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Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2024 With Details

Getting a well-paying job is quite a tough nut to crack, well here are some of the highest paying jobs in India that you can try for.

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India



Do you have any idea about the highest-paying jobs in India? The below article can give you detailed information about such jobs in India that you can ever get or can give a start to a successful career


We, Indians are always taught that you should respect every job. But each individual has his own dream. And it is absolutely okay to have a dream of having a job that pays you high. Almost all of us want a job that can take care of our day by day increasing financial demands. Does every individual always think about how he or she can get a job that can pay you high as well as the one you deserve? Well, a simple answer to this is, it can happen but it needs substantial planning for it. Does everyone does this planning or do they have enough time for this?


Soon after completing their studies, the majority of the students start hunting for jobs. Sometimes the students are so desperate to settle for the job that they take whichever job comes in. This may be because of financial or personal reasons. It is very common these days, many of these students leave their jobs within a few months because either they have lost interest or maybe because of a financial crunch. Most of the time these students who spend so much on their education for years find themselves unhappy with the new and with the salary.


While considering the highest paying job one should not only consider the money part. Everybody is currently fighting in this pandemic situation. In fact, many people have lost their jobs too. So in such situations isn’t job security important too? With this, we are just giving you a glimpse of much better and secure job choices that you can choose from in this article.


Actually, everyone needs a job that has good future growth. There are various jobs but the pay scale depends on various factors such as the city where you are staying or your qualification or which type of job you prefer and so on. Similarly on the other side of the coin that is the pay scale from the employer is decided on the factors such as the applicant’s education qualification, any experience before, skill set, changing job market, and so on.


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Some Tips while applying for highest paying jobs

Everyone dreams of having one of the highest-paying jobs. And there is nothing wrong with wanting a job with high-paying money. Below are some of the tips you can consider while applying for the jobs.

  • An expert in the field

Firstly establish yourself as an expert in the industry. To make yourselves more attractive to prospective employers one should not only focus on marketing oneself as an expert in the industry but also should work to build own brand. There can be various ways by which one can work on both factors such as:

  1. Industry conferences –One can look for opportunities to speak at various industry conferences.
  2. Live shows – One can find live radio shows or can look for podcasts where they can welcome you as the guest.
  3. Blog – One can publish either a blog where he can give more information about the industry.
  4. Social Media – One can be active on the social media channel. Can take part in various industry-related contests on social media.
  5. Video Channel – One can also create videos on channels like YouTube giving more information about the industry.


  • Expand your skillset

Try to cross-train and expand your skillset. One of the best ways to strengthen the resume is the show that you have pushed yourself to learn skills to boost your area of expertise. One can learn more about the field you are in by doing some courses. One can even learn about the departments in the same field. This will make your resume stronger.


  • Leadership skills to be developed

This one skill is always in demand by all industries in all sectors. One has an advantage if he or she is already in a management position since he or she will be developing the leadership ability just by overseeing direct reports. But if one is not a supervisor yet, there are other ways to develop leadership skills too. One can develop this leadership skill by mentoring the entry-level employee or leading a training seminar for subordinates. This skill, if updated in the resume can make it stronger.


  • Study the company and its financial health

Before applying for jobs, make a proper list of the companies one would like to work with or the companies who have vacancies and do an analysis of each company to have an idea about the financial stability. For any company that is better off financially, more likely they are to pay employees well. Along with the financial review, one should also research the company. By this one can have a clear idea about the company’s vision, reviews, growth, profits, etc.


  • Smart risk

If one wants to take a big salary leap, he or she is likely to have to push him or her outside their comfort zone and apply to high-paying jobs that might seem like a stretch. Remember to focus on what one brings to the table and how one can add value to the company’s bottom line. Give them examples that can show how a problem solver can take on challenges and turn them into accomplishments.


  • To get noticed

Another way is to get noticed. When someone is ready to switch companies in search of a pay hike, he or she wants to seek out as much exposure as he or she can. The more hiring managers can get their credentials in front of them, the better their chances of finding one that hits the mark.

Thus we think, the point would be helpful while you apply for a new job, maybe for pay that pays higher.


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List of Highest Paying Jobs in India

The below-listed high paying jobs can help you to choose a career plan for the future. Most of these jobs need hard work and dedication undoubtedly. So get ready for an exciting journey to find out the latest jobs that pay high monies in India.

  1. Doctor
  2. Management Consultant
  3. Chartered Account
  4. Lawyer
  5. Teacher
  6. Commercial Pilot
  7. Digital marketing


1. Doctor

A doctor is generally a qualified person in the field of medicine and treats people who are ill. Doctors are known as the most reputed and highly paid professionals. A fresh doctor can easily earn anything from 1 lakh to 2 lakh rupees per month. Most of the doctors work with personal clients which helps them to earn money.

