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What is Facebook Remarketing? Learn How It Works.

Remarketing on Facebook is a well-known term in digital marketing. Facebook remarketing helps a business to target ads toward past visitors to the website. Businesses have now realized the importance of remarketing on Facebook. The visitors who land on their page and do not buy a product are their potential customers. These potential customers require a special preference in the buyer’s funnel. Hence, remarketing is required. Remarketing on Facebook is a key tool to acquire a customer successfully. Remarketing on Facebook also helps to reduce the bounce rate of the website if done cautiously.

What is Facebook Remarketing How It Works

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a very familiar digital marketing term now. Let’s understand remarketing by example.


I have been exploring earrings on an online jewelry store for the last few days but didn’t buy them. While browsing Facebook the same day, I noticed the same jewelry ad on Facebook and of course the same designs. Surprised how?  Well, there is no surprise here.

This is Facebook Remarketing.

Logic or Fate?

Whenever we access any website through mobile or laptop, cookies track you. These cookies track everything on your device.

Cookies track the activity of every second. So the product that you have seen a couple of times but didn’t buy is considered your favorite product. For remarketing, a code is placed on the page that the user visits, which then triggers your ads to follow that cookie user around the web, whether that be on a social media site or various websites across the internet.

So, finding a non-purchased product ad on Facebook is no fate, it is a logic that works properly.

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Why Facebook Remarketing?

Remarketing on Facebook is a great digital marketing strategy but why?

Different marketers may have different answers to it. I would prefer to remarket through Facebook due to the precise targeting of Facebook. You may choose a custom audience to start remarketing on Facebook. Remarketing in Facebook enables any digital marketer with varied options to choose the custom audience. Here also the logic remains the same for tracking a customer which is done through code. This code is enabled as and when any customer interacts with a website or engages with a brand. The only difference between Google ads remarketing and remarketing on Facebook is that ads are shown only on Facebook, unlike Google ads.


Representation of Facebook Ad


How to use Facebook Remarketing?

Remarketing on Facebook holds importance due to its precise audience targeting. The use of remarketing in Facebook can be classified in the simple steps mentioned below. It is very simple and useful to remarket through Facebook.

  1. Access Facebook Ads Manager Account and Select Audience

Use your login id and password to access the Facebook ads manager account. If you haven’t created one then create your Facebook ads manager account first. Facebook is known for its unique target audience and is an important tool in digital marketing. Find your audiences in the dropdown menu when you click on the Business Manager at the top left-hand side of the screen.

  1. Create Audience

Create your audience on the top left of your screen and select the custom audience. For remarketing on Facebook, it is advisable to use the custom audience. Custom audience allows marketers to set up a campaign that reaches the audience who have already engaged with a website.

  1. Selection of Website Traffic

For remarketing on Facebook, select website traffic to create a custom audience. There are various options available to select website traffic through Facebook. While all of these options are important but the selection of the audience should be aligned with your business objective.

  1. Select Target Audience

Select your audience from the dropdown menu, it allows you to create your target audience. Following are the options available for targeting the audience:

  • Anyone who visits your website
  • People who visit specific pages
  • Audience visiting specific web pages but not others
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  • Custom combination

  1. Get Pixel Code and Start Tracking

Remarketing in Facebook has evolved and enables digital marketers with various enhanced options. One of which is tracking customers through pixel code. What is pixel code? Pixel code is a unique small code of 1×1 size that cannot be seen on the website and allows tracking customers. Pixel code allows a digital marketer to track customers who have visited a particular page of your website. So Unique! Get your pixel code and place it on your website for Facebook Remarketing.

How to get the code? In the audiences section of Ads Manager, you’ll find your new retargeting campaign. Select it, and then click on Actions and click View Panel in the dropdown menu. Here’s what you can see

What are the various challenges of Facebook Remarketing?

Too Much Follow Up

Imagine if you are being followed for the same thing again and again! Is it harassing especially when you are browsing through Facebook or any other social media platform? The same issue persists with Facebook Remarketing.

Limiting ad frequency on Facebook is one of the biggest challenges in remarketing.

Remarketing of purchased products

Why will someone purchase an already purchased product, think it over! I don’t buy an already purchased product so soon. It does not add any value to a business by remarketing the same kind of products to the audience. Let’s understand this by example. If you have purchased a handbag by spending INR 5000/-, will you prefer to buy another handbag of 4.5k or 10k? Understood where am I coming from?

Obsolete targeting of audience

At times digital marketers keep targeting the same set of audiences with different ad campaigns which makes results deplete. One needs to choose the target audience very carefully. It has to be in alignment with the business goal. Good experimentation in targeting the audience may result in a uniquely successful way.

Poor user experience

Facebook enables ads to appear good and appealing to experience. But it doesn’t need to give the best user experience to the customer on the website. At times high bounce rates of the website do not get mitigated by ad campaigns on Facebook. Before you start with an ad campaign for Facebook Remarketing, ensure a great website is in place!

