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The Top 10 CAT Crash Courses In India In 2024 (Updated)

The Top 10 Cat Crash Courses In India


The Common Admission Test (CAT) to get an admission into the IIMs is a tough exam to crack. It is one of the most competitive exams, with only the top 2-3% making it into the IIMs. How then do you prepare for the CAT? What is the ideal time to start preparations? These are some of the common questions that aspiring candidates have. Along with an answer to these and some common queries, read on for a list of The Top 10 CAT Crash Courses in India.


How Do You Prepare For CAT?

Perhaps the most common query every CAT aspirant has is how to prepare for CAT? The common admission test is an aptitude exam. It is not an exam where you have to memorize things and have a fear of forgetting them. In simple words, you have to be good at solving questions based on most elementary and rudimentary concepts that you might have learned at the school level.


CAT is more a test of time management skills and problem-solving skills of the candidates. What is the CAT syllabus? The syllabus includes VARC (verbal ability and reading comprehension), DILR (data interpretation and logical reasoning), and QA (quantitative aptitude). The CAT exam is dynamic, and the pattern keeps changing. Hence you need to have a stronghold on the fundamental concepts to conquer the rest. Let us go through some important tips that will result in better preparation.


Take A Mock

First things first; at the outset, take a CAT mock to know where you stand. Consider this as the before and after exercise. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, it is easier to plug in the gaps.


Decide Your Mode Of Study

Once you have taken a mock, you will have a clear idea of whether you can reach your goal through self-study, or you need the assistance of a coaching institute.

A coaching institute provides mentorship, and you can have the assurance of expert guidance all through your preparation. All the study material is also at your disposal. A CAT coaching institute provides the discipline to stay on track and put in regular hours of dedicated hard work. There will be days when you may feel out of place, and the mentors are ever helpful to motivate you and bring out the best in you.

All CAT coaching institutes these days offer classroom as well as online modules. Again, it is a choice that you have to make as to which module suits your needs.

Aspirants who prefer self-study are the ones who have extreme determination and focus. There are many free resources, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, etc. that CAT the aspirants can use. The key here is self-motivation and sticking to a regular schedule despite distractions.


List of Top CAT Coaching Institutes In Mumbai 


Divide The Syllabus

Have a close look at the syllabus, but not as a whole. Divide it into its core subjects. Make a chart of the entire syllabus, chapters under each core subject. Start your preparation in a structured manner, going through known topics first. Once you have exhausted the familiar topics, progress on the new topics. The logic here is that learning what you know gives you confidence and momentum.

Do Not Underestimate The Basics:

The fundamentals matter a lot. Have them at your fingertips to be able to master the rest of the syllabus. Only if you have clarity of the basic concepts is it possible to understand advanced concepts with relative ease.


Practice Makes A Man Perfect:

This adage has never been truer. Practice, practice, and more practice of the CAT mock and previous year papers. There are many benefits to practicing CAT mocks. It helps you with efficient time management. The more papers you solve, the better you can manage time. Your speed and accuracy also improve. It gets you acclimatized to the pattern and brings down the stress levels. The mocks also help you in a SWOT analysis, which in turn helps you customize your strategy for improved results.

Lastly, solving more mocks is like a nitro booster that boosts your confidence.


Prep, Test, Analyse, And Repeat:

 Simply taking CAT mocks without an evaluation will get you no place. Keep time slots for evaluating your paper and find out where you underperform. Once the gap analysis is in place, you have to prepare again and put in efforts to improve your weakness before you take the next mock.


Hard Work, And Smart Work:

Finally, it is not all about putting in 8-12 hours a day. It is more about hard work combined with smart work. Think smart, manage time efficiently, learn any shortcut techniques, and be confident. Your speed of thought and accuracy in solving questions are the prime important factors.


Are Crash Courses Helpful For CAT Preparation?

The answer to this question is a yes and a no, depending on the candidate. For someone who is still a novice and does not have the fundamentals in place, a crash course will not serve the purpose. For a candidate who is comfortable with the basics and has an aptitude, crash courses can do the trick. This is not to say that a person with no sound knowledge of fundamentals cannot appear or score well in the CAT. It is very much possible; only the preparation time required will definitely be more.


The preparation for CAT is a journey of sorts with its highs and lows. For working professionals and college students, it is synonymous with “tough.” Time management is crucial in the preparation, and for candidates who have the aptitude and basics in place, crash courses are an answer to the intense preparation.


