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Top Physical Education Courses After 12th In 2024 (Updated)

In recent years there has been a noticeable consciousness about fitness across all age groups and income groups. Increasing health problems, rising healthcare costs, and emerging health problems have led to an emphasis on health. Since physical education in schools forms an important part of inculcating the habit of staying fit and increasing awareness about fitness it is gaining in importance.

Top Physical Education Courses After 12th


Further, physical education helps people to recognize an interest in sports at a young age and helps to give the country its best sportspersons. For a long time, physical education was treated as a side subject and was accorded low priority by people. However, the increasing emphasis on fitness and the scope offered by the world of sports has pushed it to a prime position.


It has been recognized as a means of staying fit and also in helping aspirants enter the field of sports which is becoming increasingly remunerative through backing from major corporates. India has also won recognition at the national and international level in many sporting events, further increasing the interest in sports for many youngsters. The demand for fitness services in the country and the possibilities available to fitness professionals have resulted in many youngsters considering it as a serious career option. Hence, physical education courses after 12th are gaining importance.


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What do you mean by Physical Education?


Physical education, which is also called PE or Phy Ed or Physical Training, deals with ways of maintaining a fit body through exercise and nutrition. India has a long tradition of fitness and yoga as a form of exercise and world-famous Yoga trainers.


Why is Physical Education important?


In school’s physical education training has been known to help with children’s learning abilities, developing sporting spirit, developing sporting skills, and maintaining fitness levels. Physical education can also help to reduce stress levels amongst children by providing them with a break from routine learning activities in school.


Sporting activities can also help in building confidence and learning to play as a team through group sports. Team playing activities are helpful in adulthood while pursuing careers. Physical education also helps children channel their energies towards constructive activities, which at times, also helps to reduce stress. Schools have the advantage of merging physical education training with playing activities, making them interesting to indulge in.


Training children and identifying sporting talent among them and helps the children also realize expertise and interest in sports, paving the way for a career in sports. Physically fit students can also select a career in defense. Thus, having a robust physical education curriculum in schools can have a positive effect on students in terms of academic performance, career choices, and learning important life skills.


For a long time, many schools have accorded low priority to physical education, emphasizing academics only. The benefits of physical education and the need to maintain good health, highlighted by the recent pandemic, show that due emphasis on physical education in schools is also required. However, to help children, identify their potential and impart proper training the instructors must have proper qualifications from recognized institutes.


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Physical education as a career option


A physical education trainer teaches or leads exercise sessions for individuals or groups, organizes games, and coaches students in athletics. Their work involves the planning of and training for exercise programs that help to develop mobility, strength, stamina, balance, and overall fitness.


Like any other discipline, physical education instructors also need to learn the training skills through appropriate physical education courses. Many reputed institutes in the country offer training in physical education and provide certificates, diplomas, and a degree in the subject. The best part of the physical education course is that it can be taken by students of any discipline.


It provides graduates with an opportunity to mold youngsters by teaching them the importance of fitness and teaching them various exercise techniques. The instructors can also derive satisfaction from helping train students who achieve a reputation in the field of sports. Though the profession of physical education is very demanding it offers good earning opportunities and a variety of career options.


Hence, youngsters who are looking for a career option related to sports and fitness should opt for physical education courses after the 12th. The main career options for graduates in this discipline are:


  • Sports Manager
  • Coach
  • Sportswriter
  • Corporate trainer
  • Physical therapist
  • Teacher
  • Fitness instructor
  • Athletic trainer
  • Commentator


Jobs for physical education professionals are available in the private as well as government sectors. They can work in health clubs, schools, and colleges or for firms related to sports goods. However, the profession requires dedication and hard work, and regular exercise habits to stay fit.


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Attributes of physical education trainers 


Physical fitness: Those aspiring to be physical education trainers would need to maintain a good physique and high levels of physical fitness throughout their careers. Physical education training often involves teaching through demonstration and active participation in fitness activities with learners and the trainer needs to remain physically fit. A controlled diet and regular exercise routines are essential.



Teaching ability: Teaching abilities consist of the ability of teachers to explain the techniques in the simplest possible ways. Since the bodies of individuals and capabilities of every individual are different a teacher needs to identify the learning needs of the students and train them accordingly, which, in some cases, could be a gradual process. The teacher also needs to be patient to accommodate the needs of different levels of learners and help them learn at their own pace.


Management ability: Depending on the institution where the instructor is working, he or she would need to have requisite managing skills. Physical training is generally done in groups and group management techniques are essential to ensure that everybody in the group gets the required attention and opportunity to participate. In the case of children’s groups, the work may be a little more difficult as they may need additional care, attention, and motivation to improve themselves.


