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Top 21 Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost SEO in 2024

We are here to shed light on some of the Best 21 Social Bookmarking Sites with higher DA. If you are a professional working in the web domain, you might have heard about and even explored social bookmarking sites. These are worthwhile sites that help to strengthen your professional acumen. They help to increase the overall efficiency of your marketing initiatives as well. 

Best 21 Social Bookmarking Sites with Higher DA

They help in boosting traffic to your website and getting better SEO results. As a result, you obtain better visibility and chances of clinching some of the best deals for your brand and your range of products and services. In the next section, let’s get to know these bookmarking sites in-depth.

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As the name suggests, Social Bookmarking Sites are social networks that help you to bookmark an article, website, blog, or any content that you deem useful. In our fast-paced professional life, we might not always have the time to go through the content that as soon as we notice it.

Social bookmarking sites help you to mark those articles, and access them at a later time, at your convenience. You can go through the content, edit, highlight, make notes whenever you want.

Additionally, it helps you to share and carry out several activities that strengthen your knowledge. You can use the newfound information to impact your professional and/or personal life positively.

Key Features of Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Sharing

Social bookmarking sites allow you to share the content you have saved with anybody you like. It helps to organize and structure your own content links. By sharing it with your team or network of people you can strategize and create more focused writeups, and articles for better results.

  • Content Curation

This is one of the most salient features of social bookmarking sites. You can curate content from different sites and provide it to your target audience to boost the credibility of your business. You have to be transparent and provide the links to the original content. This way, you can provide relevance and value to your target audience while strengthening your own knowledge.

  • Driving Traffic to your Website

When you create content on social bookmarking sites or link your content, it is available to the public and people on that site. When they bookmark or upvote your content, you get recognition and brand awareness from search engines. It helps you get leads for your website.

With proper marketing techniques, you can turn these leads into conversions. Creating content and providing links to your work can also increase your brand reputation immensely.

It helps your overall Search engine optimization efforts. When your content is appreciated, followed, shared you get backlinks. That is a signal to search engines about the value of your content. You invariably rank better on SERP.

  • Community Building

By creating content, and participating in social bookmarking sites, you develop a community of people interested in the same content. When you comment, post links, write, and vote on these platforms it gives you the element of visibility.

  • Arranging and Collating Content

A social bookmarking site enables you to structure and organize your content better. You can assemble all the topics that are important to you and collate them together.

This helps to maximize productivity, and to keep track of all the important content that can help you to augment your business in the web domain.

Moreover, it is accessible to you from any device at anytime. Some of social bookmarking sites also allow you to access the content offline. It helps to improve and maximize your professional goals and objectives smoothly.

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Below is a compilation of the Top 21 Social Bookmarking sites that help in your marketing endeavors and enriches your overall knowledge by providing some of the best content to read and save. 

  1. Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the most popular creative social bookmarking sites that help you in organizing your creative work. It increases efficiency by helping to save, search, and manage the various website, blogs, that are relevant to you.

It is one of the top choices for designers and creatives who want to gain visibility and share the work with the community. Dribbble helps to share your work, to get insights into your domain of design and art. The user interface of the site is aesthetic and very easy to navigate.

There is a job board you can surf. You also have a freelance projects pro-version which is exclusively made for freelancers and design agencies. The go-pro version enables you to collaborate with designers and design agencies from all over the globe.

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  1. Medium

Medium is an exemplary social bookmarking site that helps you to glean knowledge about anything important to you. You get to write on topics of your choice. Medium helps you to grow your community of like-minded individuals who share your thoughts and ideas.

It is an excellent social bookmarking site to promote your business and your brand. You can publish your work on the platform, link your website to it, and get a boost in traffic. There are diverse topics and innumerable articles that are informative and excellently crafted. It also gives you recognition and helps you to connect with people from the industry.

  1. Mix

The mix is one of the finest social bookmarking sites that are used by diverse industries and sectors. The interface is smooth, the design of the website is excellent.

It helps you to bookmark, curate content by saving the top posts published by eminent bloggers, editors, and websites. You get the option to share your favorite posts with your community. You grow as a professional, get different perspectives that broaden your horizons.

One of the main features of the mix is it can help to greatly boost your SEO efforts. You not only bookmark but can tag specific words. The reviewing feature helps you to keep a list of the websites that hold relevance for you.

  1. Reddit

If you are active on digital platforms, communicate with fellow internet users, then you must have heard of Reddit. It is one of the most effective communication channels. Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites available to you.

It today has more than 430 million active users globally. You have several categories and communities that interact with one another known as subreddits.

It is a great platform to promote your blog, website, or content. You can gain prominence as a writer by effectively creating content on Reddit and posting it for millions of users to take notice.

If you visit the website, you will see it has several different sections on its webpage. There is a “Trending Today” section. Then you have the top growing communities section. Along with it, are several questions that are posed to the Reddit users for answers. You can vote, comment, share, and save a post. You can also get others to vote for you on your bookmarked sites.

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  1. Digg

Digg is another popular site that helps you to bookmark, share, and save useful posts. There are several categories like long reads, tech, politics, science, photography, design, gift guides that you can choose from.

