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Top 10 Digital Marketing Certifications With Practical Assignments

Digital marketing is a ubiquitous element in today’s life. It slowly has grown into one of the most desired career paths pursued by freshers, traditional marketers, professionals from other fields as well as freelancers, and writers  In this article, we will cover the top digital marketing certifications to help you make the right decisions.

Top Digital Marketing Certifications

The ineluctable nature of digital marketing can be attributed to its inherent ability to connect people from all across the globe. This, in turn, creates a positive healthy working relationship between the several sectors of our society.

Digital Marketing Certifications are the need of the hour. Whether B2B or B2C business or the relationship between an organization and its existing and potential customers, digital marketing is an inescapable part of the marketing strategy and planning today.

In this article today, we are going to discuss the Top 10 certifications on Digital Marketing that you can’t ignore. Since the internet is a compelling and extremely vital medium for us to gather information on everything, there is a soaring demand for Digital marketers able to perform complex marketing plans and strategies to get better results for a business.

A proper understanding of the digital marketing modules has become mandatory for anyone wanting to make a mark for themselves in the online business world. That is where Certifications on Digital Marketing come into the picture. They come offering high-quality education to improve the overall internet knowledge of people from various walks of life.

Now a lot of you might have questions as to why you should take up the Digital Marketing Certification Course. Why is a digital marketing course important and how can it help to further your prospects in your professional life?

Here are some of the reasons for taking up Digital marketing certifications.

  1. Digital marketing Certifications benefit – Enhanced skill sets

Digital Marketing Certifications from reputed institutes can help you become authority leaders in your field of digital marketing module specialization.

A certification course can help you to strengthen your existing knowledge of the online marketing space. It can also help you to acquire knowledge, tips, and strategies from leading authority figures and experts. This, in turn, opens up a variety of career opportunities.

  1. Digital marketing Certifications benefit – Empowering you with updated knowledge

Remember digital marketing in its essence is a flexible, dynamic discipline that is constantly evolving. A certification helps you to understand the principles of digital marketing extensively.

The certifications provide a compendious study of the elements that make up a successful digital marketing campaign. The courses have all the pertinent best practices in the curriculum that helps you to bolster your confidence in your capabilities as a digital marketer.

  1. Digital marketing Certifications benefit – Ability to start your agency

Certification in digital marketing can help you with starting your own business, becoming a freelancer, and providing your enhanced knowledge to get better returns on investment for several businesses and clients.

It can also go a long way in helping you launch your own business. Certification from an eminent institute can give your clients much-needed trust in your brand. Trust in your abilities is the only prerequisite to your success in online and web marketing.

Below is the list of 10 Digital Marketing Certifications that guarantee your success in the intriguing and dynamic field of online marketing.


IIM SKILLS is one of the leading ed-tech institutes offering professional training programs to help budding marketers become astute digital marketers. The course offers all the vital modules related to online marketing. SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Blogging, Content marketing are some topic covered.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 29900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

The institute has trained 35000+ students in diffrerent courses ranging from finance, GST, Content writing, digital marketing.. IIM SKILLS founder Mr Vaibhav Kakkar, a digital marketer himself,  first started out as a blogger offering educational content.

After his website gained considerable traction, he started IIM SKILLS with an aim to educate students and professionals to become skilled to apply for more rewarding careers.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. . Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

Hubspot Content Marketing is an extremely popular branch of the Digital Marketing Course Training in Hubspot. This is one of the digital marketing certifications that provides an intensive curriculum and is committed to making you a skilled expert in strategizing and creating content to rank high on search engines.

The lecturer in this Course is Justin Champion is extremely well versed in content marketing. He provides techniques, and strategies through the course videos to solve any challenges in your content module.

Course details

It is a self-paced course, therefore you can take your time to complete the course. The Course teaches the nuances of Content Writing and helps optimize your Content Strategies with case studies, tips and tactics.