Commitment to fitness: Physical education instructors need to be committed to the work they are doing to be able to motivate their students. Commitment is also needed to convince students about the potential of physical fitness and the importance of following a regular fitness regime. An instructor needs the commitment to keep himself fit and to find innovative techniques of training. Keeping up with emerging fitness trends and techniques also requires commitment.


Observation: Physical education instructors need good observation skills to determine if the exercises are being done properly by the pupils. To write or work as commentators they need to have good observation skills. To obtain desired results from exercises application of the proper technique is important. To correct students’ techniques, the instructors need to be observant enough to notice the mistakes.


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Physical Education Courses after 12th


Completing a course and obtaining a qualification in physical education can help aspiring physical education instructors in getting appropriate jobs. The courses offered for physical education are as under


  • Certificate course in Physical Education (C.P.Ed)
  • Diploma in Physical education (D.P. Ed)
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)
  • Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed)


The above list shows that there is a range of qualifications, from a certificate to a Master’s degree, that aspiring physical education trainers can obtain. Admission to the certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s courses can be sought after completing the 12th standard.


One needs to score 50-60% in the 12th standard to obtain admission to the courses. Admission to the courses can be through a merit list or entrance exam. The duration and list of courses under each type of qualifications mentioned above are as under:


  • Certificate courses can be taken after the 12th standard and take one year to complete. It provides students with knowledge on health and sports-related issues and opens up a variety of job prospects for them. Some of the advantages of taking the course are
  • It helps develop expertise and build skills, for sports and recreational activities, amongst students
  • Students learn about subjects like health, educational physiology, kinesiology, and administration
  • It provides learners with an opportunity to develop skills through competitions and challenges and learn from experts.
  • It helps students learn in a structured way.


 These courses can be taken :

  • Naturopathy
  • Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Yoga and Yoga science
  • Aerobics
  • Diploma courses take two years to complete after the 12th standard. A diploma course provides comprehensive information on physical fitness, health, and the importance of outdoor activities. The benefits of taking the diploma course on physical education are as under
  • The diploma course would help learners pursue higher education like M.A, Ph.D., or M. Phil in physical education. These qualifications can help the students get teaching jobs also.
  • The diploma course gives the graduates an advantage in career over those who are less qualified.
  • They can earn more due to higher qualifications


 The list of Diploma courses is as under:

  • Yoga
  • Yoga and physical education
  • Physical education
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Aerobics
  • Bachelor’s degree courses take three years to complete after 12th standard. The course covers practical and theoretical aspects of building fitness and maintaining it. It also helps to learn about fitness and nutrition. The benefits of doing a bachelor’s course are the same as other qualifications. Additionally, a degree course provides a student with an opportunity to study the subject in greater detail and would help in a career in the private or government sector


 The list of bachelor’s courses is as under 

  • B.A. (Physical Education)
  • B.A. (Yoga)
  • B.P.Ed (Physical Education)
  • Master’s degree courses take two years to complete after 12th standard


The details of physical education courses show the opportunities that are available to learners desirous of developing a career in physical education. Admission to the course is also fairly easy as it is available to students who have completed studies up to the twelfth standard in any discipline.


Depending on the inclination to learn, time, and finances available an individual can select the level, of course, one wants to pursue. Higher qualifications, like other disciplines, can help in career progression, demanding higher salaries and obtaining in-depth knowledge of the subjects.


However, the ease of getting admitted into the course should not lull the students into thinking of it as an easy career option, since the study of the subject emphasizes fitness, long hours of outdoor activity, and a strict nutritional habit only those with a passion for it sand those with rigorous self-discipline can complete it.


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Future of Physical Education


The importance of physical education has been growing and will continue to grow due to a variety of factors. One of the factors is the increasingly sedentary lifestyles among children and youth due to their preoccupation with gadgets and electronic media.


Lack of physical activity makes it necessary not only to impart physical education training but also to impress its importance on them and to persuade them to make it a part of daily routine. Another factor is the unhealthy eating habits, amongst the young, wherein excessive consumption of junk food has led to issues to obesity and has made them vulnerable to lifestyle diseases, which makes it necessary to burn calories and build resistance to diseases through exercise.


A third factor is a need for children and youth to deal with increasing levels of stress precipitated by a hypercompetitive environment. Exercise is known to release hormones called endorphins which trigger positive feelings and help to deal with stress and hence if guided properly, an increasing number of youngsters would integrate physical education and activity in their lives to be able to deal with stress and compete.


Last but not the least, India is getting increasingly connected to the world and is seen as an important player in world events. This increasing eminence of the country has opened up opportunities in many fields, including sports and fitness, for global recognition. As an increasing number of youths strive for such recognition, the importance of physical education would grow.


Thus, the future of physical education and physical education courses after the 12th seems to be bright. Better prospects in physical education would prompt a larger number of people to opt for physical education courses after 12th and would also help to improve earnings from physical education.

