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Top 5 English Courses in Bangalore to Enhance Communication

Lacking communication skills generally denotes a lack of confidence in an individual. When you look around, you will notice that there is no field where English is not used. If you are someone who behaves shaky while speaking English or is afraid of it, then you might be losing so many opportunities in your life. In order to make your future secure, we are presenting the top 5 English courses in Bangalore. By practicing with these institutes, you will gain a lot of confidence with fluent English. 


List of the best English courses in Bangalore


English is no longer just a language, it is also a skill that is highly recognized throughout the world. From education to entertainment, English is a must to hone any sort of occupation. I don’t think any of you are not aware of the significance of the language. Our parents, teachers, and society have been instilling the language in us from the moment we were entered on this planet. 


When a kid initially attends school, he or she is introduced to English alphabets before any other subject, isn’t it? It’s the entire 26 alphabet’s game; these have the power to bring a lot of opportunities in one’s path. 


Before we learn about the benefits and opportunities that come with this skill, let’s first read why it is important to master the English language. 


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Why is English important?


If you have landed on this article by finding English courses in Bangalore, then it is clearly visible that you may have faced some sort of challenges or rejections because of lacking English speaking and communication skills. Or it might be possible that many of you are making themselves prepared for better opportunities, that is why you have reached us.


Well! There is no doubt that our communication plays a vital role in representing our personalities in front of the world. How we communicate, put ideas in front of people, and also how confidently we believe in our words or thoughts, have a huge impact on others. It is no longer a secret that in today’s society, people are judged not just on their communication abilities, but also on their ability to communicate in English.


Everyone is battling for themselves in today’s competitive world, striving hard to achieve success. However, before taking any more action, you must be able to persuade them. For example, even if you are very talented in your field and have a thorough comprehension of it, you must first attend an interview to demonstrate your abilities through your vocal strength.


Isn’t it true that your English is the most important factor in landing your desired job? What good is it to put in the effort to achieve such skills if you can’t persuade them because of your poor English? People with high English and communication abilities are more confident, and they are more likely to build good routes in their lives.


If you are struggling with your communication, here are the 10 ways to improve communication skills


Now, let’s talk about the benefits of learning English


  • Being able to communicate effectively in English opens the door to a variety of job opportunities. Even in their employment requirement notices, firms specifically specify English proficiency in the eligibility area. It will be easier for you to find a job if you possess that quality.
  • English is the language that is widely spoken in the workplaces or others so, being able to communicate effectively with your coworkers and management will be aided by your command of the English language.
  • It will improve your chances of getting better job possibilities in the future, as professionals value persons with strong English and communication abilities.
  • Additionally, it improves people’s self-esteem. People who speak English well are more self-assured while presenting their ideas.
  • You may interact with people from all around the world, which is one of the nicest aspects. If you’re a professional, you might be able to deal with international clients as well.
  • You can also use your English abilities to boost your confidence when traveling abroad.


Here are the top 5 English courses in Bangalore to build your skills and confidence


1. FITA Academy


English courses in Bangalore provided by FITA academy are appropriate for all of them who want to learn English from the very beginning to advance. Their course will take you through all aspects of reading, writing, and speaking English. The main agenda of their course is to make people skillful and confident with proficiency in English. You will be guided by considering the market requirements of the language since the course is prepared by subject matter experts. 



Beginners level

Course content

Noun/ Verb/ Adverbs/ Adjectives/ Tenses/Conjunctions

Interjections/ Prepositions/ Vocabulary/ Confusing Words

Mispronounced words/ Reading Comprehension/ Speaking practices/Pronunciation 


Intermediate level

Course content

Speech/ Direct sentences/ Indirect Sentences/ Relative Pronouns/ Subject-Verb Agreement/ Gerunds/ Active voice/ Passive voice/ Infinitive Gerunds/ Adverb types

Phrasal verbs/ Idiom and Phrases/ Homonyms/ Homophones/ Proverbs/

 General Abbreviations


Advanced level

Course content

Business vocabulary/ Advanced Grammar/ Business Communication

Communication with peers/ Email Etiquette/ Telephonic Communication Etiquette. 


