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Top 12 Avenues to Build A Fulfilling Career After LLB in Bhopal

A student of law can build a highly fulfilling career after LLB in Bhopal, since this area has a lot of job avenues, once you are willing to put in the right amount of hard work and perseverance.


The image states top avenues to build a fulfilling career after LLB in Bhopal

Just as doctors help to preserve the health of an individual, lawyers help to preserve the health of a society by fighting for Justice in a court of law or by securing an individual’s rights through contracts, wills, arbitration, etc.


Law, as a domain, has a good blend of age-old knowledge in terms of laws, cases fought and it’s an evolving field as Science helps to equip the investigations with lot more tools. Besides increasing usage of the Internet means a new category of thefts and frauds are added on an ongoing basis.


So it is an exciting field as no working day will be the same. This domain, because of its vastness, holds the promise of building a fulfilling Career after LLB in Bhopal.  As a Litigation lawyer, you will have to do plenty of research work, present cases, and logically build the facts for the case. If you opt for the corporate sector then protecting the firm’s interest through contracts, deeds, and human resource employment contracts will need to be made, updated, and recorded.


Bhopal, being the capital of Madhya Pradesh is the administrative hub of the state. As a city, it has the charm of a quiet city; its natural landscape of lakes and greenery has been preserved, while providing all the modern amenities of good roads, mini-metro, and International airport. Having these fundamentals in place as a city is important to build a flourishing career after LLB in Bhopal.


As a 12th grade student, if you are decided on pursuing law then a 5yr integrated LLB will be suited for you. But if you still need time to decide, you can complete graduation in any field of your choice and then enroll in a 3yr LLB program. It’s a city, which has excellent colleges and universities offering LLB, LLM, etc.  Institutes offering these courses –


  1. National Law Institute University (NLIU, Bhopal)
  2. Career College of Law, Bhopal
  3. Rajeev Gandhi College, Bhopal
  4. People’s University, Bhopal


For admission into Law Institutes, the main exams have been listed below. Institute wise which scores will be accepted may differ –


  1. CLAT– Common Law Admission Test – Applicable for the 5 year LLB course. Admission into most of the National Law Colleges is possible by qualifying for this exam, eg NLIU Bhopal, National Law College, and Jodhpur, etc. National Law University, Delhi, conducts its exam for shortlisting candidates.


  1. LSAT – Law School Admission Test – Applicable for the 5 year LLB course and 3 year LLB course. Accepted by a large number of Institutes eg Indore Institute of Law, Presidency University, Bangalore, OP Jindal institute, Jagran Lake University, School of Law


Universities like Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, Aligarh Muslim University, and Symbiosis conduct their entrance exams.


If you are already enrolled in one of these colleges in Bhopal or are graduating from any other institute, then chances are that you are have taken the first and most important step to build a fulfilling career after LLB in Bhopal.


Let’s dive deep into what options are available to build a fulfilling career after LLB in Bhopal –


  1. Law Firms


Working for Law firms to start your career after LLB in Bhopal can be an attractive option. Bhopal has law firms like Banithia & Co Advocates, Saxena & Associates, Pine Law Partners, and Srivastava & Chowksey.


Law firms pay well and have an attractive starting salary. However, it would depend on the city of operation, internal grading, and designation.


  1. Practicing in Indian Courts –


Here it would be good to understand the difference between lawyer and advocate. Although used interchangeably, these have different meanings. A lawyer denotes any person, who has a law degree but cannot represent a client in the court of law.


An advocate can represent a client in a court of law. Fighting cases at District Level, High Court Level, and Supreme Court Level, would need the services of an advocate. They can also be called Trial or Litigation Lawyers.


Litigation is a dispute, which has been taken to a court of law for settlement.


To become an advocate, after completing LLB, you need to enroll with the State Bar Council of any state. Then appear for the All India Bar Exam. Once you have successfully cleared the exam you can practice in an Indian Court of Law


In the US, the term Attorney is used instead of Advocate. The term Advocate has its origins in the UK.


From March 2020, the Bar Council of India has proposed that a newly enrolled advocate would need to practice at the District level courts for two years, to move to High Court Level, and then practice for another two years to move to Supreme Court level. Advocates wanting to move up the hierarchy of courts will need to produce an Experience Certificate from the designated authorities.


Also for District level advocates to move to the High Court level, you need to be registered with the State Bar Council and should also qualify for the All India Bar Council.


Starting as a Trial Lawyer, either under the guidance of a senior lawyer or on your own, at the district level, is the right kind of grilling needed to understand the practical aspects of the law. Salaries may be very low, to begin with, but with this kind of exposure, your career after LLB in Bhopal will be very promising.


  1. Civil Judge & District Judge


After completing LLB, you have to sit for the State Judicial Services Exam. Recruitment happens after clearing – Prelims, Mains, and an Interview.


  1. Corporate Lawyer


To become a Corporate Lawyer, you must have an LLB degree, and it’s also important to specialize in Corporate Law. Corporate lawyers will need to be well versed in a lot of areas like Corporate law, rules governing acquisitions and mergers, business awareness, employment laws, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, cyber crimes, etc. Depending on the size of the organization, there could be more than one Corporate lawyer specializing in one or two areas.


A Corporate lawyer’s job is typically a well-paying position. And to become one you would also need good communication skills, an analytical mind, and good with numbers.


A Corporate lawyer could be hired as an In-house Legal Counsel of an organization or could provide these services as a legal vendor through a law firm.


