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Top 15 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2024

The top digital marketing blogs are those that provide invaluable advice on different aspects of digital marketing in detail. Whether it is SEO techniques, content strategy, or social media tactics to get you recognition, these blogs are your go-to for any problem. Also, they have a variety of interesting topics that hold immense value to all businesses and digital marketing professionals.

Top Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow For Career Growth

Google has come up with a new algorithm that aims to enhance user experience with more targeted search results. With the fast-paced digital environment, it becomes essential for new as well as experienced digital marketers to be at home with the new developments and changes that come with technological advancement. Moreover is important to evolve and learn. There is just so much in the digital marketing space that needs to be imbibed. For businesses, it is essential to know about the best practices of every digital marketing module to implement them for a successful online marketing strategy.

The internet is full of pertinent information. There are tons of websites offering writeups on digital marketing and its elements and modules. However, there are some specialized skilled players in the digital market space whose reputation as experts in the domain is very well known.

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Here I present to you the top 15 digital marketing blogs to follow, to up your skills and expertise in this dynamic field of web marketing.

  1. Moz

Moz blog is one of the oldest and the most valuable blog on everything related to SEO and Search engine marketing as a whole. Founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig, Moz as it was earlier called SEOMoz. The online community of industry experts initially came together as an online community of experts sharing valuable insight on SEO. From a small blogging community, Moz turned into an enterprise specializing in SEO tools. It was rebranded Moz in 2013. Moz is a pioneer in the field of engaging communities with a clear understanding of SEO. Up until their initiative, SEO was an ambiguous term for online people.

The Moz blog is one of the most enriching sections of the website providing an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques and research. If there is anything related to SEO Moz is there to solve your doubts.

Some of the popular blog topics are as follows

  • The marketing tactics people love
  • 6 ways to get organic traffic without Ranking your website
  • Intro to SEO competitive analysis 101
  • App Store SEO: How to Diagnose a drop and gain back traffic
  • 5 workflows for easier keyword research
  • Building a local marketing strategy for Franchises
  • What is Bert?
  • How to Set up a well-integrated effective link-building Campaign
  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs blog is one of the most informative blogs in the online world. It is a must blog to read for any digital marketer be it a novice or a professional. Dmitry Gerasimenko is the founder of Ahrefs and is responsible for all the aspects of the website. They have a team of talented individuals and experts in their field who are an asset to Ahrefs and its content management. Ahrefs blog has an impressive collection of tutorials, opinion pieces, quality content from bloggers, case studies. They provide articles on various aspects of digital marketing like keyword research, successful Link building, SEO basics, SEO tools, website traffic, etc.

Some of their best topics are

  • Complete link building guide
  • How to do Keyword Research for SEO
  • Complete outreach guide
  • Ecommerce SEO guide and so many more.
  1. Hubspot

HubSpot blog is one of the most reputed blogs for inbound marketing tactics and strategies. It is famous worldwide offering high-quality content. The content is not only supremely educational but provides value to the customer through inspirational examples. They continuously update their content making sure to post all the latest happenings as and when they happen in the web world. Marketing, sales, customer relationship management, inbound marketing strategies are just some of the areas covered. The blog topics are categorized into different sections which help to find what you want to read easily.

Some of their topics are as follows:

  • How to create a marketing plan
  • Ultimate Guide to Google Docs
  • 10 ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention.

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They put a lot of emphasis on building strong relationships with not just your consumers but with people of the online community like guest bloggers, content creators, etc.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel blog is one of the most popular digital marketing blogs in recent times. Digital marketers with all levels of specialization and expertise visit the blog for valuable insights into SEO and tips to improve rankings, drive more traffic and engage leads. The man behind this very successful website, Neil Patel needs no introduction. Apart from providing digital solutions to marketers across the globe, he has also founded Crazy Egg in 2005, which allows companies to track and see what users are doing on their websites. He has also collaborated with several fortune 100 companies. His blog is a combination of engaging videos and entertaining podcasts filled with useful information. It provides detailed thorough articles on various SEO topics.

Some of the notable topics are

  • The secret to top ranking on google
  • Templates to grow your business better
  • Which pieces of content should you update
  • Types of keywords that never sell
  1. Social Media Today

Technology has ingrained itself into our lives in a permanent way. Today we cannot think of life without the role of the internet or technology. Social media blog takes into account all our problems and queries and answers them in the form of important high-grade content on their blogs. Founded in 2007 by Robin Frey Carey, Social Media Today covers articles on various topics ranging from digital strategy, content marketing, social marketing, and integration of all these elements. Research and analysis are the mainstays of this website. Hence it brings extensive articles on various topics of interest. They cover an array of topics on all digital marketing modules.

Some of the popular topics on the blog are

  • How to engage and persuade your audience through the power of storytelling
  • 7 stages of content that marketers should know about.
  1. Backlinko 

Backlinko is an SEO strategy and marketing tactic blog founded by one of the most noted SEO experts in the online domain now. Forbes, INC, HuffPost, Apple, Amazon, Entrepreneur, are all praises for this man. Backlinko provides awareness and understanding of the various actionable SEO tips that can turn your website into a hit within a month. The success behind SEO, ways to increase your organic search as well as driving traffic are some of the invaluable lessons that Brian Dean had learned in his career. Today, he imparts all of this knowledge to professionals embarking on the digital marketing path as well as experts in the business world.

