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The Most Useful Websites For Students in 2024

The web has now been an archive of ceaseless knowledge that today’s students can access in a split second something which was way beyond imagination a decade ago. So go on to find out The Most Useful Websites For Students Can’t Afford To Miss-The 2024 Guide.


The Most Useful Websites For Students

Amidst all those “Things only Nineties kids will understand” stuff flooding the internet, here I put across a slightly different take, say -“Things Nineties students will not understand’-Because, for Nineties kids, as students, sources of information were undoubtedly vast but not necessarily within easy reach. I cannot even imagine the chaos we as students would be in if the Corona pandemic struck the world in those times??? But thankfully, the web now provides all the information we need whenever we need it. 


To ensure a smooth reading experience I have clustered the most useful websites under separate categories; feel free to jump to the section that concerns you.


Let us get the ball rolling….

  • Overview
  • Why Self-learning?
  • Benefits of Self-learning.
  • The Most Useful Websites for Free Academics Learning
  • The Most Useful Websites For Learning English
  • The Most Useful Websites For Learning Craft
  • The Most Useful Website For Free eBooks
  • The Most Useful Websites For Competitive Exams
  • The Most Useful Website For Admission Information
  • The Most Useful Website For Personal Growth
  • The Most Useful Website for Health and Fitness
  • The Most Useful Website For Free Resume Building
  • The Most Useful Websites For Internship
  • IIMskills: iimskills.com
  • Conclusion


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The tremendous surge in internet technologies has disclosed to the world the mine of inexhaustible information- a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. Whereas one and all are equally benefited from the information explosion on the internet, my focus would be on students and how they can put to use the skills acquired from the most useful websites.


Why Self-learning?

Because self-learned is best learned.

Gone are the days when classroom learning was considered to be sufficient. Yes, here I am talking about the times when the words enunciated by teachers were the ultimate principles. And the students need not go beyond textbook learning.

Eventually, the examination system evolved in such a way that more than the application, marks became the yardstick of successful learning. Nonetheless, tuition and coaching facilities popped up like mushrooms in monsoon. And classrooms and textbooks no longer suffice to survive the competition.

Cut to the current era of information and generation of ultra-smart students. This crop of students irrespective of their age have so many resources available to their fingertips that self-learning has become an integral part of the education method.


Benefits of Self-learning

  • Classroom learning may not satiate students’ hunger to know more about a particular topic that interests them and hence self-learning is the best way to go beyond the obvious.


  • Ignited minds looking for the answers to their queries on their own can process, understand, and retain things better.


  • Students’ self-esteem boosts up as they see themselves as independent learner.


  • Unlike classrooms where one size fits all approach is common, self-learning gives the students liberty to grasp the concepts at their own pace.


  • Enhanced involvement on students’ part motivates them to think, to make sense out of the read information, and to establish links among the concepts to join the dots- A sign of true learning, isn’t it?


  • The web is brimming with free online courses provided by many prestigious institutions and universities. Hence, learning new skills, especially for students, does not burn a hole in the pocket.


  • Those who think that online learning does not hold any credibility are probably oblivious to the fact that the current job market is majorly driven by practicable skills rather than degrees. So, the knowledge you are hoarding via online content will never go in vain provided it is applied smartly.


  • You no longer have to take sabbatical leaves to learn new skills. The learning resources can come to you anytime, anywhere….

So dig into the Most Useful Websites That Students Can’t Afford to Miss-The 2021 Guide


The Most Useful Websites for Free Academics Learning

1 EdX: edx.org

Founded in 2012 by Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EdX is probably the most renowned online learning platform.


The ranges of high-quality courses from world-famous universities are available in degrees like Masters’, MicroBachlors, MicroMasters, Professional, Certificate and X series (Yes, some never heard before terms…)


With thousands of courses, the website is never going to disappoint students who want to acquire industry-specific education.


Recommended for: Undergraduate level, Graduate level, Master’s level, Strategic-skill development programs in almost any subject.


