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Social Media Marketing Tools for Brand Building in 2024

Social media marketing has become one of the most important practices in digital marketing. Till the second our eyes droop off close we are glued to social media. We use it for interaction, content sharing, collaborations, and communications.

Social Media Marketing Tools


Individuals use it to be in touch with family and friends. But for Business Entrepreneurs it is an open platform to market their content, product, and services they offer online. This gives them a wider reach in terms of audience, you never know your content just might get viral. 


Social Media Marketing is termed as one of the most effective ways to reach the audience and advertise your content online. It is creating content, publishing as a post on your social media accounts, listening to your customers, engaging in conversations with them, solving their grievances, analyzing your results and running your advertisements on social media.


Tailor your content in such a way that it will help you boost your conversion rate. Understand that every content should be made based on the social media app you are going to post on. Figure out on which social media platforms does your audience spends most of their time and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Social Media Apps.


There are tons of applications out there you can use to advertise your content online. Some of the famous and most used apps are as follows:-




Facebook has been used by over 2.45 billion users for a long time. One of the most widely used apps is a good platform to advertise your brand. Running Ads on Facebook during Videos or sponsored posts is a verified way of advertising your business online. 


A well-made Facebook Page serves as a communication medium among the business and engaging customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or a big business you will eventually find your potential customers. The page is quite easy to make and it helps the customer to understand what your business is all about.


You can also post informative videos, attractive advertisements, and images to connect your customers better to your website. 


The key to this is being consistent in communication, posting new content regularly, interacting with customers, providing codes for discounts, inform them about new offers, new stock up, or additional services. Make the content appealing and fun which will entice the customers to share your page.


The more exposure you get in terms of likes, comments, shares will help you reach out to more new customers. Invite users to like your page, comment on it, or share it, watch this. You could also use your family and friends to spread the word.


Two-way communication should be there, whenever a customer comments on a post you are somewhere bound to respond to it despite it being critical or positive. Newsfeeds are also a way of notifying the customers that the need feed has been posted on the page. Users who interact with pages are usually the ones who will buy products or hire services from your page.




Twitter is an effective platform where you can build a strong customer relationship and an online presence. A brand image can be built for your business if you tweet out good information using the correct hashtags. A single hashtag can make you popular on Twitter. Here you can not only meet common people but also celebrities.


You can follow those celebrities and also communicate with them. Sometimes people might respond to your email but there is a high chance they might respond to your tweet. 


Twitter provides you a base where you can increase your social networks and interact with more people. Linking your blogs on tweets will also generate more amount of traffic on your website. If you are attending any live event use that platform to tweet out things related to it. Use the relevant hashtags and interact with your audience.


You have no idea how much engagement you can gain through these live events. As they are organized by renowned brands you can gain more user engagement. 


Connect with your customers, don’t take too long to respond to their queries and grievances. Four tweets or a few retweets here and there in a week won’t get you anywhere. Creating a loyal bond with the clients/customers is essential to expanding your business. 




Instagram is used by all the millennials of this generation. From celebrities to commoners everyone is busy sharing their stories and posts. One thing to remember is that here every picture you post should be looking. If you are looking to target a young audience this is the best place to advertise your content.


Use polls, keep contests, a branded hashtag with a perfect picture, or a quality video and you are ready to go. Defining your audience is important because that will be helpful when you will run Instagram Ads. 


Post a product with your photos in a creative manner along with that show your products in action. For example, use a model ramp walking with fashionable clothes if you are a designer.


Take a footballer to show off his skills if you sell sports-related products. Also, click some appealing pictures to attract more people to your account. 


A swipe-up option or send a message, are some Call-to-Actions you can use to get traffic on your website. You could use a bonus entry option to invite more customers.


Like, connect with us on our other social media accounts and avail of an additional discount or service. Follow us on Instagram, tag us in our posts are effective ways to gain more followers and potential customers. 


