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Swathy Swaminathan

Assistant Manager-Research and Content at India Infoline Securities Private Limited Mumbai

Very informative sessions ! not sure would have learned all of it elsewhere
Shreya Kasera


Thank you sir. it has been a wonderful experience. learnt a lot of new things.


Thank you for everything learned a lot.
Jayeeta Mookerjee


Sir, it has been a great experience overall...have learned a lot of things...
Geetika Singla

Bathinda Sub-District

Got an introduction to many new things. It probably would depend on us personally how much we further explore.
Chhavi Sharma


It was a wonderful learning experience wherein we get to know how to develop our business model as well and can become entrepreneurs
Alisha Mewada


The course helps in developing your skills and techniques which are required to build your business model in terms of content writing. Not sure if every course listed on google helps in the same way.

Moreover, It also changes your views towards how content writing can be a good earning point besides just being a hobby.

Megha Oberai

HR & Admin Manager at Lazer India Delhi Cantonment

Thank you for your guidance throughout. It was new learning apart from only content writing. Look forward to a new beginning. Take care

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Mahima Iyer

Front Office Executive at ISS Facility Services India Private Limited

Definitely interesting and learning so many new things has been a great experience
kalpita Khadekar


Very informative feeling confident and motivated
Dipankar Chatterjee

Program Manager & Global Lead at Unisys India, Bangalore

Superb Integration of Latest Applications and Content

Great hands-on course. Invaluable to start off as a Content Writing Specialist.

Arpan Rastogi

Lead Consultant at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets

Very informative and practical. Allows self-exploration and that is what I believe holds the key to great learning.
Bhanu Viswanath

I got confidence that something I can do worthful from this content writing course.
Ayush Pandya

It was an awesome 1-month journey where I learned a lot of new things from a content writing perspective. From website design to personal content to marketing content, everything was easy to learn and transparent. Surely recommend starting something of your own.
Arpita Chakraborty

It was a great experience for me as I gathered useful knowledge regarding content writing and also a confidence that something innovative and interesting can be developed from the skills learned.
Shreya Sood

It has been quite an experience understanding the potential that goes about digitally.
Titus Sunder Singh

The course was transformative. It changed my attitude and gives me the confidence to create something of my own. Thank you for your constant support. I mean it

when I decided to join the course I was a little hesitant as it is online and it was quite a big investment that was making, but I definitely learned a lot and I am really looking forward to utilizing what I learned now. Your explanations were very clear and on point and I never felt that the class was online it actually felt like a real classroom experience.
Irin Jose

My knowledge about the internet and content writing was very bad. But after 4 weeks course, I know a lot and I am confident about the skills I learned. Thank You. Irin
Yashi Sharma

I got to know things which were completely new for me
Noor Abdalhadi

The course is really good however I think it is more for those who are looking for a freelancing jobs.
Ashish Kuniyal

We have stepped into new business world under your mentorship

Learn good hacks on articles publishing, ranking. Introduced valuable tools. Overall its good learning experience

Learned a lot, time to implement it practically
Sona Dinsoka

It was a phase of tremendous learning… for me everything was new indeed, still there is a clear picture. Thanks a lot
Prathyusha prathyu

Learned a lot about different aspects of Content writing and many more new things
All the classes were very informative.
Great support by the whole team of IIMSkills
Sanket Bhogle

It was really a nice learning experience learned many new things thanx lot Vaibhav sir
Vasumathi Ponday

Overall an informative and hands-on course. Got to learn about website building and tools and what to keep in mind when trying to build your business online using content as a tool. I feel we could have one more session, maybe a shorter one - some of what we learned today could be in a little more detail. Eg: Doing the Mailchimp or google business location....which would have taken 10-15 mins extra
Manasi Agarwal

Content Writing Course by IIM Skills, conducted by Coach Vaibhav Kakkar is the right choice for acing the whole world of Digital Freelancing and being an expert of the field of SEO , Keyword science and all important tools required. Coach Vaibhav’s style of teaching is of a true Guru. It’s more than just an online course as the support provided is as promised, sign up today!
Dharshini Preethu

More than the writing part, I had many new useful insights which most of them in the industry should be updated/ known with. It was a great indeed.