Some Of His Blog Topics Are 

  • 21 ways to promote your blog
  • How to write a press release, video marketing and so many more.
  • Subscribers of backlinko get exclusive access to some important blog topics as well as Brian Dean’s newsletters on various digital marketing techniques.
  1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a sister site of Search Engine Land and covers all areas of digital marketing quite competently. They were founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman both. Their parent company is Third Door Media that publishes content under Marketing Land. Marketing Land is a popular blogging platform where industry experts and subject matter specialists regularly contribute to blog articles. Updates, new trends, announcements, product changes are all part of their news coverage. They have different sections like CMO, Social, SEM, SEO, Analytics, Retail, Mobile. A wide range of topics is covered in each of these modules. Augmented Virtual Reality, Channels analytics and conversion, Conversion Rate optimization, email marketing, are some key elements that are in their library archives.

Some of their blog topics are

  • Site Search best practices- Giving customers what they need, when they want it
  • The elements of SEO
  • 7 ways to use SEO and PPC together.
  • 3 ways to take back control from PPC automation.

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  1. Search engine journal

Search Engine Journal is among the top 10 digital marketing blogs for in-depth articles on various topics related to the online promotion of products and services. The blogs are popular for articles on the latest developments and the best practices across all modules of digital marketing especially content and SEO. SEJ was launched in the year 2003 and since then it has striven to achieve excellence in disseminating powerful relevant information to the online community of digital marketers. The founder of SEJ is Jenise Uehara Henrikson. SEJ has a team of very skilled experts with specialized training and knowledge. Also, independent writers contribute from all across the globe in articles on various techniques and tactics that help implement successful SEO. Their blog articles cover a wide range of topics like analytics, local search, link building, SEO, paid search, web development. They also have podcasts and ebooks for valued information.

Some of their blog topics are

  • How to choose the right KEYWORDS to optimize for
  • 4 tips to make your podcasts more SEO friendly
  • How to Earn Links by doing something truly newsworthy.
  1. Content Marketing Institute

In the world of anything remotely related to digital marketing, the institute of content marketing needs no introduction. It is one of the top blogs that provide valuable and practical insights into digital marketing. Content Marketing Institute was founded in 2011 by Joe Pullizi who has several books in his credit and is a leader in the world of content marketing. They carry on a lot of services like training, consulting. Their white papers and research insights are extremely important for any digital marketer. They have a dedicated podcast section where experts like Pullizi himself teach a key element of content and the digital world to further educate budding as well as experienced professionals in the business.

The blog topics covered are plenty like building your audience, industry news, measurement and ROI, strategy, SEO and content marketing, and the link between the two, etc.

Some of the topics in their blog are

  • The secrets of high performing online content
  • 12 things to do after you’ve written a new blog post
  • 10 must-have templates for content marketers
  • 9 evergreen content formats for long term success

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  1. SemRush

SemRush is a leading name in the world of digital marketing expertise and SEO management. It was launched in 2008 to start the practice of transparent SEO techniques to boost user confidence. It is today one of the topmost digital marketing blogs specializing in SEO, SEM, PPC, Content, Analytics, and everything digital. They have a stellar record of producing quality content with 11 years of experience and more than 650 employees in four countries. As a result, they operate globally providing digital solutions to businesses of all sizes. Moreover, they have resources plenty in the form of webinars, podcasts, ebooks, events, games as well as a dedicated informative blog that has articles relating to all key aspects of digital marketing.

They specialize in E-commerce, social media, competitor research, industry insights and news, and very important content marketing. They have an impressive list of authors who are proficient in this field providing valued topics on SEO, SEM, keyword research, content strategy, etc.

Some of their blog topics are

  • How to target the right Keywords
  • The definitive guide to Google Search Console
  • How to generate content ideas with Topic Research and many such quality topics.
  1. MarketingProfs

Yet another very useful digital marketing blog, MarketingProfs provides learning programs for individuals and big business houses to strengthen digital marketing education in the professionals. Marketing Profs was founded by Allen Weiss in 2000 and since then this website has seen exponential growth. Marketing profs provide learning and education in digital marketing and other forms of internet marketing. Their blogs come in the form of a Blogging Section and a Marketing Opinions Section. It has an appealing ensemble of topics, articles, and podcasts on different articles in its blog.

Some of their best topics are

  • Five common SEO mistakes that content marketers make
  • 64 statistics that will guide your content marketing
  • Three OFFSITE tactics that seriously boost SEO Traffic
  • The Email Tactics used by senders with High Open Rates
  1. Social Beat

Social Beat remains one of the most genuine and top digital marketing agencies with excellent work ethics. Their digital marketing blog section is one of the most enriching information sections on their website. It was founded in 2012. Social beat covers key concepts of digital marketing like branding and design, digital media buying, web design, SEO and content, Social media marketing, video marketing.

