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7 Quick Tips To Learn Digital Marketing

What are some quick ways to learn digital marketing effectively? How will I be able to learn digital marketing quickly according to my own convenience and timing? These are questions that are often asked by professionals today. The fast pace of life and the necessity of being digital savvy to survive in the job market today is quite a challenging task. Also, digital marketing has immense potential as a market as well as for varied career opportunities.

Quick Tips To Learn Digital Marketing

It gives you the freedom to exercise flexibility in your career. It is also one of the most interesting subjects to master. The study around digital marketing is mostly practical applications, therefore it is all the more intriguing to pursue a career in this particular subject. Today we are going to read about some tips to learn digital Marketing quickly.

Before that let’s look at Digital Marketing a little in detail

Any learning takes time. You have a career, a job that you can’t leave to pursue studies in this field, yet you need to learn digital marketing to improve your overall skill set and bolster your resume. How do you manage to do that? Any field of study requires patience and dedication. 

Digital marketing is no exception to the rule. But the favorable part in all of this is that, though digital marketing requires that you put in considerable time, effort, and sincerity into learning the nuances of the subject, it takes much lesser time than any other vocation to master the skills of digital marketing.

Moreover, you can learn it from anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t require you to travel long distances or attend a class to be able to make the best of this field. In fact, the practical nature of digital marketing ensures that you imbibe the skills quite quickly and efficiently without any trouble. It might seem a little too far-fetched but really all you need to learn digital marketing is a laptop, a net connection, and loads of perseverance with minimal distraction. That’s it.

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The key trait that makes you a winning digital marketer.

It is your inclination to adapt to rapid technological changes, the hunger to learn new concepts and ideas, implement them, and the willingness to constantly evolve that makes you a prime candidate for digital marketing.

Before you think of embarking on this journey, ask yourself if you are prepared to keep yourself updated constantly. Only then will you be able to make for a successful digital marketer. 

Important Skills

A digital marketer has to be confident of their abilities and skillsets. You can’t flounder when the competition is sky-high. Everyone out there in the web world is striving for attention. You have to be able to stand out by dint of your quality of work. A digital marketer needs to put due emphasis on metrics and resultant reports. Remember, your numbers are the mainstay. Different metrics about your site or blog reveal your digital success. Therefore, you have to understand the importance of data where digital marketing is concerned. 

Your primary focus should be to become the authority in your field. The mindset of being a thought leader or authority in your niche is indispensable to becoming prominent in this area of work. Also, the enthusiasm to connect with people, become a part of community groups in your area of interest, discussing relevant points in forums and discussion platforms can go a long way in establishing a good relationship with fellow digital marketers. Having a friendly disposition always works whether in the online world or the offline world. Another key feature is to be able to align the offline and online events. 

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Online and Offline Channels of Digital Marketing

Also, a skilled digital marketer knows that digital marketing does not only comprise online channels. Any digital marketing when it does not require the internet can be termed as an offline digital marketing channel. Even today, with all the progress made in this field, a lot of people feel digital marketing only means online channels. But they are not synonymous. In fact, digital marketing can very well be divided into two categories Online as well as offline digital marketing initiatives. Examples of offline digital marketing channels are Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Billboards, Cold calling, telemarketing, etc. A digital marketer should know about all of this. 

Points to Remember

Remember a big part of digital marketing initiatives are expos, exhibitions, conferences, webinars, seminars, and much more. You have to be able to communicate your message in a concise yet effective way in the offline as well as the online world to bring in sales. Also, it is beneficial for the reputation of your business or brand. 

Effective digital marketing is the amalgamation of all the components of marketing in a way that reaps maximum results. For this, you have to know the basics of all the essential elements that make up the digital marketing system. 

You don’t have to be a thorough data analytics expert with all the specialized skills in analytics to start with your digital marketing career. But you have to be able to grasp onto the results of auto-generated reports by the numerous tools available and comprehend what the overview of your efforts is through these reports. For this very purpose, you should have a thorough understanding of the various concepts and terminology, or jargon as they say, of the various modules of the digital marketing process. 