Thanks for the wonderful sessions which was engaging and enriching. The course content was helpful. Even though I didn't have any prior experience, I was able to understand the domain.
Jyoti Sharma

Great course ,overwhelming , but Vaibhav is great coach, and is hands on giving practical examples where needed. is patient with the queries. GREAT LEARNING!

It was Awesome, Actually, Before the Class, I have No idea and Clue about the Content Writing and Promoting our Content to others but now it's very clear to me, Thanks Vaibhav for this Wonderfull Class
Shreya Adlakha

This was by far the best learning experience I had. Great learning and implementing the knowledge gained here not just the subject knowledge but the market experience requirements and needs. The best part is Vaibhav you not only teach your students but also motivates them to do better to reach new heights. and That is amazing. thank you for the learning.
Renuka Tandon

Thanks for the excellent session today. Very important information has been imparted and hopes to assimilate all the information at the earliest.
Ashwini Pradyumna

A wonderful course to bring out the best in me, helped me overcome my fears of not being from technical background
Parineeta Gopal

Deputy Manager- Copywriter at Cox and Kings India

Overall very informative, in-depth coverage of topics which we may not get elsewhere. Thank you!
Kalyani Adhye


The entire course was amazing. got to learn a lot of new things. the support other than the class was also great. thanks a lot, sir.
Nakshathra Nagarajan


Thank you so much, Sir. Building a blog from scratch is not really easy without proper guidance. For a 4 week class, you have covered a vast amount of syllabus. It would be really nice if you introduce some advanced courses. Really wish to learn more from you.
Sujata Mishra


Thank you for all your guidance & support from the very beginning!
Aartee Kalra


Sir, thrilled with all the learning, but could not retain as much, as it is more content marketing and content writing which at least I am not good at... so I will need to keep going through the videos and keep practicing it to learn.
Deepika Shrivastava


Experience is great. learnt many new things.
Bhoopriya chaudhary

Engineer Trainee at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited South West Delhi

The course was very well structured. I learnt many new things
Shubham Tiwari


Many important technical things learned..just need little bit of practice.
Pooja Chakraborty

Human Resources at KPMG India Bengaluru India

Very excited about the career opportunities, immense learning and looking forward to seeing what unfolds. Thanks to my instructor for being so patient throughout!
Sandhya Ramesh

Thane Mumbai

This has been a wonderful experience. Got introduced into a new field. lot of insights. Thank you
Renuka C S

Apprentice Leader/Senior Manager - Content & Trainer Development at Mu Sigma University at Mu Sigma Inc. Bengaluru

Before the course, I hadn't thought about the opportunities in this field. Had taken the course for becoming a writer and this course has inspired to make it a career. Thank you, Vaibhav
Saurabh Gupta


Superb integration of latest applications and content
Anjali Choudhary


A new perspective to the writing side of a person. Hopefully, it will open up new avenues for me.

An illuminating and gratifying experience learning under a good and a friendly mentor who is ready to guide you at any time ,thank you.

A new perspective to the writing side of a person. Hopefully, it will open up new avenues for me.

Surprised initially with the course syllabus on day 1 as it challenged my thought process, however, it also gave me insight into the tremendous potential which not just me but every other participant could unleash if we followed the instructions by Vaibhav. A good experience with the understanding that the real work start from here and I have the tools to make it a success. Thank you IIM Skills.

The course helped in understanding how Content writing can be used in various ways. Had very limited understanding, that has now changed.

I feel privileged to have a mentor who is really working towards the good prospects of my career in content writing. Thanks very much for the great support and help.

