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Top 10 Writing Tip That Motivates You To Write Everyday Like A Pro

We all feel great when we sit to write and our brain functions well and the creative bone of ours gets active and we write our heart and mind out. But this does not happen always and sometimes we all feel a little dull, lazy and you know not getting the feel to write even if we want to. Let’s quickly jump into those writing tips which are going to help us in warming up our frozen creative juices.

Top Writing Tips That Motivate You To Write

For a fact, we all know many people must be nodding their heads in a “Yes” now. Even the well-established great writers get this feeling so we can proudly say that we are not alone in this. Isn’t it a great feeling to share a stage with these well-established writers at least somewhere?

Well, this was pun intended. In situations like these when we lack the motivation and feel lost at that time reading this article will surely give all of us the motivation to write even on those days when our creative juices just freeze.

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1. Setting a Daily Goal With a Deadline to Follow

Sometimes the thought of writing a big article, blog, or anything just haunts us. We think that it is such a long and tedious task to write so much. Even if it was our own goal to write that article or blog or anything, still, the process seems really daunting.

Sometimes it even gets boring and we feel really demotivated. In such a situation this writing tip might come handy, we can make smaller goals that are achievable like for example if we want to write an article that is 3000 words long at first, we are going to think “Oh God it’s so difficult to write so much” but if we set a deadline or a timeline that we have to finish writing the article within 4 days, then the deadline forces or motivates us to write that article within the set timeline.

So, what we need to do is just divide the number of words by the number of days that we had set as a deadline (here let’s assume it to be 4 days), then if we have to write just 750 words a day to finish writing that 3000 words long article, we will need just 4 days. This way it will not be a tedious task for us to write that article rather it will automatically make us feel that the goal is achievable and will also motivate us to write those 750 words every day and finish the 3000 words long article by the 4th day itself.

So, we should create smaller goals and allot a deadline to them, so that we can achieve a larger goal in the long run and that would automatically make the process easier and exciting. This is a great motivational and writing tip.

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2. Find a Comfortable, Quiet, and Cozy Space

 The best motivator for any writer is the space in which he or she is writing so it is always a great motivational and writing tip to find the most comfortable, quiet, and coziest space to write on a dull and gloomy day when we just don’t find the motivation to write anything.

Sitting in a quiet place with no disturbance at all will make our creative juices flow at great speed as we do not have any distractions to deal with. Also, a cozy and comfortable space makes writing a lot more relaxing. It makes writing less hectic and burdensome which automatically makes it easier for us to write. A comfortable space where we can think and feel relaxed adds to our creativity and then that is visible in the work that we do.

A pro writing tip here would be to turn off our Television and keep anything that distracts us like our phones away to keep us focused and motivated. These days we spend a lot of our time on our phones and scrolling through social media literally doing nothing and wasting a lot of time that we don’t even realize.

Sometimes we just open Instagram or Facebook or YouTube for just 10 minutes and then forget that we have something else to do which is way more important than this scrolling through social media accounts. Later we regret that why did we waste so much time doing that, so it’s better to just keep those distractions away and focus on the goals that we are really passionate about, and in this case, it is writing.

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3. Edit Later

 Speaking from personal experience one of the biggest demotivators for most of us is editing the content that we have written. We all love to write but editing the content that we have written becomes a tedious task sometimes and the thought of writing and editing and then rewriting and editing it again seems too much.

This also becomes the reason for our procrastination. So, it is a good writing tip to just write the content that we have in our minds first and then edit it later. This will work as a motivator. It is also important to edit the content later because once the words start hitting our brain it is better to write all of them down first so that we don’t forget them later and then edit the content if needed (which is needed mostly).

This way we will be able to focus more on our writing and will get distracted less by thinking constantly that now we have to edit. This also improves the quality of our content as we didn’t get distracted while editing the stuff instead, we focused on writing everything down first that was there in our brains. I hope this writing tip will give us enough motivation to edit later and write down everything first.

4. Schedule a Specific Writing Time

 Every profession requires both discipline and time management skills. Discipline keeps us on track and time management helps us in achieving our goals on time. In the writing profession also if we are disciplined and have time management skills it gets easier for us to feel motivated to write and be more productive.