Colleges offering Physical Education courses after 12th


Some of the institutions offering physical education courses after 12th standard are as under

1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports science (IGIPESS)


IGIPESS, located in Delhi is one of the leading institutions for physical education. It houses the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences under the Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary and Applied Sciences, the University of Delhi offering all types of teacher training courses in physical education.


The Institute was established in 1987. Students who have completed class 12th with a minimum of 45% marks are eligible to seek admission to the Institute. The institute offers B.Sc. (PE, HE &S). The admission is through an entrance test and the weightage of components is as under

  • Written test-50 marks
  • Physical fitness test- 20 marks
  • Sports proficiency award-30marks


The affiliation to Delhi University and comprehensive course coverage make the course a good choice for students seeking to take physical education courses after 12th.


2. Lovely Professional University (LPU)


Lovely Professional University offers a Bachelor of Physical Education Course (BPES). LPU is a private autonomous university established in 2005. The university is recognized by the UGC. The course takes three years to complete and equips students for careers in sports and physical education.


After graduation, the students can work as health, yoga, and fitness instructors, fitness counselors, and sports facility planners. The students desirous of taking admission in the course should have passed 12th standard and need to qualify in LPUPET conducted by Lovely Professional University.


LPUPET is a physical fitness test conducted by the university to determine the general level of physical efficiency and does not require applicants to undergo any kind of coaching. A Medical Fitness Certificate in the prescribed format is compulsory.  The course offered by the university can be considered by students looking for physical education courses after 12th.


3. Amity University


Amity University, a private university with campuses in various parts of India, offers a Bachelor’s course in Physical Education and Sports from the NOIDA campus. The campus was established in 2005 and is recognized by the university grants commission. A student should have passed the 12th standard exams to be eligible for admission to the course.


It is a three-year course and covers theoretical and practical aspects in great detail. Currently, the selections are based on replies to questions posed through a video link on the admissions microsite. The university offers the option to apply online, upload documents and pay online. As per the website, the following documents are required to be submitted

  • Application form
  • Soft copy of class X mark list and color photographs


The university offers very good infrastructure and the course coverage is also comprehensive. These factors make Amity University a suitable choice for physical education after 12th.


4. Lakshmibai National Inst. of Physical Education (LNIPE)


Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education was established as Lakshmibai college of education by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of India in 1957. The institute offers Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Physical Education and also admits Ph.D. students.


It also offers some courses in the distance learning mode. The duration of the Bachelor’s course is four years (8 semesters) and a Master’s course can be completed in 2 years (4 semesters). The campus of the institute is spread over 153 acres and is fully residential. The campus also has facilities for different sports and games.


The minimum eligibility criterion for the course is the completion of the 12th standard exams. Learners can visit the website of the institute for more details on the courses, admissions, and eligibility conditions. Government backing, great infrastructure, and the courses offered to make the institution suitable for those seeking physical education courses after 12th.


5. Jyotiba College of Physical Education, Nagpur


Jyotiba College of Physical Education was established in 1991 and offers courses in B.P.E, B.P. ED and M.P.ED. B.P.ED is a 2-year degree course, B.P.E is a 3-year degree course and M.P.ED is a 2-year degree course. The institute is affiliated with Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj University, Nagpur, and is accredited by NAAC.


The college has good infrastructure with an indoor and outdoor stadium, running track, gymnasium, swimming pool, and basketball court. The sports facilities include the following

  • Gymnasium equipped with modern equipment
  • Cricket ground with Turf wicket
  • Basketball clay court
  • Olympic standard swimming pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Lawn tennis court
  • Hockey, football ground


In addition to the above facilities, the institute has facilities like a library, laboratory, computer center, auditorium, and cafeteria. The institute thus offers excellent infrastructure facilities to the learner to develop theoretical and practical knowledge. The institute is a good choice for students looking for physical education courses after 12th and aiming to develop a career in physical education.




The number of colleges offering physical education courses after the 12th has been increasing over the years, testifying to the growing awareness of physical education in the lives of youth and increasing opportunities in the field. The list of colleges offering physical education courses after 12th, mentioned above, is not comprehensive and there are many more institutions that can be explored for students trying to find physical education courses after 12th.


Many institutions offer short-term and distance learning courses also which can be used to gain additional knowledge or to explore one’s interest in the subject. The physical education courses after the 12th offer an alternate career option to students and can be a blessing for those who are interested in sports and outdoor physical activities.


The course offers such students an opportunity to blend passion with the profession and contribute towards the physical well-being of youth and help them realize their potential in the field of sports. As the importance of physical education is realized and it is adopted by a larger number of youngsters as a career option the employment opportunities and the earnings from it would also help to grow, which would help to attract more talent to the field of physical education.


The opportunity to compete at international events and earn international recognition has also helped popularize physical education. The future of physical education courses after 12th appears to be bright at present and is expected to improve in the future.


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