The Course Curriculum includes

  • The Power Of Storytelling
  • Content Framework
  • Planning A Long-term Content Strategy
  • Building Guest Blogging Strategy By SEO
  • Effectively Promoting Content
  • Content Marketing Certification Course and many others

Interested In Content Writing? Learn from the Best Content Writing Course

  1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Certification

One of the main objectives of the digital marketer is to become well versed with the various digital marketing programs on Google. These digital marketing certifications help to gain the benefits offered by the biggest and most popular search engine in the web space.

The Google Analytics Academy is where you learn the essentials of marketing, Analytics, data collection, measuring, and then strategizing your campaign according to the report.

The Google Analytics Academy has several analytics courses and certification

  • Google Analytics For Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics For Power Users
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Introduction To Data Studio

Course Name Google Analytics For Beginners

This course is for starters and novices who want to learn the basics of Google Analytics. In this course, you learn how to maneuver the Google Analytics dashboard interface, how to set up shortcuts, navigate through the reports, understand the metrics.

Course Syllabus

  • Digital Analytics
  • How Google Analytics Works
  • Setting Up Views
  • Features and Properties of Analytics
  • Understanding Reports
  • Sharing Reports
  • Setting Up Dashboards Shortcuts
  • Measuring Custom Campaigns
  • URL Builder Measuring
  • Business Objectives
  • Measuring Google Ads Campaign
  • Course Review

Advanced Google Analytics course

This course helps you to understand how data is collected and then process to create actionable reports. The areas covered are ad custom dimensions, event tracking, custom metrics, unique to your business.

There will be advanced analysis techniques with audience reports, custom reports, segmentation, and channel reports remarketing, and retargeting to deliver focused ads to customers who have visited your web page.

digital marketing certifications content includes

  • Data Collection
  • Categorizing Users And Sessions
  • Configuration Settings
  • Data Storing
  • Report Generation
  • Measurement Plan
  • Useful Configuration
  • Understanding User Behavior
  • Creating Custom Metrics And Dimensions
  • Segmenting Data For Insights
  • Analyzing Data By Channel And Audience
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Course Summary

Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced are the most essential parts of digital marketing education. These courses hold a lot of weightage in your resume. They are also helpful in all aspects of the online marketing process

Google Analytics For Power Users

After completion of your advanced course for Google Analytics, the course for power users helps you to further acquire knowledge on a variety of features and tools of Google Analytics to improve the overall performance of your business. It is essential for E-commerce businesses and more targeted Ads for your focus group.

The course content includes

  • Understanding Users Platforms To Develop & Optimize
  •  Understanding Why and Who Are Converting And Who Aren’t
  • Customizing Channel For Greater Engagement
  • Sending More Focused Newsletter Emails
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators For Your Contents
  • Driving Product Purchase
  • Reason For High Bounce Rate
  • Best And Worst Performing Content
  • Course Summary.

Google Analytics 360

After completion of Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics, you can apply and start Google Analytics 360 course which is an enterprise-level curriculum committed to providing you with enhance education to fulfill your business objectives and augment your business on digital platforms.

The course content includes

  • Benefits Of Analytics Reporting
  • Custom Funnel
  • Unsampled Reports
  •  Reporting With The Query
  • Google Analytics 360 Integration
  • Marketing Platform Integrations
  • Comparing Google Analytics And Campaign Management
  • Attribution Model
  •  Understanding Key Metrics Campaign Manager
  • Reporting Dimensions And Metrics Of Campaign Management
  • Display And Video Integration
  • Search Ads
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Reporting Integration
  • Custom Reports
  • Audiences With Ad Manager And Others

Course – Google Tag Manager

Topics Include

  • Measurement Plan
  • Tag Implementation Strategy
  • Tag Manager Overview
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Tag Setting
  •  Property Variable For Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Cross-domain
  • Understanding Data Layer
  • Custom Dimensions And Custom Metrics
  • Dynamic Values
  • Tracking Events With Variables
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  •  Course Review

Introduction to Data Studio

This course is aimed at marketers, business owners, digital agencies, and marketing analysts. The course helps to gain insight into data visualization. Helps in creating reports and brainstorming collaborating with teammates for a successful Digital Campaign for a favorable Digital imprint of your brand in the online arena.

