Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

Digital Marketing can be defined as a process of marketing that uses different mediums to market through the internet. Different digital marketing agencies in Mumbai use marketing methods that can be used digitally are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snap chat, Pin-interest, etc. These platforms are used to promote a variety of products, campaigns, services, to create an effect about their existence in the market, and to reach a maximum number of people


The image suggests the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Mumbai


In times like now, digital marketing agencies in Mumbai plays a very important role for everyone whether it can be an entrepreneur, a teacher, a student, job professionals, or any other person who wishes to promote their existing business on a larger scale and create their visibility among a large number of people using different mediums of technology. Different examples of marketing include content marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, etc.


It can be defined as a traditional method to promote their skills, services products, etc. It is also a cost-effective process wherein people can save a lot of money in comparison to other ways and means of promoting.


After the invention of this method, people started using databases too to extract the details of the existing buyers to maintain the relationship continuously. It is not necessary that one can use only a single platform to market their product, different platforms can be used at the same time to reach a maximum number of people to generate revenue


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What is the importance of Digital Marketing? 


Any business on the internet gives a lot of value to any business running on an offline platform. For any entrepreneur who is willing to start their own business, then an online platform is a great way to give a kick start to it. It also helps to get feedback from the customers in the market continuously which helps to improve the services.


Major advantages of going through digital marketing agencies in Mumbai are:


1.Pay per click When our business comes in an online platform, one can also earn money from the number of clicks a customer does to go through the business or search about the services provided by anyone.


2.Social media marketing – In this new era social media plays a very important role as the majority of people are on their mobile phones. It becomes convenient for anyone to go through any particular site or download any applications and solve their queries.


3.Cost-efficient- Promoting services and business is cost-efficient for any start-up or any existing entrepreneur. Here digital marketing agencies in Mumbai play a very important role. Just registering on a social media platform and giving a suitable design to your website and business gives a kick start to the career.


4.Returns on Investment – Promoting business through digital marketing agencies in Mumbai through social media platforms gives a higher return on investment as in a shorter period it becomes convenient to reach mass people at once.


5.Easy to judge– It becomes easy to judge whether the visibility of our business reaches the right set of people or not. If the business is not visible to the right set of people then it is of no use to continue with the business.


6.Globalization– Anyone who wants to reach people in rural and urban areas as well then social media platform is the suitable platform for them so that the visibility is across the world and not only in India.


7.Segment Area– When anyone starts the business then it is very important to understand the market and usage of the products or services they are offering. This is important as offering every service to everyone makes no sense.


8.Better Engagement– Keeping in touch with the audience also plays an important role as no one is of the view to give the service and disappear as after-sales service is equally important for any entrepreneur or business professional.


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Types of Digital Marketing- 


There are several ways wherein we can go for digital marketing. Let us know about the seven ways of digital marketing-


  1. A platform for social media marketing


In today’s generation, everyone is dependant on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Snapchat. They spent most of their time spending on these social media platforms. If we go by the research a single user has eight social media accounts and they spent at least 2 hours a day spent on social media platforms.


One of the major reasons for the popularity of smartphones is the use of social media platforms. Through social media platforms reaching out to a greater number of customers is very easy. The Digital Marketing team can use these platforms through paid advertisements and sponsored content. Each platform has its own different and unique ways of displaying paid ads and content in front of its targeted audience.


The social media platform is also a great way of selling products and services. In today’s time having more subscribers, and followers for your channel plays a very important role. Having more subscribers creates more visibility for our products. Apart from this social media accounts also helps us to stay connected with our customers and also get reviews on our products and services and bring improvements accordingly.


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  1. Influencer Marketing


Another productive way to use digital marketing and reaching a large number of consumers is through influencer marketing. Here different brands can choose to partner with different celebrities, sites, or with people who are already famous in a particular field. After which brands can reach out to existing followers of the celebrities wherein, we don’t have to struggle to get a greater number of followers.


