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5 Best Institutes for Investment Banking Fellowship Program

Are you awestruck by glancing at those well-dressed bankers entering the skyscrapers? Do you desire to be one among them? If you wish you can be there. Investment Banking is a boosting sector in the present world and they need young minds who can perform the task more energetically. Heard about an investment banking fellowship? It will help you earn diverse knowledge in Investment Banking. If investment banking is your forte, you can get yourself enrolled on the courses listed in this article.  Check out!!

Institutes for Investment Banking Fellowship Program

Swami Vivekananda said, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”

The same goes for fellowship programs. The fellowship program offers you a wide range of opportunities to learn that you already know. It is just that you need to work on your perfection. Do you know about the fellowship program, investment banking fellowships and institutes that offer fellowship programs in investment banking? This article focuses on all the above aspects. Keep reading further.

Introduction of Fellowship

Here is a brief about fellowship. Do you think fellowship and internship are similar? Then you are wrong. Both are entirely different from each other. We will discuss it later.

As of now, read a bit about fellowship. Fellowship programs are usually short-duration programs provided to students, especially graduates. This program aids students who are interested in researching any subject or to make the student experience professional knowledge about a subject. This program sometimes can stretch for a few years too.

The interesting part of the fellowship program is that it is sponsored by the governments or companies for fellow students to stimulate professional knowledge and development.

The students get an opportunity to be a part of this fellowship program by getting good merits, passing the qualification exam and possessing the potential to excel in the area.  The fellowship program mainly focuses on the academic part. It helps the students gain more specific knowledge about the subject they choose for fellowship.

To sum up, it can be said that a fellowship program is a benefit provided to desirable candidates, who utilize the opportunity to do research work or training. The fellowship program showcased in your resume adds weight to it.

Investment Banking Course Brochure

Why Consider Fellowship Program?

By reading the introduction part, one can guess that this program is helping the students to gain wider knowledge. But does it only provide academic knowledge? No, in the said duration it also helps us to learn various practical skills that are important when you are working in companies. Let us look at some of the benefits of this program.

Enormous learning opportunity

Till now, whatever we have discussed, it is easily understood that this program provides a vast scope of learning to candidates. They will gain practical, industry-related pieces of training from well-renowned professors. The program is designed in a unique way that helps the learners to gain experience in teamwork, thinking out of the box, a sense of responsibility towards your job, and interaction with people. These are important aspects of learning.

Develop a thought process

The programs enhance your thinking skills. The candidates applying for fellowship are graduates. They do not have much exposure to the professional world. They lack professional thoughts. This is what the program does. It increases their analytical skills and helps them to think like professionals. The eminent professors help to inculcate within them how to handle real-life situations.

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Personal growth

The program also aids in personal growth. It helps the candidates improve their communication skills. It also helps them to work in a team, and mingle with like-minded people. They understand real scenarios and how to interact with various people and get their work done.

Time Management

Managing time is the biggest thing that a person can learn. There are 24 hours in a day. But how to utilize these 24 hours is up to the person’s choice. In this program, the candidates have to submit their work in tight deadlines, which can be done only by proper time management. A proper punctual attitude works best in industries. They will learn how to divide your work and do it properly to complete your task and submit it at the appropriate time.


Networking is also an important aspect to be considered in today’s world. Good networks help us to get uplifted in our careers. While pursuing a fellowship program you will be interacting with many people. You should try to include them in your network. You will be interacting with renowned faculties, founders of companies, organizational colleagues and many other persons. You should always keep a friendly approach towards them and show them your dedication. This will benefit you to fetch a job in the market.

These are some of the benefits of fellowship. This knowledge helps us for a long time. It is said that whatever we learn at an early stage, we remember it forever. It applies here as well. The fellowship program is just the start of our professional life career. Whatever is learned here, whatever good habits are inculcated here, that is to be continued to the entire professional life. The students getting a chance in fellowship and pursuing it will stand ahead of others. When they start working in industries they will be aware of what the team wants, what their boss is demanding, and how to utilize their skills to make their job a more interesting one. They can focus on the skills and training they got in the fellowship program and utilize it which can make everyone turn their head towards them. The program will provide them with an extra edge. So it is an important aspect and candidates can go for the fellowship program.

Why Choose an Investment Banking Fellowship?