Course contents include 

  • Data Studio Overview
  • Data Source Overview
  • Creating New Reports And Charts
  • Connecting Data
  • Configuring Report Controls
  • Sharing Reports With Stakeholders
  • Basics Of Data Visualization Templates
  • Creation And Usage.

Professional Courses to explore

  1. YouTube Digital Marketing Certifications

YouTube digital marketing certifications are today considered as one of the most popular digital marketing certifications that individuals enroll for. Video is the most engaging and attractive form of content that draws consumers in.

If you visit YouTube you will see that the search engine has gained immense popularity for the past few years. The viewers, as well as the people making content for the visual platform, have increased manifold.

The YouTube certification program is free to learn a curriculum that provides individuals strategies, tips, advice, to grow and optimize your YouTube channel through the right kind of management. They also teach you to leverage the benefits of metric measurement to draw viewers to your content.

It is a course formulated for eligible creators and partners to use advanced YouTube tools. The course aims to fine-tune the skills of creative video makers, improve their performance and create optimized content for maximum visibility and exposure.

The course content is free but you have to visit the website for the duration and time required to complete the course. The YouTube certification course contents involve a business-related curriculum.

The topics include

  • Business Operations
  • Digital Rights Managing
  •  Legal Channels Managing
  • Label Representation
  • Asset Monetization
  • Music Course And Content Ownership
  • Copyright On Youtube
  • Business Operations With Content Management System
  • Right Enforcement With Content
  • Asset Optimization For Revenue Analysis And Reporting
  • Content Strategy
  • Channel Management
  • Promotion And Engagement With Consumers
  • Analytics
  • Revenue And Rights Management.

After completion of the course, you are easily able to comprehend the different tools and leverage the benefits offered by YouTube as a search engine. It is a great medium to connect with your consumers and increase your visibility.

YouTube offers opportunities to content creators representatives to go ahead and create meaningful content and through their algorithms. Your content is recommended to your target consumers provided it is useful inspirational and entertaining.

  1. Digital Marketing Institute Certification 

Course Name Of Postgraduate Diploma In Digital Marketing DMI Expert. The Course Fee $3787. Course Duration 44 Weeks

Modules comprise

  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Digital Selling
  • Leadership And Management
  • Strategy And Planning Search
  • Digital Channels In Details
  • Essential Skills.

Some of the topics in the course are

  • Social Research
  • Social Strategy
  • Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram And Snapchat Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Content Creation And Outreach
  • Social Customer Service
  • Fundamentals Of Social Selling
  • Attracting Customers
  • Engagement
  • Project Planning
  • SEO Setup And Content Page
  • Search And Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Workshop
  • Analytics And Applied Email Marketing
  • Traditional Communication
  • Marketing Automation
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Budget And Strategy
  • Formulation And Plan.

The pertinent features are that you get access to the course contents, 3 months of membership free of cost.  The companies that have a tie-up with the Digital Marketing Institute are Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Coca-Cola, Twitter, IBM to name a few

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing DMI Pro.

Course duration 13 hours, Fee – $1955

Course topics include

  • Principles Of Digital Marketing
  • Developing Objectives
  • Connecting With The Customer
  • Digital Research
  • Cultural Research
  • Social Platforms For Digital Marketing
  • Setting Up Social Media Testing And Optimizing
  • Email Campaign Design Strategy
  • Web Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Website Creation And Optimisation
  • User-centered Design
  • Principles Of Web Copy
  • Website Metrics
  • Display And Video Advertising
  • Video Ad Formats
  • Targeting Display
  • Measuring SEO Performances
  • Aligning Seo With Business Goals
  • Organic Search Ranking Optimisation
  • Content Managing And Distribution
  • Curating Content Research
  • Content Performance
  • Metrics Measurements

DMI Master In Digital Marketing.