  1. Email Marketing


Digital marketing through email creates a very powerful impact on the consumers which we want to target for our products and services. Sending customized newsletters periodically to the customers helps us to build a strong relationship with our audience.


Sending regular emails regarding updates of our products and services helps customers to make choices as well as sending emails of transaction details well helps to build confidence as well in the mind of the customer. Research says that 60% of the purchase-made decisions are done by the consumers based on the email they receive regularly.


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  1. Content Marketing


This is a type of digital marketing wherein it allows the marketing team to be very active while handling the queries of the customer. They need to create videos, content, and other content as well to answer their questions which go through three stages which are as follows-


  • Stage of awareness- It helps the buyer to realize that they need to buy.
  • Stage of consideration- It helps the buyer to determine a way out to satisfy their need.
  • Stage of decision- It helps the buyer to decide on which product or service to buy to satisfy their need.


  1. Search Engine Optimization Marketing


After marketing through creating strong content, marketing through search engine optimization also goes hand in hand. For example, if a customer decides on which product to buy and starts searching on google then he will probably click on the first three links that appear on the screen. That is why the marketing team needs to create content that tends to appear on the first three links in Google. This can be done by optimizing the content and adding elements that are w technical which helps our content to rank in the top three.


  1. Pay per click


This is a type of digital marketing that helps the marketing team to buy traffic for their website which is also the first step. The marketing team places the ads on the google page and pays a required fee every time an ad is clicked. This also appears on the top page of the search engine.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


Under this category of digital marketing, it requires the involvement of individuals and companies outside our brand who promote our brand and in exchange charge commission from us. In affiliate marketing, we usually risk our brand in other’s hands therefore it needs regular monitoring and tracking so that reputation is not spoiled.


4 Ps of Digital Marketing


Four P’s can be defined as a pillar of digital marketing. Let us read about them in details-


  1. Product

This P can be defined as understanding the customer needs and provide solutions according to their questions and doubts and queries they have. Having a brief understanding of who our customer is, what are their needs, what are their queries and finding out an appropriate solution to it which can bring relief to the customer and also helps us to maintain a relationship with them.


The marketing team should also keep in mind that before answering the queries they should have clear and in-depth knowledge of the product and services they are selling and along with it we should also focus on the marketing strategy of approaching the customer. Getting appreciation from the customer is not enough, through our approach we should try and make our customers understand that our products and services can meet their expectations and satisfy all their needs.


  1. Price


This P can be defined as the most important component amongst all the elements of digital marketing which affects consumers the most. Price is a type of component which influences the customer the most at the time of deciding whether they should buy a particular product or not. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a particular brand to fix the price of the product as per the need of the customer in the market.


If a brand sets a price on a higher note then it becomes difficult to sell the product, and if a brand sets a price on a lower note then it becomes difficult to set the profit margin. And as we all know that profit is very important for any business to run. Therefore, a particular company needs to balance between the product and the price and set the price accordingly as per the profit booking.


  1. Place


This type of P can be defined as a location from where the consumer will buy our product or service. Where will consumers look for our product? What are the channels the marketing team will choose to sell their product, it can be online or offline or both?


Whether a brand chooses to sell their product via a retail store or through online mode whether it can be through Amazon, flip kart, or by creating their application in the market. Whatever might be the decision but it should be chosen wisely, if not it may harm business profitability shortly and also lead to loss the customers as well.


  1. Promotion


This can be described as various ways and methods of advertising and promoting products and services. Nowadays, technology has been developed a great time therefore methods of marketing have also changed. Previously advertising and promotion were done through radio channels, tv channels, newspapers. But now marketing is done through online mode, via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


To conclude this, 4 P’s have played a very major role in driving business. If you are looking for driving the business, then keeping these 4 P’s in mind is very important.


How will the new 4 P’s change the era of Digital Marketing? 


