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Top 10 Email Marketing Services For Your Business Needs

Email Marketing services are software that helps in optimizing the email marketing initiatives of a business. With the importance of Email marketing as a primary channel for Returns on Investment becoming clear, companies now look forward to creating meaningful engaging email campaigns for their leads and customers.

Email Marketing Services For Your Business Needs

The three most important factors for choosing any email Marketing service are deliverability, consistency, and budget. It is important to invest in an email marketing agency for the growth of your business. But, it is equally important to keep your budget in mind while selecting one of the services. There is more than 40 email marketing software available with advanced features that a business can choose from. These advanced features are more or less the same for these services barring a few exceptions. 

Below is a compilation of the top 10 email marketing services that help businesses to implement their marketing strategies more smoothly and efficiently. 

  1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a pioneer in email marketing services all around the world. Ever since it entered the Indian Market in 2017, Constant Contact has striven to help small and medium-sized businesses make their place in the digital world since its inception in 1995. Since then it has gone through several changes and up-gradations. Today, Constant Contact is regarded as the number one email marketing service all over the globe. Known for its high-quality service and power-packed features, Constant Contact also gives invaluable marketing advice to business houses for overall growth in the online world.

It comes with industry-specific email marketing tools and you can customize your content according to the demands of your industry. furthermore, it provides several attractive templates to choose from. It works for an array of industries ranging from real estate to non-profit enterprises. 

Constant Contact is known for its unparalleled Customer support, live chats, and forums. They come with different tools for managing events and your social media requirements. Their features include marketing calendars, contacts, list segmentation, Subject line A/B testing, coupons, surveys, polls, etc. They have the drag and drop feature that helps to customize different templates and give a professional look to your email for your target audience.

Their marketing advice comes in the form of guides and resources that are available to you once you sign up for their services. 

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Plans (Based On Number Of Contacts) 

Lite – Rs 323/mo (10000 Emails per month, 500MB File storage, E-Commerce, customized templates, Scheduling, List Building Tools, and many more)

Email – Rs 1289/mo (Unlimited Email sends, Branded/Industry templates, E-commerce, Woo-commerce Integration, List segmentation, etc.)

 Email Plus – Rs 2900/mo (Unlimited email sends, Ecommerce advanced features, Automated abandon cart feature, List building, Pop-up forms, and a plethora of other features) 

They are ideal for start-ups that are looking to garner leads, turn them into conversions, and retain these customers.

  1. Pabbly Email Marketing 

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the top email marketing services all around the world with more than 2500 companies trusting their email services to get their work done successfully. They are a platform that sends bulk emails taking the effort to personalize them for improved consumer experience. It comes with some great features like connecting external SMTPs along with an amazing inbuilt SMTP without additional costs. It also provides the visual workflow that helps to gather data on the efficiency of the email being sent out.

SMTPs provide the trust factor as well as data confidentiality in your email campaigns. This provides security and trust in all the communicating elements in email marketing. It helps to seamlessly import contacts, refine lists, segment lists based on user activity, drag and drop editor, follow up emails for unopened ones, sign-up forms, SMTP routing, etc. Some of its useful features are drip campaigns, email tracking, automation, and enhanced delivery rate. Pabbly is one of the finest email marketing services. User experiences and testimonials speak for the smooth service that Pabbly provides. 

The distinctive feature of Pabbly is, it is the only email marketing service that connects with more than 50 external SMTPs like Amazon SES, SendinBlue, Mailgun, Gmail, Pepipost, Postmark, MailJet and so many more. 

Some of the companies that use the services of Pabbly are Cisco, Pearson, the guardian, Manipal school, Uber, ISKON. 

You can sign up free with Pabbly Email Marketing and then get a free trial for a certain period of time.

 Plans (based on subscriber count)

  • Rookie – upto 5000 subscribers- Rs 2100 approx (unlimited emails, 3 SMTP connection, SMTP Routing, Follow-ups) 
  • Pro- upto 15000 subscribers – Rs 3500 approx(rookie + additional features)
  • Advance -50000 subscribers – Rs 7100 approx (Pro + advanced features) 

Pabbly is a great email marketing service that is recommended for its unique features and top-notch capacity of delivering emails without fail. 