Investment Banking is the most trending and upcoming career. Students with finance backgrounds are motivated to join financial institutes and earn lakhs and more in a short period. Investment banking is growing in a space.

Investment banking has surged from $153.49 billion in 2022 to $166.62 billion in 2023. It experiences a great growth level within a year.

India has a good economic position. Most of the population is youth. Indian labour cost is comparatively less than the Western world. Also, India is a powerhouse of potential. All these factors are assisting the foreign companies to come to India for business. This is helping the growth of investment banks.

Also, India is coming up with more and more start-ups. This is helping the economy to flow. There are many mergers and acquisitions are happening. Many companies going for IPOs. For example, Nyaka recently made a place in the bull and bear market. There are many other companies also who are starting their journey from start-up and getting listed in the stock market. All these ventures are not only aiding India’s economic position but also helping the financial institutions. The more they grow, the more investment bankers will be required.

As the job role in investment banking is quite challenging, it is not a favourable job for many. Investment banks require young, energetic and dynamic candidates who can play with risk and keep calm on themselves. India is flourishing in this area. As shared earlier, since many business entities are eyeing India, the investment banking sector is taking on India in its best possible ways.

Apart from all these factors, the most important and most valuable aspect is salary. Money is the thing that we all work for. Right? Investment banking offers a lumpsum salary to its employees. Though the job roles of investment bankers are hectic, the salary part covers it all. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of an Investment banker is around INR 21,31,620 per year. This is indeed a huge amount. The cherry on the cake is that they also earn commission on deals. The investment bankers take home a big fat money at the end of the month.

So, all these factors contribute to opting for an investment banking fellowship program. The fellowship program will help you to get a broader picture of the job that you need to perform being an investment banker. Since investment banking is a thriving sector, it has many challenges for you to deal with. You can learn tactics and tips that will help you to crack deals.

Hope these points have motivated you to take up an investment banking fellowship and have a bright future ahead.

As we have discussed why choose an investment banking fellowship let us see what qualification is required for you to pursue this program. Are you interested? Continue reading.

Qualification for Investment Banking Fellowship

To Pursue the Said Program, You Need to Be Qualified in Certain Aspects. Below Listed Are Points That You Should Ponder.

  • Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Mathematics
  • Computer Science, Arts and Physics students are also eligible
  • MBA in Finance
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Different universities have different criteria for selection. The above-mentioned points are a few of them.  The Fellowship Program helps you to study intensively about the subject and also you will be able to do research work on it and gain professional exposure.

Great going till now! After reading here, I am sure many of you might be pondering that scholarship is also of a similar kind. Then is both scholarship and fellowship the same? Some might think that a fellowship is providing professional knowledge, and so does an internship. Then internship is effective or fellowship? Which option will help me to get a better idea of the job? All these thoughts are going off and on in your head. I can understand your confusion.

So my next topic of discussion is the difference between scholarship, internship and fellowship. This will clear out all the thoughts that you have in your mind regarding all three aspects. Then you can make a better decision and know what interests you more and for which aspect are you qualifying.  Come let us see!

Scholarship vs Fellowship vs Internship

Though from a wide perspective, all three modes of learning look the same but all three are different from each other.  They all have their significance in their area.


Scholarships are funding for educational courses after higher education for bachelor’s or master’s degree level. This money is sponsored by Governments, Colleges, Universities and Companies. The scholarship is offered to students based on their calibre and extra-curricular activities. Another reason for the scholarship is student status. These are the basic criteria the students need to fulfil for a scholarship but there can be others too based on the institute providing scholarships. But scholarship involves only academic purposes. The scholarship includes the fees for accommodation, living, travel, tuition fees and other relevant costs. It is a type of aiding the students who are aspiring for higher education.


The internship is a program which is for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. It is a step closer to the job. The internship is done in a company. It is like work and learning. The students learn how to work in an organization. They do on-the-job training. It is for a period of two to three months. During this period the students learn about professional behaviours, they do jobs for the company, they need to report to the company daily and they get practical exposure to how it feels to work in an organization. After the end of the period, the students submit a thesis to the college regarding what they have learned. Sometimes the company that offers internships, selects the student in that company itself for a permanent position. In internships sometimes the organization provides stipends to the students. The internship is a part of a college course. It is a step taken towards your dream job.


