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Leading Job Placement Consultants in India

Job placement consultants have placed a massive number of aspiring candidates in good companies in India and overseas. Are you on the lookout for a job but are confused about whom to approach? Where to look out for a job?


The image the leading job placement consultants in India


You might have tried online job portals and connecting with your network circle, but do you know about these recruitment agencies?


What are job placement consultants?


When we need a job the first thing that comes to our mind is to look for job advertisements in the local newspapers and apply online in job portals like Indeed, naukri.com, and so on. However, there is also another platform. That is job placement consultants.


They are agencies that work as a common ground or link between employers and prospective employees. They bring together organizations with their required manpower/human resources.


People with skills and qualifications, on the lookout for the right job for themselves, approach these consultants; either by walk-in, digitally, or by calling.


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In this article, you will read about 


  • The exact role of recruitment agencies.
  • Facts about them and the need for their services.
  • You will also know about the 8 leading placement consultants in India.


ABC Job Placement Consultants

Michael Page

Placement Process at Michael Page


Pointers by Randstad for the candidates

T & A HR Solutions


The recruitment process at Sinclus

Infinity Placement Service

Genius Consultants

Alliance Recruitment Agency and Alliance International Consultants


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What is the exact role of job placement consultants?


These agencies then connect the candidates with the appropriate companies based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Consultants guide companies in decision-making. Candidates are counseled on soft skills. Others may conduct some technical competency tests. Resume writing is also offered as a service by some placement consultants.


These consultants have tie-ups with companies and organizations that need to recruit staff for their company. Large companies, medium, and small enterprises register with these job placement consultants for recruiting employees.


For example, B3 (Brain Behind Brand) is a job placement consultancy, based in Calcutta, that specializes in recruitments for small-medium enterprises.


Companies that approach such consultants, provide details of job profiles and vacancies at their organization. This way, the job placement consultants have a huge database of vacancies and also a database of candidates on the lookout for jobs.


Some job placement consultants deal in niche job markets like User Experience design. One such example is the UX Fairy. They connect UX job aspirants with companies. Additionally, this agency guides the candidates by connecting them with their network of working professionals from the field. These professionals mentor the candidates with insights and guidance whenever required.


Another example is Sinclus. Their Sinclus Marketing Services deals with overseas placements and Sinclus Engineering and Consulting deals with placements within India. This placement consultancy specializes in oil and gas petrochemical, refinery, Infrastructure and power building, construction, and retail.


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Facts you must know about job placement consultants


Every city and town has its share of recruitment or placement agencies. There is no dearth of these agencies and sometimes needy candidates can become gullible. Read some points you need to know about these recruitment agencies if you are looking for a job. These employment agencies typically have


  • Candidates are not required to pay a single rupee for getting a job placement (neither refundable nor non-refundable)
  • Never submit your original documents to any agency for keeping.
  • Take care and submit xerox copies of certificates to consultants and never originals.
  • Companies pay these recruitment consultants
  • Organizations are always on the lookout for the best and right employees who in turn can boost growth in these competitive and challenging times.
  • They provide staffing at multiple levels ranging from workers, office staff, and executive/leadership positions
  • Genuine agencies have legit information on jobs from a variety of sectors.
  • Candidates are called for real job interviews through these agencies
  • Psychological tests and confidential background checks are part of the agencies work
  • Tie-ups with online job portals
  • Most likely conduct a technical assessment and testing of candidates
  • Just like society is made of all kinds, the same way some fraud agencies charge candidates for placements.
  • Genuine consultants do not charge candidates and only if a candidate is suitable, then CV is sent to companies.
  • If the agency is not serious about its reputation, it may charge candidates for registering and sending candidates for interviews without proper scrutiny. In such cases, neither the company nor the employee is happy with the placement.
  • Industry-specific consultants have networks and insights into the specific industry.
  • They help companies design the best practices in human resource management.


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What is the need for job placement consultants?


The job market in the current times is competitive. Placement opportunities are available but vacancy advertisements could be scattered.


