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Important Key Points for CAT 2024 to Get High Score

During confusion and disturbance, it’s probable that candidates might find themselves destruction their whole CAT preparation.


Important Key Points for CAT

The apprehension begins simply hours before the examination and candidates find themselves ruining the examination.

Hence, candidates who are planning to take up CAT  should understand the key points that they must not forget while trying the B-School entrance examination.

In this article:  you will study what number of questions to try in CAT  to induce 100%, key points to understand whereas trying examination.

This article will assist you to understand the most important points that you must understand beforehand.

Together with those suggestions and topper’s suggestions are also provided.

CAT may be a national level examination that is conducted once in an exceedingly year by IIMs on a movement basis & is taken into account to be the toughest of all entrance exams.

CAT results are accepted by not only IIMs but alternative prime B-Schools of India yet.

How Many questions to try in CAT 2023  –

With quite 2 lakh students showing for CAT per annum, not solely will it increase the problem level of the examination however conjointly makes the rating method harder.

Per annum students showing for CAT continually surprise ‘How several questions to try in CAT 2023 to induce one hundred Percentile’’ With the negative marking of one mark for each wrong/incorrect answer, sure enough, to attain well.

Hence, the number of queries tried with accuracy and time management are two important points that the candidates should confine in mind.

CAT, one of all the desired management entrance exams, is conducted tentatively in the fourth week of November 2023.

With few months left for the examination, let’s knowledge several questions to try in CAT 2023 to get one hundred marks.

CAT Marking 2023

Before knowing the number of questions to be tried to attain ninety-nine scores, students should understand the marking of CAT 2023.

CAT examination Pattern and Marking:

S .No



Section Name

The Total Variety Of Questions

The Total Variety of TITA Questions

The Total Variety Of MCQ’S



Ability & Reading Comprehension




for each correct answers of MCQ’S/ TITA


Interpretation &Logical Reasoning




each wrong/incorrect answer of MCQ’s /No negative marking for TITA queries











How Many questions to try in CAT 2023 to induce good scores?

To attempt the number of queries with accuracy is that the main key to attain ninety-nine centiles in CAT 2023.

However, to grant a clear image of what number queries need to be tried section-wise with accuracy to attain good scores.

S. No


Total No Of Questions



Ability And Reading Comprehension


Out Of 55-60


Interpretation And Logical Reasoning


Out Of 65-70




Out Of 70-75



High sectional score in CAT

Key requirements of IIMs:

CAT aspirants ought to know that IIMs endorse the least qualifying sectional scores along with by and large score to waitlist the competitors.

Applicants envious of seeking after MBA study with IIMs should score over 85-90 percentile in each segment along with a high overall percentile.

Scoring just high by and large percentile won’t qualify a possibility for getting shortlisted by any IIM.

Various factors that have got to be checked by the candidate whereas trying the CAT are

Accuracy-Accuracy is one of the prime factors that assist you to gain a decent score.

If you are attempting to create an attempt in dark without checking its accuracy can only fetch you negative marking.

Hence to enhance one’s accuracy you want to keep the subsequent tips in mind:

Preparation– Before initiating your preparation continually begin with clearing your basics of vital topics.

Apply for basic topics till you master them.

Once you begin building the method of finding the questions in mind whereas reading the question you recognize you’ve got with success mastered the fundamental ideas.

Work on weak areas -To attain higher it’s vital initial to specialize in strong areas and so on weak areas.

Once you specialize in weak areas check that you retain the list of topics prepared and polish your weak areas well by referring to acceptable study material.

Time efficiency -Because the sectional limit of the period is given for every section, you want to learn to manage time with efficiency by setting targets to resolve 5-10 queries in an exceedingly specific limit.

Stopwatch to measure/ calculate time -whereas you solve queries, the best way to live performance is by setting the timer and scheming the time taken by you to resolve a matter or a collection of queries.

Mock test – Once you’ve got designed your confidence, begin solving CAT mock tests, and acquaint yourself with the type of queries that were asked in previous years.

Challenge yourself -As you solve the mock tests, challenge yourself by setting the stopwatch of solving queries of a part in an exceedingly limit.

Assess your performance by calculative marks as per the marking scheme.

One of the topper’s Rahul Gupta who scored one hundred centiles in CAT 2019 lays down the importance of mock take a look at and apply by stating,

“I used to frequently take a mock test and am accustomed to devote a minimum of four to 5 hours.

