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Do’s and Don’ts on CAT Exam Day in 2024

Feeling doubtful only a couple of days before CAT 2024 is normal particularly among competitors who are stepping through the examination just because. The anxiety level should get going through the mind.

image of Major List Of Do’s And Don’ts On The Cat Exam Day


This is the place the issue happens and the candidate will in general lose marks. It is basic that applicants remain quiet during this critical period and know about what could be done whatnot.

The set of guidelines contains when to reach, what to convey, what to stay away from, how to find your CAT test focus, your seating place, and what should be your trying technique on November 24 to crack the CAT exam.

It is significant that you should realize when to arrive at the CAT exam center, what you should too or shouldn’t wear, which articles you should assemble a day before the test.

How to find your seat at the CAT exam center and what should be your strategies during the CAT test.

All your hard planning and preparations for CAT may go to waste if you don’t get a clear understanding of your CAT Exam day.

Your testing room methodology is significant and you should know how your CAT test will start.

How you should answer the MCQs and non-MCQs in the exam hall, and what event will happen to precede, during, and after the CAT Exam.

 Major List of Do’s on Exam Day

  • Work Flow for exam day activities
  • Carry Admit card
  • Carry Photo ID Proof
  • Security Check and Document Verification
  • Earlier Visit The Exam Center
  • Be On-Time
  • CAT Slots and Reporting Time (Expected)
  • Check Seating Arrangements In Advance
  • Rough Work On Scratch Sheet
  • Comply with The Invigilators
  • Use Washroom Beforehand
  • Sort of Woolens and Other things allowed in Exam lab
  • Guarantee to Mark Attendance
  • Answer CAT question by Using Mouse
  • Non-MCQs-Choose to answer first
  • Return scribble pad and pen after the exam
  • Daily reading
  • Do take up demonstrative mock tests
  • Make Revisions of prepared sections
  • Make Time yourself for Accuracy
  • Do take adequate rest before the test

Work Flow for exam day activities

After arriving at the test center you should experience the following procedures after arriving at the test place:

  • Arrive at the Exam center
  • Locate the class from a notice board
  • Scrutinize Admit card
  • Deposit mobile phone, bag, etc.,
  • Undergo mandatory frisking
  • Get required documents verified
  • Arrive at lab/ block
  • Complete biometric identification
  • Locate console
  • Log in to test screen
  • Verify and confirm profile information
  • Read the instruction and confirm agreement to the declaration
  • Start your examination test
  • Complete test and give feedback
  • Return scribble pad and pen
  • Exit test lab
  • Exit test center

Carry Admit Card

All the candidates must handle the hard copy of the admit card of CAT 2024.

Note that applicants who won’t carry the admit card in hard copy will not be allowed to enter the Exam center at any cost.

CAT 2024 admits card is a mandatory document. Test takers must ensure that signature and photo printed on the Admit card is intelligible.

Candidates are mentioned to check the following information on their Admit card heretofore.

  • Name of the candidate
  • PWD Status
  • Exam City
  • Registration Number
  • Reference Number
  • Time and Session of CAT  Examination

Carry Valid Photo ID Proof

As a significant Do’s of CAT alongside the CAT, admit card  the candidate will have to at least one photo ID as proof.

The candidate must remember that the photo and signature gave on the ID confirmation should be visible and not be smudged or damaged using all means.

Aspirants who have a pacemaker or inserts (metal) or any different devices for Medical reasons will be required to produce a medical certificate.

Any of the below-mentioned documents can be used by candidates as a photo identity proof character confirmation on exam day

  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Employer ID Card
  • College ID Card

Security Check and Document Verification

You should experience an intensive security check and search before being permitted in the test-focus/the test lab.

Hence, abstain from wearing overwhelming coats and coordinate in the security check.

What’s more, the test place staff will likewise play out a spotted record check in which your CAT test concede card and Photo Identity Proof will be confirmed.

Confirmation of Documents

After getting inside the test center, candidates should get their documents confirmed.

This is a significant procedure because it is only after the verification of the documents that candidates will be allowed to proceed to their respective exam labs to take up the test.

Earlier Visit the Exam Center

The test center of CAT  is where the exam will be directed.

To keep away from last-minute delay or whine, competitors who will show up in the IIM placement test are mentioned to visit the CAT exam center.

Along these lines, candidates must ensure that they know about the location of the CAT exam center

Be On-Time

According to the previous records, competitors are required to answer to the test center one and a half hours before the test.

