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Content Writing Career in 2024: Why Should You Care?

Content Writing is one of the most desirable careers for professionals from diverse fields today. The main advantage of content writing is that you do not need any certain degree to have a thriving career in content writing. All you need is your determination to churn out good content and zeal to learn new things in several topics that online readers are interested in. 

Content Writing Career Why Should You Care

It is generally believed that a career in content writing requires you to come from a background of advertising, public relations, English literature, or journalism. But it is a flawed concept. Studies have shown that people from various fields like engineers, lawyers, businessmen, financial professionals, have ventured successfully into the world of content writing and have prospered immensely.

Why should you care about a Career in Content Writing? 

The reasons for choosing a career in content writing are plenty. The most important thing is that it gives you the flexibility of working at your own pace, convenience, and ambiance. The money you are offered is also huge after the initial few days. It is a permanent part of Digital Marketing efforts.

An average content writer earns about Rs 15000 per month initially that goes up with experience and our quality of your writing. How well your content performs in the content marketing strategy is also a factor.

Moreover, it helps you to develop essential skills that you can obtain by regularly writing and gleaning knowledge from different sources available to you.

A career in content writing ensures that you never run out of things to write on. Today the fast mushrooming of digital channels, and social media platforms have ensured that content is one of the most important elements of the entire online marketing strategy and planning. It has to be incorporated into the digital strategy.

Content writing helps you to work part-time or full-time, as a freelancer, or a regular across diverse sectors and industries. You are not bound by limitations a working for a particular organization or topic.

Rather you gain a whole lot of information on a diverse range of subjects that can come to great use for furthering your career prospects in content marketing.

The Demand for Content Writing jobs

It is to be noted that content writing is one of the top 3 topics searched for jobs in the various job portals in India. You should also remember that the big corporate organizations, brands, small, and medium enterprises need content writing to sustain themselves in the online domain. It is also the most-posted job in the various online job service portals.

If you type content writer the following are the statistics for the number of jobs posted on a certain day.

  • Naukri – 16647
  • Indeed -4000
  • Timesjobs -23000
  • Monster India -1200
  • LinkedIn – 3500+

From the above numbers, you can estimate just how thriving content writing jobs can be for writers who are skilled, confident, competent, and have a flair for writing original engaging write-ups.

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Let’s delineate some of the most important reasons why you should consider a career in content writing

  1. Flexibility of Work

A content writer has the liberty to work from the comfort of their home. Over the years the content industry has seen an increase in demand and improvement in the performance of content writers across the globe.

The reason is more and more people from specialized fields are coming over to this field. Today you get content writers who are absolutely up to the mark creating relevant content in a range of areas and yields great results.

But still, there is a certain discrepancy in demand and supply. And, because of this gap in the demand and supply of content writers, you have the opportunity of entering the market is even a part-time content writer pursuing a career in content writing while you do any other job.

Even students who have the knack of writing can have a successful content writing career provided you are competent, innovative, and creative in your efforts.

  1. A Great Source of Passive Income

Content Writing can be done full-time or part-time as has been explained in point 1. However, if you are pursuing a freelancing content writing career then it can offer you enormous benefits in the form of a passive income.

This helps in your overall career growth and to take up gigs according to your wish. You can use the experience for future references and strengthen your skill sets while earning a good amount of money.

  1. Garnering Knowledge

The knowledge you garner from researching, analyzing, and writing content on diverse topics not only makes you an effective content writer but will also improve your confidence in writing several articles blogs and start a business of your own.

This knowledge can help you to apply for content writing jobs in an array of sectors spanning several verticals. Also, the researching part of content writing enables you to get knowledge about a variety of topics on digital marketing and its core modules. This will help you to become confident in writing about topics that earlier you weren’t comfortable with.

  1. You Work Independently

This is by far one of the most appealing advantages of a career in content writing. Content writing is a process that is innate to you.

You have your independence and fortify your confidence level.

