Meet IIM SKILLS Past Students who have got expected scores with our Online Coachings for CAT and Other MBA Exam Preparations

Shikha Gupta

BofA Securities | IIM Ahmedabad | Barclays | SRCC

Thanks IIM Skills  for all the motivational and inspiring talks and never ending guidance IIM A it is. A beautiful wrap to an eventful journey!

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Versha Choudhary

Post Graduate Program in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Always wanted to sit on this side of the table but didn’t expect it to happen this year.
X-95 | XII Commerce-93 Graduation-70(Economics Hons) (2018)
Got calls from IIM Indore, NMIMS mumbai, XIMB, IMI Delhi
Converted- IIM Indore, NMIMS (HR), IMI Delhi. Waitlisted- XIMB
I was preparing for CAT 17 and was regular in my classes till January’17 and then owing to some family issues couldn’t concentrate on my preparation.I was then in my 3rd year. It became very difficult to study and I didn’t prepare for CAT 17 at all and targeted CAT 18
I started my prep post the final sem exams ie in June 2018. Had pre-decided to take a drop and prepare.
I was not interested in class room coaching . Yet felt a need to take guidance and came to know about IIM Skills. I am thankful to you for clearing my doubts, providing additional help in problematic areas, and further preparation for GD-PI. Thank you for your support throughout the journey
 I had a tough time preparing for quants. Completed my material  thrice as it dreaded me the most, reason being lack of speed.
I gave atleast 40 mocks, analysed them thoroughly, made notes of each difficult question and all different formulae I came across and revisited my notes.Yet my speed didn’t improve. I was going through a very bad phase, but my mentors ensured that I don’t give up
LRDI- Considering the past trends I was aware that LRDI might be tough for me and hence requested my mentors to design my plan accordingly
RC: mocks helped me a lot
I made up my mind to appear for all the interviews and also applied for jobs to take cat next year. Appeared for GD PI of all my calls(including other  tier 2 colleges)  for getting an experience, hoping to get an edge next time.It did increase my confidence of facing the questions put up in the interviews and GDs.
By the time I gave IIM Indore interview I had appeared for 4 interview processes and felt better facing the panelists.Though I was aware that it would be tough to convert,I  somewhere knew that 60% weightage (of WAT and PI )was still in my hands. I didn’t lose hope and prepared on my academics and GK as much as possible. I had a fairly decent interview but was clueless about converting it.
Realised better than I did before, that it’s not about what we are facing; it’s how we react and what we learn from it.
Never loose hope till the end and keep giving your best. Results Will show sooner or later.

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Veni Gupta

BM student at XLRI Batch 2019-21

Thanks IIM Skills for letting me share my journey on this platform. I started preparing for CAT/XAT in January 2017. At that time I took  coaching and but wasn’t able to . Then  I started preparing in May on my own . Being a working aspirant taking out time was a bit difficult, so I used to study 2-3 hours on weekday and weekends were utilised for giving mocks and analysing them. I used to practise 2-3 RCs daily, 4 sets of LR/DI and a topic of quant daily. In the last I increased the frequency of giving mocks and took a lot of time analysing them and figuring out my grey areas.
I am thankful to IIM Skills for guiding me through out and proving support

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Sakshi Agarwal

Deutsche Bank | IIM Lucknow | Commerce Major

Hi everyone! I would like to share my journey to IIM Lucknow.
Following are some of the points where IIM Skills helped me

Basic concepts– It is really important to get hold of your basic concepts of quant and the basic methodologies of LR/DI.For VA, start by solving two RCs daily and also try to read articles on diverse topics especially on the topics you are most uncomfortable with. Topics like philosophy, science really bothered me.