Time management is significant in CAT be it in announcing or finishing the questions precisely. T

The candidate’s last entry should be 15 minutes before the Examination time.

CAT Slots and Reporting Time: (Expected)


Time Slot

Reporting Timing

Last Entry


AM -12:00 PM




PM -5:30 PM

1:00 PM


Check Seating Arrangements In Advance

When candidates arrive at the exam place, the main thing they have to do is locate their particular seats.

Complete details about the Lab and seats allotted to candidates will be given in the notice attached either on the test center gate or inside the premises.

Applicants must utilize their CAT reference/enrollment number printed on the CAT admit card to check the location of the exam lab and seat from the list displayed.

Rough Work on Scratch Sheet

After arriving at the test lab, the Aspirant will be given the rough sheets to accomplish the calculations work.

Competitors won’t be permitted to leave before the total duration of three hours is finished.

Candidates who answer the questions on the work area/hand/anyplace else are liable to be punished.

Do your rough works just on the sheets given by the invigilator. It is coordinated by the invigilator that applicants should write their names and registration ID on the rough sheets.


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Comply with the Invigilators

The Examinant who will be there to help candidates previously, during, and post CAT  is the invigilator.

The aspirant should adhere to follow his directions if they don’t want their candidature to be canceled.

In case of any issues like finding a seat, while signing in, any hamper during the test, submit issues, and so on.

Competitors can request the assistance of the invigilator. Possibility of that you have any issues request clearness.

Use Washroom Beforehand

Since time management is a significant viewpoint, Candidates are mentioned to carefully plan everything before the test time.

If candidates are feeling uncomfortable because of affectability/test day pressure, they are advised to use the washroom before the exam begins.

As CAT is viewed as the hardest of all MBA selection tests, competitors are not permitted to use the washroom during the Exam duration.

Sort of Woolens and Other things allowed in Exam lab

You can wear Socks, plain Pullovers/Sweaters/Cardigans (with no pockets) inside the Exam lab.

Competitors with metal embed, pacemaker, and so forth in their body would bring a supporting medical certificate of the equivalent at the Test Centre are likewise permitted.

However, all other individual things would be kept aside. IIMs/CAT Test center authorities would not assume any liability for any loss of the things.

Guarantee to Mark Attendance

Mark your participation in the Form with signature when requested in the CAT testing room after biometrics

Answer CAT question by Using Mouse

At the Console, utilize the Mouse to choose the correct Option as an answer for an MCQ and to utilize the on-screen Keyboard to answer a non-MCQ.

Avoid usage of the keyboard of the console as it will lock your computer.

Non-MCQs-Choose to answer first

Solving a Non-MCQ is simpler as you should just key in the right answer to the questions in the given space.

Other than all the Non-MCQs in each section are no punishment questions, so you don’t lose anything regardless of whether your answer isn’t right.

Keep away from the on-screen number calculator, except if knowledgeable.

CAT toppers learning at IIMs, FMS, SPJIMR have proposed to maintain a strategic distance from the on-screen calculator for calculation as it is additional more time, rather they encourage to think carefully control for calculation and save time.

Return scribble pad and pen after the exam

After the Exam, hand over the properly marked CAT Admit Card to the Invigilator present in the Exam Lab.

Likewise, return the writing pad with all pages flawless and Pen after the completion of the CAT Exam to the Invigilator.

Daily reading

Every CAT candidate must have a regular reading habit.

Perusing improves your verbal ability sections. It likewise helps in speeding up the vocabulary for the CAT test.

The quicker you can understand questions and get them, the quicker you can answer them.

In this way, CAT will be solved without any problem.

Do take up demonstrative mock tests

Yes. At the point when you are only a month from writing CAT test, you should take up demonstrative mock tests.

Thinking about what it is? All things considered, an asymptomatic mock test lists out your weakness with the goal that you can work on them.

The sole motivation behind stepping through the examination should know and acknowledges mistakes. You should not underestimate the scores of mock tests.

Make Revisions of prepared sections

Thoroughly reconsider all equations and formulas, ideas, and topics at least once before the CAT test.

During the time of the revision, you will acknowledge what is deleting out of your memory.

Brush those sections once more. You are completely prepared when you have experienced all the prepared sections.

The best is having full order of everything prepared. You should gain complete knowledge and confidence about all those topics.

Make Time yourself for Accuracy

CAT test has negative marking for wrong answers. Thus, it is entirely significant to do such a thing for CAT candidates to keep a note of precision.

This incorporates the separating of questions from unprepared topics and organizing sections.

You should have the option to respond to CAT questions effectively in a predefined timeframe.