It has premium content, recognized certification. The e-Learning management portal has the latest contents and best practices that are prevailing to the Digital Marketing system.


  • Communications And Consumer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Email
  • Search Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Strategy And Planning.

The Course is specifically aimed at experienced digital professionals and marketing executives who have confidence in their talents and work.

They want to upgrade their skills for greater career opportunities. They already are successful in their fields of work and strive to gain knowledge to better their performance in the Online Marketing system. It is also ideal for small business owners and digital professionals as well as entrepreneurs.

  1. Duke University of Digital Marketing 

Duke University of Continuing Studies has a self-paced online course known as Digital Media And Marketing. It helps to enhance the skill sets of digital marketers through job-driven high-grade education.

It is also ideal for people who want to pursue different modules in the digital marketing sector. Anyone who wants to make a career in web marketing wants to make a career switch or accelerate their careers can take up the course. It provides an in-depth understanding of the strategies and planning that go behind winning digital marketing campaigns.

Course Name- Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA)

The course topics include

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advanced
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Brand Management.

Students can acquire the Certificate of Completion by finishing six of the 8 advanced modules taught at the institute.

Key features of the course

The course comes with Mimic Pro and Social Access that helps the integration of different skills for application to real projects. They also help to simulate paid and social media strategies.

The students also have 12 months of access to all updated material and content with presentations, videos, and case studies upon the completion of the course

There is the option of downloading content for offline viewing. The course is completely mobile responsive and can be learned on a mobile app as well.

There are hands-on labs and projects for practical learning. You have 350 hours of combined instruction and study hours which comprises the most comprehensive parts in the different elements of digital marketing.

The assessment is done based on quizzes and testing which is to prepare them for cumulative tests at the end of the course.

Tools Covered 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Youtube Video Advertising & Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite among others.

There are several elective courses that you can take up like 

  • Mobile Analytics And Cloud
  • Twitter Marketing And Advertising
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Holiday PPC
  • Digital Marketing In Asia
  • Personal Branding
  • Targeted Display Advertising.

The course also enables students to have live mentoring sessions for doubt resolution and an opportunity to interact with instructors and solve any confusion. There are also live and on-demand webinars that are accessible on trending topics. The course fee is $3195.00.

Other than the Duke institute’s Digital marketing certification they also provide training for OMCA and OMCP which are entry-level certification and premier certification respectively for online marketing professionals and practitioners.

The former is for the less experienced novice, for starters in the digital domain while the letter certificate is for people who have adequate experience in the field and want to enrich their skill and knowledge with greater digital education.

  1. Copyblogger Certified

Copyblogger has a Certified Content Marketing program that started in 2013 and gradually gained prominence as the most intense content marketing education for writers who want to have a rewarding career in content writing and strategy.

The course content includes

  • Marketing Yourself As A Content Marketer
  • Positioning Yourself For Your Projects
  • Getting More Pay And Clients
  • Framework For Creating Opportunities
  • Rich Audience Experience For Business
  • Building Authority For Yourself And Your Clients
  • Authentically Connecting With Influencers
  • Personal Branding
  • Turning Leads Into Consumers Through Action And Sales
  • Craft In A Content Marketing Strategy To Buyer’s Journey
  • Identifying The Key Performance Indicators
  • Unlocking The Triggers
  • Mapping Exercises
  • Handling Tricky And Crisis
  • Writing Content That Attracts
  • Increasing Traffic And Conversion
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Creating Personas FOr Focus Group
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Widening Network.

After you enroll in the program you will get access to study materials notes and program contents. They also provide you with the contact details of two of the mentors of the Institute.

You can have a question-answer session with them to clarify doubts and conclusions and talk about the program contents to have clarity.

