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Top 31 ITI Courses After 12th in India

There are different options to look for while choosing a career. Especially after the 12th, students and parents are confused about the courses that suit them and take them to a better position in the mere future. Here, in this article, we shall discuss one of the lucrative career options called “ITI field” or “ITI courses after 12th.”

Top ITI Courses After 12th in India



Though many short-term courses or diploma courses can provide a better future, most of them go for professional courses. Reasons may vary from person to person. Some may select those courses based on their interest and some go for the options provided by their parents or relatives. But in most cases, students are not aware of the multiple options, and they lack proper career guidance too.


What are ITI courses?


DGET is commonly known as Directorate General of Employment and Training, provides vocational training to students from which they can get good job opportunities and also begin any small-scale business straight after completing a course. These courses are known as ITI (ITI — Industrial Training Institute) courses.


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Objectives of ITI courses after 12th


  • Training students to provide employment
  • make them industry fit
  • provide a better life and career options
  • advantages of choosing ITI courses


Though rural areas are developing nowadays, still some parts of the country lack good colleges and hospitals. These ITI courses provided by the government, provide rural students an opportunity to gain knowledge and build their careers too. Since ITI courses can fetch jobs easily, these students can earn a decent amount of income and support their families.


Education is everyone’s dream. But the cost of education is also rising these days. Education is also a business in this developing nation. But not everyone can afford the cost of expensive education. To provide the required technical skills to students, ITI courses are the best option.


Though the scope and popularity are less these days, there are students still gaining knowledge and having a ready-made career with them. The practical knowledge provided by the ITI courses is far better than any other professional course.


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Types of institutes providing ITI courses:


  1. Government ITI
  2. Private ITI


Each state has its own ITI. In India, there are 15697 centers.


 Types of ITI courses after 12th


Based on skill sets, ITI courses can be divided into two types.

  1. Non-engineering courses

These courses focus on streams like soft skills, Job-specific Knowledge and skills, and languages.

  1. Engineering courses

These courses focus on streams related to engineering, science, technology, and math.


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Eligibility criteria and admission process


Eligibility criteria vary according to the course chosen. However, the minimum educational criteria for ITI courses range from class 8th to 12th.


The admission process may vary according to the type of institute you select. Well-recognized centers use merit-based selection, while others select candidates through written examinations. Some private ITI centers go for direct admissions, too.

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Top 31 ITI Courses After 12th


Listed below are the best ITI courses after the 12th in India for boys and girls.


1. Instrument mechanic course


The instrument mechanic course is a two-year, four-semester course job. The job profile includes troubleshooting, installing, and repairing machines.


Topics covered during this course are:


  • Testing
  • Adjusting
  • Repairing electric and mechanical instruments
  • Inspecting meters

After successful course completion, one can be an entrepreneur, setting his own business or shop.

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2. Marketing executive course


This course deals with the study of business and how it helps to build customer value. The process of how marketing aids in generating customers is thoroughly studied.


Some main topics covered in this field are:

  • Distribution channels
  • Communication
  • Pricing of different products
  • Product policy

All the analytical frameworks related to marketing are discussed.

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3. Computer hardware and networking


These computer professionals are in high demand nowadays. Throughout the course, students are trained on various computer components like,


Some important skills are focused on in this course are

  1. Metal fabrication
  2. Soldering
  3. Wiring
  4. Circuit board building
  5. Recognizing various computer components


If you are someone looking for lucrative job opportunities in a computer-related field, this is one of the best ITI courses after 12th.

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4. Interior design and decoration course


The main aim of this course is to use the area of an establishment like a home or office effectively. Design and set up the area in the most convincing and budget-friendly manner.


Interior designers plan:

  • Layouts
  • Structure
  • Color schemes
  • Furnishings
  • And decorations of any buildings

They make sure the design is eye-catching and provides all the utilities required.


