.

Importance of Web Hosting Sites 

You are effectively buying yourself space to hold your website’s files when you purchase a web hosting package. You will then use a web browser to view these files to allow you to live on your website on the Internet. 

Different service providers provide web hosting and the technologies available to store files for your site correctly. By subscribing to a hosting service, you effectively reserve space on a website owned and operated by their web hosting companies. 

A server is a 24/7 physical device, so files on the web are readily available without service interruption. The required hardware and software that your website requires to work are filled with these servers. 

Your web host is responsible for matters such as maintenance of the site, protection, and running the correct program so that the server files can be easily accessed by website browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

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How does web hosting sites work?

Your website is just a set of files that are different. You need a place to store all of these files when you build a website. That location is the server of your hosting company. 

You can store your website’s media, documents, databases, and everything else necessary to create your website correctly on this server. How much room you have depends precisely on the hosting package you chose.

If you’re just starting online, then you’re just going to reserve a portion of a server that you share with other websites. When the demands for storage and traffic rise, you can need to scale up and rent an entire physical server with a cloud or VPS service, or at least use one’s resources.

You’ll still need to register a domain name to get a correctly functional website. If you buy this, you can point it to your server, which will let the web browser know that your files are stored here. 

Then the web browser gets the files from the server and shows them to the user when a person types in your domain name or clicks on a link to your blog. This could all happen in a matter of seconds or less. If it takes too long for this process, then you either need to speed up your website or fully consider switching hosts.

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What are the needs for Free Web Hosting Sites Plans?

  1. Free web hosting is the most comfortable choice when you just want to quickly bring your project up on the web at no expense and get accomplished with a free Linux hosting service.
  2. Many small-scale and non-profit organizations may take advantage of free web hosting facilities to set up a simple website and post news and event updates or connect with attendees.
  3. Free web hosting or student hosting is beneficial for beginners, newcomers, and students. It is indeed a unique way of creating, learning, and developing in the best possible way. Create a free website, build your first blog. You can do whatever you like free of charge and become in no time the supreme webmaster. By running a free website, students who want to know will benefit immensely from learning the fundamentals of how to create, build and maintain websites on the internet and better understand website design and creation tools, file storage and file upload challenges, maintenance of websites, and tracking of pages.
  4. The best choice for family websites or personal websites, posting photos and family gatherings, and other items between friends and family are free web hosting.

Basic Features of Free Web Hosting Sites in India:

It is essential to find a trustworthy web host with the many currently available service providers and alternatives when looking for a free web hosting solution. So let’s look at some of the most popular functionality that should be provided by a decent free web hosting provider:

  1. Uptime

Neither the user of the website nor the owner wants a non-loadable website. This is why a company’s uptime is a vital element. If it is frequently down, the customer will not access a website, and as a result, the owner will miss traffic and sales. Always aim for a host that has 99.9% uptime.

Please remember that uptime relies not only on a hosting web agency but also on the settings. The risks of errors increase if the website is running on old platforms. The program must be modified to the new edition. Besides, the improper configuration can also be a source of downtime.

  1. Tutorials

Getting Customer Service at your side is often helpful, but also, check if your host has a tutorial page or a help center available. In this process, you will know through exploring hundreds of videos and how-to manuals.

  1. Support

First of all, it is always better to have 24/7/365 assistance available at your comfort to consult you and fix any difficulties you may have. Secondly, your search for help has a quick response time. Although the ticket method seems to take longer for the problem to be solved, the support for Live Chat saves you on the spot.

Some industries provide telephone assistance, but the agents will provide you with numerous helpful links and screenshots, assisting you through Live Chat. Also, you should give the agent a snapshot of the error message that will help the agent get the site back on track much quicker!

  1. Location of servers

To get the best website results possible, look for a host that has servers available near the area of visitors to your website. Also, see how the servers of the host are well-performing as a great result is not always decided by the location. For more details, search the host’s status page.

  1. Types of payment

Paying by credit/debit card and PayPal are the most common payment methods for hosting in India, so your favorite host should have at least one of these choices. It is okay if the host has more payment options. With Hostinger, for example, you have the option of paying through eight different payment types, including bitcoin!

  1. Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space means the volume of storage space the free web hosting service has provided to you. Your website files, including text, photos, audio, etc., will be saved on your account in this allotted space. Bandwidth means the volume of traffic approved to enter your website and exit it. The more space and bandwidth, the more you can store and get more guests.

  1. Email Accounts

Email services must be offered by your free web hosting company to build your email addresses, such as [email protected]. So, from your domain name, you can receive and send emails. Paid email hosting companies are the perfect choice for bulk email services related to ads or business.

  1. Website builder tool and FTP

Many providers of free hosting offer a website builder to develop a website or cPanel. Option. You can create your website using these website builder tools simply by selecting a template and inserting your text and pictures. Otherwise, you need to upload files from your computer to the server of your service provider using FTP or cPanel.

  1. cPanel, PHP, MySQL, FTP

In the free web hosting plans, different free hosting services provide cPanel, PHP, MySQL, FTP support, 1 Click Downloads, and many other features. This helps you to create a free website, create a blog – anything you want will be done free of charge.