Your content will be viewed by industry experts and after complete successfully passing the exam you will get your Certificate. The Certificat can be a great boost to your CV.

  1. Digital Garage

Google Garage is your first step to boosting your digital acumen and helping to learn the intrinsic properties of digital marketing comprehensively. It is one of the most popular digital marketing certifications.

Google Digital Unlocked includes 26 extensive courses that come with free certification. 

Training – 40 hours of rigorous training. The curriculum includes some of the most vital components of Digital Marketing learning.

Course Name – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Some of the Course Content is

  • Optimizing Search
  • Improve Your Search Campaigns
  • Local Search
  • Finding You Online
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Impact
  • Turn Data Into Insights 5 Lessons
  • Build Your Online Shop 2 Lessons
  • Sell More Online 3 Lessons
  • Expand Internationally 7 Lessons

The above discussed is the main course in Digital Marketing. However, Google Digital Garage has other free courses related to Online Marketing and selling. They are mainly for educational purposes and do not include certification.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Start A Business Online
  • How To Make Sure Your Customers Find You Online Business With Online Advertising
  • Expand The Business To Other Countries
  • Connect To Customize Your Mobile
  • Promote Your Business With Content
  • Understand Customer Behavior And Needs
  • Build Confidence With Self-promotion
  • Protect Your Online Campaign
  • Understand The Basics Of Code
  • Increase Productivity At Work
  • Online Business Security
  • Business Communication
  • Customer Segmentation And Prospecting
  • Fundamentals Of Graphic Design And Others

The Digital Unlocked course is committed to delivering top-quality courses for you to understand the practical implementation of digital marketing components.

The course is divided into convenient short-duration videos and presentations. It is accredited by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and you get unlimited access to their content once you enroll for the course.

You get a recognized certification from Google that comes to your use when you start applying for jobs. You can display it on your LinkedIn Profile to attract better job opportunities.

Key Considerations

All the courses and modules are created by Google trainers who are experts with plenty of practical training. The course is replete with real-world examples that help you understand the practical implementation better.

However, since it is a self-paced course, you have to learn it based on your preferred time. You should make sure that you diligently work on the modules and don’t give up in the middle.

The method of examination is also very interesting. After going through a particular chunk of lessons, you can take up their questions and quizzes.

After you complete your entire course, you take their certification questions. Once you pass the examination consisting of 40 questions you can easily download the Certificate promptly.

Through this course, you learn the various terms in several modules like analytics and data insights, content marketing, business strategy, e-commerce. It will also teach you various methods to improve your digital marketing initiatives.

  1. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook has over 1.5 billion members. It is one of the most popular social media platforms that have people from all over the world connecting via its features.

This makes Facebook an extremely viable platform to connect with your consumers, get new consumers, and create a positive perception of your business in the minds of your customers.

Digital marketing has become one of the most lucrative careers providing stable job opportunities in several sectors of the corporate world. Naturally, Facebook, the most used social media platform has become a major part of the marketing strategy for organizations.

Facebook Certification Details

Considering the mass popularity, Facebook has come with its Certification, Facebook Blueprint certification. This can be a great added skill to your resume. Most importantly, it will most definitely help you to get more job opportunities from potential employers.

Modern-day corporate houses and organizations look for important digital marketers who can leverage the benefits of social media platforms to grow the business in the online space.

Facebook blueprint has a variety of courses- Associate and Professional. The provides certification to professionals, individuals, freelancers, who can display proficiency in the various facets of the digital marketing process with Facebook tools products, and systems.

For each course, you have a free online curriculum to prepare for the exam. You also have a 30 question practice test to help you get acquainted with the exam content and schedule.  There is also a study guide to help you through the skills needed for passing the exam.