The best way to know whether a crash course is sufficient to prepare for CAT is by taking mock tests. In recent times, most coaching institutes have an assessment/evaluation test that students must take before enrolling for the course. The main aim of this test is to assess your capability and aptitude to decide the formal study plan/course that will best serve your purpose. For re-takers and those with an aptitude, crash courses are immensely beneficial. The crash courses are anywhere from one to three months.

As the name suggests, a crash course is at a fast pace. Very obvious, then, is the fact that you have to have some prior knowledge to keep pace.

A crash course is intense and enables you to hone your skills in a shorter duration of time.


List Of The Top 10 CAT Crash Courses In India




IIM SKILLS is adept in career counseling and guides their students per their aspirations. With a team that has a passion for excelling, the passion spills onto the students and motivates them. IIM SKILLS believes in success being a combination of hard work and smart work and propagates the same. No wonder then, it finds its name in the top CAT crash coaching institutes in India.


IIM SKILLS is in tune with tech innovations, and their coaching reflects the same. Synonymous with success, they design their courses with an emphasis on students, and this student-centric approach is what makes them so popular. They excel in terms of coaching as well as courseware. Already popular for their content writing and digital marketing courses, IIM SKILLS endeavors to walk the talk in terms of online CAT coaching as well.


Highlights of CAT Crash Coaching at IIM SKILLS:

  • At IIM SKILLS, the CAT crash coaching starts at the fundamental level, refreshing the basic skills and concepts of each subject.
  • The next phase is developing core areas and advancing using the basic concepts and applications.
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each student enables the academy to formulate appropriate study plans lasting from one to three months, depending on the preparedness of the candidate.
  • The tests also help to identify the gaps so you can revisit the topics that need better understanding.
  • Next is working on improving speed and accuracy brought on by numerous practice tests and analysis of the results of each.
  • Ultimately, post the extensive and exhaustive preparation, the academy equips its students with shortcuts and speed techniques that have them exam-ready.
  • Like most good coaching institutes, IIM SKILLS has one-on-one guidance, expert faculty who are from top B-schools, intense preparation plans, and extensive and in-depth courseware.
  • The online method of coaching, flexible batch timings, recordings of all lectures, interactive live sessions, and individual doubt clearing sessions, all make the experience of the CAT preparation a smooth sail for the candidates.


Phone#: + (91) 9911839503

Website: https://iimskills.com/cat-coaching/





The Triumphant Institute of Management Education, since its inception in 1992, has centers across the country. It is a multi-location specialist in test prep offering multiple programs to suit the needs of every CAT aspirant. For those wanting to take a crash course, T.I.M.E. offers the same under its classroom program. With a pan-India presence, it is one of the top CAT crash courses in the country.


Highlights of the CAT Crash Course at T.I.M.E:

  • The courseware gives a thorough grounding through basic concepts, shortcuts, and strategies.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions ensure every student understands all topics.
  • Online video lectures supplement classroom coaching.
  • The AIMCAT ultimately is the best tool of practice to be CAT-ready.


Phone#: 040-27898195, 040-40088400




One of the biggest companies in the e-learning industry, Unacademy, provides courses for many competitive exams, CAT inclusive. There are free resources and paid resources. With the Unacademy Plus subscription (monthly), you can access a whole lot of paid courses. Unacademy is also a well-known name in the Crash CAT courses available in India.


Highlights of the CAT Crash Course at Unacademy:

  • With the plus subscription, a candidate can avail of daily live classes.
  • The structured courses are in line with the CAT syllabus and help students’ preparation.
  • There are live tests and quizzes to evaluate and assess your preparation.
  • The subscription gives a student unlimited access to all the live and recorded courses, which gives candidates enormous study material and practice material.
  • There are individual capsule courses for each core subject, and candidates can opt for just the subject that they want to improvise on or CAT as a whole.
  • At Unacademy, you can avail of top educators as trainers and mentors.
  • With Unacademy, you can study at a schedule that works for you.


Anil Nair’s Classes:


Anil Nair Classes are popular in the CAT coaching segment as well as other exams like the Bank exams, other MBA exams, campus recruitment, and training, etc. ANC comprises a group of individuals passionate about personalizing education for students. They offer to coach mainly through online platforms such as an app, a website, a YouTube channel, Facebook, and a telegram group. The crash CAT course at ANC relies on a thematic approach with the best shortcuts, inspiring videos, and a host of practice tests with analysis.