5. Radiology Technician course


This is one of the most preferred ITI courses after the 12th. A  two-year connection course that comes with radiologic technology. Students observe and learn about local medical conveniences and get trained on various radiographic events. Clinical lab practices are also provided along with patient positioning to depict the finest X-ray images, radiation revelation protection, and examining radiographic images.


Major topics covered in this course are:

  • Human body systems
  • Communication
  • Radiographic quality training
  • Technology utilization


6. Programming based Assistant / Computer operator course


This one-year course is a good choice for students who are dreaming to be a full-fledged computers. Students learn about computer components and their functioning. In this internet and technology era, computer programming and operating are important.


Some main concepts discussed in this course are:


  • Coding basics
  • Computer architecture
  • Software knowledge


7. ITI technician course


This is one of the most common choices among students who like to work on electronic devices and electric wiring. The course duration is 2years with 4 semesters.


Students are trained to install, maintain, repair, and operate electrical devices. They work on wiring and lighting household electrical appliances.


8. ITI Diesel mechanic course


If you are hardworking and physically fit, this course is one of the best ITI courses after  12th. The course duration is 1year with 2 semesters. Students are introduced to vocational ITI trade machines like Motor, buses, tractors, trains, and bikes.


Skills covered in the Diesel mechanic course are:

  • Repairing
  • Inspecting
  • Maintaining
  • Testing vehicles like bikes, buses, trains, etc.


9. Dental Laboratory technician course


In recent times, the employment opportunities after this course are on a huge rise. This course teaches all concepts related to dental laboratory equipment. This is a two-year course covering


  • Laboratory equipment setup
  • Usage
  • And they are trained to guide dentists and work as their facilitator


After successful completion, one can work in dental clinics. This field offers perfect job fulfillment and job security too.


10. Architectural Draughtsman course


Architectural Draughtsmanship is a field that deals with professional drawings and dimensions. Their job role is usually a junior assistant of job renders or chief architects. This one-year course prepares a person to get into the architectural design field.


This is considered as the preparation step of course, after which the students prefer to choose a diploma or B. Arch. degree. Those who have completed 12th can directly apply for this course.


Though many are not aware of this course, the successful completion of the course can help to associate and learn from architects.


11. Computer hardware mechanic course


The demand for hardware mechanic jobs is rising these days. Since the world relies on technology, the usage of computers is also increasing. The course duration is one year.


Training is provided to

  • Maintain and repair computers
  • Learning about computer components and repairing them

Students who have completed 12th can directly enroll for this course.


12. ITI COPA course


This one-year course is packed with skills required to survive in the IT industry. Students are trained in computer hardware, software, and programming languages. COPA — Computer Operator and Programming assistant can fetch your job quickly after the course completion.


Modules covered in this course are:

  • JavaScript
  • Database Management systems
  • Internet browsing
  • Networking
  • Data entry
  • Computer software and hardware
  • Computer programming languages


13. Desktop Publishing operator


All the publishing-related skills like printing and publishing brochures, books, magazines, newspapers, and advertising are covered in this course. This is a one-year course with two semesters.


Computer operating with printed material management prepares students to create well-organized plans, and thus the reading on these materials becomes easy.

14. Surveyor course


One who wants to work out of the box will love this course. This professional course is one of the best ITI courses after 12th. The job role is primarily focused on taking care and measuring roads. The course duration is one year.


Job responsibilities of surveyors:


  • Measuring the multidimensional position of places and distance between two points.
  • The terrestrial proportion of places is determined
  • Measuring roads and making them find the ownership and other details.


15. ITI Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic course


One of the best mechanical ITI courses which can fetch you a job right after the training of 1 or 2 years. You will be trained to repair, maintain and test various equipment like Air coolers, Freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners.


You may work on different air conditioners and refrigerators like,

  • Ship refrigerator
  • transportation refrigerator
  • Central air conditioner
  • Railway air conditioner
  • Home refrigerator


16. ITI Turner course


This 2-year mechanical engineering course related to ITI deals with wood, metal, industrial machinery components, and lathe machines.