I practiced plenty of queries on pure mathematics so I’m ready to solve it with ease as resolution additional queries gave me the confidence to write properly on the day of the examination.”

Difficulty level-Attempting the most variety of queries in an examination isn’t the only way to gain accuracy.

The issue level of the question paper is measured by the number of queries tried by the candidates.

The case you’re feeling that the problem level of the paper is high, in that case, you must:

  • Read the question paper carefully and assess every section.
  • Identify the extent of difficulty for every section.
  • Always begin with the better section to manage time with efficiency
  • Make positive you do not create a wild guess because it might result in negative marking.

Rishi Mittal,  CAT 2019 topper who scored with success in every section by an overall score of one hundred, states however he divided the difficulty level of the question paper and helped him ace through.

“He states that In Quantitative ability sometimes divide the paper into three levels supported difficulty, thus I provide like 1-2 minutes to simple queries, 2-3 minutes to medium tough queries, and remaining time to powerful ones counting on what number I’m ready to solve”.

Time and Speed-Knowing that CAT prescribes a sectional limit, the initial and foremost step is to scan the question paper totally to understand that section is simple to try initially.

Once you solve the simple question it helps you gain confidence and saves it slow.

Bit by bit move to troublesome queries and don’t waste time if you get stuck between two choices.

Ronit Banerjea, “who scored ninety-nine in CAT 2019 and yet believes that solving simple queries initially has helped him add feathers in his cap.

He guides that, If the question is in my comfort, I would try to solve it. Otherwise, I would skip and move on. This technique helps him to gain accuracy and confidence at the same time.”


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 Important Key Points to understand whereas attempting the exam

Major Tips to recollect whereas Giving CAT 2023

“As per the vital dates of CAT candidates willing to fill the application type are ready to fill the form from the first week of August”.

CAT is probably going to be conducted within the last week of November.

Hence, candidates who can fill the form once checking CAT  Eligibility criteria should remember the CAT  key points whereas to remember trying the examination.

Major tips or key points are mentioned below which might be checked by candidates

  • Follow Invigilator’s directions.
  • Start with better-known queries.
  • Keep in mind the Sectional Time Management.
  • Select TITA queries meticulously.
  • Use the On-Screen Calculator.
  • Focus on your work.
  • Do Not Waste Time on difficult queries.
  • Remember Quality Over amount Matters.
  • Double-Check the Answers.
  • Don’t feel unrest


  1. Follow Invigilator’s directions

Once you’ve got entered the examination hall, the one that can assist you in distinctive your table are the invigilator.

Candidates are requested to be at the examination center of CAT 2023 before reportage time.

Effortlessly, Candidates must follow the directions of the invigilator.

It’s wise to not overturn the invigilator and thoroughly follow what he/she can tell you to try and do.

  • No candidate is allowed to enter the examination center of CAT 2023 after the reportage time.
  • Unnecessary noise within the examination hall is strictly prohibited and should be taken ordinary care of.
  • Handover the electronic gadgets now, if carried by mistake.


  1. Start With better-known queries

Key points to understand whereas trying examination is, to begin with, the better-known queries.

In CAT 2023, don’t worry concerning resolution what comes initially as there’ll be a choice to switch the queries. However, sections can’t be switched. Every section can have a limit set at a period post that consecutive sections can seem on screen.

Candidates if have ready well, then are alert that queries are straightforward and that doesn’t seem to be simply in one reads the question.

  • Once begin with CAT 2023, candidates should undergo all the queries of the visible section by clicking on the Question paper Tab on the top-right facet of the pc screen
  • Candidates are ready to sequence the queries as per their preference/confidence level and solve those queries initial
  1. Keep In Mind The Sectional – Time Management

As per the examination pattern of CAT 2023, there’ll be simply 60 minutes per section obtainable with candidates to solve each MCQs and TITA queries, a post that consecutive section can seem on the screen.

Consistent with one in all the key points to understand whereas trying examination. simply just in case, you’re feeling that any specific question can take you a longer time than the same old to finally reach an answer.

Then move to a consecutive question while not any thought and try those that are straightforward and resolved quickly.

  • Do not exert a new on reaching an answer if the question seems to be a replacement one.
  • Do not rush at the minute.
  • Remember that don’t lose your time you’ll need to re-appear for CAT.
  • PWD candidates are given one hour additional time to write down the CAT test i.e. four hours in total.


