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Top 12 Free Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Email Marketing tools comprise the software that enables a business to communicate information about developments and other news relating to the product or service to your leads and customers. They are the main elements of successful email marketing campaigns. Free Email marketing tools if used judiciously can help a business to grow and prosper immensely. 

Free Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Email Marketing tools are an invaluable asset to small and medium business houses. They are economical and help SMEs to maintain and grow their business with limited resources. They assist in the entire process of an email marketing campaign from scratch. An email marketing tool helps in creating and sending messages, taking the utmost care to optimize the process for maximum success.

Email Marketing was one of the first ways to market a product or service online. It existed long before other marketing channels like social media, responsive web pages, Online display advertising, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). So, one might feel that it is an obsolete way of marketing your product online.  But that is a faulty notion. That is because Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways of marketing and informing about your brand and its features.

Why Is Email Marketing still relevant even after all these years?

Emails have a few characteristics that are unique to themselves. That renders them indispensable for a person who uses the net for their personal or professional needs. The life of an email is perpetual. Some people use the same email for more than 15 years. They are functional and get all the things done.

Moreover, it is much simpler to use than other modes of digital marketing and people of all ages are accustomed to using emails to get their work done. Emails are still a reliable medium for communication. Recent studies have confirmed that business houses still count on email marketing to get their message across. The ROI on email marketing is so high it becomes one of the most dependable modes of digital marketing campaigns.

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In fact, according to a Hubspot study, more than 85% of B2B marketers depend on email marketing to promote their business. We have several Email marketing tools to take care of the needs of our business. Some of the features on these tools are free but you need to shell out money to use the additional services. The free versions come with a variety of features that are more than adequate for beginners and small and medium start-ups. Here we are going to discuss the 12 free email marketing tools that you can use to effectively implement your email marketing campaign.

The Best 12 Free Email Marketing Tools To Optimise Your Emailmarketing Campaign Are As Follows:

  1. SendPulse

SendPulse is one of the finest free email marketing tools that give you access to a plethora of their features for free. You can have a free plan with up to 2500 subscribers. You can send 15000 emails per month for free. SendPulse has several appealing email templates(more than 100) in 8 categories that you can choose from. It helps you to create your own templates using the drag and drop feature. You have access to Email scheduler, Subscription forms, Automation360 that is limited to 5 events in the free version, A/B testing, Resend with different subject lines for unopened emails, segmentation, and personalization. You also have access to Drag and Drop editor. It enables you to send an email campaign to numerous mailing lists. Additionally, you can create innovative Gif images for your campaign and access HTML Editor.

The free version has a very useful feature of statistics and reports analyses of different metrics. You can track the number of opened emails, delivered, clicking rate, errors, emails that have been marked as spam, and also the list of unsubscribed users. This can give you insights into your campaign performance. Rectifying the mistakes and optimizing your Strategy becomes easier that way. Basic Autoresponders, transactional Emails, web push notifications are allowed in the free version. To sum it up, SendPulse should be one of the prime picks for multichannel marketers and people who want to start with a comprehensive free email marketing plan. Once you gain experience you can move on to the premium plans for better services and features.

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  1. MailerLite

Mailerlite is again one of the most used free email marketing tools. It offers quite a lot of distinctive features in its free plan. The free plan comes with 1000 subscribers with no cap on the number of emails that you can send out. Mailerlite also comes with automation, landing pages, web forms, reporting though it is limited. There are basic structural templates for your use and it provides email support. It has a clean and simplifies user interface that is a great advantage for beginners and experts as well. It allows you to design your landing page on your own domain as well as domains hosted by Mailerlite.

  1. Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot is one of the leading free email marketing tools with its amazing free plan that allows up to a million subscribers and 2000 emails per month. They have the Hubspot CRM(Customer Relationship Management) feature which is available to all users. You can personalize your emails with a separate name and company name for the personal element that we so strive to achieve in our marketing efforts. Any email marketing tool that comes with a CRM feature is a boon for a business that’s looking to grow. It allows us to reach out to customers and leads through tracking website activity and web-form submissions.

