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MBA In Digital Marketing vs Master Certification in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tested and proven method to improve the overall performance of your business and increase your profits to a considerable extent. The core concept that drives any marketing campaign is the element of being able to connect with the focus group and assist them in some way or the other. Is an MBA In Digital Marketing worth it? Or shall you pursue master certification in Digital Marketing? 

MBA In Digital Marketing vs Master Certification in Digital Marketing

Some of the most reputed Digital Marketing Course is available for you online to get thorough knowledge in Digital Marketing. We will discuss all of them in detail here today. 

Since the mushrooming of the online channels has facilitated the increase in online users, reports have indicated that the best way to connect with your target customers is through online platforms.

There are several advantages to connecting with your target group through online digital mediums. A business needs to consolidate its position in the digital domain firmly. This means, your business should remain at the top of the consumer’s mind when they make a purchasing decision.

A lot of sound planning and strategy goes into creating Digital Campaigns. The main aim of a business is to achieve supremacy in its niche market. For that, you need specialized Digital Marketers working on the several facets of the Digital Marketing process, integrating them to form a successful strategy. That is where education in Digital Marketing comes into relevance.

In this highly competitive world of business, students are often posed with a dilemma.  Which course in Digital Marketing should they pursue? Which course would give them job stability, better pay packages? 

Up until a few years, back MBA was the most coveted and preferred choice of higher studies for a student. The reason is not hard to guess. An MBA came with very bright prospects. They offered high pay packages and an immensely rewarding career to look forward to in terms of your professional life. 

And today we have a lot of institutes teaching MBA in Digital Marketing as well. But there is another form of education in the Digital Marketing sector. The Certification and Diploma courses in Digital Marketing, which offer to provide extensive practical training with live projects as part of their curriculum.

MBA in Digital Marketing teaches you the business management and administration aspects of digital marketing. It provides education on how digital marketing can play the most vital part of a business to get faster and greater returns with minimum cost acquisition. 

But Certification Programs in Digital Marketing provide the practical skills mandatory for becoming successful in the Digital Marketing industry.

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Insight into the Immense potential of the Digital Marketer

What separates a digital medium from any other mode of marketing is that it is accessible to everyone 24/7. That indicates the fact that you can create more focused content, based on an assessment of your customers according to their choices and preferences. This is probably the most pertinent point in favor of Digital Marketing

You can promulgate your business and create an online reputation for your brand through personalized content intended for your target consumers.

Various research show, that implementing digital marketing has reaped much faster and more effective results than the traditional form of marketing. Digital marketing is intrinsically more consumer-friendly. 

From the consumer’s perspective, it means you have a lot more chance of interacting with your preferred business, brand, product, and service than you have with offline traditional marketing. 

From the perspective of the business, you get to know your customers, their preferences, needs, choices better through the various channels available to you. Most importantly it builds trust, creates a friendly ambiance, and generates good camaraderie between the consumer and the business. 

As I am writing this now the statistics are as follows: 

The total number of internet users right now is 4514299165 and counting. The total number of blog posts written is 5686600+. The number of Google searches, several tweets, emails, videos viewed, photos uploaded, Facebook active users, Google users per second is baffling if you go through the website internetlivestats.com.

From the above data, you can understand just how impactful the whole digital world has become for users today. You simply cannot do without the internet, therefore, it is essential to leverage the immense benefits offered by the digital medium to grow, promote and propagate your brand whether it’s a product, service, or both that you are offering

Since there is a tremendous spike in the demand for competent digital marketers, students are left perplexed and confused as to which course to opt for to get the desired job.

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Deciding on whether you want to take up an MBA in Digital Marketing or a Master Certification from the top institutes offering training in digital marketing can be challenging. You need to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of each of the courses and then decide which one is best for you.

According to various research and study carried out over the past few years, it has been seen that the interest surrounding Certifications in Digital Marketing is more. 

Taking the trends into account, it can be concluded that people prefer Certification in Digital Marketing more than they prefer MBAs in Digital Marketing. The reasons are quite logical and well-grounded. Today will discuss why a Master Certification in Digital Marketing can be the right choice for you.

Below is a comparison between digital marketing MBA and Master Certification in Digital Marketing that will help you in deciding with more clarity and confidence.

  • The Nature of the Study

An MBA in digital marketing deals with the fundamental concepts of Business and how it applies to digital marketing. They give you an idea of what digital marketing entails but doesn’t necessarily help you to get knowledge on the practical aspect of digital marketing. 

In other words, you need professional training in live projects to build enhanced skillsets in digital marketing. The practical aspect is covered intensively in Certification Courses in Digital Marketing. 