What works for remarketing on Facebook?

Ever wondered what works for remarketing on Facebook? Remarketing is one of the strongest marketing activities and brings in wonderful results. Nowadays marketers think beyond the lines. They are interested in implementing different marketing tricks for remarketing. Let’s have a look at some of the key strategies mentioned below:

Discounts and Offers

A lot of discounts and offers can bring in back interested customers back to your website. I can explain this with a personal example. By exploring a cosmetic range website for a few days but was not buying anything. I was liking their collection indeed. After a few visits to its website, the company has provided my 1k voucher to shop for their collection. Imagine, I did it and purchased though there was no plan to buy anything. A good remarketing is when you make a customer purchase even when he is not planning to do so! Discount and Offers works wonders!

New product range

Any new collection creates a buzz among customers. If a product is first launched for its loyal customers it makes them feel valuable. Customers in such a scenario remain engaged with a brand. Any new product was likely to garner positive reviews from the existing customers which help increase sales. Try launching a new product for your existing customers and target them through Facebook Remarketing!

Related buying

If someone purchases a dress, target them with a handbag or accessories. If someone purchases a wedding gown, target them with bridal jewelry. Yes, we are talking about related buying here. Related buying is always a good remarketing strategy in Facebook through which the same customers can be brought back to the website.

Product message and ad visuals

What do you want to deliver to your customers? What is your product message? How do you want to add value to your customer’s experience? These questions are important. Your product should carry a message that is clear and crisp. It should be of value to their customers. A good product message followed by attractive and appealing ad visuals is key to a successful campaign. Remarketing on Facebook is also successful due to the varied options of ad visuals available for digital marketers. 

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Facebook Remarketing- Is it only a campaign or an opportunity in digital marketing?

Think about it once! Is your remarketing strategy on Facebook only to create awareness about a brand? Or is your remarketing strategy to create an opportunity to acquire a customer? Well, at a first glance a marketer may mock this question. He will say, it is indeed an opportunity for a business to acquire a customer. But most of the time there is much difference between what marketers actually say and then deliver. Make sure your campaigns are such that bring in good results to your remarketing on Facebook. Facebook is a huge social media platform and requires a focused approach to drive results. While it exposes a business to millions of prospects. At the same time, it also requires choosing your customers wisely and as per your business goal.

10 Important Tips of Facebook Remarketing.

Definite Business Goal

A definite business goal is of utmost importance in Facebook Remarketing. The importance of remarketing in Facebook holds its true importance through its definite business goals. A definite business goal helps to acquire customers who left the website without making any purchase. Any business goal is based on what the business wants to achieve through its campaign. If you want to create only awareness of your brand then the business goal should be brand awareness. The creation of brand awareness holds only new businesses especially.

Target Audience

A good client base is always the biggest asset for any company. Always choose the right audience to make your remarketing campaign successful. To start with the right choice of your audience, define a perfect business goal. A perfect business goal is nothing but what you want to achieve as an outcome. The right business goal will help to choose the right audience. The alternate way is to analyze the demographics who have visited your website.

Good Research

Good research always pays off. If as a marketer you research your customer behavior well, it can bring in magnificent results. The analysis of visitor data to your site should be done carefully for building a good strategy for Facebook Remarketing. We had initially learned in this article to place pixel code on the website for tracking. This code then helps the brand for Facebook Remarketing. Good research around the customer may work wonders for the results.

Relevance of Ads

For remarketing on Facebook, any ad should be relevant to the customer. By this we want you to understand that any purchase to be done by the customer should add value to his purchase behavior. It can be brand satisfaction. It can be fulfilling his need. Or it can be his long-drawn search of finding the most perfect product has come to an end. A relevant ad shown to the customer while remarketing on Facebook increases conversion chances by 70%. Any irrelevant ad drops conversions by huge margins.

Frequency of Ads

The frequency of ads plays an important role in impressing a customer. Too many ads display or too few ads display, both are not good for the audience. But how to decide the best frequency for ad display? For Facebook Remarketing, ads should keep reminding the customer of their brand. Any ad display depends on how much time a consumer is spending on social media and this may differ from person to person. A marketer has to use his best judgment to decide on ad frequency and monitor results accordingly.

Offers and Discounts

Any successful remarketing on Facebook is also directly proportional to offers and discounts launched by the companies. Today’s marketing world is all about offers and discounts. People notice, appreciate, and want to avail best offers and discounts from brands. Do discounts and offers deplete brand image? A good promotional offer or rewards program does not deplete the brand image rather audience tends to connect with it more closely. For example, the launch of a new i phone automatically discounts the price of an older version of I phone. Such strategies work!

