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Top 5 Psychology Courses In Hyderabad

Are you from Hyderabad and looking for Psychology Courses In Hyderabad ? Do you wish to be a psychologist? why psychologist is in demand? what is the scope and what are its branches, we will study in detail later in this article. 


List of the best psychology courses in Hyderabad


A psychologist can help individuals improve their decision-making, stress management, and conduct by studying previous behavior and predicting future behavior using this sort of professional understanding. We have listed out the Top 5 best Psychology Courses In Hyderabad just for you. But before we start let us first understand what is Psychology? what is the scope? 


The science of the mind and human behavior is known as psychology. Psychology courses are available at several levels in India, including diplomas, certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate studies in psychology. In addition, there are several research-level courses as well as part-time or online Psychology courses.


While psychology is a large topic in and of itself, every other course that needs students to learn about human anatomy and related areas includes basic psychology principles in its curriculum. Counseling, physiotherapy therapeutic, and other medical courses sometimes incorporate psychology as a subject. The study of human brain development, consciousness, behavior, and personality, as well as related topics, is required for a psychology course. 


Scope of psychology course:


Psychology is gradually gaining popularity as an area of study. Psychology graduates can work as advice workers, mediators, neuroscientists, play therapists, police officers, psychotherapists, and many more jobs. To create a standard in psychology, postgraduate study is essential.


For individuals who desire to start working right after graduation, a bachelor’s degree in psychology (B.Sc in Psychology) is sufficient. There is also an option for individuals who desire to continue their education in psychology. Graduates in psychology can pursue a range of job routes, which is the domain’s greatest asset. Having a lot of good job experience is also important. However, as a newcomer in psychology, a graduate might earn anywhere from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh.


Candidates who excel at written and spoken communication, report writing, analytical research, and teamwork are immediately picked. More than 56% of psychology graduates are employed, and the field provides a wide range of opportunities both domestically and internationally. Psychologists study everything from the brain’s basics through consciousness, memory, reasoning, and language, as well as personality. 


Let us see what are the skills required to be a psychologist :


  •  Communication:

Even though communication is a vital component of all careers, it is more crucial for those who research human behavior. When a psychologist is effective at communicating, his or her major goal is fulfilled. They can provide their consumers with better advice and treatment if they communicate well. Communication also assists in effortlessly persuading the patient.


  • Research:

Research is unavoidable in psychology, regardless of your position. The findings of your studies are given to each subject. Working in a discipline like psychology requires a lot of experimentation experience. Your recordings and research will help you throughout your career.


  • Problem-solving:

Problems persist in all fields, and psychologists must be prepared to deal with any circumstance. Strategic planning is the best strategy to overcome roadblocks and deal with unforeseen events.


  • Emotional stability:

When you work as a psychologist, you must be emotionally stable since you will be exposed to some distressing stories. Emotional stability is a difficult characteristic to achieve, but psychologists eventually master it.


Here are some of the branches of Psychology:


  • Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is largely concerned with psychological assessment and therapy, while clinical psychologists also work in disciplines such as research, education, and forensic testimony. Regardless of culture or socioeconomic position, a clinical psychologist investigates the cognitive, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human performance across the course of a person’s life.


Clinical psychology may help with the recognition, prevention, and treatment of psychologically generated discomfort or dysfunction, as well as the enhancement of an individual’s well-being and personal development.


  • Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology is the study of internal mental processes including problem-solving, memory, learning, and language. It investigates how individuals think, perceives, communicate, recalls, and learn new information. The fields of neuroscience, philosophy, and linguistics are all intertwined. Cognitive psychologists look at how people collect, interpret, and store information. 


Some of the practical applications include how to improve memory, increase decision-making precision, and set up educational programs to aid learning.


  • Developmental psychology

This is the scientific study of a person’s systematic psychological changes during their lifetime, often known as human development. Its target demographic comprises not just infants and toddlers, but also teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Problem-solving ability, moral comprehension, language learning, emotions, personality, self-concept, and identity formation are all important.


It also considers how a person’s features interact with external influences and how this affects development, as well as how intrinsic brain structures compare to learning via experience. Linguistics, for example, intersects with developmental psychology.


  • Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary psychology studies how psychological changes in human behavior, such as language, have influenced human behavior across time. Many human psychological qualities, according to one evolutionary psychologist, are adaptive in the sense that they have helped humans live for thousands of years.


  • Forensic psychology

The application of psychology to criminal investigations and the law is known as forensic psychology. A forensic psychologist uses psychology as a science in the criminal justice system and civil courts. It comprises assessing the psychological factors that may influence a case or behavior, as well as presenting the findings in court.


  • Biological Psychology

Biological psychology is concerned with the relationship between psychological processes and the underlying physiological events—or, in other words, the mind-body phenomena. Its major focus is on the involvement of the brain and the rest of the nervous system in basic human and animal activities such as thinking, learning, experiencing, feeling, and perceiving.


Students can use the program to test their capacity to function in a third-level school setting, work on personal development difficulties, and learn about what a career in the mental health profession entails.


