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The Top 8 SOP Writers in Chennai With Affordable Pricing (Updated)

In this article, you will find a detailed list of the top 8 SOP writers in Chennai who will help you with your writing right away. Also, a brief but important guide on SOP writing. The academic institutions might have asked you to submit your SOP. Most likely, you are in the complete blank as to what it means. But don’t worry; professional SOP writers will assist you in making that aspect of the application process go more smoothly. The Statement of Purpose is also referred to as your Personal Statement. It is an essay in which you outline your academic, professional, and personal lives. It also includes your goals and experiences. You may also define how the university can help you achieve your goals. A well-written SOP will contain all of the necessary specifics. It will be in the form of a logically coherent narrative that will give admission officers an image of how you are both an individual and a student. It’s difficult to write, and it’s even more difficult when you’re writing about yourself.

SOP Writers in Chennai

One of the most critical things your SOP can do is highlight your successes without underplaying or exaggerating them. Hiring competent SOP writers in Chennai makes the challenging but important job of sending your statement of intent much easier for you.

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Everything you need to know about SOP

How To Write A SOP?

Your basic objectives, all the information about the graduate program you are aiming for, and the context of the faculty involved are some of the most important things to bear in mind.

Also, how all of these factors will assist you to reach your dream.  Different universities will have different questions about you. Even so, they are all asking you to provide them with some primary information on you.

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Certain Basic Question To Answer

  • What compels you to aim for graduate study?
  • What is your chosen field of study?
  • Why did you choose to study that specific subject?
  • What is the reason that you want to study at that particular college?
  • Is there a particular reason you chose this country to study?
  • Is your experience relevant to your choice of degree?
  • Why do you wish to apply for that program? Is it the Staff? Facility?
  • What do you desire to achieve with that education?
  • Would you take up a job after getting the degree or do research?
  • Are there any expectations you have from the program, and the university?
  • What can you commit to the university? Anything you can contribute?
  • Besides education, what are your interests, habits, and hobbies?
  • What is the unique thing about you that the university should know? And why does it matter?

When you compose your statement you should try to tell a tale that will pique the admissions committee’s interest.

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Other Things To Consider About Sop Writing

It should make it clear to the committee how much this admission means to you. What are your long-term goals and what efforts you are willing to put in to reach them? It should convey that you are a serious student who deeply cares about your chosen discipline.

You have to be really picky about what goes into your statement. Add the details about you and your life in a relevant manner- whether it’s about hobbies, extracurricular activities, or any other talent that is seemingly irrelevant.  Everything should be linked back to how it will help your overall growth and success at and outside the university.

Chances are that you are applying for multiple universities, but you need to adjust the draft to your respective university. So do your research on every institution you apply for. While it is necessary to be clear and substantive, it must also be compelling and unique.

Consider the committee. They can tell easily when your writing is formulaic and cliche. The personal statement should have your flair and individuality painted all over it through descriptive and lively prose.

But keep in mind you are not writing any literary fiction. Avoid language that is too elaborate or ornate. Make it both accessible and effective.  Give your statement an angle they haven’t seen before. Focus on all the new things you add to the table. Make the essay so good that the admission officers can’t refuse it.

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Errors To Avoid When Writing The Statement Of Purpose

  • Nothing could put off admission officers more than reading an essay full of stupid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Take good care of your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Avoid repetitive phrases. Keep the sentences clear and concise.
  • The statement should be communicative enough but try not to be too informal. Don’t use slang and abbreviations.
  • Try not to keep it to the last minute. SOP requires a considerable amount of time and effort, a lot of brainstorming sessions. Keeping it too close to the deadline will result in a sloppy outcome.
  • If you’ve had poor academic performance-try not dwell on that too much unless you’ve had a valid reason. Otherwise, don’t justify yourself or excuse yourself.
  • Instead, take responsibility and talk about your ambitions for the future. Always keep a positive tone throughout the essay.
  • Write the truth. Present the facts as they are. Don’t exaggerate it or overrate yourself. There’s always the possibility that the committee will fact-check. So just be honest about your experiences and achievements.

