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Best Investment Banking Courses Abroad With Practical Projects

The field of investment banking is notoriously not easy to enter. For a single post in investment banking, recruiters typically receive thousands of applications. In this sea of applications, you need to do something to make yourself stand out. To make your CV stand out, you need something. Something that shows your commitment to and comprehension of the requirements of this job. As a result, getting high grades and building a solid resume are essential. You need every advantage you can get. Selecting the Best Investment Banking Courses Abroad is crucial because of this. Success is influenced by a variety of circumstances, some of which are beyond your control (such as a weak job market). You can and should do a lot of things to advance, though. The full package includes academics, extracurriculars, and soft skills.

Best Investment Banking Courses in Abroad

Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

The main responsibility of investment bankers is to raise funds for businesses, governments, and other financial institutions. Investment bankers serve as financial consultants to the government and a variety of financial entities. 

Investment bankers, in short, are industry professionals in financial services with excellent analytical skills and persuasive communication talents that support institutional customers in tasks like capital raising and mergers and acquisitions.

How to Become an Investment Banker?

If you want to study how to become an investment banker, you can enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses in investment banking, banking, or finance. Students can get a Chartered Financial Analyst degree or an MBA in finance in order to work in investment banking. Investment bankers may also be Chartered Accountants or CA candidates who have successfully completed their CA coursework.

To become an investment banker, there are a number of steps to take, including picking the right course combinations, getting ready for admission examinations, and picking the right universities. Students with an MBA who specialize in finance or banking are given preference over other applicants, while it is not always required. 

Payrolls of Investment Bankers

Investment bankers get a fairly generous and high wage package across a variety of job types. One may make up to INR 30 LPA as an investment banker with over 22 years of expertise. A career in investment banking offers speedy advancements and significant pay increases. Investment bankers often make between INR 7.50 LPA and 11 per month. Students are more likely to work in the IB industry after finishing an MBA finance course.

Types of Investment Bankers

For businesses, governments, and other organizations, investment bankers support significant, sophisticated financial transactions. According to their job, both major and small investment bankers are present in the sector. An investment banker’s professional career develops in a pretty predictable manner. 

Following Are Few of Them:

Investment Banker Analysts

Investment banker analysts are often classified as belonging to a certain industry, such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, or developing markets. It is their obligation to speak with business leaders and investors and try to make arguments in favor of or against investments in particular businesses or industries.

Investment Banker Associates

Acting as the middleman, their primary duties include organizing client meetings, generating and structuring PowerPoint presentations, and completing financial analysis.

Compared to analysts, they frequently build significantly more intricate financial models and handle trickier problems.

Director of Investment Banking

They visit with prospective businesses that may eventually become clients, listening to their worries and addressing their inquiries. 

Additionally, they consult with private equity and venture capital firms to determine which of their portfolio companies may need to be sold, go public, or acquire additional funding.

Let’s talk about Best Investment Banking Courses Abroad


For its reasonably priced professional certification program, IIM SKILLS, one of the greatest and most respected universities, gives priority to real-world experience. Since they provide thorough training and lifelong access to the Learning Management System (LMS), which offers classroom presentations, recorded lectures, training materials, and tools for enhanced learning, IIM SKILLS programs are perfect for upskilling both professionals and novices.

Course Modules:

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation
  • Course Name – Investment Banking Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months of Training + 1 Month Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 39900 + Taxes

Through their instructor-led online learning, they provide a thorough, three-month Investment Banking Course. They cover all aspect of investment banking, from fundamental to advanced, throughout this program, and an internship and employment aid are promised for one month.

Their master’s program in investment banking is intended to provide students a firm grasp of business and finance. Additionally, this training will improve your ability to value assets and carry out commercial operations.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Imarticus Learning

The top industry-recognized program from Imarticus Learning, certified investment banking operations professional (CIBOP), offers a 100 percent job guarantee and is best suited for learners with less than three years of experience.

To assist you become an operational specialist for investment banking, they provide a Full-Time (2 months) and Part-Time (3 months) curriculum with in-depth instruction. You may prepare for employment with a respected company by enrolling in their program, which includes the fundamentals of financial markets, the trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation as part of the curriculum.

You will become an operations specialist for investment banking after completing this lengthy 150-hour program. You will learn the basics of financial markets, the trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation as part of the curriculum, which will also help you become ready for work with a reputable organization.

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Their curriculum includes a job guarantee that gives you the opportunity to get hired by elite companies looking to hire investment banking experts. Through placement planning, resume writing, and mock interviews, they customize their training and provide placement support to assist you in achieving your specific career objectives.