  1. Public Prosecutor


In criminal cases, justice needs to be served in the larger interest of society. This is when a Public prosecutor will fight the case against the suspected parties by representing the State. To become a Public Prosecutor, you need to clear an exam and an interview conducted by UPSC. This exam can be given after having worked for 7 years as an advocate. The age should be between 35-45 years.


  1. Law Professor


If teaching is your calling, you can choose the path to become a Law Professor. For this clearing NET (National Eligibility Test) is mandatory, which is conducted by UGC. For the State colleges, State Level Eligibility (SLET) or State Eligibility Test (SET) can be given. The qualification to appear for this exam is LLM (Master’s in Law). If you are a Ph.D. in Law then the requirement to clear NET is relaxed.


Bhopal has a high number of good educational institutes, some of which have been listed earlier in this article, which can offer scope to build a career after LLB in Bhopal.


  1. Working with NGOs


A highly unconventional choice especially for those beginning with their law careers. But if working for societal good is your interest area, then you can provide legal services to NGOs. To gain experience in these areas, often interning with an NGO or offering legal services pro-bono will help you figure out if working for larger social causes gives you job satisfaction.


  1. Lawyers with Media Houses –


Students who have a penchant for reporting, journalism can think about pursuing a career after LLB in Bhopal in this field. Such a journalist will report on legal matters. Employment opportunities exist with News Channel, Magazines both digital and print, and law firms. Such journalists would have to understand the legal aspects of public interest cases and present the facts and litigation details in layman’s language


Apart from that, if you want to voice out your opinion, you can also move ahead with content writing. Check out IIM SkillsContent Writing Course to get you on a roll in this field.


Rajdeep Sardesai, who is with the India Today News Channel, is a leading example of a lawyer turned Journalist.


  1. Labor Law Advocate


India is large with a large percentage of its population employed as a workforce in industries, factories, and construction sites. A lot of Small Scale and Medium Scale setups are labor-intensive, with workers working in abysmal conditions.


Although the Government has set up Labor laws to protect the rights of labor, the awareness levels and financial aspects deter the labor from fighting for their cause. This is where Labor Law Advocates come in. Being well versed with all the minute details of Labor they can seek to serve justice to the party, which has been wronged.


A Labor Law Advocate can be an excellent choice of career after LLB in Bhopal. While pursuing LLB, Labor Law can be chosen as a field of specialization. Working under established Labor Advocates can augment this knowledge base.


Another option that you can discover is the Digital Marketing industry. Know about the course training at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


  1. Human Rights Lawyers


Human Rights Lawyers are those who are specializing in Human Rights and want to work to better the cause of marginalized groups in society. Potential employers are Amnesty International, CHRI (Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative), PathLegal, Managium Juris, CRY (Child Rights and You)


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Other courses

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course


  1. JAG Branch of Indian Army


The notion of serving in the Indian Defence forces can be irresistible for many. If you are keen on joining the Army and are pursuing LLB, one very interesting option to serve two interests together will be to join the JAG (Judge Advocate General in India) branch of the Indian Army.


These are Army officers who provide the legal expertise to the Army and conduct its internal Court Martials by being well versed with the military law etc.


Besides being an Indian, you should be between 21-27 years of age and should have an LLB degree. Then you will need to appear for the SSB (Service Selection Board) test, interview, and medical exam.


Indian Navy offers similar scope for LLB graduates. In the case of the Indian Air force, law graduates take care of ground duties.


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  1. Cybercrime Lawyer 


In the current context, with the ever-increasing use of the Internet, digital content, e-commerce, and online activities, cybercrime is on the rise too. This area besides being new is also very vast in the kind of Cybercrimes that can be committed.


To pursue a career in this field, one must do an LLB, and then to acquire specialized knowledge you can do certificate or diploma courses in Cyber Law.


A lawyer specializing in Cyber Law will most definitely have a flourishing career after LLB in Bhopal, as this specialized knowledge will be available with comparatively fewer individuals.


To be served justice is as ancient a tradition as that of the history of mankind. Ancient Indian folklore is replete with stories of men with great wisdom like Maryada Ram who was given the title of City Judge by his King, or Tales of Wisdom of Tenali Ram, Birbal, etc. In contemporary India, we have renowned lawyers like Sorabjee, Ram Jethmalani, Arun Jaitley, Harish Salve, Kapil Sibal…this list can go on. The point is that when you choose Law as a career after LLB in Bhopal, the sky is the limit.


When you are starting it will take a lot of grit and determination to toil in the District Courts, and you might be underpaid. Starting on the lower rungs in a corporate will also involve a lot of dedication, hard work, and sacrifices. If you plan to go solo to set up your legal outfit then that will demand a different level of focus, perseverance, and grit.


But once you have rolled up your sleeves to get going even when it’s tough, you will slowly build a knowledge base into the practical aspects of the law. The stronger this foundation is built, the more your reputation as a force to reckon with will grow.


Also as listed above, the options of career after LLB in Bhopal, are quite varied, and depending on your interest you can choose an area to specialize in. Interestingly the possibility of joining the Defense forces is also there. A lot of lawyers also choose to join Politics, after having a fulfilling career as advocates to further their ambitions in that sphere.


To conclude, it’s a field that will have a host of challenges in the beginning but will begin to pay rich dividends later. Law is a field where no workday will be the same as different cases, crimes, laws will keep coming to pose a new challenge to the professionals in the field.


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