In June 2019 Mailget, one of the other very popular email marketing services was taken over by Pabbly. All the database of Mailget is available on Pabbly now and the merger provides for even better services.

  1. Pepipost

Pepipost is another email marketing service that is a great boon to digital marketers in India. It is one of the easiest services for effective email delivery to your consumers without any hassle. It provides real-time analytics and accurate Statistics, E-Mail API, SMTP features for the secured transference of messages between different transaction partners. They also come with advanced features like Artificial Intelligence, webhooks, bounce forwarding, etc. 

They provide case studies, ebooks, and blogs along with white paper to address your issues as well as educate and inform about the various qualities. Pepipost also conducts email marketing strategy and consulting for deriving the best results for all your email marketing initiatives. It educates on the different styles of emails like triggered emails, transactional emails, newsletters, notification emails, promotional emails, leads nurturing emails, and the efficacy of each. 

They provide various features like email scheduling, tracking, designs and templates, targeted emails. They also have a 24*7 support system in the form of live chat for all your doubts as well as grievances.

There are monthly as well as annual prices. You get a 30% off on annual prices. 

Plans (monthly): based on the number of emails

  • 1,50000/mo – Rs 1790(approx)
  • 400000/mo- Rs 6100 (approx)
  • 600000/mo(this is the most popular pack) – Rs 10400 (approx)
  • 10,00,000/mo- Rs 17563
  • 20,00,000/mo – Rs 31901
  • Above this limit, you have to get a quote. 

You also have to pay a nominal extra amount for all the above plans when your emails exceed the number by 1000 within those plans.

Pepipost is a great email marketing service for all your requirements. It has all the qualities to turn your email marketing campaign successful.

  1. Moosend

Moosend is one of the finest email marketing services that provide exceptional features to your email marketing campaigns. It is also an all-inclusive marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes to develop and grow. They are a great service for generating leads and turning them into loyal customers.

It has a drag and drops feature along with an easy user-friendly interface that helps to craft enticing emails in very little time. It comes with convenient segmentation, accurate data analytics, and reports, personalizations. The user can use its other features that include Landing page creation, tracking, integrations, automation, subject line testing for more accurate targeting. The AI feature in e-commerce results in greater sales and more returns on investment. 

Moosend website has all the answers to your queries in the form of a resource page like Getresponse. It has over 40 free templates of newsletters, blogs, information on extra tools, webinars, infographics, courses, and other features that are of great help for people starting out with email marketing services. Moosend comes with advanced segmentation that separates subscribers based on their pattern of interaction. You can connect with APIs and with SMTPs for the more secure transmission of messages. 

Moosend works across industries ranging from eCommerce to travel, different Agencies as well as publishers and authors. Their clientele includes Ogilvy, TEDx, FOX, Isobar, etc.

Moosend has a free forever scheme for up to 1000 email subscribers. They also provide unlimited email campaigns. The most unique feature of Moosend is it does not put its branding on the emails. All major features are available in the free version. 

Moosend is a delight for digital marketers in the sense that you also have a pay-as-you-go feature that allows you to pay only when you send emails. 

The pricing varies according to the number of subscribers.

  • Up to 1000 subscribers – free
  • 2000 subscribers- Rs 700(approx)
  • 3000 subscribers- Rs 1500 (approx)

There are a lot of plans after these schemes.

Moosend is one of the best options for an email marketing service for Indian start-ups and medium-sized enterprises.

  1. GetResponse

GetResponse is another such email marketing service that offers a plethora of features for you to choose from in the various schemes. It helps to promulgate your products and services through focused email campaigns that emphasize the qualities of your business. GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform with more than 350000 users. It has a wide range of design tools, email templates to select from, and strong deliverability that allows for better email campaigns.

GetResponse comes with features like Autoresponders, scheduled emails, specific segment building, newsletters, blog digests, A/B testing, and the much in demand drag and drop builder. Since it is an all-encompassing email platform, GetResponse provides features like landing page creation, auto-funnels, webinars, marketing automation. Combined with email marketing these features can provide exemplary results for your email marketing campaigns. It also comes with a library of resources and guides on how to go about using the services of Getresponse in detail on their website. For better understanding, they have a dedicated resource page that houses important information in the form of White papers, blogs, Courses, infographics, etc. 