Since content writers are creative people with abundant imagination and the ability to put their ideas and thoughts into words it is somewhat a one-man job.

Therefore, it helps you to focus your concentration completely on writing and create effective articles that yield results for websites

  1. A Plethora of options to choose from

A content writer has plenty of options to choose from both in terms of niches and the forms of writing.

Some of the types of content are as follows

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Fact-based Articles
  • Checklist
  • How-to Guides
  • Listicles
  • Question And Answers
  • Interviews
  • Press Releases
  • Product Pages
  • Repurposing
  • White Papers
  • Ebooks 
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Facts
  • Manuals
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Training Modules
  • Information Technology
  • Stories
  • Video Scripting
  • Podcast
  • Social Media Articles
  • Email Copy
  • Informational Writing
  • Ad Copy And Others

Some of the most popular niches are

  • Health And Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Travel And Tourism
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Education
  • Software As A Service (SAAS) Content
  • Fashion And Beauty
  • Business Writing
  • Corporate Research
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Legal
  • Gourmet And Food
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sports And Yoga
  • Gaming
  • Technical Writing And Others.

Hence you get a plethora of topics to write on which further evokes excitement and interest in learning about high-quality content that is of value to online readers

  1. You develop Persuasion, Advertising, and Marketing skills

Though content writing is a very rewarding job the first steps are the hardest to take and need you to develop persuasion, marketing, and Advertising skills to portray your abilities to your prospective clients.

It requires you to be proactive and create sample works on to show your clients your capabilities as a content writer. One of the things to consider is how to pitch your articles when you are a newcomer. There is no reason to be despondent if you are new to the industry. Remember, people have to start somewhere.

Therefore, what you need is a strong portfolio of your work in one or more specific topics or subjects. Once you’ve created a body of work of around 8 to 10 articles, a content writer has to pitch them to prospective clients. This process helps to gain persuasion skills and the ability to market your talent to get noticed. It helps to research on how to write sales pitches, letters that can impress clients to ire you for the job.

  1. A Thriving Career in Content Writing

Content writing is an ideal character for someone who has a passion for writing. You get to earn a lot of money by investing considerably less amount of time.

This also helps you to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Eminent writers have reiterated time and again how a career in content writing help them to enrich their lives. They work in a flexible work environment and are doing something that they love. When you pursue a career in something you love it ceases to be arduous and tiring even if the first few months are difficult.

It offers you the liberty to plan your work schedule around your life and not the other way around. You have the freedom to write on topics that interest you.

This is a Win-Win situation for both you and your client. Your client gets the best of your creative abilities and you write on topics that intrigue you the most.

  1. You earn more once you are a thought leader in niches

For successful content writers, there is no upper limit to their earnings. Once you become an expert in a field and specialize in the core concepts of the particular niche, you can ask for any amount that you deem fit.

Since businesses drive an enormous amount of traffic to the website through effective content writing, writers who are leaders in their fields can effectively attract new customers to the website. This makes them an invaluable asset to the organization.

  1. Help clients and their customers to connect and engage

One of the most fundamental aspects of a content writing job is to create content that will connect their clients and their customers. Content writing helps to engage with consumers all around the world.

By disseminating authentic, honest, truthful, and helpful information content writers can successfully turn customers into brand advocates of their clients and facilitate the process of sales. All of this can be done through the magic of weaving words, creating interesting stories, and distributing genuine information.

  1. You become more confident in writing as well as verbal communication

Content writing involves lots of researching, reading, analyzing, preparing reports and notes, listening to people. You can gather the information, develop impeccable written and verbal communication skills, and become more confident in dealing with your clients and getting new clients through smooth communication.

When you start writing on a diverse range of topics you get to learn about the complex terms, jargon, and words that are unique to the particular sector or business.

This enables you to understand the nuances of the businesses you are working in. It also helps you to engage with newer client bases with confidence in both written and verbal communication.

  1. No general work expenses

Since content is the most essential and indispensable part of the digital marketing and content marketing system this will never go out of practice.