Here is the list of the top 8 SOP Writers In Chennai whose services you can use to give your SOP that edge

1. Write-Right


Write-Right is a content writing agency that caters to the needs of every kind of business from small to medium enterprises, start-ups. Besides SOP writing, they provide several services like professional blog writing, ghostwriting, social media writing, academic writing, creative copywriting, etc.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, the creative content writer and copywriter, founded the company Write Right. He has three published books under his name. They have Professional SOP writers in Chennai as well as other parts of India.

Why Choose This One?

  • Focus on clarity, research. They carefully review and design the statement of purpose.
  • SOPs are written keeping in mind the committee members of your desired university.
  • Industry experts are on board to craft the SOPs that mirror your personality and it is put together in a sophisticated manner.
  • Original plagiarism-free content.
  • Write-Right seeks to create a write-up that is not dull to read but one that is engaging and convincing to the reader.

Contact Details:

Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Contact No: +91 9428606468

Email: [email protected]

 2. Professional Writing Services


Professional Writing Services, or PWS, is a company that provides you with all of your writing needs. PWS provides content for websites, blogs, posts, newsletters, profile formation, essays, resumes, LORs, and, of course, SOPs.

Their competent and professional SOP Writers in Chennai deliver affordable writing services to students and try their best to ‘turn expectations into a reality.

Why Choose This One?

  • They specialize in writing SOPs. The experts ensure that SOP you receive is both sophisticated and diplomatic.
  • Your write-up must convey why you are a deserving candidate for the position you are vying for. PWS helps you to justify that.
  • PWS’s SOP writers respect deadlines.
  • All sorts of the statement of purpose writing services are available.
  • Generalized content can hurt your chance of getting a seat in reputed universities. Each university has its own set of standards which might not be easy for students to know. The SOP writers in Chennai are well versed in regards to that and make sure that your SOP is in an accepted format.
  • They guarantee quality and original plagiarism-free writing services to their clients.
  • The writers will comply with the guidelines provided by you.

Contact Details:

Contact No: +91 9605750505

Email: [email protected]

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3. Best Content Writer


Best Content Writer or BSW is another writing service based in Kochi, Kerala which has professional SOP writers in Chennai as well as other parts of India with time-tested services.

Why Choose This One?

  • Always updated about the latest developments, their SOPs are original and stick to university criteria.
  • SOPs are your personal statements. They make sure that your ideas and ‘you’ as a person are highlighted.
  • BSW keeps your personal information completely private.
  • Best affordable rates on the services rendered.
  • Expert writers on the team who strive to do their best.
  • Hundred percent plagiarism-free original content.

Contact Details:

Address: Kochi, Kerala, India

Contact No: +91 7025562219

Email: [email protected]

4. Anjit V.S. Writer


Anjit V.S started his career as a content writer in 2011 and now runs his own company named Infig Content Hub. In his nearly decade-long career as a content writer, he has worked with many businesses, professionals, and students.

Your SOP gets to benefit from this long experience. The company is based in Kochi, Kerala but provides SOP writing services in Chennai as well as other places.

Why Choose This One?

  • Professional SOP Writers in Chennai understand the importance of writing a good SOP and necessary parameters like format, diction, tone, etc.
  • They provide complete assistance with the SOP format and write-up, making sure your writing is technically sound.
  • The tone of your SOP should not be too formal or informal. That is why they try to strike a balance between the two when showcasing your talents and accomplishments. It is done in a way to captures the selectors’ attention.
  • The writers work with you to build the SOP that is precisely tailored to your needs.
  • The writer has worked with various student profiles in Chennai for their applications and admission and guarantees excellence in his work.

Contact Details:

Address: 3E, Sapphire Heights,

Vennala-Palachuvadu Rd, Kochi, Kerala

Contact No: +91 9048815031

Email: [email protected]

5. SOP Help


SOP Help is a New Delhi-based writing service that provides all forms of statement of purpose assistance, including SOP writing and proofreading. SOPs for Visa: student visa, work visa, tourist visa, visitor visa, etc. SOPs for courses; MBA, Bachelors/ UG, Masters/ MS, PHD, Engineering.

They also have SOP writers in Chennai as well as other parts of India.

Why Choose This One?