After completing this content writing course I am feeling confident before entering this digital marketing world. Surely this is going to help me in the long run.
Yazhini Ram

I initially joined this course only for content writing as a writing course but eventually learned digital marketing skills and how to promote yourself with writing skills. Being a complete biology student it was hard at the beginning but now I'm surprised I know so much about this field. I came to get additional things in my resume for placements but eventually got some entrepreneur ideas now.

Excellent Support
Mehr Salma

I have got the confidence from each class, technical know-how.

There were a lot of nuances about a business that came across as a surprise. Thanks, Vaibhav!
Subhashree Dey

There are much free-flowing information on the internet. but unless you undergo a professional course, it is not worth it. I have learned valuable things during this course. Vaibhav is supportive
Akshaya Sreenivas

As a software engineer with a break for 11 years, IIM skills and Vaibhav have given me the confidence to start over. Thank you for the support and for giving a great learning experience.
Mayura Digital BigBang

Very informative and hands-on course on content writing! It was a great experience to work on assignments assessed by Vaibhav with valuable feedback. Thanks, IIMSkills and Vaibhav for this course!
V Jaishankar

Awesome possibilities, ocean of information at breakneck speed and mindboggling challenge. hope to be job free after this training
Poorva Sisodia

You have been an amazing tutor as u have accomplished and been there for all queries, the way you have commit initially. Thank you for your support. For me, IIM SKILLS is more rated for their after services and would definitely recommend others.
Ruchi Sharma

The learning was incredible, you have been supportive and patient. but it all ultimately comes down to one thing and that is the result. it sooner to say on that behalf because its a long road and this doesn't end here. i hope to find the support from you guys.
Sanjay Dey

I tried business and failed and joined a company compromising my earlier benefits after the break. But with this course, it has again given a mental boost and given a different way of seeing the business
Joydeb Mukherjee

This is a complete course. It opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities.
Rohan M

From creating an online presence to building a business and the option to work as a freelancer - A good complete wholesome course with a great trainer.
Siddharth Waghmare

I have gained a new insights into what the internet has to offer from this course
Rishabh Ravi

It was a great learning experience. All the sessions were elaborated and explained in a good way. I can't wait to start my journey with all that I have learned now.
Shikha Grover

Every session was informative and brought in a fire to chase this new arena I have decided to explore.
Akriti Vyas

Your course has given me a lot of knowledge regarding content writing and marketing.
Triveni Vishwakarma

Amazing Experience with IIM skills CWMC class.

This course was so productive with a wonderful coach. Really it gives a new way of thinking about internet business.
Devanshi Shah

It was very amazing. This whole thing was an alien land for me but now I'm motivated to work like never before. Great coaching and back support from Vaibhav Sir.
Pranat Bajpai


It had been brilliant sir. You have been really kind and supportive. SEO seemed a far fetched reality before the starting of this course but now working my way through it, it is really fun and addressing people becomes too easy a task. Thank you for always being there during class and otherwise too. Writing has always been a passion but you gave way to it.
Jyoti Jha


It is a lot to take in for a non-technical background but a good amount of practice should help. Sessions are really good and anything we miss, is well compensated with recordings and email support. An enriching experience indeed!
Sumayya Khan


This was the most overwhelming experience I have ever had! thank you so much!
Suma S


Sir, it was a great learning experience. Very interesting field to explore and experience.

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Vinubala Jagasirpiyan

West Bengal

Got exposure on various platforms. I had a good experience since it was hands-on.
Nandakumar Menon


The course was not what I had in mind, it has a wide coverage, and teaches you things you had no idea about at all.
Nandini Vijayagopal

Ernakulam, Kerala, India

I think until recently I was looking at content writing from a writer's perspective, but Vaibhav's classes have opened up a whole new world of opportunities.
Ekta Kejriwal


It has been quite a learning experience. just need to go through the technicalities. very excited to come into this business practice. thank you. you have been a great mentor.
Vanshika Tyagi

Student Delhi

Thank you so much, sir. You are a savior in disguise. You make everything seem so easy and interesting. I was skeptical at first but I am confident now.
Roshini Ramachandran

Senior Trade Finance Executive at Star Global LLC, United Arab Emirates

It was a new and exciting experience. I got to learn more than what I expected.