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2  Coursera: coursera.org

One of the most trusted websites in academic and skill-based learning collaborates with more than 200 leading universities and companies to provide industry-recognized credentials to its students.


Recommended for: Degree, Master’s program, Professional certificate programs in 300+ courses.


3  Academic Earth: academicearth.org

This website has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing online education. Established in 2008, has been evolving to keep up with the technological advancement in online learning platforms since then.


In addition to an unparalleled collection of free online courses, the website also houses a series of thought-provoking videos.


Recommended for: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Certificate, Doctorate, Diploma, and Graduate programs depending upon the subject chosen.


4. Internet Archive: archive.org

It took them 20+ years to build an enormous and rich digital archive of about 475 billion web pages, 28 million books, 14 million audio and so much more…for free.


Their collection of books needs a special mention as you will find quality literature on any topic from arts to science, fiction to biographies, health and wellness to business and finance in the open library.


Moreover, the website also has an open student library designed for a K-12 audience.


Recommended for: Open library of books on subjects such as art, science fiction, fantasy, biographies, recopies, history, medicine, religion, music, and science.


5. Khan Academy: khanacademy.org

One of the most useful websites is a pure academic learning-based assemblage of easy-to-understand instructional videos, practice exercises, and a personalized learning dashboard.


It has established itself as a powerful online medium to help learners build strong foundations in mathematics, science, computers, history, arts, economics, and SAT/LSAT preparation.


Recommended for: Math (India) for class 1 to 12, Math (Foundation) for class 6 to 10, Maths in Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Biology for class 9 to 12, Computer programming, Arts and Humanities, Economics, SAT, LSAT.


6. Brightstorm: brightstorm.com

The website targets the high-school curriculum with the help of video-assisted learning in Math, Science, English, and test preparation.


They have made the learning experience a time-saving one by combining videos with tools like textbook video locators.


Although certain videos are freely accessible, not all of the learning content is free-they do charge membership fees to have access to all the material. Thus, those wanting to enroll for free course material might not find their exact match out of the library of free videos.


Recommended for: Pre-algebra, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English-Grammar, Literature, Writing, Test Prep- ACT, ACT Redbook, AP US Gov, AP US History, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, Old SAT, Old PSAT.


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7. Aglasem: com

If you are a student worried about the lack of relevant study material for a difficult subject then it’s a one-stop solution.


Aglasem,(A Hindi term for Next Semester) is an Indian edutech website that offers all the information and study material of CBSE, ICSE, ISC, NIOS, all State Boards, and Open Boards.


The website is also regularly updated for important exam schedules, Olympiads notifications, previous years’ test papers, and much more. Truly a savior for Indian students.


Recommended for: NCERT books for classes 1 to 12, NCERT solutions for all subjects of classes 4 to 12, Study notes, Practice question papers, Mock tests, Educational videos for classes 4 to 12, Study material, and latest updates on JEE, NEET, SSC, UPSC, Gov jobs exam, Olympiads, etc.


8. Encyclopedia Britannica: britannica.com

A global leader that has been inspiring learning in students and answering their curious questions for the last 250 years- a legacy in itself.No wonder, it is one of the most useful websites for students.


Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica Kids, Britannica digital learning, Merriam-Webster are some of the well-known brands that disseminate knowledge among learners.


Recommended for: General Knowledge information in English, Crossword puzzles, Word games, Category-wise quizzes.


9. Enchanted Learning: enchantedlearning.com

The website covers a wide range of topics in almost 35,000 pages containing K-12 educational matters but in a fun way.


It emphasizes learning with creativity through lessons on crafting, reading, and writing. The content is created keeping the essence and logic of the subject alive while making it pure enjoyment to learn.


Recommended for: Specially designed for kids – Printables and activities for English, World languages, Social studies, Math, Science, Health, Arts and crafts, Music.


10. Open culture: openculture.com

A free learning medium for a digital educational experience from the world’s top universities.


Here, you will find 1,500 online courses in the subjects like History, philosophy, literature, physics, biology, psychology, and computer science from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and more.


Moreover, they have audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, videos, and K-12 grade study material as well.