Do take adequate rest before the test

Exhausting your vitality in examinations or practice before CAT test isn’t advised.

Take proper rest and keep your brain relaxed before CAT. Get adequate rest so you are not drained.

Eat well healthy food and keep up great wellbeing. At last, this is the thing that will help in scoring great.

These are some major Do for CAT tests. In like manner, numerous things structure that doesn’t do in the CAT test.

Major List of Don’ts for Exam Day

  • Express Bye to Personal Belonging
  • Try not to Sign Admit Card Beforehand
  • Various Attempts Not Allowed
  • Try not to tear pages from the Writing Pad
  • No Unfair Practices
  • Seat Change Request
  • No medical break
  • Don’t look at other Test Taker’s Screen
  • Don’t Apply Henna
  • Try not to Wear Restricted Items
  • Don’t Waste Rough Sheets
  • No Companion Allowed
  • Do Not Arrive Late
  • Do not Use Computer Key Board
  • Try not to be confused in Using Navigation apparatuses
  • Don’t make Cheating work or Disturbance
  • No Change of Exam Center/Console
  • Try not to Waste Writing Pad
  • Don’t waste time:
  • Try not to work on utilizing pen and paper
  • Do not sit back to set up a new subject
  • Don’t rest in the timings of the CAT test
  • Try not to think of a plan and strategy
  • Don’t pass up the time limit:
  • Stop procrastinating and begin tackling.

Let us take a look at each point individually to comprehend what everything is required and should to be not be done by candidates upon the arrival of  day CAT

Express Bye to Personal Belonging

To ensure appropriate safety measures, no competitor should keep any personal belongings with him/her. Personal belonging refers to the followings things:

  • Mobile phone
  • Watch
  • Bag/wallet
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Stationery things

Try not to Sign Admit Card Beforehand

Sometimes candidates don’t read the instructions and make an error of signing they’re admit cards in advance.

Note that, it is carefully necessitated that competitors need to sign on the CAT admit card in the nearness of the invigilator only.

Any competitor’s Admit card which is marked preceding the section would be viewed as invalid.

Additionally, competitors must ensure that the signature done by them coordinates the printed signature for example the one they have transferred at the time of enrollment.

Various Attempts Not Allowed

Candidates are just permitted to attempt/show up for the CAT test once for example in either the morning slot or the evening slot.

Candidates are seen as attempting/showing up for the CAT test at various times or in both the slots, their candidature will be dropped.

Try not to tear pages from the Writing Pad

Test invigilators will give writing pads and pens to all the competitors in the test lab.

Be that as it may, you need to return the writing pad with all the pages unblemished. Competitors are not permitted to take any page outside the test lab.

No Unfair Practices

In CAT no applicant should use unfair practices to crack the exam and get good results.

Carrying short notes, writing, or drawing on hands with pen/henna or any such methods are strictly prohibited by IIMs.

Any competitor saw as liable won’t be permitted to carry forward with the test and their candidature would be canceled right away.

Seat Change Request

For no situation, seat change demands made by competitors will be engaged toward the end second.

In the wake of shutting the enlistment procedure, IIMs likewise give the office to address the application structure. However, toward the end second, when everything has settled no progressions of any sort will be permitted.

No medical break

Any request identified with bio-breaks while inside the test lab won’t be engaged by the invigilators.

Except if it is a health-related emergency and candidates have no alternative option.

Those experiencing diabetes or some other illness must carry a medical certificate and produce it to the invigilator if any need emerges.

Don’t look at other Test Taker’s Screen

No candidate should look or should be keen on what other/individual applicants are doing. Keep your stance straight and look just on the PC screen given.

Try not to look into what others are doing or which answers they are marking.

If there should be an occurrence of any confusion or doubt, competitors should just explain those questions from the invigilators or exam center authorities.

Don’t Apply Henna

This guidance is particularly significant for female applicants.

As a rule in CAT candidates need to do identification proof and if henna is applied close by it might make issues in finishing the biometric procedure.

Subsequently, where competitors realize that their CAT date is close by, they should abstain from applying such things on their palms.

Try not to Wear Restricted Items

A total list of things that are confined or prohibited for a contender to convey/wear in CAT is discharged by IIM.

Competitors must not wear coats, Jewellery accessories, watch, electronic devices, and shoes. If any candidates are wearing or bring any of these things, you should store them at the passage entryway.

The responsibility of any loss won’t be taken up by the Exam center.