Getresponse works for small and medium-sized businesses in the most efficient of ways. The user interface is uncomplicated and intuitive. 

Some of the notable businesses that use Getresponse are Hilton, UNESCO, Henkel, AutoDoc, etc.  Customer care includes chat support via phones, emails, and live chat options. 

There are diverse schemes available. You can use any plan you select for free for a month before Getresponse starts charging you for the continued use.

Getresponse has 4 plans and subdivisions in the form of subscribers for each plan going up to 10000 subscribers.

Plans (based on subscribers)


  • Upto 1000 subscribers – Rs 1075 approx 
  • Up to 2500 subscribers – Rs 1792 approx and so on

Email Plus

  • Upto 1000 subscribers – Rs 3500 (approx)
  • Upto 2500 subscribers- Rs 4300 (approx) 


  • Upto 1000 subscribers- Rs 7100 (approx)
  • Upto 2500 subscribers – Rs 8530 (approx)


100000+ more than Rs 85000 with all advanced setups and features.

  1. Mailcot

Mailcot is one of the topmost email marketing services in India. It is famous for its spotless reputation of sending bulk emails without compromising the personalization aspect of email campaigns. MailCot has a high rate of deliverability. It is one of the most reliable email marketing service providers in India. 

The features of mailcot include mobile responsive design, attractive email newsletters, drip campaigns, several appealing email templates, transactional emails, etc. It also provides CRM integration, sign up and contact forms along with email software setup.

It comes with a dashboard that is easy to operate. Mailcot provides detailed Statistics on click-through rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate as well as determining whether your email is shared. It has a dedicated 24*7 customer support to take care of all the glitches and problems that a business might face. They come with some very advanced features that are of great utility to new businesses as well as small and medium businesses.

They provide refined lists of consumers based on behavioral patterns, email Copywriting services, managing advanced segmentation lists. Additionally, they produce campaigns and implement the various steps required to have an effective email strategy. They also have an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) feature that helps you to handle all your email deliveries. 

They have a varied number of plans based on SMTP transactions, Email credits, and the number of subscribers.

Below is the list of plans based on the number of subscribers. The drag and drop editor is available on all these plans along with unlimited email sends.

  • Free plan – 200 subscribers – Rs 0 
  • SB Plan 1 -1000 subscribers- Rs 500/mo
  •  Plan 2- 2000 subscribers- Rs 650/mo
  •  Plan 3- 5000 subscribers – Rs 1350/mo and so on..

Mailcot is an extremely affordable email marketing service with a lot of advanced features that can b of great use to business houses irrespective of their experience and size.

  1. Drip

Drip is an unmatched email marketing service for e-commerce owners, bloggers, and online marketers. This email service takes into account your consumers’ behavior and purchasing patterns and assists you in sending out highly customized emails to connect with them. The personalized emails help to engage with your consumers developing your goodwill among your target audience. 

They have optimized automation tools, advanced email segmentation, listing. They let you send text messages, and display Facebook Ads based on the workflow. Drip tailors content according to the needs of specialized consumers. 

They provide support in the form of webinars, guides, documents, live chat, automation training courses. The CRM feature helps in building a strong foundation of trust among new as well as existing customers. Drip helps in sending bulk messages while making sure that every customer is attended to whenever needed.

It uses customer insights based on data and the different metrics for more targeted emails. It integrates with a plethora of channels like Facebook Custom Audience, Magento, JustUno, Shopify, Privy, WPfusion, WooCommerce, etc…

You can join for free and have a 14 day trial period after which you need to shell out money according to the pack and features you need. 

 Plans (based on number of contacts)

  • Upto 2500 contacts = Rs 3500 (approx)
  • 5000 contacts = Rs 8747 (approx)
  • 10000 contacts = Rs 13192 (approx)
  • Upto 15000 contacts = Rs 17,637 and so on

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  1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing service that was specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of publishers, authors, and professional bloggers. They are ideal for Podcasters YouTubers and writers. It is convenient to use and comes with an attractive appealing sign-up forms. They are software for artists and creators. You can easily segment users based on their buying patterns.