Recommended for: Courses on Business, Digital Marketing, Photography, Language, English speaking, Free ebooks, Textbooks, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, K-12 educational material.


11 Memrise: memrise.com

It is a vibrant website making language learning more effective and less boring. It is a social platform for connecting with native speakers from all around the world and learning more than 200 languages. And not to forget the brilliantly designed website.


Recommended for: Language skills for up to 22 global languages


12. Open YALE Courses

OYC website offers selected courses and related materials to the public without charging a single penny.


Also, the range of the courses is wide including physical, biological, and chemical science, humanities, social and political science, and so on.


Though the courses are not certified, the quality of course content remains intact with the finest videos, audios, and text transcripts for each lecture.


Above all, participating learners benefit from learning from leading Yale scholars and scientists teaching at the Yale university itself.


Recommended for: Courses on Economics, History, Philosophy, Political science, Psychology, Religious studies, Social studies, Spanish & Portuguese, Italian language & literature, Environmental science, Ecology, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical engineering.


13 Grammarly: grammarly.com

An excellent way out of those silly grammar and spelling mistakes you make now and then while in a rush to complete your assignment.


Recommended for: Free error-free writing assistant along with other paid business and premium products.


14 Udemy: udemy.com

This article would be incomplete without including this name on the list. It has established itself as an unquestionable global leader in connecting millions of students to the skill they desire.


There is practically every course available in 65+languages instructed by mentors who are experts in their field and give the best to their students. Besides, the charges are unbelievably affordable and of good value.


Recommended for: Courses on a variety of fresh subjects from the domain Business, Finance & Accounting, IT and Software, Marketing, Design, Personal Development, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Music, etc.


The Most Useful Websites For Students For Learning English

The importance of English cannot be overlooked as it is a global medium of communication, especially in the workplace. Further, English language proficiency is also one of the qualifiers for higher education abroad. If you are not a native speaker then it is good to know that the digital space has many websites offering quality content for learning English. Also, more specifically some of them offer practice material for TOFEL/GRE/GMAT/PET preparation.

1 Esolcourses: esolcourses.com

Here you can polish your English language skills using interactive listening lessons, writing tests, reading exercises, puzzles, games, short stories, etc.


Recommended for: Resources to learn interactive English from beginner to advanced level.


2 Mangoosh: mangoosh.com

Although their core lies in GRE/GMAT preparation, they do have extensive material to refer to for TOFEL alongside mock tests. If you want to take up the course it is chargeable. If not, extensive information is still freely available on the blogpost for every type of test.


Recommended for: Informative articles and practicable tips for the tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, Praxis, LSAT, MCAT, and IELTS.


The Most Useful Websites For Students To Learn Craft

Did you ever imagine that you could learn crafts online that too as neatly as you could in a real hobby class? Agree, one can find millions of DIY videos on YouTube to learn any crafting ideas under the sun.


However, the learning videos that you will find on online crafting websites are much more structured, detailed, and professionally coached. So, here are some nice options.


1 Silkshare: silkshare.com

They are an online learning community that conducts thousands of classes to engage and inspire creatively curious people. Their videos are thorough and motivate you to think beyond the cliché crafts …does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter.


Here you can learn crochet, macramé, jewelry, sculpting, embossing, painting, embroidery, sewing in addition to other creative courses like creative writing, photography, animation, web designing, etc.


Recommended for: Creative courses in Design, Writing, Photography, Films, Illustration.


2 Udemy

Yes.. it made it to the list again…Such is the versatility of this website. You can find almost any topic on it. From pencil shading to acrylic painting, from soap making to candle making…There are courses for kids too.


And their courses are so resourceful and designed for different proficiency levels of the learner. Although the courses are not free, I can assure you that it costs you less than a star bucks cup.


Recommended for: Various drawing and crafting courses


The Most Useful Website For Free eBooks

eBooks are amazing. They don’t need too much physical space, are easy to carry, and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. But to tell you the truth, they are even more enjoyable when free. So, read further to find out websites where you can easily get eBooks.

