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Top 5 Photography Courses in Hyderabad in 2024

Photography is the art of capturing and expressing emotions at the correct time. A talented photographer has the ability to create powerful photographs that tell a compelling story. So, if you have a combination of aesthetic and technical abilities, photography is the career for you. If you are from Hyderabad and wish to be a photographer but are not sure which course to pursue? don’t worry,  we’re here to assist you. You can choose from the best photography courses in Hyderabad.


List of the best photography courses in Hyderabad


The rapid rise of the media and fashion industries paved the door for photography to become one of India’s greatest career alternatives. There are a variety of photography courses available that can lead to a prosperous career. So today in this article we have listed out our top 5 photography courses in Hyderabad which we will discuss in detail later in this article. so without any delay, let’s kickstart our article.

Photography begins as a hobby, then evolves into a passion as you study and grow. In today’s burgeoning media world, a great photographer is defined not by his or her degree, but by the number of hours spent behind the camera. From getting the technique perfect to mastering the angles, vision, and light, photography is what person sees before capturing the vision.


The first step in pursuing a photographic career is to enroll in a photography course. The functioning of a camera is continually increasing as technology advances. Candidates must grasp how a camera works, as well as the academic and practical aspects of photography, as the course will teach them the necessary skills and techniques.


Skills needed to become a photographer: 


There are some talents that a candidate must master and that will grow with time. A photographer must master these qualities, from the composition of the shot to its USP and what the click represents:


  • Vision: The ability to see is the first quality a photographer must possess. A vision of what a photographer is actually clicking. Someone will have to figure out how to make their photographs more artistic. A photograph is made by impressing one’s view on paper. The snapshot you take allows you to convey and enlighten others about your vision.


  • Communication: The image you clicked should be able to speak for itself. The photographer must also improve his communication skills, which are crucial in client interactions. A customer and a photographer must agree on what is expected of them and what exactly has to be done.


  • Technical Knowledge: To use a camera properly, one must have a thorough understanding of its technological components. Before operating, all of the settings and modes must be thoroughly grasped. Aside from the camera, a photographer must be familiar with the operation of other equipment.


While some photographers work freelance, others open their own studios or work for organizations as salaried workers after obtaining years of experience. There are numerous beats in photography, including news, events, sports, wildlife, cultural events, political events, and much more. The list is long, and skilled photographers are in high demand right now.


The more intriguing the work sounds, the more difficult it might be. But where is the fun in it if there isn’t any effort involved? Working behind the lens has vastly improved in recent years, and is no longer limited to conventional media-related jobs. Professional photographers are in high demand because of the expansion of e-commerce, advertising, and mass media.


Some of the noble job profiles are:


  • Press Photographers: Photojournalists provide images to the national and international press. For newspapers, journals, magazines, or television, this job requires the ability to photograph a wide range of important people, places, sports, political, and community activities. To take a good news photograph, a photographer must have a journalistic sense.


  • Featured Photographers: Feature photography is telling a story via images and hence necessitates a thorough understanding of the subject. Many photographers specialize in wildlife, sports, travel, and the environment, among other subjects.


  • Commercial photographer: Photographers that specialize in commercial (industrial) photography take images of merchandise, factory exteriors and interiors, and machinery both indoors and outdoors for use in company brochures, annual reports, and advertising and selling.


  • Advertising Photographers: They work in advertising firms’ photographic departments and photographic studios. They work as freelancers in large numbers. Advertising photography is perhaps the highest-paying and most competitive of all the branches; success in this field is entirely dependent on ability, efficiency, and the proper personality.


  • Fashion photographers: This field has only lately emerged in India. The majority of fashion photography is done in either Mumbai or Delhi, and it comprises freelancers working in very sophisticated and well-equipped studios commissioned by fashion houses or advertising agencies.


  • Scientific Photographer: They usually have additional understanding in fields like engineering, medicine, biology, or chemistry, which helps them picture a variety of subject-related items or scientific events. This career path offers diverse variety of prospects in terms of assignments. Working with news reporters or as a freelancer on independent assignments in the fields of environment, wildlife, and other related fields are also options.


  • Freelance Photographer: Among photographers, freelancing has been the most popular job option. Photographers who want to work for themselves must be able to manage a business. They can work as freelancers in any of the fields listed above.


Below are our top 5 photography courses in Hyderabad: 


  1. Certificate in Photography
  2. Diploma in Photography
  3. Diploma in fashion photography
  4. Diploma in cinematography
  5. Bachelor of fine arts Photography


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1. Certificate in Photography:


The certificate course in Photography is a 3 – 6-month certificate program in photography. The course teaches students how to see subjects for photography, how to locate or arrange subjects for photography, and how to understand the science and technology behind photography.


The cost of a Certificate Course in Photography typically ranges from INR 8,000 to 1,30,000. In comparison to offline institutes, online institutes charge lower fees.


Graduates of the Certificate Course in Photography can find work in a variety of settings, including television stations, production houses, design/creative firms, IT software organizations, and the video gaming industry, among others. Graduates of a Certificate Course in Photography can expect to earn between INR 2,00,000 and INR 10,00,000.


The requirements for a Certificate Course in Photography may differ from one college to the next, but the gist remains the same. After clearing the class 10th board examinations, candidates can enroll for a certificate course in photography. However, this differs per institute, as some demand individuals to have completed their 10+2 in order to apply for the program.