  • Education/ Qualification Needed 

Frankly speaking, there is no shortcut to getting into this profession. MBBS is the basic qualification needed to become a doctor. Most of the students spend their tough time of life in medical schools to study medicine.

  • Basic Duties of a Doctor

There are various specialized areas in this profession, so the treatment and the specialized care will vary. Overall one can say that the job of a doctor is to act as the caregiver to the patient. The duty of a doctor in simple language can be described as to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine and look for the overall physical and mental recovery of their patients.

  • Availability of the Job

In this field of doctors, most of these medical professionals typically start their career as an intern and then move on to various volunteering opportunities to master their skills. For many of them, a specialized degree helps in exploring niche areas such as neurology, ophthalmology, radiology, cardiology, etc. There is always a great demand for doctors who have specialized as physicians, anesthesiologists, pathologists, neurologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. Most of the doctors who have mastered their skills and also have years of experience become resident doctors in any hospital. In countries like Canada and Australia, there is a great demand for doctors other than India.


2. Management Consultant

A management Consultant is a person who helps organizations to improve their performances. These management consultants usually help organizations grow and improve their performance. Professionals in this profession work as consultants in various fields and are considered as one of the key players for the revenue growth of any organization. In recent years, the demand for management consultants has increased due to the large competition in the very sector. This results in mounting pressure on every business to perform well. Mainly these marketing consultants are hired by sectors such as insurance, consumer goods, technology, and life sciences. They are one of the highest paying jobs in India.


  • Education/ Qualification Needed: 

A little knowledge in the subjects of Finance, Economics, or Accounting is preferable. No specific degree is required. Certifications such as the Certified Management Consultant certificate might also help professionals stand out while pursuing this field.

  • Basic Duties of a management consultant:

A management consultant has basic duties such as the following:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Strategy planning for the business
  3. Taking the important financial and management decisions
  4. Managing the human resources of the organization
  5. Information technology of the business
  6. Management of the marketing and supply chain 
  • Availability of the Job

A management consultant who is at the entry-level can work his or her way up and become a senior management consultant. Overall the job profile of a management consultant depends on the size of the company, nature of the company, educational qualifications, skills one has, and finally the location or the city of the organization or the company.


3. Chartered accountant

One of the demanding professions is CA’s. CA is the short name of a Chartered accountant. CA is an old career option for commerce graduates and even for 12th-grade students. It continues to be one of the highest-paying jobs in India. The global need for CA’s has always remained steady. Job security perks and long-term benefits along with good remuneration are the major reasons why many students choose CA as their profession.


Also, it is unlikely that chartered accountants will be replaced very often in an organization because most companies like to keep their relationship with their experienced chartered accountants. Some of them also start their own CA firm after 4 or 5 years of experience. In such cases, there is no fixed limit to their earnings.


  • Education/ Qualification Needed: 

A graduate in the commerce field will help to understand the basics of chartered accounts. And a 12th-grade student who has studied accounting can also study Chartered accounts. Students from another stream such as arts and science who want to switch over to a career in Chartered accounts will have to prove their merit by giving the CPT examination.

  • Basic Duties of a Chartered Accountant:

A chartered accountant has duties such as:

  1. Auditing of the firm or any individual
  2. Financial analysis and reporting for the year
  3. Tax compliance for the firm or the individual
  4. Complete Account management
  5. Maintaining all financial transaction history
  • Availability of the Job:

Any organization whether it is a big or small chartered accountant is required. Top-notch private companies like TCS and Infosys require chartered accountants to maintain their financial accounts properly. Public sector companies too required skilled chartered accounts like BSNL, BHEL, and ONGC.


4. Lawyer

Another demanding and high-earning profession is that of a Lawyer. The legal profession is considered one of the most sought-after professions by people from different backgrounds. The main job of a lawyer is to advise and represent their clients be it private bodies or any government one. There are various types of lawyers depending on the nature of the cases. Lawyers are categorized into criminal lawyers, civil lawyers, securities lawyers, family lawyers, environmental lawyers, tax lawyers, and intellectual property lawyers.


  • Education/ Qualification Needed: 

Frankly speaking any graduate student from all the fields who wish to become a lawyer can apply. A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, the law helps an aspiring law student to enter into this field. Prospective students who wish to practice must acquire a basic degree of LLB (The Bachelor of Law). The total duration to pursue this degree is 3 years. 