Highlights of CAT crash course at Anil Nair’s Classes:

  • The ANC online CAT crash course is for a duration of three months.
  • It is inclusive of 700 hours, 4500 video hours, with 800+ tests, 500+ e-books, and 15 mocks with solutions and analytics.
  • Expert faculty, including the founder himself, will handle the coaching.
  • Since they are video classes, they have the flexibility to learn anywhere anytime.
  • It is self-paced coaching.
  • The videos and exhaustive study material include fundamentals as well as shortcut techniques.
  • Videos given to the students are recordings of the live classes, hence as good as live classroom coaching.
  • They also have a mobile app for the learners on the go with offline viewing of videos on the app as well.
  • It is compatible across devices and is convenient for college students as well as working professionals.
  • To satisfy your queries and curiosity, you can watch the free videos available before buying the course.


Phone#: 8050067891


Handa Ka Funda:


This institute is an online course provider for various MBA exams such as XAT, CAT, SNAP, IIFT, as well as various bank exams. Run by an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, their goal has been to keep up with changing times and change the way students prepare for competitive exams. Along with regular online courses, they provide CAT crash courses as well. With the headquarters in Jaipur, this CAT crash course is online and hence available to students across India.


Highlights of CAT crash course at Handa Ka Funda:

  • 300+ video tutorials covering key concepts, shortcuts, and tips and tricks.
  • There are two live classes on weekends for doubt clarification.
  • The CAT crash course has five workshops on essential topics.
  • They have detailed video sessions of the previous year’s questions.
  • Also, inclusive are ten full-length mock CATs in the latest pattern.


Phone#:  9982352632




With its inception in 1996 in Pune, by a team of IIM and XLRI alumni, Hitbullseye started with classroom coaching that became highly successful. They then took their expertise to the online test-prep arena and rolled out hitbullseye.com in 2013. It is one of the popular institutes providing CAT crash courses in India.


Dedication, innovation, and an experience of more than two decades in the test-prep industry help them focus on developing excellent online education products. Their test-prep material caters to every stage of learning, and they have around 15 centers in India. Hitbullseye provides students with a wholesome learning experience.


Highlights of the CAT Crash Course at Hitbullseye:

  • The crash course here is for 30 days.
  • It includes 25 live lectures on all the important topics and shortcuts.
  • There are interactive live classes by expert faculty.
  • 100+ National level mock tests, simulated CAT and Non-CAT as per the latest pattern
  • There is an in-depth analysis of the tests to identify strong and weak points.
  • Additionally, there is an exclusive telegram discussion group facilitating interaction with mentors and fellow aspirants.
  • Ultimately, there is a revision of all important topics and strategies to attempt CAT.


Phone#:  98231-57779




Yet another notable name in the CAT Crash Courses is that of iQuanta. It has online CAT coaching preparation and uses Facebook as a platform to interact and provide sessions to the students. In a short span, iQuanta has become a known name in the field of CAT coaching. They have various CAT coaching courses online from a full course to individual core subject courses and even test series.


Highlights of CAT Crash Course at iQuanta:

  • The CAT crash course is for two months.
  • It boasts of 62 packed sessions with a special focus on shortcuts to help with your speed.
  • 24 x 7 doubt clarification and previous year solutions.
  • Excellent mentorship.
  • 200+ videos of QA, VARC, and LRDI.
  • Ten full-length CAT mocks with 30 sectional tests.


Phone#:  +91 9177327985




This coaching institute provides online coaching for various exam preparations such as the MBA exams, Banking exams, SSC, and railway exams. Cracku is a popular name for CAT crash courses in India and online courseware that has video lectures, mock tests, and more to assist you in your preparation. The academy also has a free trial of the various courses. The free trial allows students to experience coaching and make a decision.


Highlights of CAT Crash Course at Cracku:

  • The CAT 75 days study plan includes 750 videos.
  • 15,000 solved question bank.
  • 45 CAT mocks and 30 sectional tests.
  • 100+ concepts with notes and solved example sets.
  • The institute gives a day-to-day study plan complete with videos to watch, notes to read, and tests to solve.
  • At Cracku, the entire content is accessible for the full length of the course.
  • The videos cover all the core subjects, including shortcuts, tips, and tricks.
  • Notes are in-depth and explain fundamental concepts with clarity.
  • You can make use of the extensive tests to practice and better yourself.


Phone#: +91 6303239042




Eckovation’s courses use AI-based with adaptive learning techniques suiting the unique strengths and weaknesses of the students. It is a social learning platform with online courses. Additionally, one-on-one guidance by domain experts makes their courses worthwhile. This academy is into training professionals with skills that add value to their careers. The trending courses include certification courses in AI, Machine Learning, Android development, CAT, and the likes. It is also popular for its CAT crash course in India.