Your profile will be enhanced by the accreditation, which will make you a top pick for companies. You will also gain practical knowledge while comprehending the principles of financial markets, the trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation. Their knowledgeable staff uses interactive modules to continually reinforce your learning while delivering our thorough curriculum through hands-on training techniques.

You can improvise yourself by working on real-world projects and resolving case studies and business challenges created especially for you by their industry partners.


What could be a more effective approach to learn about investment banking than by taking a course that real investment banks use to teach their new hires? It is what the Premium Package from Wall Street Prep provides to its corporate clients, and it is what they are providing here for anyone willing to put up the effort to learn everything there is to know about investment banking. That extra effort is usually worthwhile when it comes to investment banking.

For many years, Wall Street Prep has been a reputable supplier of financial education for investment bankers. It was and is still one of the best Investment courses abroad, and they have only improved on that reputation since then. 

They teach their curriculum at prestigious institutions as well as leading investment firms to get new workers up to speed. You may utilize the same application that they have access to in order to advance and stand out. In the business world, personal branding is everything.

They receive tens of thousands of resumes for each job position. Before the CV ever makes it to the HR department’s desk, you need to have anything pass the initial screening. A certification is useful and worthwhile reading since it makes it simple for the employer to select you because they are aware that you have the technical abilities needed for the position. And this accreditation gives you that designation. Because it is easily identifiable in the field, it provides you a competitive advantage.

I’ve seen most of the videos in terms of substance, and what I enjoyed best was that it concentrated more on practical application than just academic theory. Which, of course, makes logical given that the programs were created to aid investment banks in preparing its analysts for immediate employment.

It adequately covers the majority of the crucial Investment banking material. Everything from financial statement modeling to DCF to M&A, trade comparisons to transaction comparisons, LBO, and more is included. Most academic courses have relatively few competitions, so you can really like the emphasis on it here.

After passing an exam at the program’s conclusion, you may utilize the certification to develop your personal brand, stand out on your resume, and add it to your LinkedIn profile. In conclusion, this is an excellent Investment banking courses abroad that is well-recognized in the business and checks all the necessary boxes.

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Investment banking is a famously competitive field, so you need every skill required for it so that you can get a job. One way to gain that skill is with this official Investment Banking Certification from one of the pioneers of NYIF. There are other finance courses available, but this one is the best choice for most because it is entirely focused on investment banking.

The New York Institute of Finance is providing the most thorough look into investment banking for interns, analysts, and associate level jobs through its self-paced, entirely online curriculum. Depending on your level of ability, it takes around 70 hours to finish. As a result, you won’t have to wait around for a long time to obtain a certification. These qualifications are necessary right away, not four or five years down the road! This is an important pro for the certification.

The course covers all pertinent subjects, including modeling, analysis, valuations, structure, and deal-making. This is therefore a good fit for people who want to enter any Investment Banking jobs and also makes it the best Investment Banking Courses Abroad. Additionally, you have the option to select a speciality that will help you better prepare for particular tasks. 

This course, which is concentrated on the sector of investment banking, will not only highlight your abilities but also your dedication to it. Knowing whether a prospect is really engaged in a long-term career is important to you as a recruiter. The company invests a lot of money and time in training new hires, so showing them that you are as devoted by taking the time to obtain a formal certification will help you land a job. 

IB Institute

IB Institute was formed by a former investment banker and consultant with expertise from world-class consulting and investment banking businesses. IB Institute offers instructor-led (Live) training sessions as well as online courses on Excel, Visual Basic of Application (VBA), Charts, Financial Modeling, Company Valuation, Project Appraisal, Merger and Acquisition that help students build competitive profiles.

All courses are available through Weekend workshops, Customized Corporate Trainings, and Self-study courses (E-learning) at IB Institute. They teach you actual answers to issues in the real world by combining hands-on education, exercises based in Excel, Powerpoint presentations, and useful examples, which makes them the best choice for Investment Banking Courses Abroad. 

Data Trained

The best investment banking courses abroad is Data Trained.  You can enroll in the PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling in London, United Kingdom, to get qualified and industry ready. You can also discover the tools, techniques, and technologies used in investment banking that are in high demand. 

Finance fundamentals, understanding of the three financial statements, macro- and microeconomics, investment banking, financial modeling and valuation, advanced Excel, cash flow valuation, cash flow method, and other topics are covered in the courses. With widespread acclaim, DataTrained is thought to be London’s top investment banking training facility. 