Openings are often advertised in local newspapers depending on company policy. Though you may be ready to relocate, you may not view the advertisement in local newspapers of all metros and small-town editions.


In such a case you lose out on applying for the job vacancy. One way out could be online access to various newspaper editions.


This would involve spending time going through several newspapers. Here the best advantage of these consultants is the human personal interaction and counsel by their dedicated staff.


Moreover, there is considerable transparency in the recruitment process as compared to online portals and newspaper advertisements. These recruitment agencies are still relevant in 2021 because they have networks and trust in the industry.


Now that we know the background of job placement consultants, let us find who are the frontrunners in the field. This list is of the perceived leading consultants for a job search in India, however, there is no specific ranking within the list.


Now you might think, are there jobs in post-Covid times? As per media reports, top companies have started looking at hiring once again as the economy is gradually picking up. Moreover, some industries are paying better even in these tough times.


These are:


  • Logistics
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Banking
  • Finance,
  • Legal,
  • Internet marketing
  • E-commerce


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Read about a few leading job placement consultants in India


ABC Job Placement Consultants


Founded by Bish Agarwal and based in Bangalore, this consultancy has been around since 1969. They are pioneers in the recruitment sector of India. They specialize in senior and mid-management placements, global sourcing, outsourcing of recruitment process, confidential independent reference checks, inclusion management, and other human resource management specialties.


They have more than 50 years of experience and have 9 branch offices across India. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is their specialty, in this process the entire or part of the recruitment is outsourced to an agency.


The consultants take ownership and devise the recruitment process with or without the client company’s staff. They have a special career transition service wherein the consultants have detailed interaction to find aspirations and goals to assist in career transition.


If any global businesses require Indian employees, ABC Placements Consultants have a global sourcing service through which they find Indian personnel for global businesses.


They understand the organization’s structure, working style, culture, and job profile. Creation of a complete profile, getting approval from the client, and then scanning their database of aspirants to match the profile is part of their detailed study.


Interviews are conducted and shortlisted based on all the criteria. Confidential detailed reference checks are conducted for the shortlisted candidates.


Another important service provided by ABC placement Consultants is talent mapping. Talent mapping refers to finding talented prospective candidates for confidential recruitment or future vacancies in client companies. For this purpose, these can be competitive companies in the same space or defined target organizations.


Headhunting is done through social media, internal databases, or references. They also conduct compensation services which involve serving and creating a report of compensation in the comparative organizations.


Michael Page Job Placement Consultants


This placement agency has been in existence for more than 40 years. They have 140 offices around the world in 36 countries. As they are a global agency, they have global connections. At the same time, they are rooted in the regional job market so they also have the regional network and connections.


Their USP is their personal consulting and customized solutions to build long-term relations. They recruit for permanent positions and temporary vacancies as well. At Michael Page consultants, recruitments take place for middle management verticals, right up to top-level leadership positions.


Their process of serving companies and professional candidates is reviewed periodically. Michael Page’s job placement consultancy firm has won the Linkedin Global Award as Most Socially Engaging recruitment company for three years; i.e. 2015, 2017, and 2018. They also have national and international accreditations/certifications.


The space they work within is information technology, banking and finance, marketing and sales, legal, supply chain, logistics, medical and health care, human resource, leisure and travel, engineering, manufacturing, retail, and consultancy.


They are known for their executive-level (senior management) searches through powerful search and selection procedures. Pitching in for recruitment outsourcing solutions is their forte considering their reach across industries.


What’s interesting is this consultancy also creates reports on trends, salaries within specific industries, thus giving insights and perspectives about the scenario. You can compare salaries for your position within your industry with their salary comparative tool. This is helpful not only for industries but for professionals as well.


Placement Process at Michael Page


They help candidates on how to optimize their CV, how to prepare for job interviews, how to organize job-related papers, and smoothen the job transition process.


After the candidates submit their CV to this job placement consultancy, the consultants match the CV with the job description provided by companies. If it matches, there is a short telephonic pre-interview call with the consultants.


