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List of Top 8 Medical Courses After 12th

The medical field is a vast one and has numerous educational opportunities to pursue. Medical courses are always pursued in higher numbers than the other fields because of their growing demand for jobs and stable career opportunities. The students leaning towards biology-related studies would make the best fit for the medical courses after 12th.


List of top 8 medical courses after 12th


Pursuing the medical courses after 12th would require the students to have studied Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and maths in the higher secondary level of the school. There are many courses available for people interested in the medical field.


The best branch of the medicinal field to pursue an education is usually decided by the individual’s interest towards the branch and also after weighing clearly about their future progression. This is required so that the correct branch of study is chosen at the start of the education phase and to give stable and well-rewarding career opportunities to choose from.


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Medical Courses after 12th


Medical courses are highly pursued than courses from other fields. The main reason for this interest in the medical courses is mainly due to the interest in the field. The other reason is due to the career opportunities they provide after graduation.


The career prospects after the graduation of the medical courses are mostly stable and constantly growing. This is due to the increasing population and the need for medical professionals. This will keep on going since the medical procedures can only be done manually and they need a human touch when it comes to patient care.


The medical field is a constantly growing field coming up with enormous career opportunities. There are numerous short-term and long-term courses to pursue. Some of the popular and highly pursued medical courses after 12th are:


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1. MBBS:


The most popular and common course that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about the medical courses after 12th would be MBBS. The MBBS course is pursued to become a doctor. Becoming a doctor is the dream for many students who lean towards medical courses. The course duration for MBBS is for four and a half years followed by one year of internship.


The MBBS course will teach students a lot of subjects like Anatomy, physiology, and many others. The course will also teach the various ethics of the medical field and about patient care. The course could be followed by higher studies like a post-graduation MD or other specialized courses in the interested field.


The higher studies could be in any specific field like cardiology or neurology. This will give specialized qualifications in the field of study. After completing a specialized course one may become a cardiologist or neurologist. There are entrance exams like NEET, JIPMER for admission to the course.


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2.BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery):


The next popular course after the MBBS is the BDS or the bachelor of dental surgery. The course specializes in dental care and treatment. The BDS is the most obvious choice if the interest is in dental science. The course duration of the BDS course is five years.


The BDS course covers more subjects about oral care and dental surgery procedures. The course is highly concentrated on dental and oral care. They also give more knowledge about the procedures for providing better dental hygiene.


The BDS course is also one of the most pursued courses and has a stable career opportunity. After finishing the course there are various job opportunities to take and can also start own practice. The admission for the course also has entrance exams.


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3. BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science):


Veterinary science is the study of medical treatment related to animals. After completing the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree, one can practice the medical treatment of animals and also maintain the well-being of the animals. Veterinary science is a vast area with many fields like taking care of the animals and also deal with rearing, nutrition, etc.


Veterinary doctors are highly required to provide periodical vaccinations for the pet animals and also give their owners advice to take better care of them. Since the animal’s symptoms are not fully understood by the owners they require veterinary doctors to get a better reason for the symptoms. The veterinary doctors also perform tests on various conditions of the animals and make them healthy by providing necessary health treatments.


The bachelor of veterinary science also gives enough skill for animal husbandry. This will give job opportunities in farm-based industries like poultry etc. There are also specialized higher education degrees like MVSC that can be pursued after this course. Veterinary doctors are in huge demand since there are more pet animals in the houses right now and also due to the higher number of farm animals. So getting a degree in this field would be a highly rewarding one. So this is also one of the best medical courses after 12th.


4. Bsc Nursing:


A Nurse is a medical professional who helps the doctor with the medical procedures and takes care of the patient. A bachelor of science in nursing degree would be the optimal choice for anyone trying to become a nurse. This is also one of the most suitable medical courses after 12th. The course duration for the BSc Nursing is four years.


Nursing could be pursued in different levels of courses varying from the diploma in nursing to the master’s in nursing. The nurses usually follow up after the doctors and would give routine medical treatments according to their advice.


The BSc nursing could be followed by higher studies like Msc Nursing. The entrance exams for admission to the course include tests like AIIMS nursing and JIPMER nursing. The nursing course provides better course coverage on medical subjects over human medical procedures and also how to take care of them after medical procedures or surgeries.