  • Basic Duties of a Lawyer are:

  1. Understanding the problems and analyzing solutions for legal issues
  2. Representing the clients in courts for the legal matters
  3. Communicating with their clients, judges, and others who might be involved in the legal case
  4. Presenting facts verbally and also in written
  5. Arguing in the legal court with logic on behalf of the clients
  6. Preparing legal documents such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, etc.
  • Availability of the Job

This profession is one of the most demanding ones, preferably due to the various numbers of areas that one can explore. Beginners in this profession can move on to become attorneys, and with years of experience, they can become judges too.


5. Teaching

Teaching is another one of the most honoured professions. Teachers are required in all phases of life, right from primary education to higher education in every education stream. Due to rapid advancements in technology and during the COVID-19 situation online classroom learning has reached new heights. Everyone needs a teacher be it a professional or even a home-makers for online learning. Teaching will always remain an evergreen profession, both in the online and offline space needless to say.


  • Education/ Qualification Needed: 

You need a B.ED degree to become a teacher though it is not mandatory. This advanced technology has provided numerous opportunities for teachers or educators from other backgrounds who are willing to work as educators. There are various ways by which one can become a teacher for example housewives can take tuition and make money. Therefore there is no need for pre-defined qualifications to become a teacher.


But what matters is the subject. Knowledge is the key to beginning a career in teaching. Many organizations also offer fellowships for graduates who want to become teachers. On the other hand with this advanced technology most educational companies who are specialized in online courses, have a lot of opportunities for teachers to work from home, curriculum developers, e-learning instructors, etc.

  • Basic Duties of a Teacher are:

Teachers are the person who gives the learning experience to their students. The main job of a teacher includes planning lessons, assessing the potential skills of students, helping with grading, and documenting the progress of students.

  • Availability of the Job

There is always a demand for new teachers. With the increasing demand for online classes, there is a huge need for teachers in all fields. With years of experience in a teacher’s career journey, new roles and responsibilities become part and parcel of the job.


6. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are the people who have a license to fly aeroplanes. Becoming a commercial pilot is not easy since it requires one to undergo an intensive flying lesson and obtain a certificate to fly aeroplanes. In the aviation sector, this profession of Commercial Pilot is one of the highest paying jobs in India and abroad too. There has been a steady increase in demand for commercial pilots in the past few years.


Economic growth is the primary reason for the increase in demand. With the increasing numbers of people travelling all over the world, the need for aeroplanes has increased too. Thus with this, there’s a need for a trained professional pilot in this area.

  • Education/ Qualification Needed: 

To enter this exciting field one must have a science degree. However, there are some flying schools where one can be trained to become a commercial pilot. But most of these flying schools are very expensive. Also with the curriculum, they require a commitment of a minimum of 2 years for intensive flying lessons.

  • The basic Duties of a Commercial Pilot are

The commercial pilot doesn’t just any fly aeroplanes. There’s more to do in it. This profession is totally different from what an airline pilot does. A commercial pilot will be doing crop dusting, aircraft testing, transporting passengers as a private pilot, and assisting law enforcement and military operations as a search and rescue pilot. 

  • Availability of the Job

To begin in this teaching profession one can expect to earn a little amount but with 3 to 5 years of experience, you can expect to earn a high pay on an international route. Thus becoming one of the highest-paying jobs.


7. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing can be stated as marketing for any website that is a driven company or organization. It is considered one of the highest-paying jobs in India. People from different backgrounds have been increasingly getting attracted to this moneymaking field. There as various online courses on digital marketing that give opportunities for everyone to venture into this field. In the year 2019, it was one of the highest paying jobs in India and continues to be one.

  • Education/ Qualification Needed 

This field of Digital Marketing has been invaded by people from various backgrounds. One does not require any specific qualification to become a digital marketing specialist. The only thing required is the experience of working with different products. Freshers in this field can start their careers as affiliate marketers and gradually climb the corporate ladder. People from other professions or experienced professionals can take up digital marketing certification courses to upgrade themselves.

  • Basic Duties of a digital marketer

A digital marketer usually is responsible for maintaining the overall health of the website. Some of the key tasks include traffic monitoring, lead generation, running online and offline campaigns, channelling revenue growth, etc. are some of the key tasks


  • Availability for the Job

Frankly speaking, there is no shortage of digital marketing jobs worldwide. A fresher can start his or her career as an affiliate marketer too. With a span of 3 to 4 years of experience, one can choose to be a digital marketing specialist. One can also choose any niche area for example social media manager, search engine specialist, content marketing manager, etc. With a span of 5 or more years of experience, a digital marketer can work as a product manager or even work as a consultant.


Coming to the end..!!

The above list was among the highest paying jobs in IndiaThis will help you to start your career on the right path or choose the right job. Moreover, every profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. One should not always see the salaries but they should first follow their passion. If you will love your job, you will definitely get success in your careerChoosing a career is a milestone for most students. From the above article, I hope you will get some ideas of the highest paying jobs in India.

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