They have a team of talented individuals who regularly bring out exhaustive articles on SEO strategies and planning for growth, tactics to make a winning digital campaign, improvising on social media techniques as well as overall development in SEO and Content strategy. They bring in innovation and uniqueness in their articles with interesting facts and details in their content copy.

Some of their topics are

  • Why a full-funnel marketing strategy on digital is a game-changer
  • The ultimate SEO strategy for your brand- Pillar content
  • Future of digital AI, AR, and Vernacular
  • 10 best eCommerce platforms for your online store
  1. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert was founded by Jay Baer in the year 2008 after having a successful career in the role of a marketing advisor to several business houses since 1993. It is known for its advisory role in the digital marketing campaigns of some of the most renowned clients in the world. Insight, Taylormade, Cisco, Hilton, David weekly homes, are some of its prominent clients.

Convince and Convert has worked with Companies across industries band sectors like retail, apparel manufacturing, B2B, marketing, and software and technology. Therefore, it has experience spanning all sectors in the business world. As a result, their blog articles are filled with meaningful insights and understanding of the various nuances of digital marketing strategy, link building, driving traffic from SEO best practice, and creating conversions.

There are one of the top digital marketing blogs with articles on various areas like content marketing, customer service, customer experience, social media marketing, word of mouth marketing, etc.

Some of its noted blog articles are as follows

  • Three tools to better understand your site users and increase conversions
  • Steps for conversion optimization
  • How to grow your email list
  • 15 content marketing Statistics that prove the value of your efforts
  • How to generate leads with content marketing
  • Why time is now for voice-activated content and so many more valuable articles?
  1. Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing blogs comprising of articles that are of great value to new and experienced digital marketers. A part of the Digital Marketing industry Deepak Kanakaraju started a Digital Deepak blog to educate and inspire thousands of aspiring digital marketers. He is the CEO & Co-founder of Pixeltrack digital.

His primary focus is on SEO and inbound marketing, email marketing, and the other major components of a digital marketing strategy.

He has helped several brands with their online marketing efforts. His blog on digital marketing is one of the most informative blogs out there for you. They provide insightful information on how to align sales with their marketing initiatives to get the optimum result.

Some of the popular topics in his blog are

  • How to set up an e-commerce business in India
  • Automate your marketing with drip marketing campaigns
  • How to become a self-made digital marketing expert
  • How to build a great brand by driving brand engagement.
  1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine land was founded in 2006 by technologist and journalist Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman editor of search engine Land. It is one of the popular digital marketing blogs known for its various articles on SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, Local Seo, Social Media, etc. It is counted among one of the topmost digital marketing blogs to follow for its updated and high-quality content. Search engine Land can boast of a variety of resources and case studies on different topics. Webinars, White papers, MarTech Conferences, Research are some of their unique qualities.

They cover pertinent topics on digital marketing modules. The interesting topic titles on their blog draw the reader in. The content is extremely informative and imparts education along with entertaining examples

Their noted topics are

  • How users navigate search features and what it means for SEO
  • Digital advertising is not the dot com bubble, improper attribution is
  • How mobile applications can keep improving your user experience

Some other popular digital marketing blogs are Unmarketing, Digital Vidya, Helpscout, Google Webmaster Central Blog, Quick sprout, Search engine roundtable, etc.

  • Buffer

Buffer is one of the most famous widely used web and social media management software and digital marketing blogs that has its presence in over 15 countries. The popularity of buffer is such that there are more than 70000 customers across continents who employ the management software for their day-to-day activities in the world of digital marketing. Some of the clientele of buffer include Shopify, Stripe, GitHub, Microsoft, Basecamp, Trello, Helpscout, Business Insider, etc. They have a very high quality of content copy that stays with you even after you are done reading them.

Their blogs primarily revolve around social media science some of their notable blog articles are: 

  • A crash course in Custom audience for your social media ads
  • Brand secrets for standing out in a crowded world.
  • Inside the Facebook Ads of your competitors: How to research, what to learn.

They also have an interesting podcast to disseminate powerful information on social media marketing tactics and techniques.

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These digital marketing blogs provide comprehensive articles on the most complex of subjects like search engine optimization and its elements, different strategies, and techniques for augmenting business profit, engaging, and building a strong camaraderie with your consumers.

The language is clear, the content copy is filled with interesting information and data. Most importantly, they know how to exercise brevity and there will not be one moment of boredom while you read their articles. Give these blogs a try. You will get to know lots of new and exciting techniques and tactics. Additionally, you will acquire information that will equip you with strong marketing skills to carry out your digital marketing initiatives even more effectively.

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  • It’s amazing how social marketing can help businesses of today through Instagram. That’s why internet marketers are continuously searching for ways to get Instagram followers faster. Got to keep up with the competition and hope that optimizing Instagram accounts will lift the business towards success.

  • It’s amazing how social marketing can help businesses today through Instagram. That’s why internet marketers are continuously searching for ways to get Instagram followers faster. Got to keep up with the competition and hope that optimizing Instagram accounts will lift the business towards success.

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