Moreover, Digg provides you with its own curated content based on popularity, combined with your choices and preferences.

  1. Scoop It

Scoop It is one of the finest content curation social bookmarking sites. There are different solutions for individuals and businesses. As individuals, you can promote your topic page with curated content. You can distribute it within your network to build brand equity and professional development.

For businesses, you can save and promote curated content on private hubs. With Scoop It helps you can save curated content across several WordPress blogs, and keep them for your network, friends.

  1. SlideShare

SlideShare is a professional social bookmarking site that enables you to publish a variety of content formats. You can share written content, presentations, infographics, videos among others. The files can be shared with the public or with a certain number of people in private mode.

You can submit a variety of content formats including PowerPoint, PDF, Word, and Excel. You have several categories like featured slideshares, news, opinion articles, dissertation, on diverse topics. There are also several blogs, which are long-form for your incisive knowledge.

SlideShare is also a very effective tool for repurposing your content and promoting it on the platform to gain visibility and brand awareness.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a boon for businesses and individuals alike. It can be considered as one of the noteworthy social bookmarking sites. It is majorly an image-dominated content platform. But it has links for other websites and blogs as well.

Pinterest provides features to create several categories called boards for content on the platform. You can select a particular image, link, and save it on a specific board on the site.

The Pinterest application meant for mobile devices is also greatly user-friendly. You can save, share, and link that content to other platforms. Several eminent brands and businesses share their content on Pinterest with links to their website. This boosts traffic to a large extent and helps you to increase your SEO initiatives.

  1. Slashdot

Slashdot is a social bookmarking site that also provides news on various topics related to science, technology, politics, international affairs. It has plenty of high-grade articles meant to educate and inform people about the various happenings globally.

The members and users can submit their articles, and stories on slashdot. The curators and editors go through the content and organize it after evaluation.

When you go to the website you will see that there are several articles on the front page with the option to comment and share on other social media platforms. For example, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

It is a reliable social bookmarking site for technically inclined individuals and professionals who want to get information on such topics.

  1. We Heart It

We Heart It is basically an image dominant social bookmarking site that helps you to discover save, share images that are of relevance to you.

They pack in a lot of important features. You have a category of popular images. That is further divided into other categories based on time. There is also a podcast section that provides insight into various articles related to life and living.

For example, right now, yesterday, last week, last month, last year. You can also pick any random date, and images from that date will be displayed. There is a category for channels of the week. There are several articles too.

Some of the categories of content in this social bookmarking site are:

  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Nature
  • Book
  • Fashion
  • Fiction
  • Poems
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Food
  • Relationship
  1. BizSugar

Biz sugar is the most useful social bookmarking site for new entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses. The site is dedicated to providing help to new business owners to get awareness, traffic to their website, and recognition as a brand. When you join the site, you get access to a community of individuals who can help your business with advice, strategies, and tips.

You network with like-minded people, and also complementary businesses. You also get access to self-guided, self-paced courses, online events, and monthly challenges that help you to push the envelope.

New entrepreneurs learn about new strategies and techniques to accelerate business growth and derive a greater Return on Investments.

There are several articles and content that help you to bolster your business goals and objectives and create a favorable reputation for your brand in the online domain.

  1. DZone

DZone is a social bookmarking site that is primarily meant for technical aficionados. There is a plethora of content for programmers, developers, information technology enthusiasts.

The different categories on which you get information are as follows:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Database
  • DevOps
  • Internet Of Things
  • Java
  • Microservices
  • Open-source
  • Performance Security
  • Web Development
  • Agile.

It is a beneficial site for anyone who wants to glean information on technological aspects and develop their website. You can bookmark, learn, share, read about the latest development, and trends in the IT sector.

  1. Feedly

Feedly is one of the top social bookmarking sites that help you to save RSS feeds. It is a storehouse of information with 15 + million users. Feedly is regarded as one of the best sites for enthusiasts who are interested in reading news on different publications and blogs.

It is also for professionals and businesses to flourish and carve a niche for themselves in the online domain. For professionals, Feedly comes with an artificial intelligence research assistant( Leo) which can filter news. Leo presents to you the information that interests you.

The steps to leverage the benefits of Feedly are simple. You need to find the right blogs, websites, and publications that are aligned with your choices and preferences. Bookmark and organize them to filter out unnecessary information. Then share the insights with your team members.

You can prioritize what topics you want to read on. There are over 1000 articles per week that a published and organized on Feedly for your benefit.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is another extremely useful social bookmarking site that helps you to save anything you like from any online medium. You can save articles, images, podcasts, audio, videos from any publishing site, blog, website.

The best feature of Pocket is you can access it even offline after you have saved it. You can read about the current developments, and trends in several fields. It helps to keep you updated with global news.

There are plenty of ways to save anything that is of consequence to you. You can integrate pocket to several apps like Twitter and news apps. They also have the feature of savings any link via email.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily a social networking site that is used for official purposes. It is a site that helps you to connect with different businesses. Predominantly a B2B platform, LinkedIn has gone through quite a change to incorporate other aspects that can help individuals flourish in their professional lives.