Highlights of CAT Crash Course at Eckovation:

  • The crash course is for two months.
  • There will be topic-wise tests with high-quality questions and detailed explanations.
  • One hundred tests in each of the core subjects are ample practice for a student.
  • There are topic-wise videos to assist your learning.
  • Peer discussions foster a healthy competitive environment.


Phone#: +91-9266677335



A Fermat Education initiative, 2IIM, is a known name in providing coaching for CAT. It is also popular in the segment of the top CAT crash course in India. At 2IIM, the coaching starts from basics. The learning is at your convenience in terms of the timing and pace at which you want to pursue. The tests and assessments at the end of each topic give clarity on where you stand in terms of preparations.


Highlights of CAT Crash Course at 2IIM:

  • The CAT crash course 2019 at 2IIM was inclusive of a learning module, assessment module, and testing engine.
  • The learning module encompasses all topics of the core subjects exhaustively. Consolidation tests and benchmarking tests within each chapter to help assess your understanding of the topics.
  • Next, the assessment module involves a series of topic-wise tests integrated with the 2IIM’s question bank.
  • The testing engine is the test series with 5000+ CAT level questions, eight full CAT mocks, and four past paper analyses.
  • There are capsule modules available for students who want coaching only in particular core subjects.
  • Also, once you sign up as a trial user, you can view some chapters for free.



Phone#: +91- 99626 48484


Last but not least, big institutes with a pan-India presence such as Career Launcher, IMS, Byju’s, Endeavor, etc., have numerous coaching packages to suit the needs of every CAT aspirant. They have long-term as well as short-term or crash courses. They also have exclusive study material only, or test series only. Depending on the level of preparation, you can avail of a course that caters to your needs.




  • What is the eligibility for sitting for the CAT exam?

Since CAT is mainly the admission to a Master Degree Program In Business administration and a Postgraduate degree in management you have to be a graduate to be able to appear for the CAT exam.


  • Am I eligible to appear for CAT if I am in the final year of graduation?

Yes, you can absolutely appear for the CAT exam if you are in your final year of graduation. However, if you qualify and you clear your interview, you will have to provide a graduation certificate to show that you have cleared your graduation. When you fill out your form you will have to provide the marks of the last semester that you appeared in.


  • Can I make changes to my CAT application form?

You can only make changes to your photograph and signature. If you want to edit your name date of birth phone number email you have to register to create a new email id to make such changes. The latest information and new updates are going to be taken after registration and the admit card will be issued based on the same.


  • How to Prepare for CAT?

The best thing would be to join an online CAT coaching institute now. You should also join the various study groups on Facebook, Telegram, Quora, And Social media that will help you to connect with fellow CAT aspirants and exchange notes.


  • Which is the best CAT coaching Institute?

All the institutes mentioned above come in the list of the top CAT institutes. When enrolling in a CAT Institute, make sure that they conduct plenty of mock tests in (VARC, DILR, QA) sectional tests, and GD-PI mentoring sessions that will help you to prepare for the main CAT exam and subsequent processes. Along with guidance from the mentors of a CAT coaching institute, you should make a well-planned schedule to devote time to the different sections of the CAT exam diligently.


Wrapping It Up


In conclusion, all the CAT aspirants out there, have a clear vision of your goal and put on your blinkers. Practice will get you CAT-ready to face any pitfalls, lengthy, difficult, or tricky. Interviews by the 100 percentilers reveal one common trait in all of their preparation-MOCKS. The more CAT mocks you take, analyze the results, and work on your strengths and weaknesses, the better is your preparation.


Students opting for a CAT crash course will have the benefit of saving time on getting material from different sources and analyzing the mocks. With the institute guiding you at every step and taking on the work of analyzing your mocks and providing feedback, it is time-saving and less stressful. The CAT crash course providing institutes go so far as even making a custom study plan for candidates. The hand holding that a CAT coaching institute provides is impeccable and invaluable.


Finally, good sleep, a healthy diet, a clean study table, and lighting with ergonomics in place, creating the right environment of time and place to study, and keeping away from distractions are important factors that contribute to efficient CAT preparation.


Believe in yourself, and don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.

Aarti Kalra is a certified SEO content writer at IIM Skills. She has a penchant for all things creative and is an avid reader (everything from science, fiction, to medical, and educational). Currently enjoying being a wordsmith in the diverse field of content writing.

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