Hubspot also comes with Webforms and Email analysis report that enables you to optimize your email for maximum reach and impact. You also have their branding in your emails that helps you gain from the goodwill that Hubspot enjoys in the digital world.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a one of the most popular free email marketing tools for small and medium-sized business houses. The free plan offers up to 10000 email sends per month and 2000 subscribers. Some of its important features available for the free version is list management, reporting for emails, A/B testing, contact profiles, mobile features, etc. Mailchimp integrates with e-commerce software and WordPress. You have the option of a variety of templates that you can choose from. It integrates with your landing page with an engaging CTA. You can also incorporate it into a new WordPress page for your visitors.

Mailchimp’s automation feature comes with product recommendations, abandoned cart messages. We have discussed how effective abandoned cart messages help in turning leads to prospective consumers. It also helps in creating appealing welcome campaigns that work to build your reputation in the long run. It is one of the most recommended free email marketing tools by experienced marketers.

  1. Mailjet

Mailjet is one of the best free email marketing tools that give you the benefit of unlimited subscribers. The free version allows access to advanced email editors, web call-back features, and advanced report analysis. You not only get unlimited contacts but also an analytics dashboard, delivery reports, and dashboards as well as quick customer support. The tool is convenient to maneuver around. You won’t have issues with the user interface. The free Mailjet version allows for sending 200 emails per day which is quite good for someone starting out. Once your business starts growing, you can upgrade to their premium plan that has no cap on per day sending limits with a 30000 email limit.

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the most convenient email marketing tools that you can use for small businesses and new set-ups. They are mostly focused on e-commerce. They come with a variety of features that help in kickstarting your new venture. The free version allows for important features like website tracking and A/B split testing of landing pages. It also allows for 15000 emails per month and 2000 emails per day if you are on the free plan.

They are a trusted brand for top e-commerce brands. Omnisend can help you in building a good list of subscribers initially. Then you can always choose from an assortment of premium plans to upgrade for better benefits. They include automation workflows, Interactive email elements, Sign up forms, appealing pop-ups and discount codes, Google Customer Match, Facebook Custom audience, and so on.

  1. ExpressPigeon 

ExpressPigeon is one of the most powerful email marketing platforms that are best for businesses that have a concise list of contacts but are a high priority. The free plan allows up to 1000 emails for 500 subscribers but one user. The main quality of ExpressPigeon is that the free version gives you access to all of the prime features that are available for this email marketing tool. You can effortlessly send high-volume emails, personalize emails, automated email responses.

Express pigeon is known to be one of the best platforms that have an amazing customer support system. It is consistent,  dependable, and has a high customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, it is efficient and very easy to use. You have several templates to choose from and they are quite satisfactory even in the free version. There is a clear design and has a variety of tools to optimize and organize your lists, providing you with a great experience. You have Quick send, Autosave, Segmentation, powerful APIs, web forms, A/B testing, and RSS-Email integration.

  1. Moosend

Moosend gives you the advantage of sending unlimited emails that can work great for you when your business is new or has seen a sudden spike and you need to reach out to your leads and customers. It, however, has a cap on the number of subscribers. You can have around 1000 subscribers in its free plan. The free version allows you to make use of all the amazing features that it has to offer. Since it gives you access to all the areas of the application, it is probably one of the best marketing tools to start with.

It comes with automation triggers for emails, list segmentation, drag, and drop editing feature. Real-time analytics help in assessing what your consumer needs. That way you can work your emails around their preferences thereby making a positive impact. Moosend has a great brand value among its users. The support feature is very well appreciated. One of the key characteristics is Moosend doesn’t use their own branding in your emails. That is probably the unique feature of Moosend that only comes with this email marketing tool. You can easily maneuver the tool and it’s easy to implement.

  1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue has restricted access to the features in the email marketing tool. You can choose from several templates available, A/B testing, Contact management, Web forms, and basic analysis and reporting. It allows for unlimited subscribers or contacts. You can send up to 9000 emails per month but the daily limit is 300 and can also use their workflow editor. SendInBlue is a very reputed brand in the world of email marketing tools. It has its branding on its email marketing features which definitely helps for your goodwill to your subscribers and leads.