  1. .in Domains

If you’re thinking of registering your .in domain website, remember that not all hosting providers offer .in domains, and you may need to search elsewhere for a domain name. Of course, in a matter of seconds, you can still buy it from another company! Only remember that pointing it to your host takes some time.

  1. Freebies (SSL certificate, domain name)

Typically, you get a lot of freebies if you try to buy a more advanced hosting contract for a more extended period. So you get a decent package as a result and don’t have to pay for extra features! Often, to get something for free, you do not even need to order a more advanced package!

Why do web hosting sites offer free hosting?

Free web hosting can be used as a marketing tactic, meaning that terms and conditions may be changed regularly, and as there is no financial transaction, downtimes can be more severe as there are no SLA (service level agreements). 

Naturally, free web hosting comes with a range of drawbacks. All features that are frequently limited are disc capacity, site speed, traffic, uptime guarantees, and backup provision, but that’s not to suggest that good inexpensive hosting is not possible. 

Keep in mind that there is free web hosting and it encourages enterprises to upsell more lucrative web hosting to those who would need it.

10 Best Free Web Hosting Sites in India

The cost of setting up and running a website will quickly add up, so finding the right free web hosting service for your needs can help reduce costs. Here is a detailed list of Top 10 Free Web Hosting Sites in India with popular features :

1) InfinityFree.net

Infinityfree.net is one of the most famous free web hosting sites in India. It gives infinite space and bandwidth for the disc. In comparison, you won’t have unwanted advertising, enabling you to carry your domain name or select a free subdomain name from over 25 domain names.

Essential Features:

Sub Domain includedYes
Disk spaceUnlimited
Uptime & SpeedGood
SupportOnly Forum/Knowledge Base
Max Email accounts10
Max website allows400
Official websitehttps://infinityfree.net/

Pricing Details:

Three hosting plans are offered by Infinity:




Infinity Free:

$0 per month.

10 email accounts, Unlimited disk space, 1 FTP account,  unlimited hosted domains, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Super Premium:

$ 2.99 per month.

100 email accounts, 100 FTP accounts, 250 GB bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited daily hits, 20 hosted domains.

Ultimate Premium

$ 2.90 per month.

Unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited daily hits, and unlimited hosted domains.

 Uptime > 99.9%

The uptime for infinity hosting in August 2019 is 99.9 %.

 Speed Test:

Infinity scored a TTFB (Time-To-First-Byte) below 600 ms and rated A+ on the speed test. When compared with other web hosting service providers, this is very strong.


1) It is not of the highest quality for support operation.

2) Unlimited capacity and disc space come with several severe limitations.

3) Limiting the material and file forms that you are required to upload and the sum of the unrestricted band that your platform will use.

Visit here: https://infinityfree.net/

 2) Hostinger

Over the last decade, Hostinger has been used as one of the popular free web hosting sites in India. It has gradually developed a foreign user base that stretches from risk-free beginner hosting to sophisticated VPS cloud computing across 39 countries.

Pricing Details

Three hosting plans are offered by Hostinger:

Name of the plan


Single Web Hosting:

$45 per month

Premium Web Hosting:

$119 per month

Business Web Hosting:

$189 per month

Important Features:

Max. Websites


Max. Email Accounts


Disk Space





Live Chat 24/7

Uptime & Speed

Very Good

Sub-domain included


Official website


Uptime > 99.95%

Hostinger Hosting Uptime in August 2018(30 days avg) was 99.98%.

Speed Test

Whenever it comes to Hostinger’s performance test, the application will get a TTFB (Time-To-First-Byte) score of less than 600 ms and an A+ on the speed test. Compared with other hosting options, this is outstanding.


  1. Fast website builder to use
  2. Auto installer • (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  3. Delivers several accounts for email hosting
  4. Support for 24/7/365 video chat


  1. The user interface of Hostinger allows you no access to a classic cPanel.
  2. Hosting rates rise in the first year.
  3. Small database with a single plan that is shared.
  4. Partial one-click installation assistance for a single sharing plan.

Visit here: https://www.hostinger.com/

3) Blue host

Blue Host is a web hosting company and is privately owned. They provide shared hosting, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers (VPS). They also have facilities of shared hosting and free reseller hosting. It is one of the most well-known free web hosting sites in India.

Pricing Details




Super Premium Monthly

$4.99 / Month

Super Premium Annual

$59.88 / Year

Ultimate Monthly

Ultimate Annual

$7.99 / Month

 $95.88 / Year

Important Features:

Bandwidth:5 GB
FTP accounts:1
MySQL Databases:20
Disk space:1 GB
Email address:100


  1. FTP Account and File Manager 
  2. MySQL databases & support for PHP 
  3. Control panel    
  4. Free Support for Technologies 
  5. Free access to communities (Forums) 
  6. Clustered servers  
  7. HTTPS SSL for all free hosting domains. (self-signed certificate)


  1. No premium technology support is offered.
  2. No Windows OS Support

Visit Here: https://www.bluehost.com/.

4) x10hosting.com

An advanced web hosting and site-building network is X10hosting. This allows users to build their domain name and optimize their website’s ranking with their available SEO tools.