Course HIghlight

  • The course is designed by experts that will take you first to the beginner level, then intermediate and advanced at a very affordable price. 
  • The course curriculum is wide enough to cover all important topics, it is of almost 60+ hours.
  • Before enrolling, you can select the timing according to your preference as they have flexible timing options.
  • You also have a choice for in-class or online live training. 
  • You will also be given live projects and activities that will help you to terminate your hesitation and fear of English. 
  • From grammar to pronunciation, and from reading to speaking, you will learn all the major practices here. 
  • After graduating from FITA academy, you will be considering yourself a fluent English speaker. 
  • You will be certified by FITA Academy post-course completion. 
  • Placement support


Contact information

Call: 9345045466

Email: [email protected]


2. SpeakengIndia


SpeakengIndia is one of the biggest institutes and is well known for its practically oriented English courses in Bangalore. They focus on students’ needs, hence the course is designed to provide practical training in which student participation in the sessions makes the session dynamic that allows students to get the most out of their learning. Their classes not only increase your English fluency but also boost your confidence.



Level 1 

Duration: 30 Hours


Course syllabus

Alphabet/ Greetings/ Spellings/Days/ months/ Seasons

Sentence structure/ Rhymes/ Colors

‘Wh’ questions/ Simple Verbs/ Self introduction/ Basic Greetings

Everyday objects/ Opposite and genders/ Plurals


Pre-basic level

Duration: 30 Hours


Course syllabus

Self introduction/ Verbs/ Regular and irregular verbs/ conjunction 

speech/ exercise/ Verbs/ prepositions

Tenses/ conjunction/ Jumbled sentences/ Articles/ Plurals

Small presentations/ Sentence structure/ Homophones 

Vocabulary building/ Translation of sentences


Basic level        

Duration: 30 Hours


Course content

Self introduction/ Greeting/ Wishing/ Thanking/ apologizing

Noun/ Pronoun/ Adjective/ Verb/ Adverb/ Preposition/ conjunction/interjection 

Articles/ Homophones/Tenses at a glance/ Synonyms/ Antonyms

Vocabulary building/ Presentation/ Public speaking/ Group discussion/ Debate


Intermediate level

Duration: 30 Hours


Course Content

Ice Breaking activities/ Noun/ Pronoun/ adjective

Degrees of Comparison/ Direct and Indirect Speech

Phrasal Verbs Active and Passive voice

Tenses/ Group discussion/ Role Plays

Panel interview session/ Mock interviews

Word building/ vocabulary building

Extempore/ Debates/ Basic telephone Etiquette

Story Narration/ Video Narration/ Conversation activities

Viva assessment


Advanced / Corporate level

 Duration: 30 Hours


 Course Content

Advanced grammar/ vocabulary/ Personality development

Presentation skills/ Email Etiquette/ Interview skills/ 

Telephonic Etiquette/ Accent neutralization/ Writing skills



  • The course syllabus is very wide and full to become proficient in English. The course has 5 levels that will help you to reach the advanced level of your abilities. 
  • The trainers are well experienced there.
  • Their course has flexible timing, they have weekend batches that will not make any change in your daily routine. 
  • They provide 100% practical training, the course curriculum includes various in-class activities. You can see above in the course detail part.
  • The trainers provide equal and personal attention to every student.
  • They contain small batch sizes, only 10 students are allowed in 1 batch for better learning of students.
  • And yes, certification



They have multiple centers in Bangalore

  • Marathahalli
  • Koramangala
  • Madiwala
  • BTM Layout
  • JP Nagar
  • Electronic City
  • Malleshwaram
  • Mangalore

Contact information

Call:+91 9148294666

Email: [email protected]


3. Veta


Veta has been providing various English courses in Bangalore for 38 years. It should be your choice if you are in search of skill-focused institutes, as they focus more on soft skills and communication. They will teach you how to be confident and speak English fluently while guiding you through different classroom activities. Now, have a look at English courses in Bangalore provided by Veta. 



VETA Fluent English (LEVEL 1)