1. Freetechbooks: Freetechbooks.com

If you are a science and technology buff, then you are going to love this site. It can be of great help for subjects like Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer science, and other engineering-related professional courses.


Recommended for: Database of free/ open access online books on Computer science, Mathematics, Web design and development, Electric circuits, Embedded systems, Operating systems, Programming.


2. ReadPrint: readprint.com

Now a rich collection of thousands of popular classics is at your fingertips whether you are a book maniac or a humanities student.


Recommended for: Essays, fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry, and short stories…in English.


  • Gutenberg Project

It is a free eBook library for over 60,000 free texts and books whose copyright has expired. You can make your projects, assignments, and essays much better with the help of its resources. An absolute relief for social science and humanities students.


Recommended for: All types of classic literature


The Most Useful Websites For Competitive Exams

1. IndiaBix: indiabix.com

Quantitative aptitude is the area that a student is tested for in almost any competitive examination. This website has a large number of multiple choices based quiz on mathematical and verbal reasoning, GK, and interview questions in addition to subject-specific questions for different streams of engineering along with their well-explained solutions.


Recommended for: Preparation material and quizzes on Aptitude, Logical & Verbal reasoning, Current affairs, GK, Engineering, Interview, Puzzles.


 2. GKtoday: gktoday.in

Many students aspire to make a career in the public sector or civil services. It is indeed a hard nut to crack- takes years of hard work and a rock-solid determination to get a “Sarkari Naukri”(government job).


GKToday is India’s top website for a tremendous collection of learning material and quizzes on  GK (General Knowledge), Current Affairs, and Aptitude for UPSC, SSC, Banking / IBPS, civil services/government job recruitment examinations of India.


Recommended for: GK, Current affairs, General studies questions for preparation almost all the Indian public sector jobs exams.


3. Freeonlinetest: freeonlinetest. In

Useful for the students pitching for IBPS positions, Common Aptitude Test (CAT) Entrance Exam, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Entrance Exams, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Entrance Test, University Grants Commission (UGC),


The website covers quizzes on Aptitude, Reasoning, English, GK, Computer & Professional knowledge, and sample papers with solutions.


The best part is the website also indicates time spent on each question along with a full report.


Recommended for: Banking exams related to GK questions, Computing, English quizzes with solutions for employment examinations.


The Most Useful Website For Admission Related Information

1. Indiastudychannel: Indiastudychannel.com

It is rated as the best educational website in India, which not only provides admission-related guidance for universities, colleges, and schools in the country but also has quality content for a comprehensive guide to find admission to the best universities abroad. There is also detailed information on examinations, the education system, exam results, entrance preparation.


Recommended for: Admission guidance and updates on entrance exams for Indian colleges and universities.


2. Collegedunia: Collegedunia.com

It’s an extensive guide that does not miss even an itsy bit of information when it comes to higher studies.


List of top colleges in India as per the latest rankings for different courses, news, and notifications on entrance exams, current happenings in the field of education in India, college reviews, top courses, country-wise abroad studies guide……you name it and they have it.


And all this in a very well organized and easy to navigate website makes the experience even more pleasant.


Recommended for: Comprehensive information on admission processes for Indian colleges and universities.


A must read for MBA aspirants: https://iimskills.com/career-possibilities-for-mba-graduates-in-india-an-extensive-guide-for-2021/


3. India Education: indiaeducation.net

Another rich resource of all-encompassing information on higher studies. It comes with a well–written information on top courses to pick, top colleges across the nation and their admission processes, competitive exam dates and results, an overseas study guide, etc.


Recommended for:  Admission guide on higher studies in Indian colleges and universities.


4. Shiksha: shiksha.com

Selection of courses and colleges for UG and PG courses can sure get on your nerves but not when you are aware of this reliable website having authentic information on more than 14,000 institutes and over 40,000 courses.

To facilitate well-informed decision-making for career, students have easy access to career options, exams, colleges, and universities offering the courses, admission process, eligibility criteria, fees, rankings, scholarship as well as latest updates.