5. Optometry:


The optometrist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of eye and eye-related medical problems. The basic qualification for optometry would be a bachelor’s in optometry or Bsc Optometry. The course provides more subject coverage about eye-related medical practices.


The modern environment is full of screens with mobiles and computers and this allows the damaging of the eyes. So to overcome these arising eye problems the optometrists are required in higher numbers than before. The optometrists are also required to provide routine eye checks and keep the vision of the patients intact by providing better eye care treatments and a good routine to follow.


The optometrist helps the patient in getting better eye vision by diagnosing and treating eye-related diseases and problems. The optometrists’ professionals vary from providing glasses to performing surgeries according to their qualifications. They also help patients with glasses for corrective vision. They also provide long-term medical solutions for better caring of the eyes. Thus anyone interested in eye treatments can conceive such medical courses after 12th.


 6. Lab Technician:


The lab technology is also a better part of the medical courses. They are like the technical part of the medical industry. They usually have less interaction with the patients and their diagnosis. The usual duties of the lab technicians are running tests on the sample and providing the results.


There are many courses with various duration for becoming a lab technician. The course may vary according to the level of syllabus imparted. The lab technicians may also deal with the forensic sciences.


The lab technicians can be specialized in a specific industry too. The lab technicians can be employed according to the specialized courses like running tests or taking a test with special procedures. The lab technician field is growing at a better rate and it will be a good career choice to pursue among the medical courses after 12th.


7. Bachelor of pharmacy:


Pharmacists are professionals who specialize in medicines. Their duties are to provide medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. They provide medicines according to the dosage that is best for the patients.


The Bachelors in Pharmacy is the course to pursue to become a pharmacist. With the degree, one can take a job as a pharmacist or start a pharmacy. Pharmacists can also take up jobs in the pharmaceutical industry like representatives and marketing professionals.


Pharmacists are also needed mostly in the medical field right now due to the increasing number of healthcare providers and also due to the number of people undergoing medical treatments. With the improvements in the pharmaceutical field and the increasing demand for medicines, pharmacist courses are a better choice to take.


8. Clinical Research:


Clinical research is the research of medicines and healthcare products for their best effectiveness. Clinical research is conducting tests and experiments on the effects of the medicine and improves their treatment effectiveness.


Clinical research is an intense way of research and development of medicines and healthcare products. They require a higher number of hours to be spent in the laboratory than in the field and would require more skills to get better results out of the work. So anyone intending to get into this line of work must consider all these conditions very thoroughly.


The eligibility for the clinical research would be after completing a graduate degree like MBBS, BSc and so this would require a longer time to get into this field after completing the 12th. So this time duration should be considered before getting into this field.


The career opportunities are in higher amount and they will get employment in places like hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The research will go over a long time but the results after the research would be highly rewarding.


The medical courses after 12th are pursued several reasons varying from an interest in the field to better financial rewards. Apart from these courses, there are also other courses in the medical field. Some of them are courses like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and physiotherapy. These courses are either natural or therapy-related ones. They provide treatment by natural medicines and therapy.


Medical courses are provided by many educational institutions around the country. The admissions are usually based on the entrance exams conducted either by the government or the respective educational institutions.


Advantages of Medicinal Courses after 12th:


Whenever a career choice is involved it is better to evaluate the choices with their advantages and make the right choice with more advantages over other careers. The medicinal world is one of these advantageous career choices that make them better over many career options.


Some of the advantages of the medicinal courses are:


1. Stable Career Choice:


The first thing when considering the advantages of the career would be their stability over time. Many career options have become obsolete over the period and have made more people unemployed in the process. So it is better to get the future aspects of the career than find it out in the job. In this aspect, the medicinal world provides better results and a stable career.


The careers in the medicinal world are more stable than the other industry since they are constantly growing. They also need constant improvements to provide effective treatment for the patients. This need for constant improvements requires more skilled medical professionals and this would mean more workers in the process.


They also require more medical professionals since the people in the current generation are dependent on the medicinal world and a lot of people undergo medical treatments around the world. So these needs arise many jobs and would also provide better employment opportunities.


2. Respected Professional Status:


Being one of the oldest professions in the world the medicinal careers have more respect and high social status. The professionals in the medical field are treated with more respect and they also have better reach among the people. The respect of medical professionals is due to the work they do in society. A career in this field would also bring more respect towards a selected number of people with more experience and expertise.