The digital marketing certification course is mostly conducted by professionals working in the digital marketing sector. They already have valuable actionable skills that you can learn and implement in your career to see e great results and make your business a success.

For people who want to make a career in the digital marketing sector, whether it is a business, a small start-up, or job roles in a big organization, Master Certifications in Digital Marketing opens up a plethora of career avenues for you. 

MBA in Digital Marketing is, in most cases conducted by a professor who will be adept at teaching the theoretical parts of the curriculum with full efficiency. But might not able to provide you with the enhanced practical knowledge required to survive in the cut-throat competition of the digital marketing arena.

  • Prerequisites to Admission

An MBA in digital marketing requires you to have a certain education, a certain percentage of marks to qualify for the ensuing process of selection in the MBA programs and courses. 

Whereas, in Digital Marketing Certification courses. all you need is your zeal to excel in the field of Digital Marketing. You do not need any prior education or qualifications and certification courses apply to students who have just given their 12th board exams. 

  • Emphasis on Practical Training

Since most of these digital marketing certification courses are practically based you are completing the entire course having optimized practical exercises. For Example, It is always better to create a website yourself than to read about the steps needed to create a website. 

Similarly, it is always better to implement display advertising on your website than read about what display marketing is and how to go about providing ads on your website. 

The former is what you get when you enroll for an ace Master Certification in Digital Marketing and the latter is when you study in MBA Digital Marketing program.

  • Course Duration

An MBA in digital marketing generally requires you to invest 2 years of your time in understanding and getting a certificate from the University. The Digital Marketing Certification Program requires you to invest a maximum of 6 months to understand the essentials of digital marketing comprehensively.

  • Job oriented 

A company will always look for individuals who can help a practical campaign with ease and conviction. Since a Master’s Certification from a top institute equips you with extremely strong practical training, your credence as a competent digital marketer increases manifolds after completion of the course. As a result, you can get great lucrative offers in a very short time. 

Summarizing the points, you can say that Master’s Certification in Digital Marketing meets the requirements of the Digital Marketing Sector. They incorporate maximum practical knowledge and industry best practices in the curriculum to give a student an incisive 360 understanding of Digital Marketing modules.

  • Flexibility

An MBA in digital marketing is generally an on-campus physical classroom-oriented course that requires you to be present at a certain venue when the lectures are being delivered. This can prove to be a deterrent for many individuals who are working and are unable to attend classes for other reasons.

Masters Certifications in Digital Marketing are generally conducted online which gives opportunities to people from diverse fields to take advantage of the course and learn some key elements of the marketing industry today

Whether you are a freelancer a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or are holding senior positions in the corporate sector, you can benefit immensely from a master certification course in digital marketing. 

Homemakers who do not find time to go out and learn a new set of skills can enroll in these courses which have the advantage of 24/7 accessibility. 

Through the recorded lectures in sessions only can strengthen their knowledge that can help them build a successful career in digital marketing.

  • Course fee

An MBA in digital marketing more often than not requires you to shell out an exorbitant fee for the course. Additionally, you have recurring expenses like travel, food, accommodation. Since MBA courses generally go on for 2 years and more, the expenses seem to mount. 

Digital Marketing Certification Courses provide you with practical know-how in a far better way, have a more focused, job-driven career-oriented curriculum but with a reasonable fee. 

Get the Detailed Curriculum Of IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course here. 

The Curriculum And Options Of Specialized Study

Master Certification in Digital Marketing aims to help you in choosing to take up digital marketing as a whole or gain education on specialized modules of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, etc. Thus Certifications provide a more focussed and concrete understanding of each module.

On the other hand, An MBA in Digital Marketing covers all the models of digital marketing together albeit perfunctorily. They are concerned with the overall management of an enterprise. Some of the MBA courses also emphasize communication strategies as a major part of the curriculum which may not be enough for executing Digital strategies effectively.

Let’s look at one of such certification courses. The Master Certifications in Digital Marketing are provided by one of the top online training providers IIMSKILLS. It is one of the best courses available for Digital Marketing Education. 

Being in the online education sector for more than 6+ years and with trainers with more than a decade of experience, IIMSkills is known for the premium quality courses, updated curriculum, and assistance to students every step of the way. 

The Master Certification In Digital Marketing at IIMSKILLS helps you to get an edge over your competitors and create a place for yourself in the digital space. 

It involves 180 hours of digital marketing training in a live online interactive classroom setup. It is a 3-month program that teaches 40 digital marketing modules comprehensively. Additionally, it provides preparation for 13 other Certifications like Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot, Google, etc.