  • Personalized statement of purpose at affordable prices.
  • SOP Help ensures that your write-up is plagiarism-free and delivered on time.
  • Professional SOP writers who give attention to details. Their services are available 24/7.
  • Their writing team has a professional background and is capable of write-ups that are well-structured and presentable.
  • The writers are skilled and experienced that leave no room for blunders, providing you with a well-edited error-free write-up.
  • SOPs are planned from beginning to end to ensure no irrelevant information is present.

Contact Details:

Address: G 59, Marina Arcade, Cannaught Place, New Delhi-01

Contact No: +91 9811040404

6. Contentholic


Contnetholic appeared as India became aware of the critical importance of Internet Marketing. The internet is full of content that could easily be considered spam. Contenholic ensures that high-quality, goal-oriented content is generated. This writing service is well-organized. The content offered is exclusive to you.

Why Choose This One?

  • Contentholic uses paid software to avoid any risk of plagiarism. They understand how harmful plagiarized content can be for any website.
  • The writers have covered topics like food, economics, travel, SEO, academic writing, real estate, and SOP writing.
  • Affordable content will be worth the money you spent. It will depend on factors like deadline and length.
  • Contentholic provides content in customized packages that would make things simple for you. They will update the content on your site if it is what you want.

Contact Details:

Address: E 284, 3rd-floor Double storey, Ramesh Nagar New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Contact No: 9990206998

Email: [email protected]

7. SOP Writers


SoP Writers-India’s leading SoP Writing Services Company is a unit of Content Writers 24/7 who provide amazing content writing services.

They have locations in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Vizag, Pune, Mumbai, and a few other cities. You will get SOP help for all kinds of courses like Medicine, Business, Marketing, Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Art, International Relations, etc.

Why Choose This One?

  • SoP professional writers have more than 12 years of experience.
  • Statements for each individual are written uniquely for them, no other template is used.
  • They promise there will be no delay and you would get your statements well within six to twelve hours.
  • They have a quick turnaround time.
  • The draft will be edited as many times as possible.
  • Services are available 24/7 and are affordable.
  • They will ensure that all the required criteria set by University will be met to get the approval.

Contact Details:

Contact No: +91 7730041171

Email: [email protected]

8. The Campus Trail


Campus trail has a team of committed professional writers, experienced counsellors, and editors who will use the best writing principles to deliver your SOP that will help you stand out.

Statement Of Purpose is not restricted by any country and drafts for major countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada, etc. will be prepared. Other resources provided by Campus Trail include Resume Analysis, Financial Aid, LOR, and Visa Counselling.

Why Choose This One?

  • The writing will be unique and customized just for you.
  • You might have a draft of your SOP ready. The Campus trail will edit it and alleviate the write-up.
  • The editors will ensure that there will be no silly mistakes. Each line and word will be proofread.
  • You will receive 5 SOPs tailor-made just for you.
  • The Campus Trail will provide you with a questionnaire to complete, and you will have the final draft available within five days.
  • The final draft will be subjected to multiple revisions.
  • You pay the initial deposit amount and can pay the remaining only after you get the final draft.

Contact Details:

Address: 512, Citi of Joy, Ecstasy Business Park, Mulund West, Mumbai-400080

Contact No: 8097080357

Email: [email protected]

Hope the article was helpful for you to get some insight into SOP writing. And comes in handy when you’re looking for professional SOP writers.

Good luck with your admissions!


1. What are the different types of content writing covered in a content writing course?

Content writing includes a diverse range of formats like blog posts, social media posts, Statement of Purpose, website content, product descriptions, reviews, whitepapers, case studies, press releases, and many more.

2. How do I choose my niche for content writing?

Consider what makes you excited and what type of articles and videos you watch on the internet. next step is to research the market to know if what you are passionate about has a substantial audience and generates curiosity among people. This way, you can zero in on a niche effectively.

3. Define SEO content writing?

SEO content writing  is the creation of content both text, and images that are optimized for search engines. It involves researching relevant keywords, using those keywords effectively in the copy, headings, subheadings, readability, meta descriptions, internal and external links, slugs and more parameters to improve the chances of ranking higher on search engines like Google.

  • Applying for foreign universities for higher studies has become an important phenomenon. Even many universities in INDIA require a letter of SOP. Hiring a professional writer for the same is mandatory to cast an impression ,especially taking in mind the foreign universities. Thanks for putting the top SOP writers in one article. I am sure it will make things a lot easier for students.

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