Their powerful automation tool helps you send optimally timed, personalized emails that invariably help in generating leads and acquiring new customers. They have a visual automation builder for you to connect with your customers and guide them. You can also create attractive landing pages and easily embedded forms for a better customer experience. Their Autoresponders help in efficient drip campaigns for more focussed targeting.

They integrate with Zapier, Gumrood, WordPress, Right Message, WooCommerce, and a lot of other channels to give your business the best experience. 

Plans (based on subscribers)

  • Upto 1000 = Rs 2079/mo (approx)
  • Then 3000 = Rs 3153/mo (approx)
  • Upto 5000 = Rs 5664/mo (approx)

After that, you have to calculate to find your monthly charges.

An important feature in their pricing is when you pay your bill annually you get to enjoy 12 months’ worth of services for the price of 10 minutes. That is quite an attractive discount for a beginner.

  1. SendInBlue

SendinBlue gives you the dual benefit of SMS as well as email marketing features for your business. The user interface is super simple to work around with. Their drag and drop editor helps you create attractive and engaging emails even if you are a novice starting out. They give the benefit of SMS and email along with chat support so that you are always ready to address your customers’ queries. Moreover, they offer high-grade personalizing features like CRM, marketing automation that saves so much time and improves the quality of your overall performance. They also provide transactional email benefits with optimized deliverability service. 

It also helps you create effective landing pages, retarget your visitors and customers, launch Facebook Ads for retargeting purposes, and craft custom forms to integrate into your website. They also provide adequate Statistics and reports for more precision in determining the target audience, Email heat maps that help you understand which part of your email content is the most engaging, A/B testing, and real-time data. SendInBlue integrates with different tools through API. You can also benefit from integrating plugins with SendinBlue for better use of the tools.

Plans (based on the number of emails you send) 

  • Free Plan : 300 emails/day – Rs 0 (unlimited contacts)
  • Lite plan: 40000 emails/mo – Rs 1535( unlimited daily sends)
  • Essential Plan : 60000 emails/mo – Rs 2343 
  • Premium Plan: 120000 emails/mo – Rs 3960 (Facebook ads, Chat, multi-user access, landing pages, etc) 

Above these plans, you have to get a quote and calculate your prices. The prices vary but come with far more advanced features like priority support, dedicated infrastructure, managed setup, priority sending, etc.

  1. AWeber

AWeber is one of the oldest and preferred email marketing services in India. It comes with all the features that are intrinsic to email marketing services. AWeber is especially useful for individuals and marketers who are just beginning to use email services for their business. It is easy to use and integrates with WordPress seamlessly to give you a good user experience. It comes with the usual advantage of autoresponders, email list growth, and a very trusted deliverability system. AWeber integrates with Facebook, Paypal, Shopify, Salesforce, Optinmonster among other channels to help you with all your marketing initiatives. 

It is a committed service provider with 24*7 support for any problems that might creep up in your email campaigns. AWeber makes sure you have the best-looking emails for your consumers. The aesthetics of the email designs provide a great user experience and help in getting acquiring new customers.

They have responsive mobile-ready templates of various designs for email newsletters. You can customize your schedule of posting according to convenience and statistics available. Welcome e-mails, A/B testing, transactional emails, marketing funnels can be easily implemented through AWeber. Also, they have AWeber’s Stats program that gives you accurate reports on the various stages of your email marketing campaign. 

You can try Aweber for free for 30 days and then pay to continue using their services

Plans based on subscribers

  • Upto 500 subscribers – Rs 1362 (approx)
  • Upto 2500 subscribers – Rs 2078 (approx)
  • Then 5000 subscribers – Rs 3512 (approx)
  • Up to 10000 subscribers – Rs 5000(approx) and so on

All features are available in these plans. There are quarterly and annual plans available as well.


From the above list, it is clear that business organizations have quite a range of email marketing services to choose from. It is important to take your goals and objectives into account before making a decision. You always have the option of choosing a different service as and when required. Select an email marketing service that will propel your business towards generating more leads and gaining more customers without compromising on the quality of their services.  

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