Student at SRM, Chengalpattu

It was a great experience. Learned a lot of new things and concepts. Exceeded my expectations.
Ramya Chandramohan


I learned so much about content writing. After this course, new point of view about content writing came into the picture. A whole new experience
Ankita Sinha

Learnt a lot SIR must say you are such a energetic, motivating and fabulous coach..Thank you sir

I learned so much about content writing. After this course, new point of view about content writing came into the picture. A whole new experience
Ashwinee Waykar

I got to learn completely new things in 4 weeks. A trainer pays attention to everyone's queries and resolves during training itself. Access to LMS is free for a lifetime and that's the best thing about this course. I missed the last session but had no worries as I could learn the same from LMS. Never imagined online learning could be so interesting. Thank you, Sir.
Vanshika Makhija

Through this Content writing course, I got a full bird’s eye view of what’s out there.

Thank you so much, sir, got a lot of ideas, now planning and implementation is left

Sheetal Gupta

Got to know deep, vast and worth learning this course of content writing is. It is worth going for.
Charles Rohan

From Designing to Writing, this course has taught me a lot. It has given me the knowledge and a guide to start and venture out my own stuff. Really worth it

I never knew so much about the digital industry. In fact, Ist session was a bouncer. But now I know there is a big opportunity out there. And yes I think I too will be able to do something big.
Jyoti Lakhera

Being a nontechnical person I learnt a lot of cool stuff. How to write in length and visibility tools was great.

It was Good , Got to know many things
Sandhya R N

Support was to know many technical front.
Reeti Sharma

I got to learn a lot of new things in the field of content marketing which provided a base to grow it further through practice. Thank you, Vaibhav for your support.
Vaishali Bahl

I learned way more than I had expected from a content writing course. Worth every penny I spent.
Sanchita Srivastav

Thanks Vaibhav for all your teachings. It helped me a lot.
Prakash Anand

Superb course! I learned a lot about digital content and opportunities! Way to go MR VAIBHAV!
Prashanth Anand

Great course back end support was amazing

Superb course but need to do lot of practice Thanks.
Bommakanti N Ramesh

Great experience I don't know anything about content writing. Now I got a little experience
Heba Fatima

The course was extremely insightful. I have earned great knowledge about a field that I am new to. I look forward to using this knowledge and start a new journey. Thank you for the experience.

Thank you so much for your wonderful session sir..very pleased to have
Richu Sharma

It was a great experience. Thank you vaibhav for being an amazing mentor
Prithvi Batra

I am so grateful you are my mentor, teacher. thank u for emboldening me. your positivity and encouragement will surely brighten my future. you surely made me a more thoughtful person. thanks again
Sankhamala Mandal

It was great and very inspiring It has helped me to discover a new me
Chitra S

The course has been a new and exciting journey for me. It is a new domain even though I had a blog going on for a few months now. The method of instruction, course content and query clarification has been good. And Vaibhav , you have been a good guide as well through the classes.
Nazia Iqbal

It was really insightful

It was really a great course with IIM Skills. I found it very useful from finding new opportunity in my career.
Mitika Bedi

Started the with content writing course instead learnt so much about entrepreneurship and how to start my own digital platform
Ashish Singhal

Great course! I have learned great things throughout the course. I developed a vision of how to put up a business online.
Warisa Khatoon

It was a real learning from basics to necessary list of things, through which I can start working on my ideas.
Mamta Sharma

It was really a wonderful experience. Not only learnt the what is content writing but also other aspects attached to it.