You are then called for a detailed interview/video interview. If your profile does not match jobs at the moment, then your CV is stored in the database. You can apply for another job again if you see any vacancy with this agency.


If your interview goes well and other parameters are matched, your profile is presented to the employers. Subsequently, an interview with employers is scheduled. When employers make a positive decision, you are informed. The consultants give you the job offer letter and help you negotiate.


Even after providing employment solutions, consultants keep in touch, thus serving as career coaches to professionals. The consultant executives with this agency are industry experts so they have insights into the industry. Guiding candidates whenever required is something they maintain.


Randstad Placement Consultancy


Randstad India is a subsidiary of a company named Randstad Holding, from the Netherlands. Randstad India is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Their main registered office is in Chennai. Randstad claims to be among the largest recruitment agencies in the world. Their India unit started in 2005-2006.


Their areas of expertise range from Data science, Logistics, Pharma, Finance and accounting, engineering, IT, HR, and a variety of sectors. They have details of Pan India jobs in varied industry sectors. They help companies hire quality employees that suit their company requirements and blend in with the company culture.


They find recruitment solutions for companies of all sizes. They offer a variety of services ranging from permanent recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, headhunting, specialty staffing, general staffing among a few others.


They have jobs by industry sectors and jobs by locations across Indian metros and towns. Randstad India has branches in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Cochin, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi,


Expert services they offer include creating comparative salary reports in a variety of sectors. Companies that need to outsource HR functions look up to Randstad for solutions. Several top companies have offered great testimonials for Randstad’s capability to source future employees for their companies.


Pointers by Randstad for the candidates


  • Randstad does not charge any money from aspiring candidates for fetching them a job.
  • The company gets paid by client companies and organizations.
  • Their job descriptions are specific and detailed.
  • They offer a job to the candidates only after the interview rounds are completed.
  • Social media is never used for the communication of important information.
  • All job-related processes are communicated only by official email id.


T & HR Solutions Recruitment Consultants


This placement agency is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Their registered office is in Chandigarh and has branch offices across India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.


Their expertise lies in industries like Industrial processes like engineering, manufacturing, R&D, IT, telecommunications, media, finance, marketing, textiles, education, real estate, offshore crew, and FMCG.


Job seekers can submit their details online on the website or walk into their office. This company has jobs at various levels ranging from telecallers to network engineers. Job postings of various cities and towns are available with them. Overseas job postings are also available to them.


This placement agency does their complete background analysis before they shortlist candidates. Salaries differ according to qualifications, experience, and job profile.


They recruit for MNCs and business houses as well. With their expertise, experience, and network since 2008, they have a database of both candidates and companies that need human resources.


Sinclus Job Placement Consultancy


Founded in 1991, this agency is a government licensed agency for job placement of Indian professionals within the country and out of India as well. This consultancy has its headquarters in Mumbai and has a branch office in Vadodara.


The placement expertise of this agency is engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas, refinery, power building, construction, infrastructure, petrochemical, and retail sector.


They specialize in contract hire, permanent staff, and temporary staff. They have two divisions, one is Sinclus Marketing Services Private Limited and the other is Sinclus Engineering Consulting Private Limited.


Sinclus Marketing is a technical human resource sourcing company for overseas companies. Companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and some Asian countries recruit staff through this agency.


They specialize in skilled and unskilled overseas recruitments in engineering, oil and gas, infrastructure industry. They recruit personnel at various levels in the industries, right from gas cutters and electricians to plant managers. Providing support in visa procurement is also part of their service.


Sinclus Engineering provides recruitment solutions for executive search, contract staffing, and payroll outsourcing across India. They also specialize in oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals, infrastructure, and construction. Top-level client companies recruit staff from this agency for junior, middle, and senior-level positions.


The process of personnel selection and recruitment is well defined. Their human resource database is constantly updated and built with developed IT support and infrastructure.


Backed by industry contacts built over the years, they provide personal attention to client companies and candidates as well.