So, fixing a specific time to write every day makes us more disciplined and gets us in a habit of writing more easily. When we commit to a regular writing time, it makes us more professional and dedicated to writing every day, we know that these particular hours are for our writing and our brain helps us by reminding us that at this particular time we just have to focus on that which makes our writing easier and us disciplined. Subconsciously we start getting motivation from our brain to write at that time every day.

This is not just a great writing tip but it also helps us in learning the skill of time management which is an important aspect of any profession.

5. Take a Break

When we have less or no motivation at all to write and we also go through writer’s block then a great writing tip would be to take a break for a few hours or a day or so and then come back to write. It happens sometimes that we just don’t get the feeling to write anything at all.

On such gloomy and dull days taking a little break and listening to our favorite music, reading a book that interests us, or doing any other activity that brings joy, relaxes our mind and removes that gloominess. We can also look at other artists’ work and can gather new ideas or we can just chill and relax.

Sipping our favorite drink, eating our favorite food, or watching any random show on Netflix can surely make us calm, and then when we resume writing we will be much more motivated and focused. So, it is always important to take breaks as our mind also needs a break sometimes otherwise the most entertaining task becomes mundane and monotonous.

It is very important to break the monotony and enjoy other things and activities for writing better content. So, we should not worry rather we should relax and come back later to write better and fresh content. Sometimes we feel guilty while taking breaks but there should not be any guilt as we are not doing anything wrong by giving ourselves some time to relax. We should enjoy that break to get back energized and motivated to resume writing with a fresh and open mind.

6. Choose the Right Company

It is said that we are what we are surrounded by so choosing those individuals who are motivated, self-driven, creative, and successful will motivate us also to be like them. Even this is a great motivational and writing tip to surround ourselves with motivated people.

When we start surrounding ourselves with people who take their passion seriously and are always self-driven and believe in utilizing their time wisely. It will encourage us also to be more focused, motivated, confident, and dedicated to what we are doing. So, whenever we feel a lack of interest and motivation to write we should just have a conversation with people who are motivated or we can also go out with someone very dedicated and determined towards his or her goal.

We should spend time with them to gain that motivation back. They will motivate us also to focus and dedicate our time and energy towards achieving our goals. So, it is always a good idea to be surrounded by people who motivate us and make us self-driven.

For example, if A spends most of his spare time with someone who procrastinates then automatically after some time A will also start becoming lazy and will procrastinate his important tasks but if A spends his or her spare time wisely with someone very determined to achieve his or her goal and be successful then A will also start feeling or wanting the same otherwise A would start feeling a bit low in front of his or her company.

This sense of competitiveness makes us more active towards our goal as we want to be at the top when we surround ourselves with such self-driven and goal-oriented people.

7. Work Out

It is a proven motivational and writing tip and a fact that a good workout session and pumping up of our heart motivates our mind by making us feel fresher and relaxed.

As stated by McGonigal When we exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid — these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable.

So, whenever we feel low and there is a lack of interest and motivation then we should try this trick of exercising and making our heart pump. Many people have felt that after a good session of physical activity our body gets charged and we feel more motivated and productive.

Any form of workout like dancing, swimming, jogging, walking, skipping or any activity that makes us happy and pumps up our heart can be done for getting motivated and charged up again. We should just try doing all of these activities or any other physical activity of our choice and be rest assured to feel motivated, relaxed, and focused.

This is a great mood changer and a great writing tip as well. This will make us write good content as our creative juices start flowing at a high speed as our heart gets pumped up.

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8. Caffeine Intake

It might sound bizarre but caffeine has the power to get us focused and make us feel like we are on top of our games. This is the reason that most of the writers prefer writing at coffee shops as one cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine and caffeine does make us feel more energized and motivated. It is a good mood booster and it also improves the blood circulation in our body.

According to a study presented at the Radiological Society of North America in the year, 2005 caffeine can improve memory, decrease fatigue, improve our mental functioning. Studies also suggest that it can improve our short-term memory and speed up our reaction times.

Many writers like Shanan the “procrastiwriter”, Derwood Talbot, Julia Munroe Martin, and many other famous writers have also stated that coffee has helped them in bringing out their creativity on paper, and without coffee, they feel less motivated and less creative. Surely caffeine in a limited quantity helps many people in increasing their creativity and motivation.