Digital marketing, therefore, is the process of communicating the core message of your brand, product, or service with the astute mix of all the components that constitute the digital marketing method. 

The main motive behind learning Digital Marketing

digital marketing efforts should be for people to recognize and be aware of your brand. Your brand is your identity in the digital world. The influence of brands is of such enormous proportions that people can recognize a company through its brand logo. It also speaks of the kind of reputation you enjoy in the business community. This recognition and reputation can be created and further enhanced by your efforts in planning a strong digital marketing campaign. But for that, you need to be conversant with everything that is intrinsic to Digital Marketing. 

Here Are 7 Quick Tips To Learn Digital Marketing Effectively.

  • Research, Read, Study the components of Digital Marketing thoroughly

Digital marketing is basically result-driven activity, which means, your abilities are not dependent on a degree or certification, rather on your ability to convince your prospective clients and convert them to existing customers. The entire foundation of digital marketing depends on your ability to produce a strategy and implement it effectively. For that, you don’t need formal education. You have to learn to be self-motivated and persevere to acquire as many skills as you can. The first and foremost thing to do would be to read and grasp all the relevant components of digital marketing. It shouldn’t be that someone asks you about Bounce Rate or a white paper and you are at a loss because you don’t know what that means. 

The main purpose of content is to be of such high quality that it is displayed on the first pages of a search engine page. A digital marketing campaign aims to retain consumers and gain leads. the retention aspect is only possible if you provide them with informative, educative content in an inspiring and most importantly entertaining way. A boring copy no matter how edifying it is will yield no desired result.

Content is forever as in events in the digital world. An online user seldom navigates to other pages to get their answers. Your content should be relevant enough to be ranked on the first page. Read up everything about how to get your site ranked. A quintessential part of learning digital marketing is to be able to handle and work with spreadsheets like Excel, Google Docs, etc. We will discuss why it is important later here in the post. 

The Concept of T-Marketer

It makes sense to be a T-Marketer in the digital marketing world. A T-Marketer in the digital parlance has a vast knowledge of the several components of digital marketing and specialized knowledge on one, two, or even three of those components. Also, someone who can skillfully put all the elements to good use to provide maximum results. Employers always look for T-Marketers. Since they have an overall knowledge of the ingredients to successful digital marketing they have an edge over marketers who possess an in-depth understanding of one or two of the constituents. 

Therefore, you need to first jot down the main points to cover and learn the elements of digital marketing, their definitions, their purpose exhaustively. Now, when I say you read about their definition doesn’t mean you have to remember them by heart. Learn them in a way that would be useful for you to implement in your practical experiments and projects. 

The most crucial elements of Digital Marketing are

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Studying these concepts fleetingly won’t come to help. Several elements in these primary modules hold supreme importance. For example, Social Media Marketing and Advertising have important components like Influencer Marketing, Viral Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. In most cases, these various elements are used in multiples stages of a digital marketing campaign. Research extensively on them and look for successful examples of implementation of the particular strategy. Case studies can be very helpful in understanding a concept rigorously. 

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What should be our approach then?

If you are worried about where to start, the following will give you a rough idea.

Learn all about Keywords, and metadata, which constitute a major part of any digital marketing tactic. How to search for keywords, the organic search paid search, what are the primary considerations when you are searching keywords, how to incorporate keywords, when google considers your content spam, etc. 

Tools and digital marketing software are prerequisites to learning digital marketing quickly. 

For your convenience, here are a few tools that you can incorporate to learn digital marketing. They would help you in the learning process.