Reward Loyal Customers

Always reward your loyal customers through Facebook Remarketing by rewarding them for their loyalty. A good value proposition given to a loyal customer makes him stick to a brand. Nowadays social media builds an opinion about everything among their audience. It holds for building opinion for a brand too. Hence remarketing on Facebook holds such huge importance for a digital marketer. Target a loyal audience through remarketing on Facebook to let them experience a great user experience.

Target lookalike audience

Remarketing on Facebook is a vast concept and requires a lot of effort to ensure you reach the right customer. There is also a set of customers that looks much like your true target customer. This audience is termed a lookalike audience. Correct targeting of a lookalike audience can bring magnificent results to any remarketing efforts. A digital marketer should consider all the options to target the right set of the customer along with a lookalike audience.

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Perfect Timing is Important

All remarketing efforts can go in vain if a digital marketer cannot ensure perfect timing for the launch of his product.  Perfect timing is everything in the world of digital marketing apart from the right targeting of the customer. Any perfect timing of an ad creates the expected impact on the audience and inspires them to engage with the audience. Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s assume a business of the cosmetic brand. They have decided to launch a range of new matte lipsticks. The perfect timing to publish a remarketing ad on Facebook is 2-5 days before launch. The audience is more likely to buy a new product which creates the right amount of curiosity among them. But it is to be noted that customer curiosity should be encashed well within a given timeline itself. Also, change your marketing strategy if it fails to attract the audience.

Search for the most “likely to buy” audience

Who is the most likely to buy the audience? Is it different from a lookalike audience? The answer to this is yes. Both are different concepts despite appearing similar. A lookalike audience is an audience that is most close to your target audience. The target audience for remarketing on facebook can be your existing customer base also who has most likely visited your website. On the other hand, the most likely audience needs not to be your closest group of the target audience but maybe a potential buyer. We may call them non intersected group of potential customers as well. The most likely to buy the audience also brings in revenue for the brand if targeted at a perfect time and with the right marketing efforts. This is also a good potential group of customers.

How Does Remarketing in Facebook work wonders for businesses?

Remarketing on Facebook is a boon for all digital marketers. It can work wonders for all marketers like us. Remarketing is the most profitable marketing effort, any idea why? Let’s suppose you have spent lacs of the amount in creating a business setup and digital marketing efforts. As a success of your marketing efforts, customer visits have also increased but failed to acquire them. Here, remarketing on Facebook helps all digital marketers to revamp sales. The ultimate objective of a business is to drive sales and increase revenue generation. Let’s see how remarketing on Facebook works wonders for business

  1. It brings Immediate Results. Facebook Remarketing is so precise that it can bring immediate results to any business. It completes the missing link between the customer and his purchase.
  2. Remarketing on Facebook creates a Visible Impact on the customer through its reach. Remarketing on Facebook is also an important tool to reach out to those customers who failed to complete their journey with the brand.
  3. It also helps to Build Customer Loyalty. If a customer is regularly visiting your website, it means he likes to engage himself with your brand. Such loyal customers are assets for any company’s growth. Remarketing on Facebook works wonders!
  4. Brand Reputation is also one of the achievements of remarketing on Facebook. Any successful remarketing effort helps a brand to build its image among customers.
  5. User Experience and User Interface richen with remarketing on Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform that enables any digital marketer with many factors. Like any marketing, the effort becomes magnanimous due to facebook’s liking among its audience. User experience is an important factor for a successful remarketing campaign. Facebook helps in achieving this business goal of any brand.
  6. The creativity and Innovation of Facebook keep evolving with every updated version. It enables a digital marketer to try new things that work wonders for brands. Digital marketers by now have tried Facebook as the main marketing tool for remarketing.
  7. If you are in digital marketing Facebook is a place to be. If you are a buyer then also Facebook is a place to be. It is wonderful to note that Facebook is a social media platform where Seller Meets the Buyer.
  8. Remarketing on Facebook also aids in building great Brand Engagement with a customer. The credit goes to beautiful ad campaigning options available on Facebook. Facebook enables digital marketers with varied options of ad visuals which appear to be of great value to customer’s experience.
  9. Target the Right Audience with remarketing on Facebook. Why Facebook Remarketing is so successful? The answer to this question is simple. It is due to the precise targeting of Facebook. It ensures that the brand message is reached to last the last user with its precision.
  10. Remarketing on Facebook is a great tool to Increase Revenue for a brand. One can go through the stages of a customer journey to understand this better. The ultimate business goal is to have conversions in place. Every conversion is revenue to the business.
  11. The Power of Lookalike. With Google optimization, you can never be sure of reaching your potential customers. With Facebook, one can be at least 80-90% sure of reaching out to your potential customer. The chances to reach further increases with
  12. Market Brand Basis Interests. Facebook marketing is an interesting remarketing tool and it is quite vast. The precision with reach is the best explanation for Facebook Remarketing. Remarketing on Facebook does market the product basis the interests. It enables a marketer to check consumer interest and then displays the ad. That ways It also ensures that the audience is not annoyed with the display of ads on their home page.


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