  1. Select TITA queries Meticulously

Keeping in sight the previous year’s question papers of CAT, per annum quite five TITA queries in every section are there.

A similar is probably going to be there in the CAT exam yet.

The most important advantage of solving TITA queries is that there’s no negative marking, thus there’s no difficulty in responding to them.

However, what candidates tend to research is that point is effective. Candidates find you wasting a great deal of their time on TITA queries that ultimately end up in a lower overall score.

  1. Use the On-Screen Calculator

As so much as all B-School entrance exams are involved, CAT is that the only management entrance examination that permits candidates to use calculators.

Like all years, IIMs can offer the power of online screen calculators in the CAT test. This may save candidates time and can indirectly boost the morale of candidates.

The calculator is needed in solving particularly Data interpretation and logical reasoning sections and queries that involve extended calculations.

However, it’s wise to use calculators only if needed. Unnecessary usages for little calculations are a fool’s trip.

  1. Focus on Your Work

Due to high-security measures, candidates are provided completely different workstations.

It’s expected of candidates to act in an exceedingly disciplinary manner.

Hence, one of all the vital tips to understand whereas trying examination is that candidates mustn’t attempt to look/judge others throughout the examination.

Specialize in your pc screen. Keep your nose in your own business and don’t get distracted.

  1. Try Not to Waste Time on difficult questions

If you’re feeling a matter is difficult, needs overtime to solve, then you want to keep in mind one in all the information of key points to know whereas trying examination i.e. move onto the succeeding question.

Times are precious in CAT 2023 and any mistake of your time will certainly take you removed from your goal.

  1. Remember Quality Over amount Matters

According to one of all the CAT 2019 toppers, Lakshya Kumar aforesaid, CAT isn’t concerning trying all queries however obtaining an additional right than your competitors.

Check that to produce rough ads the sheets provided so the examiner also can understand your technique of calculation. Though not necessary however still wise.

Whereas trying the queries checks that you create no random guesses. If you’re unsure of the right answer, move to consecutive questions.

If once resolution the acquainted queries, if time is left, re-analyses that question and given choices and so end your answer.

  1. Double-Check The Answers

In the remaining time, it’s necessary to not sit idle and re-confirm your answers by revision.

As the queries answered to make sure credibility and correctness.

Throughout the ultimate leg, mark the queries on the screen and re-visit them to examine the answers. Revise properly.

If you continue to appear to be unsure, then don’t try that question as any wrong answer can deduct one purpose.

  1. Don’t feel unrest

Above all, don’t panic or be hurried whereas trying the queries.

Have confidence in your preparations. Rahul Gupta who scored one hundred centiles in CAT 2019 aforementioned for future aspirants, What can cause you to get a grip over others is consistency.

Hence you want to take your CAT coaching seriously and begin to arrange before to avoid the last-minute attacks.

Quickly determine your mistakes and conjointly take the mock tests of CAT daily.

Tips to boost Speed and Accuracy in CAT Exam

Speed and accuracy are the 2 most vital skills that a candidate has to ace the CAT.

A number of the vital tips are given here to assist the CAT aspirants to improve their speed and accuracy whereas resolution the CAT questions.

Key Points to boost Speed whereas trying CAT Paper:

There are 3 approaches to boost speed.

These approaches are mentioned thoroughly.

With these mentioned approaches, one will simply enhance their speed and solve the CAT queries simply and quickly.

  • Within the initial place, reduce the time per question. Try using shortcut techniques to resolve CAT Questions. This might imply that either you’d need to strengthen your ideas or use the elimination of answer selections. Once every mock take a look at, break down the queries, and check whether or not there’s a faster approach to search out the answer.


  • The second is to possess a superior sequencing of the queries you’re trying that you simply can at first do the questions that take less time and subsequently remainder of the opposite queries. This can be one thing that you simply ought to do in any case. Once every mock take a look at, investigate your order of trying queries.


  • The third is to depart the queries wherever you’re stuck or that is taking longer. This may assist you to boost speed and maximize the number of makes an attempt. After you examine the mocks, check that query you wasted time on.

Keep in mind: Speed won’t originate from doing things quickly; however, it’ll originate from doing simple things initially.

Tips to extend your accuracy within the Verbal Ability section

With twenty-four out of thirty-four queries having a place with RC, it’s very unlikely you’ll be normal on RC and clear the cut-off of the Verbal phase.