Hence you will always have the opportunity to explore content writing as a career for years to come. You already know Content writing comes with its enormous advantages.

One of them is doing away with other expenses that come with the traditional forms of work. There are no expenses such as transport and commute as well as extra expenses like paying for food.

It also helps to cut down on the time that you take for unnecessary travel. It also helps to keep the mental health aspect intact by avoiding unnecessary problems arising in the office with the unhealthy competition.

A career in content writing is prosperous only when you possess certain skills. Some of it you have innate and some you imbibe along the way. You have to invariably create high-quality, valuable, original content.

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The top traits of a skilled content writer who will provide high-grade content are as follows

  1. Lends a unique voice to the content

A content writer should be able to provide a unique voice to their writeups. One of the main features of a good content writer is that when the online readers are reading the content, they feel that the content writer has addressed the content to that particular person. There should always be an element of personalization when you are writing content. It helps to connect more with the people.

  1. Research Skills

A content writer should know how to research ideas and back it up with facts and statistics. Content is the most potent way in which the message is disseminated to the world.

However, what topic should be of interest to the readers, how to write content that would grab the reader’s attention are things that content writers need to research. They should be able to collect information, collate them into an article judiciously, and then distribute it on different channels for the consumption of readers.

  1. Innovative

Innovation is the key to the success of any business endeavor. Content writers should be able to find new angles to story, understand the aesthetics, analyze, and understand how to enhance the writer by incorporating different information.

Narrating an interesting story from personal experience or something that they have read about and connecting that piece of information with the voice and positioning of the product is innovation.

The content writer should be able to influence and inspire readers to know more about the product, service, and brand.

  1. Powerful Storytelling techniques

The most amazing content writers are those who can turn the most mundane of topics into interesting, engaging content with powerful storytelling techniques.

How do you go about creating a story that is going to stay with your readers long after they have read it?

You do that by incorporating humane elements to the story that your readers can connect to. Your readers will be engrossed only when the content you produce is relatable and has passing value for them. Keep your tone positive do not dwell on what cannot be done. Rather show them the positive sides of every story

  1. Meticulous with details

Content writers come from varied specializations. Some are engineers today, some journalists, medical professionals, marketing professionals, travelers with unique skill sets to make people live vicariously through their content.

These individuals have an array of different content to offer. However, what remains constant in all of this is the meticulous attention that a content writer has to pay to the content copy.

Grammar, spelling, construction of sentences, breaking down complex forms into simpler words to comprehend are some of the key skills required to enhance the utility of content writers and improve the copy.

  1. Rich knowledge of vocabulary

The more you read the more you get to learn new words that you can incorporate in your content adequately. A content writer invariably has to possess a rich knowledge of vocabulary that can come to use.

Good use of vocabulary makes content compelling. It does not mean that you incorporate heavy, ornamental language into your writing articles and blogs. What you need to do is to write professional content with language that is understandable and elegant.

  1. Confident and Assertive 

Content writers have to be confident and assertive to embellish their writing with proper data, statistics, and to create a website page that is appealing for the readers.

They should be able to interact, coordinate with other departments, and follow up on any new development that might be incorporated into the contract copy.

  1. Search Engine Optimization knowledge 

A competent content writer will know about Search Engine Optimisation and keyword to rank articles on search engine results pages.

Search Engine Optimized content is easily scannable by Google to incorporate all the right words in the content copy. The content writer should be able to search for high volume keywords and the potential for the keywords to be searched by a user on the internet.

Content writers also understand the value of backlinks, internal links, inbound, and outbound links and should create appropriate heading subheadings.

They know how keyword stuffing can be detrimental to the performance of the article on search engines. Today knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and basic knowledge of meta tags, headings, subheadings, snippets, has become essential for content writers across sectors.

  1. Understand the objectives and goals of your business 

Content writers must understand the goals and objectives of the business to be able to write content aligning with the needs of the particular organization.