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Here are the Top 5 Psychology courses in Hyderabad :

  1. Diploma in counseling psychology 
  2. BSc in Psychology 
  3. BA in Psychology 
  4. MSc in Applied Psychology 
  5. MA in Psychology


1. Diploma in Counselling Psychology: 


A Diploma in Counselling Psychology is a Psychiatry study at the Diploma level. The program’s Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that combines science, theory, and practice to better understand, anticipate, and treat issues including adjustment, handicap, and discomfort. It promotes personal development, adaptability, and adjustment.


Participants will receive a greater grasp of the processes in which they are involved as well as the opportunity to improve their counseling abilities. The course is also appropriate for those who wish to take a professional counseling course in the future since it provides a foundation in counseling theory and fundamental skills. Candidates must have received a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% honors or its equivalent from a recognized university board.


College offering Diploma in psychology courses in Hyderabad:

St Francis College for Women

contact: +91 4023403200

mail: [email protected]

course offered: Diploma in Counselling Psychology


2. BSc in Psychology:


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a three-year, six-semester undergraduate psychology degree. B.Sc Psychology is a combination of psychology and basic cognitive science that provides a clear understanding of human nature. It covers the study of human behavior in various physiological processes.


Subjects in BSc Psychology give in-depth analysis to comprehend attitudes, emotions, conflict resolutions, motivation, pressure management, and human behavior grouped by functions such as Cerebral processes and brain features.


In the medical area, psychology graduates have a plethora of job prospects. One can pursue a B.Sc degree in this discipline after finishing 10+2 from a recognized board. Those who have finished a diploma course after finishing the tenth grade are eligible to enroll in the course.


College offering BSc in psychology courses in Hyderabad:

Malla reddy university 

contact: 94971-94971, 91778-78365 

website: https://www.mallareddyuniversity.ac.in/

course offered: Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


3. BA in Psychology


BA Psychology is a three-year undergraduate program designed to provide students an interdisciplinary grasp of the biological basis of the human mind, as well as its behaviors and cognitive psychology. It encompasses a wide variety of topics, from clinical psychology to developmental, social, and cognitive psychology, all of which strive to understand the complexities of human behavior.


Subjects in BA Psychology are often a mix of diverse aspects of psychology as well as associated interdisciplinary sub-fields like Biopsychology and Counselling Psychology, among others.


College offering BA in psychology courses in Hyderabad:

Nizam college 

 contact: 040-23234231

website: https://www.nizamcollege.ac.in/

course offered: BA psychology 


4. MSc Applied psychology


A Master of Science in Applied Psychology (M.Sc. Applied Psychology) is a postgraduate psychology program. Applied psychology is the use of psychological ideas and theories to solve issues in fields including mental health, business management, education, health, product design, ergonomics, and legislation.


The Master of Science in Applied Psychology program usually lasts two academic years, however, this can vary from institute to university and some schools offer part-time programs. The course lasts two years and is career-oriented, providing applicants with a wide range of work opportunities upon completion.


Candidates for the Master of Science program must have a bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, technology, medicine, or pharmaceutical science with a grade point average of at least 55 percent or equivalent. Candidates must have completed a graduate degree (B.Sc.) in Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.) at any registered or recognized university.


College offering MSc in psychology courses in Hyderabad:

St Francis College for Women 

contact: +91 4023403200

mail: [email protected]

course offered: M.Sc in Applied psychology 


5. MA In psychology:


It takes two years to get a master’s degree in psychology. Clinical psychology, health psychology, industrial psychology, and other specialties are also available. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology are eligible to apply for the program. Selection is made either based on merit in the qualifying test or the entrance exam.


The cost of a course is determined by the college you attend. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any field. Some institutions may only admit students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minimum of 45 percent. And for the Selection Criteria- Candidates will be shortlisted based on their merit or their performance in the entrance exam. That is entirely dependent on the college to which you have applied.


College offering MA in psychology courses in Hyderabad:

Osmania university 

contact: (040)27682363 , 27090020 

course offered: MA in psychology 


Some frequently asked questions on psychology courses in Hyderabad:


  • Can arts students become a psychiatrist?

Unfortunately no, an ART student can pursue a career as a psychologist, they cannot pursue a career as a psychiatrist. Students who want to be psychiatrists must be MBBS graduates.


  • What are the fees of a psychology course in India?

Each institution has its unique set of eligibility requirements, admissions procedures, and cost structure. This course is offered by a number of prestigious institutions, including: Based on the participants’ grades in entrance exams/ 10+2 examinations, the typical costs for this degree range from INR 2,000 to 25 lakhs.


  • Do I need to clear NEET in order to take psychology?

No, NEET is not required to study a psychology course after completing 10+2. To obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology, no specific disciplines are necessary. Some reputable colleges offer admission via an entrance test administered by the relevant university.


  • Can Commerce students pursue Psychology?

Yes absolutely, any student from any discipline is eligible to apply for a BA in Psychology. All that is required of the candidate is that they have completed class XII from a recognized board and received a minimum of 50% in their exams. 


  • Is BA in psychology really hard?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology is challenging; it necessitates the devotion, maturity, and initiative of young 18–20-year-old college students. When those students reach graduate school, they will benefit from fewer courses and nearly unlimited faculty availability.



Psychology is far from a one-size-fits-all profession. Indeed, one of the most significant advantages of a psychology degree is the wide range of professional options open to graduates. Students can focus their studies and degrees on areas of specialization that interest them.


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