Students are encouraged to work on lathe machines and turn wooden pieces or metals into required shapes. If you are a machine lover and a creative personality, this is one of the job-based ITI courses after  12th.


17. ITI instrument mechanic course


Though this is not a very popular course, it can fetch a decent job after 2 or 3 years. You will be engaged in installing, maintaining, repairing, and testing industrial instruments. The minimum qualification to enroll in this course is a 12th pass with science and mathematics.


Some instruments that students will be trained on are,

  • Thermometer
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Digital temperature indicator
  • Magnetic gauge
  • Digital temperature control
  • Manometer
  • Pressure gauge


18. ITI welder course


Welding is a course that deals with joining thermoplastic parts by using high-temperature heat. Metals used in this process are metallic rods, filler metal, and molten metal. This is one of the common ITI courses after the 12th.


This is a one-year course and after training for 2 years this course can fetch you a good job. So if you are interested in welding plastic or metal parts, this course is the best suit for you.


19. ITI plumber course


This one-year course is one of the most commonly chosen ITI courses after 12th. The course deals with sewage equipment, water supply through valves, pipes, water tanks, and pumps. The minimum qualification required to enroll in this course is 12th pass with math and science.


The student will be trained to maintain, repair, fit, test, survey, and install water supplying equipment to home establishments, agriculture, companies, roads, etc.


20. Network technician course


Nobody can imagine life without the internet nowadays. So the need for internet connections is also increasing. There are tremendous job opportunities for professionals who are skilled in networks and computer-related fields.


The network technician course is a two-year program.

A computer network technician handles

  • troubleshooting network issues
  • To work on network topology
  • Internet connections


So after successful completion of this course, you can grab job opportunities in well-known internet service providing companies.


21. Electroplater


Electroplating is a vocational trade with a two-year duration. This course suits small-scale industry workers and self-employment.


Concepts taught in this course are:

Electrolytic process — the process by which metals like gold, silver, chromium, nickel, and copper are used as a  coating material on required metallic parts.


Setting anode plates in the solution by examining the strength of the metallic solution

  • Current regulation methods
  • Adjusting cathodes
  • Removing components after completing electrolysis
  • Drying them using a centrifugal air dryer or sawdust


Careers after this course

  1. Maintenance mechanic
  2. Process technician
  3. Associate material engineer
  4. Electroplater


ITI courses after 12th for girls


Apart from boys, girls also have good job opportunities after successful completion of ITI courses.

Some popular courses include:

  • Leather goods making
  • Bookbinding
  • Footwear manufacturing course
  • Physiotherapy technician
  • Dressmaking
  • Secretarial practice.

Listed below are the best ITI courses after 12th for girls.


22. Cutting and sewing


Girls usually can detect subtle color differences better than men. They also know fashion trends. This course will give better knowledge about cutting, stitching, and sewing garments. Students are trained from beginners to expert level. At the end of the course, students are skilled to handle many garments.


23. Secretarial practice


This is one of the best-suited jobs for girls who are expecting to work in corporate companies and government sectors with a high salary. Good knowledge of current affairs and different business forms will have the best scope in this field. Shorthand, business correspondence, and typewriting are some skills that come with this course.


24. Cosmetology course (basic)


This is a job-oriented course preparing female students to work in the cosmetology industry. Cosmetology is one of the best-paid jobs. After successful completion of the course, one can be a facialist, hairstylist, manicurist, and salon owner.


25. Bookbinding


Bookbinding is one of the craftsman training courses, where students are trained on various paper binding activities. This is one of the simplest ITI courses after 12th for girls, where they are trained to handle machine equipment to carry out the binding process.


26. Leather goods making course


In this course, aspirants learn about repairing various leather items like belts, wallets, shoes, and bags. The course duration is one year.


27. Embroidery and needlework course


This is one of the machine working vocational ITI courses. During this one-year course, students are introduced to applying stitching techniques and producing complex designs on accessories and decor items.