Recommended for: Exhaustive collection of details on UG, PG courses offered across thousands of institutes in India and their admission procedures.


The Most Useful Website For Personal Growth

1. Skills you need: skillsyounedd.com

One thing I want to assure all the students who are reading this article. At the end of the day, not your degree but the life skills you learn along the way will help you reach your optimum potential.


While talking about life skills, not mentioning this website would be a crime.


Founded in 2011, this UK based website is an ever-expanding web resource for not just students but everyone. Because It helps people improve their life experiences with well-researched content and resources for free…


Recommended for: Information to develop Personal skills, Interpersonal skills, Parenting skills, Leadership skills, Learning skills, Numeracy skills, Writing skills, Presentation skills.


2. Lifehack: lifehack.org

Leading a happy and fulfilling life is a challenge to most of us nowadays, thanks to the robotic and mundane daily tasks giving no time to pause and ponder or even savor the valuable moments of our life.


On lifehack, you will find +30,000 articles on how to attain a meaningful life above all the limitations it has.


Recommended for: Resourceful blogposts on Motivation, Success, Money, Parenting, Productivity, Happiness, Fitness, Relationships. Also, paid masterclasses for learning actionable principles of essential life skills.


3. The Write Practice: thewritepractice.com

A self-help website for those having a latent desire to learn to write with the simplest possible how-to articles.

Recommended for: Best resources to help become a published creative writer.


4. Marc and Angel Hack life: marcandangel.com

The little changes, the tiny steps, and the simple lessons are all we need to have a happier life. This website is about such oh-so-basic yet powerful mantras that will be instrumental in helping young minds shape positive personalities in formative years.

Recommended for: Practical tips on productive living


5. Mindtools: mindtools.com

With 20+ years of experience in helping people learn new skills and advance their careers, Mindtools has established itself as one of the most trusted online learning resources.


There is an indisputable quality in their content for essential management, leadership, and personal effectiveness skills.


Recommended for: Free and paid resources like Audios, Infographics, Templates, Quizzes on Leadership skills, Team-management, Strategy-management, Problem-solving, Decision-making, Time-management, Project-management, Communication skills, Creativity tools, Learning skills, Career skills.


6. Reddit: reddit.com

This news site is widely appreciated for students as there is lot-to-learn new age information on individual development. You can always kick start your self-help journey with r/selfimprovement, r/getmotivated, and r/selfhelp.   


Recommended for: Social news platform cum a community content aggregator to share content with other like-minded community members.


7 Why am I lazy?: whyamilazy.com

If you are suffering from the syndrome of Procrastination then do visit this one. Here you will find quality articles on effective time utilization hacks, inner motivation to study, and doable tips for beating laziness.


Recommended for: Tips and tricks to beat procrastination and feel motivated.


The Most Useful Website for Health and Fitness

1. Gympact: gym-pact.com

Health and fitness industry is full of myths and the division of opinions. Gym pact is that website which educates fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes on various facets of health and well-being….for free.


To be precise the website consists of fitness-based facts in easy-to-understand articles written by experts. The quality content is built around a wide range of topics like CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting. The experts also review and guide the readers on fitness instruments.


Recommended for: Know-how articles on home exercises, workout, and nutrition curated by experts.


2. fitness: popsugar.com

A fun-to-read website for women who are into easy-breezy yet meaningful content. There is a gamut of blogposts from weight loss tips to eating right to running. It proves that fitness can be fun for anyone. And, you will love the pop of colors.


Recommended for: Amusing articles for women on Physical and Mental health, Fitness workouts, Wellness, Nutrition, and some workout videos too.


3 Fitnessblender: fitnessblender.com

I understand that as a student you are on a tight budget especially when it comes to spending on gym memberships. And who doesn’t like free workout videos? We sure do. Go nowhere when you have this website at your service. With hundreds of professional workouts, healthy recipes, and informative articles, you’ll have nothing to complain about.


Recommended for: Expert-written content on health, nutrition, Full-length workout videos, workout routines.