Share your customer’s reviews and experiences regarding using your product or service in the form of a video, story, or post. Leave your videos or links in your Instagram stories.


If people miss out on your posts they will know it through your stories. You could once in a while remind or prompt your followers to turn on notifications of your page. 


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LinkedIn is a social networking site used by professionals for effective business results. Here businesses have direct access to customers. They can read on their page what the company is also about.


Make a LinkedIn Company Page, add your logo, a tagline if you have, information about what your business is all about, then continue to update your status, add events you have held, and future events you are likely to hold.


LinkedIn is a platform where companies go to search for some potential clients or new employees they are looking to hire. It’s easier for them to access information about any professional. Being inexpensive, it also generates a lot of leads along with a systematic list of people and companies.


Once the client shows interest in your product, service, or attending your live events you can e-mail them the details. The platform gives you an option to send links to clients via LinkedIn.


They do lack personalization in them but it helps you increase your network. Sponsored updates can also be used to push your posts on the top link. 


Keep in mind the quality of your content matters. High-quality content is bound to perform better in terms of generating leads, attracting new clients. If they show interest you can also urge them to subscribe to your E-mail. 


LinkedIn Groups are a powerful way of increasing your network. Align with groups that have the same goals and similar interests to yours. Be an active participant then your clients will be able to provide you with valuable feedback and suggestions about your business. Share some valuable content to give a fresh perspective about your business.


Show off your skills while demonstrating your expertise. Avoid going overboard with it and trying to advertise or sell your products or services. 


A unique feature in LinkedIn has the authority to expand your business in international markets. The multi-language tool allows you to translate your content into about 20 different languages.


Connecting with a global audience will not be burdensome as it allows you to configure your settings as to which language you want your content to be projected in different countries. 


Tracking real data is a piece of cake here as you can just click on the Analytics Tab and select the views/visitors, new followers, any updates. Interact with the possible clients you get with this information and expand your circle. 




If you want to get into YouTube for social media marketing you need to tech-savvy and you need your content to stand out from the rest of the million content creators in the world.


When you open a Channel first analyze what your audience is looking for. The analytics page on YouTube gives you a brief idea of the age group of your audience, which videos of yours are doing well in terms of numbers, comments, likes, and shares. 


Connect with your audience through community posts, comments, or by going live on YouTube. Doing a live show will give the audiences an intimate approach and you can interact with them better.


If going live is not your cup of tea then you could also opt for Q&A videos where you can solve their queries and read their suggestions along with advice. 


Pick the right set of keywords along with an interesting thumbnail. Doing this you will end up on the search list when a person types in what they are looking for. An appealing thumbnail will attract more audiences. Also, use proper hashtags for reaching out to more viewers. 


One thing to bear in mind is that your content needs to be engaging and alluring that people will click on the description below your video and visit your website. Content is the key to this algorithm. A fun way to show off or advertise your products is to make a video around them.


Make sure your content is so smooth and natural that it automatically adapts to the script of the video. Once that’s done you can decide when to advertise the product at the start, midway, or in the end. It will not only engage the viewers but they might willingly end up on your website.


Social Media Influencers 


An Influencer has the power to impel the purchasing decisions of his audience/viewers/followers. Influencers build a career for themselves on social media by choosing a specific topic they have the knowledge of and are passionate about it.


They either open an Instagram/Facebook page or a YouTube channel. From making regular content to speaking about their experiences they keep their audiences engaged and entertained at all times. Brands love Social Media Influencers as they can sell their products or services to their massive amount of audience watching online. 


There are various types of influencers you can use for your business. Based on their followers they are categorized. Mega Influencers are usually celebrities, film stars, musicians, and many more.


They usually have more than 1 million followers on their social media accounts. It could get expensive and also intricate to get them on board. Some of them also have agents who work on their behalf and you have to crack the deal with them to get to the star. Sometimes they get fussy and choosy about the brands they want to work with or people in general. 