The recruitment process at Sinclus 


At Sinclus, after the receipt of mandate/permission from the client companies, the consultants source the candidates through multiple channels.


These channels can be their existing database, referrals, headhunting, newspaper advertisements, online job portals, social media, and networking. The candidates are then shortlisted as per the customized recruitment strategy and interviews are scheduled before final selection.


Background checks and medical formalities are conducted. For overseas posting, some steps are conducted before the final departure.


  • the ticket confirmation,
  • visa stamping and emigration,
  • The signing of contract and
  • pre-departure orientation


They also follow up and handhold the candidate to smoothen the transition post-hiring. The consultants keep track of the candidate’s performance at the new job.


Infinity Placement Service


This is a leading placement service located in the Delhi NCR region. They cater to all industry sectors in both IT and non-IT functions. Top MNC’s, private companies, and banks recruit from this agency.


As candidates have to fit in with the company’s culture, the agency ensures that the transition is smooth. They endeavor to provide suitable jobs to candidates and dedicated employees for the client company.


They send alerts to aspiring candidates about new job openings. Help in negotiating the salary, conducting interviews, and suggesting the best company/candidate as per requirements or profile is something they ensure.


Search for CEO-level leadership, executive search for middle and senior management posts are conducted based on assignment. New jobs are posted daily. On average 20 percent of fresh aspirant candidates are placed in new jobs every month.


Both skilled and unskilled jobs are provided based on profile. More than 15 hundred candidates register with them every month. Thus leading to a booming database of candidate profiles. This database is searched for finding a suitable job according to job description and requirements.


Jobs in various sectors like finance and accounting, admin and office support, biotech, research, tourism, packaging, and so many others. If you are an aspiring candidate you have to upload your CV with them to find what best outcome you get from them.


Genius Consultants


These consultants have branches in several cities across India, like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Indore, Lucknow, Patna, and Kochi.


The services they offer are searching for permanent staff, IT support staff, conducting background checks, facility management services, training, and professional development of personnel.


Alliance Recruitment Agency and Alliance International Consultants


This agency does not charge candidates any money in exchange for getting them jobs. Alliance placement consultants have jobs from various sectors and hierarchies from across the globe. Companies from all over the world post their job vacancies with this agency.


They serve companies in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Canada, USA, and the UK. They undertake recruitment from various Indian locations like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, and Gurgaon.


A unique service of this agency is virtual assistance. They provide technological help for clients in providing virtual assistants, virtual marketing, virtual social media assistant, virtual bookkeeping, virtual graphic designer, among others.


They have a strong IT team for their outsourcing service. Employers can outsource a variety of IT operations with them. These can range from web development, content marketers, mobile app development, animators, UX UI designers, software developers, among others.


In short, remote talent can be hired through them. They cater to an expansive range of industry sectors for their recruitment needs. Executive-level search across industries is part of their headhunting operations.




Considering there are many placement services in every city and town. This listing is like the tip of an iceberg. To facilitate a better outcome, make sure you pick a leading agency like the ones mentioned above. Take care of some do’s and don’ts given in the article, and you are good to go. All the best wishes for great opportunities and a fresh new start.


A Psychology graduate and post graduate in Library and Information Science. Passionate about content writing and runs a YouTube channel ‘Readalicious’.
  • This is an interesting piece of information. The role of a job consultant cannot be described in better terms. Yes, I feel that it is important for one to hire a job consultant. It becomes a lot easier to look for a job that suits your needs and vice-versa for the company that is hiring as well. I liked the do’s and don’ts that you have mentioned . It has really helped me increase my awareness to the same.

    • Thank you. Glad you found the information useful. Keep coming back to read more such useful and interesting blog articles.

  • This is an interesting piece of information. The role of a job consultant cannot be described in better terms. Yes, I feel that it is important for one to hire a job consultant. It becomes a lot easier to look for a job that suits your needs and vice-versa for the company that is hiring as well. I liked the do’s and don’ts that you have mentioned . It has really helped me increase my awareness to the same.

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