We read previously how 4 type of P” s is very important for digital marketing. But with the updated time and technology there are new 4 P’s which are- process, people, platform, and performance. It helps to offer new methods to meet the needs of the customer and customize the customer’s needs personally one on one. Let’s dig into their details:


  1. Process


In recent times, the marketing team has faced a lot of pressure while maintaining the balance while offering their products and services they have to maintain their organization brand image as well. They are held responsible to be aware of the updated technology as well as the operational process and develop strategies keeping in mind the return on investment of the company.


Moreover, the reality is that many of the marketing team finds it difficult as there is lack of tools and process to measure success. While streamlining the process of building the relationship some of the important questions that one should consider are as follows-


  • Is your existing brand ready for this competitive marketing environment?
  • What are the tools which will help to market the correct set of audience?
  • How can you convert a company’s needs and goals into a marketing strategy?
  • Can you justify the budget and quantify returns?
  • Do you have the right set of partners, shareholders, etc?


  1. People


In these digital times, the most important factor one should keep in mind while communicating is personalization. One needs to understand that method of convincing all the customers in mass through a single drafted message or communication is very old. In this modern world, this method does not work anymore. Research has shown that 80% of the customers buy a particular product or service basis on their personalized experience.


Experiences may be good or bad but every individual has their own set of experiences. Therefore marketing team plays a very important role while balancing between the new set of P”s and the old set of P’”s. Under this strategy, customer relationship management plays a very important role wherein teamwork is very essential to manage all the customers at one go using the latest technology methods and should be personalized to every customer.


  1. Platforms


As we all know that growth of the business depends on loyalty, which is considered to be one of the most important tools to build relationships with customers over a long period. Selecting the right set of tools to maintain data of the existing customers as well as new customers, sending messages, and communicating with them at the right time with the right set of vocabulary is very important.


Choosing the most effective platform for any business is very critical. Research has proven 55% of the sales go down because of the wrong customer relationship management and as a result, it may lead to a business shutdown. Therefore, one must remember that choosing the wrong platforms may result in very costly in the future for the business.


  1. Performance


Choosing the best platform for your business won’t matter much unless we don’t store the data of our customers and follow up with them on regular basis. This is also important for the success of the organization. Some of the most important key performance indicators to measure customer relationship management includes customer service, engagement with the consumers, timely response, successful deals conversions, and most important loyalty.


While technology has developed over time, but the basic needs of the customer won’t change. They still want to be valued. The new 4 Ps build the bridge between the old 4 Ps and digital marketing in a great way.

The 5 D’s of Digital Marketing?


Along with the full details about the four types of P” s it is equally important to know about the five types of D. As we already know that digital marketing can be defined as a method of marketing through the digital way which means everything will be electronic. Unlike other marketing methods, it allows us to reach a large number of consumers across the globe.


Here are where five types of D come into the picture. It deals with the different ways in how consumers communicate with the brand. In total five types of D can be defined as different pillars of the marketing world in an electronic way.


  1. Digital Services– Digital services can be operated through any device. One can communicate using laptops, tabs, mobile phones. However, with the more updated times now even television has become equally updated wherein there also you can view different websites as well.
  2. Digital Platform– Different types of platforms can be used for marketing. The first step is to gain in-depth knowledge of the customer in detail, such as their preferences and previous purchase if made. Also, marketing leaders can use online as well as offline ways of promoting their brand or services.
  3. Digital Media– Now that the digital services and digital platforms are involved then digital media also comes into the picture. Marketing leaders can use different means of the online medium to reach out to their customers in a mass way. For example, various search engines can be used, various social media platforms like what’s app, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  4. Digital Data– This can be described as storing the data of the customers in a digital form. Data includes their phone numbers, email id, their last purchase history, their feedback, etc. Through the digital method, it helps to maintain the data on a large size, send the messages through broadcasting way and helps for the marketing reference as well.
  5. Digital Technology– Any brand who needs to create their market value in this competitive world need to update their ways and methods of promoting their products and services through the updated technology. For example, in-store kiosks wherein advertisements about the brand will be displayed.