Then comes the Average Influencers whose follow range comes from about 40,000 – 1 million followers. They are more accessible and easy to work with. One advantage they have is that they are more connected and intimate with their audience.


The small the audience the more they can entice them to buy products or services. Since they have a habit of working with brands they are more negotiable. 


Then comes the Bloggers, YouTube stars, Instagram popular, Facebook video makers. They are normal people like you and me the only difference they have a wide range of followers on their social media accounts. These influencers connect to their audiences in the best way.


People relate to them, seek advice from them, click on their content to learn something new, get entertained. Brands usually collaborate with popular influencers as they provide more engagement, visitors, and sales. Collaborating with international influencers can take your business to the next level.  


Select your social media platform according to your needs. This kind of marketing will not provide you exposure to the local level but if done with the proper platforms could expand you to national levels, maybe even international. There are a lot of strategies or tricks you can apply to take your business higher. Let’s discuss some of the strategies.


Social Media Marketing Strategies


Social Media Marketing is being used by millions of entrepreneurs out there. What can you do to help your business stand out? Because you just post content or collaborate with an influencer/brand for the sake of doing it, let’s be real you won’t reach anywhere. For growing your brand through social media you need a proper strategy. 


  • Figure out your target audience. Their age, where they stay, their education, what kinds of products or services, they are wanting. Make a list accordingly and you will be to bifurcate them easily.
  • Make sure your goals are specific, achievable, realistic. Keep goals like increase brand awareness, boosting more sales, gaining more followers/visitors, growing and creating a strong fan base, increase the engagement with customers, generate new leads, drive more traffic towards your website, solve the grievances of your customers and create a good relationship with them.
  • Logically content plays a vital role in the growth of any business. The content you generate i.e posts should connect and relate with your customer base. High-quality content with the right SEO will bring you the target audience you are looking for. 
  • Making a trustworthy community for your followers is an essential need. Through this you can the audience any kind of questions you like, interact with them, share news about upcoming events, new products, or services. Get suggestions from them about what more would they like to see in the future and how happy they are with the current services/ products. Encourage them to leave a like, comment, and share your content. 
  • Bifurcate the content according to their appropriate social media accounts. Determine which social media is suitable and make accounts accordingly. 
  • Diverse content will grab the attention of the audience. Try to provide them with fresh ideas every time you post a blog or a video. The same goes for any new product or service. 
  • Promote your social media accounts on your website and through the e-mails, you send your loyal customers. Tell your employees to also follow the accounts and advise them to encourage others to do the same.
  • Track your results, see how many new visitors you have gained, followers, clicks, subscriptions, engagements. 
  • You can also run promotions on your website. Offer discounts, sales coupons, membership discounts to attract more engagement. 


Running a business is exhausting and demanding in nature. After applying, all the social media marketing strategies your business will start to flourish. In that process, you also want to make a name for yourself right?


A brand image and a reputation for your business will allow it to grow. It will create a loyal fan base who will always choose your product or service upon others, increasing your sales. So let’s discuss how you can create a brand for your business.


   How to build your brand on Social Media

  • Your brand identity should come across as crisp and clear. The message it wants to covey should be in simple language and clear enough for the audiences to understand and know your business better. 
  • Make sure your social media accounts look consistent. The profile picture, bio, and tagline for everything. Post the same content on all accounts. Leave a link to your website in every bio. 
  • Know your target audience and post accordingly. Get in their mindset and understand what are their needs and wants. 
  • Quality content will shape your business and social media. Content with relevant SEO has the power to make or break your social media campaign. Use creative and strong videos, blogs, or images to grab the wavering attention of the audience. 
  • Every audience on social media accounts has the habit of seeing a certain type of content on their page. So target that social media platform more which you think will get you more engagement according to your content. 
  • Be active on social media. Interact with the audience daily if you can but respond to their queries and problems on time. Go live on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and utilize every possible way available.
  • Build a strong and trustworthy relationship with your audience by making FaceBook groups or use community tabs on YouTube. 
  • One thing you could do is make a content calendar. Mark the dates of every social media accounts, the post you want to upload, the day and time also. This will give you an overview of how your content is performing on different platforms. You can also tweak your calendar to change the days or times to see if the content performs better in that frame. 
  • Optimize your profile and pitch your business ideas to the audience browsing on the internet. 