Key Points:

  • Extensive Investment banking certification programs, regarded by recruiting partners as the top investment banking training program. You can become industry ready with DataTrained’s Investment Banking Course.
  • Weekend Classes for Working Professionals provide industry-recognized certification, regarded by recruiting partners as the top investment banking training program.
  • Industry-recognized accreditation from the working professionals’ 
  • Career Support 100%, Assistance with a career Jobexpert domain teachers
  • Expert domain teachers
  • Placement Support
  • Useful case studies

Their investment banking courses abroad bridges the gap between theoretical ideas taught during academic degrees or certifications and their execution in the workplace through a curriculum developed by investment bankers and industry experts.

You’ll be able to work with some of the most renowned investment banks in the world!


The Investment Banking (CIIB) certification, which is given by AIWMI, requires a thorough global certification test that gauges a student’s degree of knowledge in investment banking techniques.

The course emphasizes Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Banking Fundamentals, and many other important financial ideas. Professionals in finance who wish to enhance their careers should enroll in this program.

The Program’s Main Features Include:

  • Tools for interactive learning
  • Professionals based.
  • Lays a knowledgeable foundation.

Wharton Education

Wharton is in a unique position to arm you with the most recent, pertinent financial information you need to stay one step ahead of the competition since it is a world leader in finance education. 

Finance professionals look to Wharton for the expertise and business acumen that create competitive advantage whether the subject is mergers and acquisitions, investing in troubled assets, private equity, venture capital, or real estate. Increased access to top-notch education is a priority for Wharton Online. 

They have extensive expertise in entrepreneurship, educational technology, instructional design, professional video production, and online instruction. The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has accredited the Wharton School and given it permission to grant IACET CEUs.

You can learn how to deploy, measure, model, and optimize the integration of ESG assets into your portfolios for long-term value creation. Investment professionals have said that this is one of the best Investment Banking Courses Abroad. 

You can also develop your knowledge of private equity investing to learn how to get returns that outperform those of other asset types. Explore current tactics, examine the pandemic’s consequences, and learn how to effectively assess, organize, and create successful investments by the time you leave.

Chartered Finance Institute (CFI)

CFI is the organization dedicated to improving the abilities, effectiveness, and understanding of banking and finance professionals. Over a million professionals from around the world have been trained there. It makes sense why many students believe it to be the top organization offering investment banking courses worldwide. 

On the online platform, there are more than 5000 on-demand classes. More than 150 courses are available for the improvement of the student’s career. a well-liked training course. For those looking to become top valuation specialists, Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) is the best solution.

The certification process consists of five parts, including preparatory courses, core courses, optional courses, a final test, and FMVA certification. 

The Following Topics and Ideas Are Covered in the Investment Banking Course Syllabus:

  • Accounting Excel Finance
  • Monetary modeling
  • Budgeting and forecasting for valuation.
  • Presentation and Visuals Plan

Course Highlights

  • 200 plus interactive sessions
  • Experienced teachers
  • Certificate for a blockchain

Institute for Mergers Acquisitions and Alliances (IMAA)

The top provider of Investment Banking Courses Abroad is the Institute for Mergers Acquisitions and Alliances (IMAA), which was founded in 2004.  It focuses on courses on mergers and acquisitions. Well-known programs provided by IMAA include Mergers & Acquisition Professional (M&AP), HR Mergers & Acquisition Expert (HR M&A), and International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IM&A). More than 54 different countries’ citizens study here. There are more than 1100 partners and 2200 participants in it.

Bocconi University

This institution was founded in 1902. This organization is regarded as the first in Italy to provide a higher education economics degree. This entity bears the name of a wealthy merchant’s aborted son. The main objectives of this institute are to provide top-notch education in the social sciences and other subjects to support the socioeconomic growth of the neighborhood. 

The courses are created in a way that makes them appropriate for professionals, students, and lifelong learners.  Popular courses offered by the institution include International Economics and Management, Bachelor in Global Law, and Data science & Business Analytics. This tops on the list of the Best Investment Banking Courses Abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Investment Banking Courses Abroad

Q. How would taking an investment banking course assist me?

By enrolling in this course, you can gain knowledge of the practical aspects of finance and investment banking, learn how to value a company and create a financial model, improve your job search and resume, gain interviewing skills, and become more marketable to investment banks and other financial institutions.

Q. Are there any requirements for taking the investment banking course?

No, there aren’t any specific requirements other than a desire to learn about finance and advance your profession.

Q. What are the benefits and distinctive elements of an investment banking course?

The small class size, the caliber of the teachers and the course materials, the customized attention you will receive, the emphasis on jobs and job search, and alumni network are just a few of the characteristics we feel are significant.

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