Module duration 40 hours

Course duration 120 hours


Course syllabus

introductory conversation/ Word Building/ Words & Sentences/ Numerals

Concept of time/ Simple Narratives/ Relationship/ Profession

Singular and plural/ Homophones/ Functional words/ Prefix & Suffix

Courteousness/ Everyday English/ Usual conversation

Instructions & Directions/ Describing Words/ Action and Phrasal verbs

Traveling & Shopping/ Office & Business


VETA Fluent English LEVEL 2 

Module duration 40 hours

Course duration 120 hours


Course syllabus

Ice Breaker/ Tenses/ Wh questions/ Software/ Sentence Building

Time Words/ Action Words/ Instructions/ Activities/ Story Games

Comparatives & Idioms/ Subject Verb agreement/ Rules

English games


VETA Fluent English VOL 2

Module duration 40 hours

Course duration 120 hours


Course syllabus

Motivation/ Pictionary/ Tenses enhanced, participle/ Debate

Antonyms and Synonyms/ Jam Session/ Conjunction

Infinitives and Gerunds/ Reporting/ Modals/ Let and Let’s

Get/ Narrations/ Presentation

Spoken English COMPETENCY

Course duration 30 hours

The course syllabus contains – 30 units


Spoken English PROFICIENCY

Course duration 30 hours

The course syllabus contains – 30 units



713 JC PLAZA 3rd Block

Rajaji Nagar, Opp old Police station

BMTC bus stop


Karnataka 560010


Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Call: 94443 23000 / 9962209281



  • Personal Guidance
  • Language Lab
  • Fluency Drills
  • Word and Pronunciation Practice
  • Exercises
  • Sentence Practice
  • Speech Drill


4. Cambridge Academy of English


As per the industry’s need, Cambridge academy’s English courses in Bangalore are very well oriented to educate aspiring learners. Cambridge Academy of English has registered its name in some of the best institutions providing both online and offline training programs. Considering practical needs and demand, they are more focused on verbal practice, which is why they have included communication assignments in their course. 



General course



Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Phonics/ Fluency/ Communication

Speaking/ Reading/ Writing/ Discussion? Role playing/

Personality development


Professional course


Vocabulary/ Grammar/ Communication/ etiquette/ presentation

Business word/ teleconferencing/ cultural awareness/ grammatical accuracy

Intercultural communication/ job skills/ interview/ presentation/ business writing


Academic course


Practical grammar/ vocabulary/ academic writing/

reading/ writing/ listening/ speaking/ phonetics

fluency/ pronunciation/ communication/ presentation skills



  • Experts trainers
  • Quality education
  • Fun activities
  • Live practices
  • Employment opportunities
  • 100% placement assistance



No 87, 2nd floor

Nehru Road, Bangalore


Contact information

Call: 08040943580


5. Diginet Infosystems


Diginet Infosystems is a learning institution that is working hard to provide extraordinary advantages to its students. It is one of the greatest training institutes with facilities for English-speaking training with the goal of instilling confidence and leadership qualities in individuals. You can rely on this organization to provide you with the best learning opportunities.



General course

Duration: 3 months



  • Consonant vowel combinations
  • Building words
  • Lab sessions
  • Silent letters
  • Names of professionals 
  • Homophones


Other courses

Intermediate course

Duration: 3 months


Advance course

Duration: 3 months


Personal development

Duration: 1 month


What you will achieve from English courses in Bangalore by Diginet Infosystems

  • Self-appreciation
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Leadership
  • Excellent vocabulary
  • Fluency



  • 20 years of experience 
  • Expert faculty 
  • Real-time project
  • Focus on personal development 
  • Unlimited lab time
  • Excellent course curriculum



213/60, 11th Cross, Wilson Garden

Next to Canara Bank

Opp Brand Factory Shopping Mall



Contact information

Call: +91 80 22276048, 22276049


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the steps we can take to learn English at home?

  • Start reading on a daily basis, at least for 30 minutes in the beginning. 
  • Daily reading is a great tool to improve English as well as vocabulary. 
  • Listen to English podcasts, you can listen to anything related to your study or work.
  • Start journaling, it is again a great method in which you practice and learn from your mistakes.
  • You can also use self-talk as a method to improve your English and communication skills. 


2. Can I learn English online?

Yes, you can learn English online, there are so many free courses available online. You can also leverage YouTube where you can find a lot of content on English and vocabulary. 


3. Is English difficult to learn?

English is not that difficult that many people think it is. It is a language just like other languages of India. You can learn it easily with these English courses in Bangalore. 



Before we go any further, let me remind you that English is more than just a language; it is regarded as the most important and in-demand skill in every field. Finding a place to learn and taking classes is essential, but self-practice is also a critical process that everyone should follow while pursuing English courses in Bangalore.

Because skill is not an inborn talent, a person must practice it in order to develop that skill, so practice is essential. English is not an impossible language to learn; anyone can do so with a little practice, and practice here means speaking. 

When you speak on a daily basis, even if it is incorrect, you will develop a habit and become proficient in it. These top 5 English courses in Bangalore are excellent choices because they will help you overcome your fear of speaking English and provide you with confidence and good communication skills.

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