Traditional sewing is combined with technologies and software to create incredible designs. Needlework refers to artwork that includes decorative sewing and textile arts. Students who have wonderful design creativity are expected to bag fine job offers.


28. Room/Cabin attendant trade


Cabin attendant is a six-month course with one semester. Career options are open in the home country and abroad.

Students are trained to:

  • Clean shared and general areas
  • Mopping, dusting, vacuuming
  • Resetting rooms and maintaining guest rooms
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness of rooms
  • Replacing linen and towels, etc.


29. Horticulture


During this course, students are trained to cultivate various fruits, vegetables, seeds, mushrooms, flowers, non-food crops, and ornamental trees.


Agriculture is the major occupation in India. Hence, this course offers various opportunities for successful candidates. After this ITI course, one can opt for diploma or degree courses too.


30. Front office assistant


One of the best ITI courses after 12th for students who are interested in administrative management. The duration of the course is one year inclusive of two semesters.

Responsibilities of candidates include:

  • Greeting visitors
  • Answering telephone one’s
  • Supporting the team
  • Faxing, scanning, and filing
  • Documentation and typing
  • Coordinate incoming/ outgoing mail
  • Working on special projects


31. Physiotherapy assistant


They assist physiotherapists in preparing patients for therapy and showing exercises. Candidates who are empathetic towards patients and good team workers are ideal for this job.


They work with adults, infants, senior patients, and even counsel families about the pathological conditions of patients.


Other duties of physiotherapy assistants are:

  • Writing patient records
  • Accompany patients in treatments
  • Consulting with doctors
  • Handling equipment


What after ITI courses?


Yes, this is one of the nagging questions in each student’s mind before and even after completing the course. Nowadays, skills are more valued than degrees. Even Google selects candidates based on skills, and they don’t require a degree to get into Google.


Government extends its helping hands to the youth through various programs. So the only motive is youth empowerment and encourages them to be more productive and create a powerful nation. So students have immense career options after ITI in and across India.


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Various career options after completing ITI courses


  1. Higher studies


There are several diplomae and professional courses available for students who have undergone courses belonging to trade and engineering domains. ATI — Advanced Training Institute provides short-term course specializations. This would further enhance the skills of students and mold them for better job profiles with high salaries.


NCVT — National Council for Vocational Training conducts a skill test called AITT (All India Trade Test). After passing this test, the students are provided an NTC certificate, which is equivalent to a diploma in most engineering trades.


  1. Job options


Like any other professional institute, ITI has specialized placement cells that provide job opportunities in government, private and foreign companies.


  • Private sectors

Many private sectors need skilled ITI professionals. So career options are wide in agriculture, textiles, and construction.


  • Public sectors

Some well-known public sector units like BSNL, Railways, IOCL, and ONGC provide good job opportunities. ITI certified students have excellent job availability, even in the Indian armed forces. E.g. BSF, CRPF, Indian Navy.


  • Self-employment

One of the important advantages of pursuing ITI courses is that it encourages one to be self-employed. Trained construction workers, plumbers, carpenters, and agricultural workers are rare. So starting a business is one of the best options.


The college students have a wide field of trades to pick out from depending upon their interests. At present, approximately 300 trades are being run via ITIs for technical and non-technical sectors, and the variety of trades is constantly increasing with time.


One greater reason that makes ITI profitable is that the medium of instruction is optional and the scholar should take the exam in either English or Hindi.


One of the major purposes of ITI is to employ weaker sections of society. Most of the ability training programs are high-priced to find the money for and prolonged in phrases of length except requiring higher instructional qualifications. Helping you in these conditions, ITI is splendidly designed to provide skills to those who can’t have enough money for costly training.


As a bottom line, this article arrives at a point that ITI courses are no less than professional courses in terms of Opportunities and skill set. Just that it takes a little interest and hard work to sail your boat. So if you are a confused student, this article will help you to choose your favorite ITI courses after 12th and unwind those strands of confusion in your mind. Who knows, you may “knit” a bright future with some Knitting ITI course.

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