They are also respected since medical professionals have a complicated working environment and would need better skills to become experienced professionals. This makes the medical professionals to be respected more in the aspect of skills as well.


3. Helping People:


The basic aspect of the medicinal world will be the helping nature of the medical professionals. The medical field requires more caring towards the patients and helping them in every part of the treatment starting from the diagnosis of the patients. The people trying to help people more can choose the medical field for the career.


When people with helping tendencies choose the medicinal field for the career choice they would accomplish both their desire for helping the people and also get a rewarding career out of it. Helping people part of the medicinal career would also give them better social skills.


A career in the medicinal field would also make the people more caring towards the people and would certainly have a better effect in society when a medical professional with more helping tendencies is involved.


4. Diverse Career Opportunities:


The best thing about a career in the medical field would be the different career choices available for pursuing. The medical field offers more number of courses and hence several career options to pursue. A career in the medical field can also be achieved by courses of various specializations and duration.


The career opportunities are also different according to the various domains in the medicinal field. These various domains would also give various career choices according to the domain interest of the individual. The presence of these various domains also shows that the number of jobs is also at a constant growth rate in the field.


With the number of career options to choose from the medical courses can be taken with better trust because they will have employment opportunities from almost all of the domains of the field.


5. Career without Geographical Constraint:


Career opportunities are always limited according to the places of the industry. For example, fishing-related careers are always limited to coastal areas. Like this, all careers have their places of business and would have a selected area for different careers.


The medical field is one of the fields which have broken this barrier and would have career opportunities all over the world. Medical careers can be pursued at any place in the world and would not have any geographical limit.


With this advantage, the medical field also become one of the fields that have increased the number of jobs in the world. This would also make the job that it can be taken around any part of the world irrespective of the country. This is one of the greatest advantages that need to be considered and also an important one to be remembered when taking a career choice.


6. Making a Difference:


Unlike the other fields, the medical field is not entirely based on performance and money. The medical field is service-related and by becoming a medical professional any individual can become part of that service. The medical field is also mostly related to making a difference in the world.


This difference may be by providing more medical services to the people and uplifting society or by finding solutions for people’s health-related problems. With the growing clinical research industry, diseases are being fought with constantly updated and new cures. By being in the research and development part of the medical field the professionals can also become part of that difference.


Other than getting monetary rewards the satisfaction of getting help to people around the world would be a greater advantage than the other advantages of a career in the medical field. Some organizations provide free medical help to poor and needy people. Being a volunteer in these types of organizations could also provide better satisfaction towards the job. So to conclude the medical career would be a highly rewarding one in all aspects.


7. Better Working Procedures:


A career in the medical field is a challenging one and would require a certain amount of skills to excel in the job. Unlike many other desk jobs, the medical field would require continuous work and a lot of practical working procedures. The job also requires a constant update in the skill set.


The working procedures may be good for the people interested in the field at a larger rate. The career also gives professionals to get better rewards for their hard work and gives better satisfaction towards the job.


These are some of the common advantages of a career in the medical field. The other advantages of the career are the financial rewards like better salary than other industries. The advantages of the medical career always outweigh the disadvantages of the field. The main thing or important criteria to consider before getting into one of the medical-related jobs would be interest in the field.


The medical field requires a higher amount of work and without interest in the field, the job could become difficult. The medical field also provides more branches and the branch with more interest should be pursued to get a better working environment. With these advantages about the medical field and the career-related perks, they offer the medical courses after 12th should be considered with the utmost care and better research.



So the medical courses after the 12th are sought after for a long time and would be for another long time since they would require a man to provide medical treatment. The industry is still dominated by humans than other industries where artificial intelligence and other robotic technologies have taken over and it would be still be operated by humans in the future. This would make a better point for the sustainable growth of the medical field.


This would also mean that the career opportunities and career growth in this industry would also be good at a steady rate. So choosing a career in the medicinal field would be highly rewarding and would secure a better future. With these points in mind, we can conclude that pursuing medical courses after 12th would be a better and right choice for the future.


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  • A very well written article. It sums up all fields related to medical. Its a must read for students who are currently thinking of a career in medical profession. There is a lot more to medical profession than MBBS. Clinical research is an interesting field if one has a knack of understanding statistics and how results are extrapolated from various studies.

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