Course Name Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Content outline

  • Identifying The Products For A Facebook Family Of Apps And Services
  • Value Proposition Of The Facebook Apps For Business
  • Advertising Fundamentals
  • Identifying The Structure Of Facebook Campaign
  • Difference Between Ad And Page Post
  • Communicating The Value Of Facebook Pixel
  • Setting Up an Ad Account
  • Identifying Mobile Creative
  • Best Practices
  • Creating And Managing Ads
  • Understanding The Different Tools
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Appropriate Ad Formats
  • Identifying Budgets And Scheduling
  • Determining Relationship Between Budget And Estimated Results
  • Facebook Campaign Objective For Greater Business Success
  • Ads Reporting
  • Measuring The Success Of A Campaign.

The course duration is 90 minutes. It is ideal for job aspirants students and entry-level marketing. It covers the foundational concepts of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Course Name Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional

Content Topics 

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior And Shift To Mobile
  • Aligning Facebook Capabilities To The Components Of The Marketing Funnel
  • Overall Creative Brief For Mobile
  • Principles Of Effective Mobile Creative
  • Content Insights Into Creative Brief
  • Determining Appropriate Marketing
  • Objectives For A Client’s Business Goals
  • Campaign Objectives And Key Performance Indicators
  • Recommended Modifications
  • Impact And Efficacy Of Creative Ad Campaign Among Others.

Course Name Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional

This course is ideal for data scientists, media analysts, researchers, measurement partners, FMP analysts, technical consultants. The candidate for this exam should have around 3 years of experience with Strategies and Research, statistics, and data manipulation.


  • Reconciling Business Goals With Key Performance Indicators
  • Analyzing Plans
  • Monitoring Existing
  • Data Sources Evaluating Differences In Methodology Across Channels Situation Assessment
  • Data Quality Validation
  • Hypothesis And Test Designing
  • Measurement Solution For Facebook Statistical Output
  • Interpretation Analyzing
  • Data Using Exploratory And Statistical Methods
  • Writing A Simple Script To Extract And Manipulate Data
  • Visualization Methods
  • Future Ad Campaigns Based On Insights Measurement Opportunities
  • Scope Of Measurement Approach.
  1. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management platforms that help to integrate and manage different social media platforms.

It has free platform training that helps you to acquire the skills and practices that you need to efficiently handle the Hootsuite dashboard and its varied features.

Through this training, you learn to manage multiple social media accounts effectively. The course teaches you to read the analytics and reporting tools successfully to incorporate any changes if necessary in social media scheduling and Management.

  1. Get Response Digital Marketing Certification

Get a response is one of the top email marketing software that helps you to send email newsletters, service emails, seasonal campaigns, promotional campaigns, entertainment campaigns, and connect via the social campaign, etc.

Since Get Response is an eminent email Marketing software provider, they also have a digital marketing certification that aims to expand your marketing knowledge and display your skills to get better job opportunities.

Course Name – Digital Marketing Certification

There are 136 lessons 5 certificates 19 teachers and 13 hours dedicated to the course. The individual course fee for the topics is $199.

The topics include

  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Landing Page And Conversion Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Sales.

Let’s look at the course curriculum for each discipline in a little detail

Email marketing course

The course has 9 teachers 28 lessons 6 quizzes and 224 minutes of training with 1 industry-recognized certificate.


  • Introduction To Email Marketing
  • Role Of Email In Multi-channel Marketing
  • Communication Strategy
  • Email Marketing For Brand Awareness
  • Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  • Basics Of List Building And Management Using Lead Magnets
  • To Build Your List
  • Elements Of Email Types
  • Personalization In Email Campaigns
  • Creating Effective Emails And Best Practices
  • Copywriting And Content Essentials
  • Basics Of Email Analytics
  • How To Get CTR
  • Creating A Format For Your Email Content
  • ESP Role In Email Marketing
  • Email Conversion
  • Dynamic Content In Email
  • A/B testing
  • Subject Lines.

Content marketing

Content marketing has 25 lessons 6 quizzes, 176 minutes of training, and 1 certificate from getting a Response after completion of the course.