It was a good experience, learnt a lot about content writing , web development and marketing.
Anushka Gaur

Every session was superbly informative, cleared a great number of misunderstandings i had regarding content writing.
Bhakti Rajhans

Very interesting and eyeopening experience. Learnt so many new things and feeling confident. Thank you
Saroj Bind

it was really good experience , I am very glad to take this course even I recommended to some of my friend about this course .
Tina Daniel

The course is wonderful, though a little fast for someone like me. However there is always help from Vaibhav Sir. It was a great experience.
Divya Suresh

The course was a worthy skill to hone to ignite my passion for writing during the lockdown. I was a babe in woods to nuances of content writing, creation and development. But after the course, with professional and intensive session modules and live assignments, I have gained a grip, confidence and technical expertise from the dedicated and down to earth trainer, Vaibhav Kakkar. Heartfelt gratitude to IIM Skills!
Harish R

Thank you Vaibhav for all the support during the last 4 weeks. I m hoping that I am able to reinforce this during the course of my work. May have taken a step back on Content Writing, basics. However The course was informative. And Good Luck to you and all participants as well

This course was extremely helpful and covers every aspect of content writing. All the money you put in is well deserved.Thank you so much to IIM skills.
Prince Kumar

Thanks to VAIBHAV sir and IIM SKILLS for provide me a opportunity of learning about content writing in a different way.

It is totally a new experience for me.This course is a great way to develop your skills on content writing and learn something new. I am very happy with the course.
Krishna Prasad

All the 16 hours classes are excellent and every minute is very worthy and it require your practical work support also.
Vasudha Mudgil

The course was very engaging and made lot of far reaching concepts lucid for layman. Thank you for the support.
Sulaxana Verma

Excellent and full of useful information, carrier oriented training. Great experience, 5 stars.
Karan Kler

A very helpful course. learn a lot of things, great experience.
Saumya Chatter

Amazing experience. learned so much about writing as well as the technical side of it. Gained a lot of confidence in my skills.
Ketki Jadhav

Hello there! I completed this short course on Content Writing from IIM Skills. The course has given in return much more than just content writing within a month. I now know the basics of digital marketing which will help me market my content writing skills. It was a great learning experience indeed.
I now have my own website theconfusedmommy which I built during the course. You may visit and have a look at my work.

A really good experience. A totally worth the time course to get informative and helpful content with lots of support.
Madhushree Babu

It was a really good course and boosted my confidence to establish my platform online.
Angeline Praveena

I am not a technical person, after this course, I get the confidence I can do this with few more practice. Thank you for trying your level best to start our own content marketing instead of working for someone else.
Ankush Arora Founder & CEO

You might start with or without a purpose, but you'll definitely end it with one, in a much clearer sense.
Lima Paul

Educative and informative course, had lots of hands on experience doing it and broadened my mind on every subject. I would like to recommend it to all
Anuraag Kakkar

During this lock down time I think this is the best thing I have learnt. Eye opening was to know the difference between content writing and marketing. Excellent flow and support from the trainer. He not only imparted the knowledge but boosted the confidence too. Thanks to IIM SKILLS and wishing all the best to you, keep up the good work.
Purva Sisodia

The course is conducive for personal growth. The instructor is always around to help! Kudos!
Jasmin J

“ Thank you for the informative class with full of motivation. IIM Skills have put so many seeds inside my mind. Now I want to nurture it more”.
Mothe Rohith

The course was extremely great and the best part about the course was the support and the patience from the team and there are many skills I learnt from the course.
Preethi Krishnan

I am very glad to have taken the course from IIM skills and Mr. Vaibhav had been wonderful right from demo class. Thanks for being so generous. Loads of information to start anything on your own.
Anju Krishnan

Content writing is quite extensive but the trainer at IIMSkills made it really simple to understand and learn at faster pace. It has been an amazing experience so far. The best part is that they provide internship which helps build confidence for beginners.
Priya Bashini

IIMSKILLS lives upto any writers expectation. The course covers exactly what it claims for on their site. It’s worth every week with assignments ensuring you put knowledge to use immediately. Vaibhav explains everything with examples and I’m very happy i enrolled for the course and enhanced more skills than i expected. Kudos to the team for putting up brilliant learning segment!