  • Mock tests– Taking full-length tests is the most crucial step of Cat preparation. I gave around 50 odd mock tests, minimum 3 mocks a week. Taking mock tests, prepare you for all type of situations. Cat is highly unpredictable; you don’t know how the paper might turn out. You need to prepare for the worst circumstances. Mock tests give you an idea of your current position. Also, they make  you used to handle stress and anxiety. Take every mock like it’s your final cat exam. Try to take mocks in your Cat slots only.
  • Analysis– Merely taking mocks isn’t enough. One need to analyse each and every mock otherwise that mock doesn’t count. It will give you an idea of your speed of solving questions and your accuracy. Also, this will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses on which you can work accordingly. It gives right direction to your efforts.
  • Motivation– It is really important to keep yourself motivated throughout this journey. It is not going to be an easy ride. There will be times when your scores will drop and you will feel like giving up but at the end it will be all worth it

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Medha Gupta Linkedin

Summer Intern, Mastercard Advisors | IIM Calcutta| Paypal | IIT Ropar, Institute Rank 7

I started my MBA journey in 2016, when I put my heart and soul into CAT, gave all mocks, prepared like crazy, read the newspaper daily, but luck was not on my side. Ended up with a pathetic CAT percentile as I got nervous on the exam day.
Next year, I started my preperation with IIM Skills and their study plans and classes helped me a lot in figuring out what went wrong and focused on where I was not that good.
I would just advice you guys to never give up.
To end with here’s one quote that has always inspired me and helped me pull through: “God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers”.
Thanks, IIM Skills for all your support, and all the best to everyone who is looking to make into the IIMs or other business schools

Nishtha Pandey Linkedin

Summer intern at Tata Administrative Services (TAS) || MBA Student at FMS, Delhi

Here’s my journey to FMS:
I was a btech final year student.I joined the classroom classes  an  year before CAT exam but wasn’t very regular with the classes. Then I joined IIM Skills which helped me start serious preparations for cat , especially the way my mentors designed my study plan to balance both exam studies and cat preperation is worth mentioning. I believe below have been very helpful to me in scoring 99.7 percentile in cat:
1) I gave as many mocks as I could. I believe a time bound practice especially for quant is a must.
2) Analysis of mocks helped me in increasing my score. It took me around 4-5 hours to analyse a 3 hour mock properly.
3) I was consistently performing very bad in LRDI section but the personal attention and customized study plan designed as per my skills helped me improve my performance a lot
4) In the last month I used to revise complete material shared with me throughout the course
After the cat results came the pi preparation time. Since I was a fresher almost 50% of the PI was focused on the academics. The rest on why MBA and general affairs.
I would like to thank IIM Skills for guiding me through out. You’ve given the quickest advices and guidance everytime I came up with a doubt. You’ve been a mentor to me not only during the preparation for cat but also during the tiring wat/pi process. Thank you very very much

Jatin Nagpal Linkedin

IIM Bangalore

I was a commerce fresher at DU.
I scored 99.96 in CAT ,99.99 in IIFT, 99.96 in SNAP and 248/360 in NMAT.
I am sharing what I did to prepare for Cat. Hope it will be helpful for you guys.
VARC– I used to read Indian Express and The Hindu (only editorials) initially . But I soon realised that RCs in Cat are a bit different from the editorials. That is when my mentors at IIM Skills helped me and I went through the Learning portal. Here, you will find good articles on areas like science, environment, philosophy, literature, history, economics etc. similar to the ones in Cat. Next, I also solved atleast 4 RCs daily for 6-7 months. Here, I would keep a track of time using a stopwatch, so that I am completing one RC in less than 10  minutes. My suggestion to you guys would be to read good relevant articles and solve as many RCs as possible on a daily basis in a time bound manner.
LR/DI– Daily practise of different variety of questions will help you guys to crack this section.First, I used to solve the the study material at Learning portal and then moved on to taking tests. Then, I went through previous year cat papers. Questions based on tournaments, games, coins, arrangements etc. look tricky initially, but I would say try understanding the concept behind them and the method followed in the answer.
Quants– Here again, daily practise will help you guys. I used to give atleast 2-3 hours daily to this section. I would suggest after solving questions and going through  notes at the portal go for  tests. The questions in portal are very similar to Cat. Plus, the mocks that IIM Skills will provide you will be of immense help. Do solve them all diligently!
I hope you guys find it useful.Prepare well. All the best to all!