4 Lumosity: lumosity.com

You will agree that mental agility is as essential as physical fitness for anybody who wants to enjoy an invigorated life. So if you have to train your muscles then why should your neurons be sluggish with no workout to energize them?


Yes, brain training is what this amazing online tool is about. The research team here is on its toes to design fun games to work up the cognitive skills of the learner with results established by scientists.


Recommended for: Brain-training games to upgrade memory, speed, flexibility, attention, problem-solving, math & vocabulary.


The Most Useful Website For Free Resume Building

It is probably the resume building that gets the students super perplexed about a seemingly simple document. And yes, you can’t afford to be airy about your resume. So, check out some really handy websites to learn about the a-z of resume building.

1 Zety: zety.com

Some of the best career advisors are at your service to handhold you through writing an effective CV, resume, and cover letters. The site is loaded with hundreds of templates and examples of resumes for entry-level to experienced job positions.


Recommended for: Templates, Examples, Format, Step by step guide on how to write a resume/CV/Cover letter. Also resourceful blogposts on career advice, interview guide, Job search. The paid builder is also available.


2 Novoresume: novoresume.com

Designed to help people create an impactful CV, Novoresume is a free website. You can sign up, build your one-page CV or resume using a pre-designed template then you can download your customized document without any watermarks. However, there are paid premium subscriptions for making longer CVs or resumes.


Recommended for: Templates, Examples of CV, resume, cover letter.


The Most Useful Websites For Students For Internship

An internship is always a good opportunity to learn in a real-time scenario. One gets to experience how organizations work which can be very different from academic learning. Moreover, internship experience always gives an edge in the job market.


Several websites offer internship opportunities.


1. Internshala: internshala.com

One of the biggest names in an online platform that has an extensive listing of companies hiring interns. And don’t worry they are verified. Students can apply for the position depending on the category, duration, nature of work, etc.


Recommended for: Work from home, Internship in different cities of India, Internships for MBA, Engineering, Science, Law, Graphic design, Humanities, Architecture, Internships with job offers, Internship for women.


2 LinkedIn Student careers: careers.linkedin.com

Known to be the most versatile networking site for professionals, LinkedIn also provides a platform where students can apply for an internship position.


Recommended for: Internship for Engineering, MBA, Product management, Undergraduate business internship, Legal internship.


Finally yet importantly,

IIMskills: iimskills.com

No, it is no self-promotion. This site is truly packed with some of the most well-researched informational and listicle articles that students will find amazingly useful.


The range of the blog ideas is quite wide encompassing topics like digital marketing, content creation, career guidance, CAT preparation, the latest trends in the field of education and so much more.


Recommended for: Blog post jampacked with well-researched content on all-around subjects for students viz. Effective learning, Useful tools, and websites, Content writing, Career options, CAT, Job portals, Undergraduate courses, Online education, MBA, Career management tips, Interview questions with answers……..




By now, you must have realized the depth and the girth of free-of-cost online knowledge that we can access with so much ease. The amount of things we are unaware of is so overwhelmingly tremendous that we can learn a brand new skill almost every succeeding day.

So keep the learning spirit alive and do let me know your views on this.

Bonne chance!!!!

Urja Patel is a Certified content writer who provides her writing services in the field of Science, health, digital marketing, personal growth, and communication skills. Her versatile writing base is owing to her educational background and varied business experiences. Writing nonprofit gigs like press releases, marketing campaigns, and technical writing has been an add-on skill for 8 years into her teaching career. But her stint as a full-time content writer is a recent one. She loves writing that connects with readers instantly. Her writing skills may be confirmed on iimskills.com. Besides, she is a binge reader, an effective speaker, a music lover, a dance devotee, and above all an unpredictable mama.
  • Hi Urja,
    It was a wonderful article stuffed with so much useful information. I have a daughter who’s a 8 th STD student. So many websites you mentioned here would be helpful for her to prepare for upcoming boards as learning process has been a Lill slower because of the current corona situation. But I will definitely make her read this article.
    Plus self help n fitness websites will be there for me
    God bless

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