You would like higher than expected capability on RC and this needn’t be fully subject to regular ability.

More than regular ability and perusing speed you would like a procedure to choose the right entries, scan them well, answer queries accurately and particularly skip queries.

  • Selecting the correct reading comprehension passages
  • Read the primary passage of each RC.
  • On a size of 1-10, rate it as so much as clarity (style and substance) for you.
  • 1 being an intense substance that you simply are certain that you simply can never have the capability to Proceed any.
  • 10 is an easy substance that you simply will scan and comprehend.
  • Try to not Proceed any
  • Rehash the procedure for the varied RCs.
  • After you rate all of the entries, decide the three sections you’ve got evaluated the foremost elevated, and begin fathoming them, starting with the one you appraised most astounding.
  • specialize in Accuracy, not on Attempts:
  • Try to not choose the right variety and remove the wrong selections.
  • At the purpose once stuck between 2 selections, don’t merely coordinate expressions within the various with phrases within the section. difficult selections can have similar expressions however broken explanation endlessly moves to the actual piece of the section. Check the explanation for the entry and therefore the principle within the various before you agree on a call.
  • It is consistently superior to rehashing the 2 selections within the head and trying to suppose that one is correct. You got the section beside you, utilize it.

Tips to extend your accuracy within the Reasoning and DI section

  • A lift of the score in data Interpretation

Significant difficulties whereas handling CAT-DI questions are illusions, relevancy, and consistency concerning data.

The informational indexes are meant to confuse. The test to interrupt these varieties of inquiries is to quickly acknowledge, dissect, and decipher the knowledge.

Within the event that you simply upset the related focuses, you’d have the capability to reinforce your score within the knowledge interpretation queries.

  • Calculation Speed and approximation Sense

The Data Interpretation area is counted seriously.

Generally, the info provided is very intense. It’s consequently, essential for you to induce settled with estimations.

All the applicable tables and squares of specific numbers ought to be at your fingertips.

  • Be careful to remain removed from idiom traps

It will be unreasonable to state that knowledge Interpretation is merely concerning estimations.

Therefore be careful with the language utilized in the question.

  • Attempt to not waste time on one specific question

Most of the scholars once the examination has a typical lament of not seeing an easy set and keeping themselves involved in the hard sets because they were.

It’s conceivable that whereas examining, you choose info that looked less complicated, however, whereas try, it terminated up being extreme or deep estimation targeted.

You got to segregate yourself from the informational index after you suppose that it’s very intense or tedious, despite the likelihood that you simply have placed the time in it also attempt to be from Common Mistakes.

Tips to extend your accuracy within the Quantitative section

The quantitative Ability Section may be a mixture of considerably easy concepts merged with the newest arithmetic.

  • Accuracy is incredibly important

One candidate should increase your accuracy level. Any exam isn’t close to the quantities of queries you solve; however to boot, concerning the quantities of queries you bought right.

One doesn’t want to try each question within the examination to attain well.

Keeping a precision-based approach will go so much in enhancing your execution and enhancing your score deeply.

  • Pacing yourself within the exam

It has been seen that some students stall out on one question and burn through 15-20 minutes on this question since they feel that they will solve this question.

During this manner even though they will do this one question and appreciate the sentiment accomplishment, yet anyway.

They neglect to grasp that they’re doubtless passing up a good chance for 5-6 queries that they might have worn out at the same time.

Therefore moving onto the subsequent queries rather than delay on one question will facilitate spicing up the score to a bigger extent.

  • Calculation potency has to be high

A decent hold-over estimation helps in decreasing the time spent on every question.

Learning tables up to twenty-five, squares up to thirty, and cubes to twenty, acting fast increase and knowing approaches to get squares and cubes of 3 digit numbers in an exceedingly solitary advance through sacred text math’s help intent on trying an inflated number of queries.

The on top of structures some basic hints that got to be remembered whereas getting ready for the CAT examination, and additionally once one sits for the examination.

The fundamental hints are given on top of a sign of the elemental rule that candidates frequently neglect whereas comprehending queries in an examination and may prompt ruinous results.

So, with a selected finish goal to be fruitful, make sure you calibrate your readiness utilizing the information given on top of it.

Keep visiting to induce additional such tips and techniques concerning the CAT examination.

Keep going and glad to learn. ALL THE BEST !!!

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