This course was really helpful for me as it gave me a new career opportunity. The course content and faculty is wonderful of IIM SKILLS.
Palvika Thakur

Glad to you come in contact with you Sir , but there a a hundred of questions coming your way through
I hope it doesn't bother you

It was very good, I was looking this for a long time, learned the basics and now I know from where I can start, just more interested in affiliate marketing as well.
Shreeya Dasgupta

It was a great experience. IIMSKILLS helped me a lot in learning about content writing. Great coaching from Vaibhav and Roma.
Saima Nafia

Very informative classes with an extremely experienced trainer. A very thorough and helpful course to kickstart your Content Writing Career
Ayushi Sharma

I had a great experience learning Content Writing from IIM SKILLS. Amazing trainers - always ready to help and motivate you. So much to learn and explore. It is much more than a content writing course. Thank you and grateful to IIMSKILLS
Kohila Arun

Great training program. Informative and a good learning . Thank you Vaibhav!
Haripriya Krishnan

I learned many new stuff in this course. Need to practice a lot I think. Wonderful sessions, explained in details. Thanks a lot
Nidhi Bansal

Great Experience!! Content writing course give me so much confidence to become an entrepreneur. Thanks for your support Vaibhav.

A wonderful course to bring out the best in me , helped me overcome my fears of not being from technical background...worth the time invested
Triveni Vishwakarma

Amazing Experience with IIM skills CWMC class.

Totally realistic and practical, Vaibhav kakkar really stands by you in imbibes confidence in you in a way that you could go ahead and successfully build a career around what you have learnt at IIM skills

Sheetal Gadkari

An amazing experience... Overall very informative, wholistic and motivating experience. Got to learn not only just content writing but also entrepreneurship also

Truly informative and enriching sessions by Vaibhav. Worth the time and money for upgrading the skillset required for content writing course.
Arindam C

I am taking back loads of learning from these 4 weeks of training and assignments. While the course ends soon, I am sure these 4 weeks will contribute a great deal on my content writing journey. I owe a big Thank You to IIM Skills and our coach Mr. Vaibhav. Thank You !!!
Amarjeet Kaur

It was a wonderful experience being a part of such an intensive training program. Thanks a lot for your support and guidance.

The Course has summarized almost all the skills required to create and present the content to the right audience.
Divya Suresh

The course was a worthy skill to hone to ignite my passion for writing during the lockdown. I was a babe in woods to nuances of content writing, creation, and development. But after the course, with professional and intensive session modules and live assignments, I have gained a grip, confidence, and technical expertise from the dedicated and down to earth trainer, Vaibhav Kakkar. Heartful gratitude to IIM Skills
Samantha Dick

The Content Writing Master Course was a comprehensive course that covered all the important aspects that anyone would need to know about this area. The facilitator Vaibhav had the right expertise in this area and was patient with all the questions. The course delivered what they had shared in the brochure and in fact much more in terms of tools, techniques and best practice sharing. IIMSKILLS lives up to what they say they will deliver.
Hetvi Chaudhary

I should admit that this class is not an ordinary class. I am very happy with the class because the teacher is providing mentoring too. And I am very impressed with quick feedback on my work. I definitely learned a lot of things.
Vidhya Vasudevan

The course was very helpful especially for people who are new for this career. I enjoyed the content part more. Both tutors were great
Shubhangi Bahuguna

This was a really informative course for a beginner like me. I feel much more confident now.
Aparna Manoj

Coming with a lot of questions and doubts, now I go with confidence and great skills in content writing, thanks to IIM skills. really grateful for the support.
Faiz Bakhed


This has been an excellent experience, I got to learn a lot more not only about Content writing but the whole social media platform, the marketing skills and also got to brush up on my earlier skills and learning.