Fellowship is the program that is offered to students before or after a master’s degree. It is for students who aspire to study higher and are mostly eager to do research work. Fellowship is offered to students by Governments, Universities and Organizations. The fellowship program is a little difficult to get through. It entirely depends on the student’s academic performance. Fellowships are for short duration. It is a specific program. Here the candidates get a wide knowledge of both academic aspect and professional aspects. Unlike an internship, a fellowship focuses on professional knowledge from university professors. They do not go to the organization for real-time work experience. All students aspiring for fellowship do not get a chance to avail of it.  The candidates have to pass the examination and match the criteria set up by the institutions to pursue the program. But the learning experience is indeed a talked about topic.

So, we have seen the description of scholarship, internship and fellowship, and now it is clear to us what is the meaning of each and what each program stands for. One final statement can be said that all three surely glam up your resume for your journey ahead.

Now we will come to the most interesting part of the article. People who think that fellowship is indeed a good opportunity in investment banking and are ready to take up the program, here I am jotting down some of the institutes that offer investment banking fellowship. These institutes will help you to pursue an investment banking fellowship making your future shine brighter.

Institutes Providing Investment Banking Fellowship

Here are some of the institutes that offer investment banking fellowships. The institutes mentioned here are from across the globe. These institutes will help you with gaining good a knowledge base.

Ashika Group, India

The first institute in our bucket is the Ashika Group. It commenced its action in the financial service sector in 1994. They are India’s one of the largest financial service groups. They offer various services to their clients. They are situated in over 20 states in India.

They are providing pre-MBA investment banking fellowship. Their motto is to let the candidates learn and get experience in real-world investment banking.

Ashika Group fellows are expected to learn about Investment and start-up ecosystems, negotiate transactions, research and analysis for companies, gain financial knowledge for investment decisions, and skills related to evaluating investment opportunities and interaction with marquee investors.

Candidates with undergraduate degrees (BMS, BBA, BCOM, BAF, BSC) are eligible to apply for the course. Duration is around 2 to 3 years and it is a work-from-office experience. For detailed information, you can click the below link.

Key Venture, India

The second on our list is Key Ventures. They are a financial advisory organization, especially for startups. They provide fellowship opportunities for their office intern and new hires. They are enlightening you with full knowledge in investment banking, advising clients, evaluation of investment opportunities, conducting merger and acquisitions activity and many more as such. Candidates with 2-3 years of experience, analysts and entrepreneurs can join through the direct selection process.

The candidates will be paid a salary. They have a 2-year contract period after the fellowship program.

Marquee Equity, India

Marquee Equity is the world’s largest investor access platform. It helps you to connect with the investors. They are providing fundraising services for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Marquee Equity is providing opportunities for investment banking fellowship to the aspired candidates.

UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles

This institution provides a fellowship program in investment banking. This program is for first-year MBA students. The fellows are selected based on academic records, mentorship needed and willingness to succeed in the field.

Wells Fargo, US

Wells Fargo is an American-based financial company. They provide CIB MBA Diversity Fellowship. This program is for investment banking candidates. The candidates are awarded a stipend for two years of course.

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Time was well spent sharing with you all the details of the fellowship and the institutes that provide opportunities for this program. Investment banking is like a hot cake; it is a thriving arena in the financial world. So choosing the investment banking fellowship program will give you a lot more scope than other subjects. This subject not only provides an attractive salary package but also raises your position in society. So, give it a try, give your best and leave the rest to God. All the best!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.      What do you learn from the investment banking fellowship program?

This program helps you to get practical exposure to what the investment banks deal with. For example, you will be handling clients, doing research on companies, pitching in sales, mergers and acquisitions and many other financial work.

2.      What is the eligibility for joining the program?

The article mentioned a few of the criteria. Different organizations have different requirements. You can choose the institute from where you want to pursue the course and then visit their website and contact them for further details. This is the best way to find out about what the institutes are looking for and if you are eligible or not.

3.      Will studying investment banking provide me with stable career growth?

Yes, investment banking is a strong sector. Though it is related to market conditions, it is growing and it will provide stable growth to its employees. In India, investment banks are evolving and continuously growing. So, investment banking will provide you with stable growth. Many foreign companies are making home to India which is increasing economic growth in India. So, investment banks will thrive more and be successful.

4.      Will the fellowship program help to get a job?

Yes, it will help you to get jobs.




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