Today, it functions as one of the most efficient social bookmarking sites where you can save, share, and link different websites and blogs for information.

It has a wide network of more than 500 million-plus members. You can connect and engage with thought leaders, authority figures, in your specific market.

You can build your own community, share links to your blog post, and website. LinkedIn opens up the chances of getting more traffic to your website and increasing visibility owing to the massive reach and brand equity of the social channel.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is regarded as one of the top social bookmarking sites that functions as a news aggregator. It is an efficient social communication channel for professionals and businesses.

There are stories personalized and curated just for your consumption. Flipboard has several features and categories in the fields of news, business, technology, science, sports, photos, and design.

You also have an exclusive explore spotlight feature that brings to you the most popular news from across the world. Like every other social bookmarking site, you can save and share the stories curated for you with your community, your team, and people in your network. It enables you to tailor the content according to your preference. Online users love the Flipboard app for the quality of news and content accumulated from all over the globe.

  1. Diigo

Diigo is one of the most favorite and well-known social bookmarking sites. It boasts of a whopping 9 million + users. You can install the extension from their website.

Diigo allows you to collate, save, and tag any information you need online. The site also allows you to annotate, and highlight parts of our page. You can annotate directly as you go through them.

With Diggo, you can manage and organize your site links, references, notes. It is a great help in structuring and aggregating the sites for your research later.

Some of the main features are:

  • Bookmarks
  • Tags
  • Personal Library
  • Sticky Notes
  • Outliner Groups
  • Archived Web Pages
  • Highlights.
  1. Slack

Slack enables you to communicate with your team efficiently. It is primarily a business communication software that includes chat rooms. You can structure and organize these chat rooms by categorizing them by different topics, groups, and private messaging.

It helps to smoothen the process of teamwork and brainstorming. You can get work done in a much more concise and clear manner. Slack allows you to connect with other applications, share files with your team, and conduct easy communication. According to statistics on the website, over 750000 companies use slack for better productivity.

There are several teams for different departments like engineering, financial services, sales, IT, marketing, customer support, human resource, project management, and media.

The different resources available at slack are resources library, blog, events, select certified programs, app directory among others.

  1. Quora

Quora has fast risen to become one of the most popular digital marketing platforms for online users. It is a goldmine of information of various kinds. People from diverse fields are present on this platform. They ask and answer questions comprehensively and try to assist others in different activities.

Since Quora has thousands of members, people come up with different perspectives and new angles to a subject. They can also showcase their writing skills and knowledge.

Quora allows you to comment Upvote, share, and link articles. You can also link websites and publications subject to terms and conditions on quora.

It is a great social bookmarking site that allows you to connect and engage with people from different fields. This facilitates the exchange of ideas. You gather a lot of new information that you can incorporate into your professional and personal life.

  1. Folkd

Social bookmarking site Folkd is unique in its way of providing value to its users. If you visit the website, you will see that it looks like a search engine where you have a search dialogue box.

The distinct feature of the social bookmarking site is that when you type in something on the search box, it displays the results that other users have marked as quality articles relevant to your search.

It has categories of social search, popular links, social bookmarking for a more comprehensive web search experience.

You can save your favorite bookmarks, websites, and links. It gives you the liberty to access them from anywhere. The star icon enables you to upvote the best links for future reference.

There are other features too like search, recommend, organize, and connect. It ultimately increases the brand reputation when you put something relevant and quality-driven at this site.

  1. Instapaper

Instapaper is one of the well-known social bookmarking apps that can be of great use to anyone who is inclined to reading. The simple interface allows you to create an account and then save anything that is of import to you.

You can save articles, videos, songs, audio, podcasts, blogs, websites, and anything that invokes your interest.

With Instapaper, you can manage and organize the content according to your preference and read it whenever it’s convenient. It syncs all the content that you save. So, it is accessible to you from any device Android, IOS, and even Kindle.

Its distinctive feature is it allows you to read and access content offline. You can highlight parts of any article for reference. You can also save and share the highlighted part of the article. It is the simplest and most useful social bookmarking site you can have.

Some of the other social bookmarking sites that you can check are:

  • Metafilter
  • Facebook Groups
  • Mozy Links
  • Tracky
  • Kirtsy
  • Trendiee
  • Disqus
  • Tumblr
  • Socio Post
  • Listly


1. How social bookmarking sites help businesses?

Social bookmarking sites help to tag any article, website, blog so that you can use it as a valuable resource later for your business objectives. These sites also help to share valuable topics with other users who are on the same platform.

2. Which are the most useful social media sites?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are some of the top sites to grow your business.

3. What is the main purpose of social bookmarking sites?

You can bookmark important sites, articles, blogs, social media posts for future reference when you are creating content.  These bookmarking sites can help with storing specific segments of an article, website, blog posts to help you refer to them at a later date.


Most of the above-mentioned social bookmarking sites provide a plethora of features for you to work with. They not only help to refine your business activities but polish your existing skills. You get more information from the innumerable resources available here.

Make sure you understand the features of the social bookmarking sites well and leverage the benefits of the same. You can effortlessly increase your brand reputation and business ROI when you know how to navigate and use the features to the optimum.


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