Syllabus includes

  • Audience Research And Engagement
  • Setting Up Content Strategy
  • Finding Resource Budget And Time
  • Starting A Blog
  • Writing The Perfect Blog Post
  • Blog With RSS Emails
  • Difference Between Content And Content Marketing
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Mapping Content
  • Digital Platform Best Practices
  • Hosting Webinar
  • Post-Webinar Connection
  • Video Marketing And Practice
  • Optimizing Promotion Of Your Content
  • Advanced Tools For Content Marketing
  • Brandscaping And Others

Marketing Automation

The course has 22 lessons 7 teachers 8 quizzes and 188 minutes of training

Content includes 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Project Planning
  • Consumer Momentum Curve
  • Types Of Automated Workflows
  •  Consumer Momentum Maintaining
  •  Defining Marketing Automation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Tracking Automation Success
  • Setting Up Timing And Scoring
  • Segmenting List
  • Welcome Emails
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Running The Online Course With Emails Using Marketing Automation For Ecommerce
  • Post-purchase Communication
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Tracking Customer Behavior
  • Linking Marketing And Sales Through Automation

Inbound sales

Inbound sales define your buyer profile and generate lead with multi-channel advertising and Marketing. It also takes the help of customer relationship management tools to close sales and create retention programs to get more conversions and returns on investment. The course comprises 146 minutes of training, 19 lessons, 6 quizzes, 10 teachers and 1 industry certificate.

The course includes

  • Understanding A Buyer’s Journey
  • CRM And Inbound Sales
  • Content And Inbound Marketing Relationship
  • Funnel Content
  • Driving Traffic With Search Engine Optimization
  • Generating Leads Using PPC
  • Landing Pages
  • Nurturing Lead With Emails And Automation
  • Turning Leads To Qualified Sales For Active and Passive Visitors
  • Selling via Email
  • Retaining Customers
  • Creating Benefits Of Loyalty Programs

Landing Page And Conversion Optimization

This course offers to provide you a detailed description of designing landing pages for mobile, optimizing your copywriting skills for conversion.

They also provide training on the tools and tactics to analyze your webpage performance among many other key aspects of Conversion Optimization. The course is 87 minutes of training with 6 quizzes 12 lessons, and 3 teachers

Syllabus comprises of

  • Introduction To Landing Pages
  • Anatomy Of Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Design And Copywriting
  • Best Practices For Landing Page Optimization
  • Good Empathy Statements Creation
  • Basics Of Landing Page Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Optimization Tips
  • Analytics For Landing Pages
  • Integrating Your Landing Page With Marketing Tools.
  1. Twitter Flight School

The Twitter Flight School helps you to gain expertise in creating Ads for Twitter. The course is customized in a way that helps everyone from a beginner to a digital marketing professional. You can choose your course and learn. There is no hard and fast to take up the course according to any series.

Course Curriculum includes

  • Twitter Ads Fundamentals
  • Advertising On Twitter
  • Introduction To Twitter
  • Ads Managing
  • Creatives Finding An Audience
  • Setting Up A Campaign
  • Twitter Video Formats
  • Creating Videos
  • Launching A Twitter Video Ad Campaign.

The features of the course are that you have small snackable courses for your benefit. There is evolving coursework, actionable recommendations. You have the option of choosing your learning path.


There are some other courses as well that can impart extremely useful knowledge on Digital Marketing like Bing Ads Certification Course, American Marketing Association Digital Marketing Course (AMA), University of Vermont Online Digital Fundamentals Certification Stanford University Machine Learning Certification Hubspot Email Certification, And Inbound Certification.

These courses are equally relevant and can provide great insight into the different constituents of digital marketing. With the help of these Digital Certifications, you will get the opportunity to display your skills, carve a place for yourself with your strategies for several industries. Make sure to optimize your efficiency in acquiring the benefits from these courses fully.

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