  • Ubersuggest (free keyword planner for keyword suggestions as well as content ideas)
  • Yoast – (SEO software that helps to get you rankings on the search page) Yoast has several ideas on features like paragraph lengths, readability, sentence structure, a passive active voice that helps you to better rank on search pages and optimize your content.
  • WordPress– the most popular and widely used website creator as well as a content management system, WordPress is the most essential element of your digital marketing initiative. See videos on how to create a website and create one as soon as possible. 
  • Google Analytics – the data analysis software that tells you how well your site is performing. 
  • Grammarly, Hemingway– for your grammar, vocabulary, and writing needs
  • Smallseotools, DupliChecker– for checking plagiarism content. Make sure your content is as unique as it can you can make it.

Once you’ve gathered information on the important glossary, terms, and the step-by-step process of carrying out digital marketing activities you need to start with your practical understanding. 

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  • Build Your Website And Add The Software Necessary to learn digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing learning process requires you to have a websiteIt is mandatory because everything digital revolves around your web identity which is going to be your website. 

Digital marketing is a cost-effective mode of learning about the process. You need to invest an amount for hosting and domain name but that is it. That’s all the monetary investment you require to learn the ropes of digital marketing. 

Once your website is created, download all essential plug-ins or software that you would need to carry out your activities without any glitch. Yoast, a theme plug-in, Mailchimp, Antispam are some of the essential plug-ins for a website. You will get ideas from different tutorials on this. Create relevant pages like an about page, privacy policy, a blog page, and a homepage.

Integrate your website with the Google Analytics page. There are a lot of written articles as well as quality video tutorials available on Youtube to take you through the step-by-step process of integrating Google Analytics on your webpage. 

  • Create A Valuable Content Copy

Since digital marketing is a hands-on learning module, the theory is only the beginning of it. The foundation or the structure as we call it. Rest, you need to apply practically to see results. You have to be able to write. Now the question may arise, what will you write? 

This is one area where you need to give a lot of consideration. Don’t start writing on random topics. Pick a niche. Research and find out what niches are the most productive as of now. See what topics are created around the niche. Choose a maximum of 3 niches and write on topics related to them. You will eventually understand where your knack lies. Build a portfolio of around 6-8 articles on your niche and post them on your website. Play around with designs and alignments on your website to see which is more appealing. 

If you have a proclivity towards website designing, go to several video tutorials and learn how to use the various tools at our disposal with the utmost efficiency. Suppose you are inclined to create appealing inspiring videos, then learn to use the video makers like Headliner, Quick, and Splice by Go Pro and others. Be patient with your learning and you will see optimum results quickly. If you try to hasten the process of actual learning, you will miss out on being proficient in these areas.

  • Get An Internship With A Digital Agency

An internship is the best way to gain practical experience and know-how in this field. It helps to get an unmediated experience in the field. You get the chance to interact with stalwarts in the field, people with experience. Additionally, you get to play an active participatory role in the operational aspects of digital marketing. This is today an extremely competitive field. As digital marketing is gaining even more momentum, it becomes important to acquire practical skills to demonstrate your abilities further. Every business wants to thrive, they are looking for people who have insight into this complex world of digitization. 

Moreover, an internship doesn’t require you to commit a long number of hours to your work. You can always choose to work full-time or part-time based on your schedule. It doesn’t even have to be in an office. You can intern for digital marketing online as well. It helps you to gain the right experience to make it big in any role in digital marketing. Also, it helps to establish a strong professional network with peers as well as seniors that would help you to collaborate with professionals later in the field.

  • Leverage Social Media and Different Discussion Platforms

Today social media has ingratiated itself into our lives in such a way that it is unlikely to find someone without a Social media presence. However, what we don’t realize is social media is a wellspring for digital marketing initiatives. All the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have themselves realized the immense potential for business growth and interactions.

They have separate business and personal pages for their users so that these users can carry on their professional activities without hindrance. There are a few things to learn about digital marketing with respect to social media. 

Learn ways to create value in the content posted on these platforms. Always emphasize quality rather than mindless quantity. Follow thought leaders and interact with people in the same community groups, participate in discussions. Comment and try to be genuine.