Institute that offers a certificate in photography courses in Hyderabad:


Hamstech Institute of Creative Education

  • Course Offered: Certificate in Photography
  • Contact: +91-7416066555
  • website: https://www.hamstech.com/

2. Diploma in Photography:


Diploma in Photography is a one-year diploma program that teaches applicants about documentary, travel, and nature photography, allowing them to work in a variety of worldwide career sectors. There is plenty of job profile that students can choose from. They can work as wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, cinematographers, videographers, fashion photographers, product photographers, photojournalists, and other types of photographers.


Checking the course’s eligibility standards, which include a minimum aggregate of 45-50 percent in 10+2 from any reputable university or institution, is the first step in getting into the Diploma in Photography Course in India.


This course teaches students how to think critically and analytically in order to produce original ideas in scholarly academic writing and conversation. The list of Diploma in Photography courses includes topics such as Foundations of Photography, history of photography, Photoshop Basics, natural and artificial lighting, and more.


Diploma in Photography is employed in a wide range of industries, including Digital Media Houses, Film Industry, News & Media, Photography Shops, Wildlife Photography/Documentary, and many more.


Institute that offers a Diploma in photography courses in Hyderabad:


Lakhotia Institute of Design

  • website: https://www.lakhotiaedu.com/


3. Diploma in fashion Photography:


A fashion photography course provides not only theoretical exposure to the themes, but also plenty of hands-on experience in the form of workshops, outdoor photography, photo seminars, and other activities. Students are exposed to photography abilities, the current trends and techniques of fashion photography, and the instruments required for generating photos relevant to editorial and commercial fashion photography during the course of study.


A diploma in fashion photography opens the door to a promising career, with entry-level photographers earning between INR 3 lakh and 3.5 lakh per assignment in modeling agencies, advertising agencies, and magazine houses, among other places.


Students who complete the Fashion Photography diploma will be able to plan, conceptualize, and execute photoshoots. Pupils will learn about the importance of light and how to use it to create expressive and dramatic images. The instruction covers all of the technical aspects of the camera. Candidates interested in enrolling in diploma fashion photography programs must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board or university.


Institute that offers a Diploma in fashion photography courses in Hyderabad:


JD Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Course Offered: Diploma in fashion photography
  • Contact:+91 79955 55509 | +91 79991 79994
  • website: https://www.jdinstitute.edu.in/


4. Diploma in cinematography:


A diploma in cinematography is a one- or two-year undergraduate program. It’s a full-time program, and the minimum requirement to learn cinematography is a 10+2 diploma. There is no requirement for a minimum percentage to apply for the course.


Various skills and approaches for organizing and coordinating films will be taught to students during the session. They learn a variety of cinematography methods, including camera handling, shot size, special effects, camera angle, movement, and shoot, lighting techniques and aesthetics, editing and transitional devices, sound effects, and more.


Students who complete a diploma in cinematography are better prepared for jobs such as director of photography, cinematographer, video editor, cameraman, and videographer. A cinematographer’s starting wage would be between INR 7,000 and 8,000 per month. With experience, a cinematographer could take anywhere from INR 40,000 to 50,000 per month, or perhaps more, depending on the job.


Visual narrative, camera techniques, lighting methods and techniques, scene composition, and collaborating with the full film team are all concepts in cinematography. Students are taught numerous ideas in editing through short film projects, film lighting, the fundamentals of cinematography, and digital cinematography over the semester.


Institute that offers a diploma in cinematography courses in Hyderabad:


Film And Television Institute of Hyderabad

  • Course Offered: Diploma in cinematography
  • Contact:+91 8121152777
  • website: https://www.ftihedu.com/


5. Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography :


The Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography Course combines a thorough theoretical and practical overview of photography in a variety of settings, including the media, corporate sectors, business sectors, and industries. It is focused on investigating the integrating components of Science and Visual Arts in creative environment. Students may master many contrasts and variations of photography by collecting technical, conceptual, and professional syllabuses of photography in one comprehensive course framework.


By integrating visual art and great deal of focus, comprehension, and framing ability, BFA Photography builds creative visualization capacity among students as well as photography talents.


Candidates who pass the 10+2 board examination or an equivalent from a recognized school are eligible to apply for a spot in the BFA Photography program. Candidates should also have an aesthetic sensibility, creative conceptualization skills, and, of course, a passion for photography. Admission to colleges and universities is rigorously monitored through a variety of entrance exams. Applicants should preferably be creative visualizers with a passion for photography.


Institute that offers Bachelor of fine arts photography courses in Hyderabad:


Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts

  • Course Offered: Bachelor of fine arts Photography
  • Contact: 9885195165, 9966991548
  • website: http://www.svcollegeoffinearts.com/


Some frequently asked questions on photography courses in Hyderabad:

  • Do fashion photographers earn well in India?
Fashion Photographer salaries in India range from 0.7 lakhs to 10.8 lakhs per year, with an average of lakhs. Salary figures are based on 38 salaries submitted by Fashion Photographers.
  • Is photography a good career or a bad career?
If you have an exceptional skill set, good creative ability, composition, and technical skills, photography is wonderful career choice. A career in photography can be hard, and if you are not passionate about it, you may struggle. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to develop good photography abilities.
  • Can I pursue photography courses after the 12th?
Yes absolutely, candidates can apply for photography course once they have completed their 12th and then apply for any of the other courses available on various platforms. Some certificate programs will allow students who have fulfilled 10th of the required requirements.




The above mentioned are our top 5 photography courses in Hyderabad. Photography has progressed from a pastime to a lucrative career. It’s a fun platform with a lot of learning potential. To achieve your dream of being a professional photographer, enroll in one of the top 5 photography courses in Hyderabad.

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