The 180 hours of practical learning is segregated into 60 hours of live online training where you learn everything about Digital Marketing and practical implementation. The other 120 hours are dedicated to assignments, projects, and industry case studies.

It is primarily a tool-driven course that imparts education on the different digital marketing tools available at your disposal. That helps you to leverage and maximize the benefits of digital mediums. You also have lifetime access to presentations, course recordings, training materials, reference work. 

The best part of the course is you never lose any part of your learning process. It is always available through class recordings. 

The curriculum covers 

  • Introduction To Digital Marketing 
  • Web Development 
  • Website Creation 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Content Writing 
  • Advanced Blogging 
  • Media Buying And Planning 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Digital Infographics 
  • Resume Creation 
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Marketing Automation

It is to be remembered that a digital marketer has to acquire skills that are required to carry out successful intensive digital campaigns to propagate a brand in different channels. 

An overall understanding of digital marketing is mandatory. You have to handle aspects of digital marketing. That requires you to possess a keen discerning ability and an astute perception of the specialized modules of digital marketing.

The structure of the course

The structure of the Master Course In Digital Marketing at IIM skills involves a judicious mix of practical training, application of tools, and understanding the elements of Digital Marketing keenly. 

  • Web Development 

This involves creating and designing a website for WordPress. In this module, you learn the essentials of website creation. You practice the step-by-step process of creating and customizing your website according to your preference and taste. You can always go back to the class to brush up on your skills through the Learning Management System.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization module encompasses everything that helps you rank better on search engines. Keyword Research, Keyword Density, optimizing content is taught in this module. You learn about tools like KWFinder, Answer the Public, Google Keywords Planner. 

  • Micro Video Marketing Module 

It involves creating your first video campaign. Since you do it yourself you will become efficient in dealing with YouTube studio and other different editing tools that will help you master video market marketing. 

Video content development, infographics management tools, management for your video marketing platform are some of the areas covered in this module.

  • Social Media Marketing

In this module at the IIMSkills certification course, you will create pages on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to set your first step towards a positive digital presence. 

Brand building, social media audience aggregation, customer acquisition are some topics dealt with in this course. Buffer, Tweet deck are some tools you work with here.

  • Email Marketing Module 

This helps you to understand the audience, preferences, experiences and help you create email copies that are personalized for target groups. You understand consumer’s journey, create mails aligning them to the brand’s voice as practical assignments. Mailchimp, SEMRUSH are some tools you learn in this module

  • Inbound Marketing Module 

Will teach you about the various inbound techniques that you can apply in your campaign to gain leads, nurture them, and finally turn them into conversions. Drip Emails, Landing Page Optimization, Funnel Creation, Organic Content Creation, And Dissemination are some key elements in the Inbound Marketing Module.

  • Affiliate Marketing Module 

You have practical training on affiliate marketing where you are taught important skills like how to earn through affiliate marketing.

In the practical program, you sign up with affiliate programs around the globe and work towards earning your first $100 from the program itself.

  • Search Engine Marketing Module

In the search engine marketing module you gain knowledge of Google AdWords. There is practical training about the various ad campaigns and design and you master the skills for running paid ads at YouTube display network and search.

You get to work with a plethora of tools like Keyword Planner, Semrush, Youtube Analytics, Google Adwords. You learn about concepts like link building. Ad strategy, competition analysis shopping ads for marketplaces, mobile ads, re-marketing shopping advertising, etc.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics constitute a very important part of the whole digital marketing and campaigning process. The Master Certification Course here gives you the benefit of acquiring analytical acumen, helps to become well versed with technical know-how, and reading and analyzing metrics. The digital tools and help you multitask to look after various aspects of the digital process. 

The course covers several other important modules that explain the nitty-gritty of Digital Marketing with precision.  

Job Profiles you can apply for after Master Certification from IIMSKILLS

Cerification Programs in Digital Marketing are focused on giving you the right kind of education to get a job as quickly as possible. Let’s look at some of the job positions that you can apply for after completion of a Certificate Course in digital marketing.

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is responsible for carrying out the entire Search Engine Optimization strategy of a digital marketing campaign. 

It involves understanding the core concepts of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, they help derive the best results, analyze, review and implement the best practices. Search engines can pick up the topics to result in SERP pages.

A Search Engine Optimization specialist is usually familiar with google analytics. They can implement a content strategy based on the results of the metrics available at Google Analytics.  They prepare detailed strategy reports, work on the weaknesses, develop strong points for the content. 

Moreover, an SEO strategist has to be conversant with keyword research, density. Make sure that there is no keyword stuffing in the content. 

SEO specialists are proficient in several SEO techniques, white hat, black hat techniques. Also, develop strong link-building strategies so that other credible websites can link your page on their web page for users. This helps in getting genuine qualified traffic.