Some of its great features that are available for free are Heat Mapping, Integrations with different platforms like Intercom And Shopify. You can control the tool from a plug-in from a WordPress dashboard effectively. 

  1. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns come with a lot of features on the free plan but the features are all limited. You get access to A/B split testing, templates(limited), and reports. It comes with Customer Relationship Management. It has a very powerful admin control plan with a simple user interface but convenience of use. The free version comes with 1TB storage and 5GB free on a personal account. Zoho’s suite also comes with labels and a comprehensive search element along with IMAP and POP access.

What are IMAC and  POP access?

IMAP allows you to access email from all devices. IMAP services allow you to read emails from the email service without having to download them. POP can be accessed from that one device that you choose to download your emails to…for example your laptop or phone…you can’t choose both. Zoho comes with 12000 emails per month for up to 2000 subscribers.  Zoho is one of the most popular platforms for businesses. A downside is that it requires customization before sending emails which might seem a little complex for beginners. It integrates its email services with CRM to provide maximum value to your business.

  1. BenchMark

Benchmark is regarded as one of the best free email marketing tools to effectively promote your brand. It allows for 2000 subscribers and their email limit per month is also quite generous. You can send 14000 emails per month. The free version has a lot of similarities with Mailchimp. It gives you prime features and the look is clean and smooth. You can utilize the features of web forms, List management. You can access the drag and drop editor. It is meant for businesses that have a steady growth. Their professional-looking emails are appealing and help to engage with the consumers.

The free version also allows for tracking via Google Analytics. You can analyze your performance based on the reports and take necessary steps to address issues if any. You can use the drip campaign feature(basic) to nurture leads and turn them into conversions. It comes with polls and surveys that are included in the free tier along with integration with several applications. You can also custom code your emails according to your requirement. The user interface is easy. Contacts can’t be imported. Therefore, you have to rely on the forms that subscribers fill in on your emails.

  1. Sender

Sender is another of the top free email marketing tools if you are new to email marketing. They give you the benefit of having up to 2500 subscribers. You can send up to 15000 emails per month which is a considerable amount. It is a simple email marketing application that comes with some very useful features in its free version. You can access the use of Autoresponders and transactional emails. They come with automation and web forms. You can also access their push notifications feature. It is an optimum tool for eCommerce. If you consider all the factors, then Sender is one of the best free email marketing tools that you can start with.

  1. Email octopus (Primarily a Newsletter Tool)

Email octopus is a novel email marketing platform that uses Amazon’s email services (SES) to send out emails for less price. It facilitates a cost-effective email service without compromising on deliverability and efficiency. You can have up to 2500 subscribers. You can send up to 10000 emails. It has a convenient user interface to work with and creates rich HTML emails with perfect designs. It is one of the most useful tools for simple newsletters. You have many templates to work You can integrate them with hundreds of products and services for optimized use of its features… The free version which is very interestingly referred to as the “Shrimp” version allows for sending statistics stored for 90 days, email support, Campaigns but no automation. It has very helpful customer support and is intuitive in nature nd is regarded as one of the best free email marketing tools.

A quick tip 

Use a grammar and vocabulary checking app like Hemingway App or Grammarly to construct your emails properly before sending them. They can always detect overlooked grammatical errors and mistakes and can help you optimize your content for optimum impact. Integrate one of these tools with your email marketing tool and send out well-crafted personalized emails that make a great impact on your leads and conversions. 

Conclusion thoughts on the best free email marketing tools

These are the various free email marketing tools in the market that you can choose from. When you are new to a business you would want to start with the basic features of an email application to get noticed. The advantage of these email tools is that you can choose their services according to your business needs. It isn’t compulsory to go with the same tool time and again even when your business requires something different. They are flexible and their pro version features can be easily integrated with your business. Email marketing tools help you in providing concise, pleasant-looking emails to your leads and consumers for better customer interaction. Some of them come with an additional CRM feature that helps you to create focused emails to nurture leads, interact with them and turn them into conversions.

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