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Top Sites To Start Blogging Absolutely Free In A Minute

There are many platforms where you can create a free blog in a matter of a few minutes. Gone are the days when only tech-savvy people with in-depth technical knowledge could create blogging websites. Today, all you need to have is clarity behind the objective that is to be reached with the help of blogging. Of course, content writing skills and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization are the other very important prerequisites to become an effective blogger.

Top Sites To Start Blogging Absolutely Free In A Minute

Choosing a blogging platform is easy yet a blog step at the same time. Before you take the leap and create a free blog, an inside-out information of all the major blogging platforms is a must. This knowledge empowers you to make a well-rounded and educated choice to eventually help you reach the best of your potential.

Here, I enlist 5 top sites to start blogging absolutely free


WordPress powers 33% of the whole Internet. It can be safely considered the simplest form of content management system out there which you can easily personalize according to your needs and objectives. WordPress can be used to create a free blog of varying complexities and simplicities within a short span of time. You can create a free blog, start blogging, and manage it efficiently even if you don’t have technical knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML or PHP; 5 minutes is all you need to manually create a free blog on this user-friendly platform called WordPress.  

To create a free blog, WordPress is a great platform because;

  • It is easy to update.

WordPress regularly notifies you about the new updates. You can stay updated with the new developments facilitating smooth functionality of your blogs and catch up, with the help of a single click.

  • It is reliable.

The fact that WordPress powers 33% of the whole Internet is itself proof of its reliability and efficiency. Whatever is your purpose to create a free blog, WordPress provides you with an excellent platform to reach your objective.

  • It is worth every penny.

Every money you invest to create a blog at WordPress is worth it. Numerous themes and plugins are available at affordable prices. Also, the fact that WordPress can power all kinds of websites accounts for its flexible content management system.

  • It is SEO-friendly.

WordPress is an effective content management system that also provides various functionalities that aid in optimizing the site. It aids the search engine robots to smoothly crawl through the content and finally help it the websites acquire higher ranks in a search engine result page. It also offers an effective SEO plugin- Yoast SEO for increasing the performance of the site manifolds.

Professional Courses to explore


Medium is an online publishing platform launched in August 2012 that you can start blogging on. You can also create a free blog here. It was developed by Evan Williams and is owned by Medium corporations. The platform is considered as an example of social journalism. Evan Williams has co-founded Twitter and Blogger.com in the past and his motivation to develop Medium was to provide a platform to create content longer than the character limit of Twitter. Medium’s focus has been on optimizing the time readers spend on the website instead of increasing the size of its audience.

Medium is an amazing place to create a free blog because:

  • Real-time report of relevant statistics

It provides a good and reliable report on how many people viewed your blog post and how many of them actually read the whole content. It also shows how many of the readers actually recommend your work. This is great feedback that every writer should embrace to level up the quality of his/her content.

  • You can increase your reach effectively.

It is all about hearts on Medium. More the people recommend your content, greater are the chances of the post ending up on other people’s feed and also on Medium’s reader’s digest.

  • It has an import tool.

If you have content anywhere on the internet, you can easily import it to Medium with the help of “Import my story” option. After making the required edits, you can always publish the story. The original link is also included at the bottom of this post.

  • Opportunities

Many big publishers are present on Medium. If you publish great content, the possibility of them discovering you increases manifolds.


Yet another platform that you can use to create a free blog, start blogging is Wix. The major highlight of Wix is its drag-and-drop-editor. Of course, it is not only the drag-and-drop type of website builder in the market, but the presence of its many user-friendly options help it to stand out of the crowd. For starters, Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence is great to opt for if you want to get a unique design based on the information you have provided. With a few easy steps, you can build a stunning website for free.

Wix is a great place to create a free blog for the following reasons;

  • A platform for all types of businesses and objectives

Wix is a very favourable place to market all sorts of products, services and achieve the desired objectives. With over 500 industry-specific templates, Wix enables you to personalize the blog according to your needs.

  • Something for everyone

Wix is a great platform for people without any technical knowledge and also for people with such knowledge. Wix Artificial Intelligence designs the website based on a questionnaire you fill up and for tech-savvy people, Wix code is great option to edit HTML codes and customize the templates according to the objectives.

  • Great value for money

Wix offers a plan to create a free blog and also seven other premium plans. The more you invest, the more features you unlock and also remove ads. It also has a two-week money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the services provided, you can demand a refund straight away.

Start blogging with Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging website with a large community increasing with every passing day. With millions and millions of blogs, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing sites on the web. It is a fascinating place to create a free blog.  Its unique setup and method of posting have earned this feat in a short span of time. It relies on the whole concept of micro-blogging, allowing easy inclusion of media content of all sorts. It is a great platform for art and photography. However, you can use it for many purposes if you have a correct approach.

Tumblr is the right choice to create a free blog because;

  • It is absolutely free

You will free access to all these templates, designs and features without paying a penny.

  • It is mobile friendly

You can easily create your posts with the Tumblr app. It is regarded as a more mobile-friendly app and therefore can help in making quick posts

  • It has a mega editor

This feature helps in deleting and editing a bulk of posts in one go, helping you to save a lot of time.

  • You can use a custom domain name

Your blog’s URL will be https://[username].tumblr.com by default.

It is a great way to attract more people to your blogs if your craft your username is creative.

  • You can schedule your content beforehand

This option is an amazing way to appear active on the platform even if you are going to be unable online for a long time.

Blogger to start blogging

Blogger is a great platform to create a free blog. The blogs are self-hosted by Google. The subdomain of the blogs is blogspot.com. With its user-friendly interface and sign-up system, Blogger is one of the most effective platforms out there. Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999. Pyra labs were later acquired by Google in 2003. It has ever since been popular among people and is considered an amazing place to create a free blog.

You can choose Blogger for the following reasons:

  • Easy login with your Google account

Direct linkage of Blogger.com with your google account aids in a really easy sign-up process. You can also create up to 100 blogs with the same blogger account.

  • Easy inclusion of many service

Google offers services like Adwords, Adsense and Webmaster tools. Integrating these services with your blogger account is just a matter of a single click, unlike other platforms where you need to go through some really complex processes.

  • It is extremely secure

Backed up by the largest Internet company in the world, Blogger proves to be an extremely secure platform to create a free blog and achieve the desired objectives without any fear of security breaches.

  • Local content management system

The local management of content offered by Blogger.com is region specific. This has been done to abide by country-specific rules. For example, your URL address “yourtitlename.blogspot.com” will be redirected to your title name.blogspot.in in India to your title name.blogspot.uk in United kingdoms.


You can start blogging, developing your Content Writing Skills by writing at the above free websites. In case you are serious to leverage content writing as a full-time career, you can also start by taking up a content writing course.


Q. Do you need to invest money to start blogging?

Not really. As far as you have access to the internet services you can start blogging for free. Also, if you want to pay for a customised website the cost is very nominal.

Q. How does the bloggers make money?

Bloggers earn from the affiliate marketing, advertisements, brand sponsorships, memberships etc.

Q. How successful is blogging as a career?

There are limitless opportunities one get when they start blogging. You can choose any topic to start your blog. The success depends on the content of your blog.



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