A person can understand when you are being sincere and when you are not. Like, share good content, even if on your website and give credit and a backlink to the source. These are the nitty-gritty of the social media arena that you learn about when you start your digital marketing learning. 

Create a professional page and or personal page don’t forget to give a link to your website and body of work wherever it is. 

Discussion platforms, forums, and social media platforms are all about building a camaraderie that will help in the collaboration and enhancement of your digital marketing initiatives. Influencers can propel your digital efforts towards much more visibility. Be honest in your interactions with them. You will start to see great results in a very short time. 

  • Freelance Options

After you’ve gotten your initial understanding of the various concepts and elements start looking for freelancing opportunities, look at work opportunities. With plenty of job portals, you can always look for work that will give you the much-needed experience. You will make mistakes but you will also learn from them. Don’t get intimidated by the prospect of venturing into new waters and how to go about it. Do your best and try to get freelance work. Also, update your site frequently.

Building a website and then sitting on it won’t help in the least. Churn out good quality content, share, and then repeat the process. Keep your website updated in terms of plug-ins and software. Experiment with content mix and test them with your followers and friends. Use different content elements to create different kinds of copy. The same format of a content copy might make the consumers lose interest.

Learn continuously throughout the entire process. Digital Marketing updates very rigorously. The digital world is so dynamic that news becomes stale in less than a few hours. Make sure you disseminate the correct information always. That builds trust element with people who follow your work.

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  • Practice And Gain As many experiences As You Can

The more experience you gain in this particular field of study, the more conversant you get with all the topics and practical applications. Go to your Google Analytics page and look at the different metrics. Try to assess and comprehend what the reports say. The reports are generated in a manner that can be read by a non-expert as well, maybe not as thoroughly as an expert. The patterns are supremely important. Yes, it would take time to get proper exposure and visibility but once you employ all the tactics it will become easier. Also, now that you are equipped with the necessary components to start learning, practice continuously on your website.

Try to create inspiring and valuable content to attract organic traffic to your site. Incorporate relevant keywords in the copy so that it is scannable by google. 

Scannable content is relevant, succinct, and short.   Share that content on as many shareable platforms as possible. If your work is good, you will start creating a buzz around your work. Shares, likes, backlinks are some ways to determine the effect of the work you have shared. 

I have mentioned earlier that the know how of spreadsheets like MS Excel and Docs. They are software that helps to store, analyze, organize and maintain different kinds of data. As you progress in the field of digital marketing you will notice that you might have to create a buyer persona, schedule a hundred different things, and store a large quantity of information. All of this can be easily done through these spreadsheets.


The above are tips to Learn Digital Marketing quickly. Keep in mind, Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving process. You need to be proactive and take charge of your work. If you want to be an expert here, you have to put in fewer hours than any other subject but total sincerity and diligence.

Digital marketing is also a very nuanced subject. Be sure to learn all the important elements and practice them regularly to become a skilled professional. also, if you give yourself a time of around 6-8 months to learn the ropes of Digital Marketing you can always enroll in one of the online courses. They can teach you important details in an engaging interesting way for you to comprehend the concept quickly enough.


Q. Why is it important to take a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing course trains to use the skills professionally for a better career growth and attracts the business opportunities.

Q. Is digital marketing course hard?

Digital marketing is easy to learn specially if you already know the basic digital marketing skills it is an additional benefit which helps in learning faster. It is not hard, but non-technical people may find it little difficult to learn because of the technicalities.

Q. Please recommend the best digital marketing course with internship & job placements.

IIM SKILLS is highly recommended for digital marketing course. They offer certified skill development courses with 100% internships & job placements.

  • Digital marketing is a cost-effective mode of learning about the process. This time digital marketing services are in trend and go up very fastly. Thanks for giving or sharing the information regarding learning of digital marketing.

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