Pricing Details

Monthly$6.95 per month
YearlyS5.95 per month
For two years$4.95 per month
For three yearsS 3.95 per month


Important characteristics:

Sub-domain included:Yes
Disk Space:Unlimited
Uptime & Speed:Good
Max. Websites:1
Max. Email Accounts:0
Official website:x10hosting.com


  1. 24×7 support 
  2. Web Builder Addition 
  3. Automated backups 
  4. Free resources for SEO


The unrestricted bandwidth and storage are excellent, as well as outstanding uptime and above-average speeds.

Visit Here: https://x10hosting.com.

5) FreeHostia.com

Freehostia’s free website hosting platform provides a significant scale, web host, which means apart from providing hosting slices. It also offers high-end services, such as servers that are dedicated.

Important Features:

Disk Space:250MB
Uptime & Speed:Bad
Max. Websites:5
Max. Email Accounts:3
Sub-domain included:No
Official website:www.freehostia.com


  1. The free hosting of Freehostia comes with many storage and bandwidth constraints. 
  2. This site deals with inconsistent uptime and prolonged speeds.

6) Free hosting

Another dependable web hosting platform is free website hosting. It is available in both a free version and a paid one.

Free web hosting package:FreeMulti-site hosting, Faster servers, PHP process concurrency
Paid hosting package:$7.99 per monthCGI, Weblogs, custom PHP configuration, web stats, backups, extended resource, 

Important Details:

Disk Space:10GB
SSLAvailable as an add-on
Sub-domain included:No
Max. Websites:1
Max. Email Accounts:1
Standout FeatureOver 480 web applications


  1. FreeHosting.com is yet another web host that makes significant promises but fails to deliver. 
  2. Compared to its peer, it offers worse uptime and slower speeds.

Visit Here: https://www.freehosting.com/.

7) 5 GB-free

The relatively new hosting platform is 5GBfree. It offers the latest technology, including CloudLinux, and a US-based PCI and SAS 70 Type II certified data center hosted equipment.

Pricing information:

5GB Free Pro:$ 2.95 per month

Important characteristics

Pricing:$ 2.95 per month
Space:5 GB
Standout feature:Us-based high-performance data centers
SSL:Only available on paid plans
Database:3 MySQL Databases
Bandwidth:20 GB Bandwidth


  1. Limited amount of space and bandwidth 
  2. No customer support, only forum support instead.

Visit here: https://www.5gbfree.com.

8) Googiehost

For free web hosting providers, Googiehost remains one of the right options. It is only one of the free web hosting sites that, although in its free form, comes with cPanel, and Cloudflare.

Pricing information:

Standard Web Hosting:$5 per monthGlobal Content Caching, Unlimited Email Accounts, 450+ Cloud Apps, Free Website Migration, Unlimited SSD Storage, SitePad Website Builder, Intershield Protection. 

Important characteristics:

Disk Space:1000 MB
FTP account2
Standout Feature:Cloud Linux


GoogieHost has stringent rules about different websites. As a result, it seems to be a restriction in using the site for free hosting purpose.

Visit here: https://www.googiehost.com/freehosting.html.

9) Awardspace

Since 2004, Awardspace has been providing web hosting. They have to change their free hosting deal during this timeframe to keep up with the market while last year streamlined their services.

Pricing information:

Three pricing plans are offered by Awardspace:


Basic:0.17 €/month
  • Two websites
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • 15 000 visits monthly
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 24 х 7 Support
  • 1-hour response time
Web Pro Plus:4.29 €24 х 7 Support, Free SSL & HTTPS,1-hour response time, Unlimited disk space, One free domain for life
Max Pack Plus:5.49 €24 х 7 Support, Unlimited disk space, Free SSL & HTTPS, Unlimited website, 150 000 visits monthly, Two free domains for life,1-hour response time.

Important characteristics:

Support:Live Chat 24/7
Sub-domain included:Yes
Max. Email Accounts:1
Max. Websites:4
Feature:Host up to 4 websites
SSL:Only available on paid plans
Disk Space:1GB
Official website:www.Awardspace.com


  1. Free users are confined to 1 GB of disc space and 5 GB of bandwidth. 
  2. In their ToS, some disconcerting lines of legal jargon appear to permit them to sell the details to third-party suppliers.

10) Free hosting

One of the finest free web hosting sites, Free hosting.io provides your company with an unlimited solution for web hosting. PHP, MySQL, and a lot more technologies are supported.


No premium paid plan


  1. Limitless disc space 
  2. Limitless bandwidth 
  3. Unlimited Hosting Accounts 
  4. No Banners or Ads


  1. The pace of this page appears to be slower than average. 
  2. A high percentage of spammers and fraud sites use that registrar. 
  3. The setup of this website involves three countries.

Visit here: https://www.freehosting.io/


There are hundreds of free web hosting sites in India, along with the 10 above which assert that web hosting is safe and secure. There are also web hosting websites that claim to have a lot of usable hosting, but that is not easy to find. However, if your goal is just to test, experiment, or host a website temporarily, then you can choose anyone from the list above as they are top-rated among many other free web hosting sites in India.

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