So, as we now know that caffeine intake either in the form of coffee or tea in the right quantity is a good way to feel motivated and also helps us to focus on our writing. It also has the ability to make us more creative and it even helps us in solving our problems in a better way and I am definitely not exaggerating here. So, we can take it as a writing tip and give it a try we never know it might make us feel more motivated and energized to write. In my opinion, it is not a bad idea at all.

9. Switch Up the Setting and Directions

Sometimes working at the same spot or place in the same environment and the same surrounding can also be a hurdle in our creative thoughts coming up to our brains. In such situations when we feel demotivated and less likely to write we should try this writing tip of switching up or shifting to a different space like moving to a coffee shop, a library, a park, or any other quiet and comfortable space where our creative minds can work in our favor.

Change is always needed by ourselves to feel better and motivated as changing our surroundings will break the monotony of sitting in the same space and thinking in the same direction. Sometimes changing the space might get to bring new ideas to our brains. Being in a different atmosphere gets us a new perception of the same thing.

When we shift from one space to another, meeting new people and seeing new things give a new perception and thought process to us. So, when we feel like we have nothing new to write or we are facing writer’s block then we should try changing or switching our space.

Now, if we have already changed our space and still, feel that we are not getting the ideas that we want or still feeling less motivated so we should then try changing our directions like if we have been writing the same thing for a long time then we should try writing on something else either a different topic or something that has a different format.

This will force our brain to think about something else and will might bring new and better ideas for the actual thing that we were writing as well. This will definitely prove to be a good break for us and will help us in writing better content later on.

10. Reward Yourself

We all love getting acknowledged for our hard work and dedication. Be it any job we always want to get rewarded in some way or the other. If we are working under someone, we get a paycheck as a reward or a promotion to acknowledge our hard work.

Even our parents reward us when we do something they like for example when we get good grades or perform really well in something. Sometimes, they reward us without any reason like that only for behaving in a good way or a certain way that is likable and that definitely makes us happy and motivates us to do similar things or better things in future to get rewarded even more.

Similarly, if we set a reward for ourselves like watching our favorite show or eating our favorite food, or getting ourselves something that we absolutely love when we finish writing our set goal for the day, we will definitely get motivated to finish our task and grab that reward because let’s accept the fact that we all love getting rewarded and acknowledged for our hard work and dedication.

This is also a great way to pamper ourselves and feel good after doing what we were supposed to do as it was a set goal and we achieved it. This is like when we were in school and once, we used to finish our homework then our parents would allow us to watch our favorite cartoon show or play outside with our friends. We all used to hate our home works but the happiness that we used to get after watching that cartoon show or playing out with friends would make us do our homework on time without feeling hatred (most of the time)

So, we can follow the same theory that our parents followed and reward us after we achieve our set goal. Now that we have grown up, we can’t wait for our parents to do that for ourselves so let’s do that on our own and achieve our goals. Isn’t it a great writing tip? 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are a few other motivational tips and tricks like reminding ourselves why exactly we want to write since we all have reasons behind doing anything so it’s good to remind ourselves the reason that why we initially started to write, using better writing tools as sometimes it’s not the lack of creativity it’s lack of on-the-spot functioning of brain and technology plays a good role in removing that writer’s block and using tools that enhance our writings like Grammarly, Hemingway, etc. help us in writing better content.

Also talking to other writers or joining a writer’s group can help us in getting new and fresher ideas and we can also feel motivated to write. Sometimes reading inspirational quotes also gives us the required motivation to write.

Similar to the above-mentioned ways many other writing tips can be followed to get the motivation to write. We just have to look for that motivation either within our own selves or around ourselves. Once we find that motivation then no one can stop us from writing great content and achieving our goals.

We all feel low and demotivated at times and there is nothing wrong with it. The best thing to do at that time is to address that “Yes I am feeling less motivated right now” and then work on it by talking to people or by spending some me-time. Once we address our issues and start working on them, we always come out with flying colors.

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Hope the above writing tips proves helpful and informational.

A Post Graduate Diploma holder in Event Management with the heart of a writer.
  • Lovely tips on writing . All content writers must read this article especially the ones who are freshers. I simply agree with all the points mentioned here. I do find reading inspirational quotes interesting and its true that many times I drive my motivation to write from them.

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