Social Media is a wide world. People are more interested in your brand’s personality, how it looks and, sells itself. People buy Apple products because of the brand name associated with them.


You need to establish that kind of relationship with your audience. Your brand won’t become number one in a day. It will require a lot of research, hard work, consistency.


But once you have cracked the code and made a name for yourself then no one will be able to stop your business from earning and becoming famous worldwide. 


Social Media Marketing Tools


i. Buffer

A buffer is a tool that uses a chrome extension to add articles and content from the web. It includes all the famous social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and more. You can upload photos, videos, and also analyze how your content is performing online. You can also engage with your community. There are three plans you can choose from Pro, Premium, and Business. Select your appropriate one and the go-ahead to building your social media accounts. 


          ii. Google Trends

Google Trends is yet another tool that is practically free in terms of pricing. You can monitor the trending things happening online. It also provides you with monitoring your keywords. Which keyword is trending and more search volume compared to others. It helps you compare the previous years and recent trends in terms of keywords. 


         iii. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to research and monitor how your content is working. You can find the most shared content online, which influencers are related to those topics, you will be notified based on keyword planning. Analyze your content along with the trending topics. Find out what’s new trending in the market and upgrade your business. 


         iv. OptinMonster

This tool is used to generate leads that help to engage with the customers. You can optimize the engagement and personalize offers for the customers at the right time. It will guide you on how to increase your e-mail list, improve conversions, and reduce the checkouts which are made without purchasing the product. It will assist you to increase your sales and increase your leads. 


          v. Audience

The audience is a social media tool that will segment your audience according to their needs and wants. They track reports to bifurcate the audience engagement. You can connect with the audience and make a strong connection with them.


         vi. Canva

Canva is a fantastic tool you can use to create beautiful images, templates without any designer. There are also ready templates, icons, illustrations, logos you can use by tweaking them according to your choice. The drag and move option, size adjustment options along colorful backgrounds make your images look appealing and give your website a professional vibe.


       vii. ZeroFox

ZeroFox is a security tool you can use to protect your accounts. They protect all your public platforms along with your social media accounts, apps, surface, deep and dark web, and more. It continuously monitors for any kind of threat, contacts the security team upon any action, analyzes all the threats, and guards your reputation online.


 viii.    Instagram, Facebook Analytics

Instagram and Facebook both have the Insights Tab which is an In-App Analytics. Instagram Analytics provides data about your stories, posts, and ads that you run. It will also provide you with the list of your followers and what time they most active on which days and what time. Facebook shows you data of your behind posts, followers, and reach. It tells you how your Page is fairing compared to others. 


             ix. Hootsuite

 Hootsuite is an all-inclusive tool with management, publishing, analytics skills. It tells you which content is working well for you, your reach, an increase in followers, effectiveness of the ads you run. You can use this on all your social media accounts. Customize your reports, track when your brand was mentioned and in which posts, see when your replies reach the customers. 


 x. Todoist 

The Todoist tool is used to create a social media calendar for your business. Which content to post on which social media platform, which day, and what time. Posting regularly is important for any business. So use this to track your schedule and you will increase the engagement with your customers. 


Social Media Marketing is a tedious job. Your business won’t go viral in a day. But by using proper strategies, tools, and branding you are bound to increase your customer base and business on a large scale.

Nikita is a vibrant writer on a journey to explore, discover and write new literary pieces. She has been actively penning literary art for the last two years and is elated with the learnings of story writing. She enjoys the vibrant experiences she has at creative writing workshops and writes for various platforms. Nikita aspires to author a book. Until then, she continues to travel on her journey of learning, reading and writing more stories every day.
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