The goal should be to write focused, objective content that will persuade but not pester online readers into taking an action. Content bolstered by facts, key studies, surveys, polls, data, and verified information relating to the business can enhance the company and the content writer’s reputation greatly.

  1. Well versed with the different content types

Just like the world of digital marketing content, marketing writing and management is an evolving process that needs content writers to evolve continuously to keep up with the changing trends.

Therefore a content writer should be well versed and conversant with the different types of content and how to write them.

For example, they should know that a long-form blog post is different from how-to posts. In the same way, video scripts are different from podcasts.

A content writer should know the necessary unique traits of all these for content forms meticulously for the content to perform in the best possible way.

  1. Understand basic designing

Today for any content management system like WordPress you get a variety of inbuilt templates for website designing and development. However, for content writers, it is important to have basic design skills so that they understand the aesthetics of a website and can incorporate images, videos, and texts in a way that looks clean and clutter-free on a webpage.

Optimizing image sizes for greater page loading, being able to determine which colors work best for the webpage are some of the basic skills of visual understanding that is desired in a content writer.

Moreover, the knowledge of different tools like Canva, Compress Now, Piktochart, and other such applications is important for content writers.

Even if they are not extremely proficient in designing they can still create graphics, images, infographics, through these applications that have predesigned templates ready.

  1. Can write catchy headlines 

Content writers have to possess a great amount of creativity to use words, phrases, idioms, and expressions in a heading, subheading, and content copy to enrich it and make it more valuable.

Vocabulary constitutes a huge part of this process and they should also be well versed with synonyms for words. This helps to get the copy interesting and breaks the monotony.

One trick is to learn a few words, around five to ten words every day, and practice incorporating it in simple sentences. This helps to retain the information in your mind so that you can access it when you want a content copy.

  1. Can take constructive criticism

A content writer should be able to keep their ego aside and take constructive criticism positively. Content writing is essentially a creative process that will invite appreciation as well as criticism.

As long as you can take the constructive criticisms in your stride, improve on the genuine points raised, you are on the path to becoming a very successful content writer. The negative unnecessary comments shouldn’t bother you.

  1. Avid readers

Content writers are innately avid readers who spend a considerable amount of time reading up, getting new knowledge from articles, blog posts, magazines, newspapers, and any form of reading material available.

Generally, all content writers research a lot which involves reading a lot of articles. But apart from the regular work, content writer should have the trait of being passionate readers.

This helps in the overall development of content writing skills and makes them more proficient in handling complex articles with ease.

  1. Can grasp concepts quickly

When you are working for a business organization, it has certain unique traits and qualities that need to be recognized, noticed, and disseminated to the public through content marketing strategies.

A content writer needs to be able to grasp concepts of marketing, sales, aligning the sales funnel with content writing quickly to be able to optimize content for online readers. They should also be very discerning to understand the nuances of the business with alacrity.


Content writers are cultivated, well informed, and understand the challenges of a business. They refine their skills and expertise regularly to be able to perform their duties with the utmost efficiency.

Generally, content writers are specialized in a particular area of topic or niche as we call it. But there is this vast opportunity available for content writers in the digital world today.

It is also one of the most convenient career choices for people who want to work from home, for retired professionals, homemakers, people who have taken a hiatus from work, and want to come back now and new career aspirants.

There is also a great career option for students for part-time work. All these factors make content writing career one of the most coveted and popular choices. You should seriously consider a career in content writing if you want to enjoy work and life.


Q. How to enroll for the best content writing courses online?

There are many ed-tech companies that offer content writing courses. One of the highly recommended ed-tech company is IIM SKILLS. They offer best skill development courses online across the world. You can enroll for the course through the links provided on their website.

Q. What is duration of the content writing course with IIM SKILLS?

1 Month online session and 2 months of internship.

Q. Does IIM SKILLS offer job opportunities?

Yes. After the completion of the course, you will be shared job opportunities with reputed companies through IIM SKILLS job placements.

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