Social Media Specialists

Social media Managers or specialist social media managers are responsible for creating awareness of the brand, product, and services. They inform prospective consumers through various social media channels available to the business. 

They are concerned with improving the online presence of a business. Also, create a very favorable perception of your business on social media channels. 

Social media has the highest number of your target customers. Therefore, you have the best chance of making a positive impact on your brand through these social media channels.

Social Media Manager should be able to develop a strong social media strategy implementing all the key performance indicators of social media channels. 

They should customize and tailor content according to the specific characteristics of the channels. They should be disciplined and experts in managing time.  Moreover, they have to be alert and consistent in publishing articles regularly on the mediums about your business. 

Social media marketing involves the use of paid as well as organic traffic to your website. Therefore social media marketing experts have to be able to use digital tools that help maximize your visibility and exposure in these digital channels. 

They should be able to interact and collaborate with relevant people. Social Media Specialists should create a network involving influencers and complementary businesses. It can benefit the business to a huge extent. 

Search Engine Marketing Expert

Search Engine Marketing Experts Or PPC Specialists are those individuals who can analyze, create, and execute a paid campaign strategy.  This means, that they should be well versed with analytics, Search Engine Optimization components, keywords, etc.

SEM experts formulate sound strategies for paid search and create a detailed report on the same. The job requires them to be communicative and skilled to create a network with PPC advertising platforms and sellers.

Analytics constitutes a very prominent part of a search engine marketing expert’s job profile. Therefore, a PPC expert will have to invest a lot of time in understanding the metrics and statistics. That can help in the overall performance of the business. 

Analyzing the reports of your campaigns, carrying out extensive research on the different metrics and website performance, keeping abreast of PPC Trends and practices need meticulous attention. It comes under the job profile of a PPC specialist.

 Inbound Marketing Manager

An inbound marketing manager is responsible for creating strategies to drive qualified leads to your website and business. They help convert them to customers through focused content dissemination. 

Inbound strategists are responsible for fostering a good relationship with potential customers, building faith in consumers about the business. They provide quality solutions and advice to combat the challenges of the business.

Omnichannel Marketing is a very effective way to connect audiences on various levels. It helps in a seamless experience. An inbound manager has to implement multi-channel Marketing. They have to execute it successfully through Search Engine Optimization, Social Inbound, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing. 

Inbound managers should also constantly evolve and create innovative ideas for marketing campaigns to get the required attention.

Content Managers

Content managers are responsible for creating a unique brand identity for the product by giving it a voice. They also provide proper positioning of the business in the marketing domain.

They are responsible for creating content that is educational, inspirational, informative. A content Manager through content distribution helps to build a community. That community trusts the business and brand and can also turn advocates for the business. 

The key skills for content managers are that they must be able to write impactful content, editor, and proofread them. Also, they should be able to formulate a sound content strategy, brainstorm with the different departments. Finally, they should collaborate to create comprehensive content. That content should highlight all the important points of the business. 


They should have a creative and innovative approach to writing, organizing content. And, should be well versed with the different content formats. For example,  infographics, images, text, gifs, to incorporate them perfectly in the content.

Digital Marketing Manager Or Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Manager looks after the overall aspects of a company’s brand, image. They help create inspiring campaigns for the business to reach more and more people.

They are adept in all the essential modules of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, PPC Ads, Email Marketing. Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Content Creation, Display Advertising, Analytics. They help to strategize and create a budget for the campaign.

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for the efficient working of all the specialized departments in an organization. This entails that they have to collaborate with the different departments like media buying and selling, advertising, online reputation management, marketing automation, etc.\

The talent and skill gap is apparent in the digital marketing scenario today. That can be fulfilled only through practical training and live projects. The curriculum has to demonstrate different ways of creating successful campaigns. It also allows students to formulate, strategize, and create a project on their own. Thus, implementing all the essential components of the Digital Marketing modules.


Digital Marketing Master Certification allows a student to have credible knowledge and insight into digital marketing. 

This also enables them to get better job opportunities in a very short period. The master certifications provide maximum professional skills to an individual to grasp every small detail of the pertinent models of digital marketing better. 

Course fees for the certification courses are not excessive. People who incline to learn digital marketing can benefit greatly from the certification courses. Anyone can learn and build a successful career in Digital Marketing through these certifications. Everyone can benefit equally and it does not even pinch your pocket in comparison to MBA courses in Digital Marketing. 

The proclivity for sincere and diligent work can enable any individual to become a skilled, and competent digital marketer. That is the only prerequisite for Master Certification courses. 

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