The top 10 digital marketing agencies in Mumbai-


  1. Atop Digital (Always stay on Top)


This is considered to be one of the top marketing agencies in Mumbai. It offers top digital marketing solutions to customers. From execution to delivery to after-sales services. It also helps to generate higher returns on investment on regular basis along with flexible pricing.


  1. Virtusa Polaris


After Atop Digital, Virtusa comes second in the list of most popular digital marketing agencies in Mumbai which is a combination of digital expertise, an innovative engineer team along with a passion to drive the business on social media and to create a presence globally in a digital way. It has proven to be one of the most efficient digital agencies in case of customer satisfaction. Its technology helps to drive the challenges in the rural areas too regarding their health care. As we know that one of the important advantages of social media marketing is keeping track of the business on regular basis. So, this will help to keep a continuous eye on the customer satisfaction and feedbacks along with the regular tips as per the changes in the market


  1. Brain candy Digital Marketing & Production House-


 Braincandy is considered to be one of the top animated digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Anyone willing to go for video services like social events like corporate events, video training, motivational video, promotional videos, 3D effects, E-commerce product photography. 3-D effects create a different experience altogether.


  1. BigTrunk communications Pvt Ltd-


2020 is the year wherein mobile and laptops have become an important part of our lives. Therefore, this digital marketing agency is also on the top 10 list Then why not take advantage of it to maximize business globally? BigTrunk Communications provides a lot of advantages like SEO optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, animated videos to explain the consumers on a large scale along with the best after-sales services which are equally important to grab the attention of the people regularly. Hence, it is considered one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai.


  1. SySpree- 


Syspree can be defined as one of the leading, reputed, and top web digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Tailored website, which means a website created with its creativity is the most important thing which attracts a large number of customers which is essential for any existing business or any start-up. Creating your website is considered to be the first step towards building up any business and creating its online presence. Its quality assurance is considered to be the best.


  1. Kreativ Ideas-


 As depicted in the name one of the essential things which one can look for here is giving creative ideas within the deadline given to the customers. In comparison with other digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, this is considered a start-up agency but still it has built its quality of services on the social media platform.


They have a young team working hard day and night to create an impact worldwide. It gives ideas in a cost-efficient way for the website designing not only in India but also worldwide which increases the customer base on a larger scale.


  1. Matrix Bricks- 


 Matrix business helps to create the business using innovative technology both in the mixture of using out-of-the-box creativity. Whatever is the business of an entrepreneur online growth of it is very important. These digital marketing agencies in Mumbai also do pay per click, SEO optimization, brand management, reputation management, internet marketing in a very strategize manner.


  1. Aarav Infotech India Pvt Ltd- 


It is one of the professional SEO companies that help to increase the organic search to complete the ranking at the highest stage in Google. It is considered to be one of the special digital marketing companies in India, the UK, the USA, Australia, and UAE (Dubai) who regularly outsource SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, ORM, Web Designing, and Development projects to the customer and creates the presence digitally. It gives fabulous results at the digital level.


  1. Briefcase Digital Communications-


If one has an established business or a start-up online presence plays an important role. On the other hand, the online presence for start-ups plays an important role as they need to build confidence globally on a large scale. So, Briefcase is the most suitable agency for the new entrepreneur who wishes to increase their presence worldwide. And to grow as an entrepreneur, these digital marketing agencies in Mumbai help an individual a lot.


  1. Mindstorm


Amongst all the Digital Marketing agencies in Mumbai, Mindstorm is famously known for global solutions for customers around the world. It helps to remove the chaos in the digital market and create its own space worldwide and maintain its position in the crowd.



So, here is the list of top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. I hope it helps you out in some way to validate your business to a whole new level.


Thank you for reading this article.


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