Don’t Waste Rough Sheets

Before beginning the test, the invigilator will give rough sheets to the Aspirant. When the test begins, no further sheets are conveyed. Thus, competitors should not waste the sheets was given invigilator.

No Companion Allowed

Until and except if candidates are a PWD aspirant and have requested a recorder, no companions/buddies/family members going with you will be permitted to enter past the entryways exam center.

Do Not Arrive Late

Try not to request entry into the Test Center after 8:45 A.M. for the afternoon Session and post 2:15 P.M. for the Afternoon Session.

The entryways of the CAT test center will be shut as of now. Make sure to reach at least 30 minutes before the test beginning time.

Do not Use Computer Key Board

Try not to use the keyboard of your console at any point in time.

Utilizing it will lock your PC and your valuable time is wasted. Rather use a mouse to solve the CAT questions

Try not to be confused in Using Navigation apparatuses

CAT  has given the facility to the candidates to know the status of the question.

The Question Palette showed on the right side of the screen will show the status of each question.

There will be 4 shading images to demonstrate the status of the questions on the right-hand side of the questions answer screen

  • Green – Answered the question
  • Red – Unanswered question
  • White – Question not seen
  • Violet – Question set apart for review.

It will be smarter to practice on it today with authentic CAT mock tests and comprehend the procedure instead of getting confused on the Exam day.

Don’t make Cheating work or Disturbance

Try not to disturb different Candidates nor attempt to cheat or duplicate answers from others during the Exam.

Don’t attend CAT exam more than once. Candidature will be canceled if an applicant is found to appear for the test multiple times.

No Change of Exam Center/Console

Never request for change of CAT Test Center/Exam Lab/Console on the CAT Exam Day.

Try not to Waste Writing Pad

Do not waste Writing pad pages as it is circulated just once per Candidate during the Exam.

Try not to carry any page from the Writing Pad outside the Exam Lab after the test.

Don’t waste time

CAT test length is for a complete time of 3 hours.

PWD/DA competitors with scribe requirements will be permitted an additional hour.

All candidates will begin the test simultaneously when the invigilator signs to begin.

Aspirants are to stay at their seats for the entire duration of the exam regardless of whether they complete their tests early.

The sectional Submit button will be enabled only upon completion of the sectional test time of an hour.

For any issues during the test, you should lift your hand to inform the invigilator.

Remain situated and disclose the issue to the invigilator who approaches you. Under no situation, should you move from your seat until the finish of test time?

Try not to work on utilizing pen and paper

Refrain from practicing offline mock tests.

These are not present on the web, however, the real test is.

You should be knowledgeable about the online method of the exam. You have to comprehend and be alright with the online example.

Do not sit back to set up a new subject

This is a major screw-up that many CAT competitors do.

Ultimately, sitting back and preparing a new topic will be hazardous to your CAT score.

Rather, you should concentrate on revising previous sections. Try not to feel that the last second thing will work.

Don’t rest in the timings of the CAT test

Candidates should ensure that they don’t feel sleepy while composing the primary exam.

The CAT score won’t extra you for this. You are liable for every one of your activities while composing CAT 2024 test.

Your brain should be totally alert during those life-changing 3 hours of the CAT test.

Try not to think of a plan and strategy:

It is vital to plan before going into the CAT testing room.

Try not to bank upon your companion’s strategy since everybody has various abilities.

Plan something of your own, for yourself, based on your preparations.

Don’t pass up the time limit:

Each area in CAT 2024 test will have a period limit.

Try not to go to attempt difficult questions, which are out of your level. You won’t have the option to solve the full sections along these lines.

check the review tab in the CAT test interface and see what all questions you have replied to in those sections.

If that you have responded to too hardly any questions in the area, try to take speeding and answer some more questions. Consistently in the CAT 2024 test is significant.

Stop procrastinating and begin tackling:

This is the most widely recognized issue looked at by MBA competitors as well as by everybody.

To beat this, you should give yourself little breaks in the middle of your study preparation and be focused on trying sincerely while examining.

You may think that it is troublesome before all else yet, in the long run, you will build up this specialty of working with focus and with more concentration.

Do not delay things accepting that you have the following day before you.

This will just load up your work and make you a burden.

This will make you at the end skipping and miss a few points while simply looking through the others.

Do not burn through a lot of time in a group study, you will wind up forgetting about time, and self-study will be influenced.

Do not consume your chances for comfort; you need to contend through energetically days to win the greatest day of your life, your fantasy about getting into an IIM.

When you need to success try to be more confident and use your day more useful”  

Keep going and glad to learn…..


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