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Top 5 Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Training

Financial Modeling Training is a skill-based course designed for all those who desire to enter the finance industry. In today’s globalized world molded by technology, along with conventional degrees, skill-based certifications are valued. The practical approach to a field is one of the most important aspects of this training. The functioning of the finance industry is a bit complex, but don’t worry. We have got you covered by listing down some of the best institutes from which you can do a financial modeling training course.

Financial Modelling Training

What Does Financial Modeling Training Mean?

In simple words, financial modeling training refers to the course which gives you theoretical as well as practical knowledge-based training related to the field of finance. The financial and the accounts industry works in a critical way. The process of continuous record-keeping along with several other tasks is not easy work. The finance department forms the core of any sector. From the simplest business enterprises to complex government functioning, finance is the most important department.

We have hundreds of students graduating in commerce or any such related field every year. While the number of students capable of doing jobs has risen significantly, the number of jobs has not risen in the same proportion. A company, private or public, will look for some additional benefits in their candidates. While a complete fresher has to be trained in almost every aspect of the company’s functioning, the individual with a course like this would be acquainted with if not all, a lot of details.

A financial modeling training course will teach you about how the finance industry functions along with the several kinds of formatting that are used to store data.

Need for Doing a Financial Modeling Training

For any particular job, there is a huge competition around you. Open any job providing a website. While the number of jobs is limited, we have more than double the candidates waiting to get into their desired job. In such a world with extremely high competition, it becomes necessary to make yourself competent enough to land your dream profession. Any professional course in that sense gives your resume that added glory necessary to attract your recruiter’s attention.

Financial modeling training is a professional course that gives you insight into the world of finance. Do you think that the finance department functions in the same way it used to say some 20 years back? No, right. The introduction of technology and the internet has transformed all the sectors today. Today we have technologically induced robots that can conduct medical surgeries, CCTV to monitor human movement, e-wallets, etc.

Similarly, the field of finance has also undergone a massive change caused due to technology. Until a few years back, every task in this field happened manually. Human labor was extremely important. Due to human effort, the chances of errors were also high. But today a number of software and tools have been introduced to lessen the burden on the human mind and to help the finance department to function a lot more efficiently.

This course will tell you about the various kinds of terms that are used in this field along with their meanings. The techniques and tools that are used, their purpose, times when they are used, etc everything is taught to you

Jobs You Can Enter After Doing a Financial Modeling Training

  • Financial analyst
  • Manager
  • Equity research analyst
  • Valuation analyst
  • Revenue manager
  • Credit risk modeling
  • Accountant

Eligibility Criteria to Do a Financial Modeling Training 

Being a field embedded in finance, students from the commerce stream are most preferred. If you are someone from the commerce stream, you will be acquainted with a lot of technical terms related to finance. You can be a graduate with a bachelor’s in commerce or an MBA or BBA student. Students can also opt for this course after completing 10+2.

You need to be acquainted with basic computer skills. The training and the practical assignments would be based on this. You don’t need to be a pro in computer functioning but the basic understanding of how a computer operates must be there.

Communicative English skills are a necessity. Most training institutes, use English as the mode of education. Even the computer application programs will be done in English. Simple English like understanding and communicative skills is required to do good in this field and training.

Hard work and perseverance are also a must not only for this course but in any other course or field. The more effort you are going to give in learning new things, the greater would be the knowledge you acquire. 

5 Reasons to Do Financial Modeling Training

– You will gain practical knowledge along with a theoretical understanding of that knowledge.

– Software and tools would be introduced to you which you would be using in your practical assignments as well as in your jobs in the future.

– The fees for this course are reasonable considering the amount of training and assistance that you are going to be provided with.

– Certificates of completing this course would be given to you.

– Case studies would be used as examples to give you a better insight into the industry.

Skills Needed to Do a Financial Modeling Training

  • Problem-solving ability: Finance is a critical field. The institute you would join would give you multiple assignments and tasks where you would have to use your personal and intrinsic skills to detangle a knot. So, along with the training that would be provided, you need to have some in-builts problem-solving capability.
  • Calculations: One of the main tasks of this course is the systematic recording of data which happens on a regular basis. This course will get you into the regular habit of calculating different types of data- profit, loss, revenue, taxes, investments, etc, and the specifications that are involved. If you get bored by the idea of calculation, then this training is going to be hard for you.
  • Dedication: Usually this course does not need a lot of your time. 2 to 4 months is the average time period required to complete this course. So to understand all the critical aspects and allow them to sink in, in such a short time requires complete dedication from your side. You have to focus and put your 100% into this training and only then will you be able to gain the full benefit of this course.

Top Institutes providing Financial Modeling Training


IIM Skills is considered one of the best educational platforms providing online professional skill-based education to its students. They provide the courses which are in high demand in today’s industry. The updated syllabus along with the tremendous help from the trainers makes their students comfortable with the new concepts that are introduced to them.

Course: Financial Modeling Training

Duration: 3 to 4 months

Fees: 39900+taxes


  • Advanced Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Modeling Techniques
  • Balance sheet
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cash Flow statement
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Equity Research

Mode: Online

Perks of Doing This Course:

–  This course can be done by graduates, CA, CFA, FRM, MBA, finance professionals, BTech engineers, etc

– Students would be introduced to tools like advanced excel and Powerpoint

– You will get guaranteed job interview opportunities

– Practical skill-based training will be provided through the assignments and tasks that would be given to you after each session

– Experts will provide you with the necessary training required to crack an interview where your skills, as well as other qualities, would be tested

– Any doubt or query related to the session or course would be clarified by the department  through a prompt reply over an email

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9911839503

Other Courses Provided by IIM SKILLS

IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite

2. EY

The course helps students to gain the practical knowledge required students to achieve excellence in their field of work. They prepare the course by analyzing the market demands. Hence each course is prepared and modified according to the latest demands. Student benefits are the most important criteria used for preparing for these courses.

Course: Certificate in financial modeling and valuation

Duration: 36+ hours


  • Presentation of output
  • Approaches to valuation
  • Building macros
  • Tax Calculation
  • Structuring and designing models
  • Revenue and expenditure
  • Financial statements

Mode: Online

Fees: INR 10,000+tax

Perks of Doing This Course:

 – Certificates will be provided to each one of you after you complete the course

– All your queries would be addressed and solved over emails

– Six months of access to the LMS would be available for you after completing the course

– Presentations and case studies will be given to you for better understanding and analyzing skills

– You will be able to create efficient and flexible financial models

– Basics of business valuation and various valuation methods would be taught to you

Contact: 91 9811638456

3. Grant Thornton Academy- GTA

The course provided by them is meant for students and professionals. The syllabus is designed to help students gain practical exposure and knowledge about the workings of the industry. Conceptual knowledge is provided in a way so that it can be applied in real-life workspaces. Case studies would be used to provide a better-enhanced knowledge base for you.

Course: Certificate in Financial Modeling and Valuation 


  • Excel
  • Basic business model
  • Financial statements
  • Valuation
  • Financial model and data
  • Modeling
  • Project valuation
  • Creating a model for NPV and IRR
  • Modeling delays
  • Circular logic and looping
  • Creating EPC schedule
  • CAPEX schedule
  • P and L
  • Asset schedule
  • GANTT chart
  • Visualization and interactive excel dashboard
  • M&A valuation and evaluation

Mode: Online 

Duration: 70 hours of study

Benefits of Doing This Course:

– You would be getting 40 hours of live sessions followed by 30 hours of recorded VBA and additional case studies

– Designing financial models would be taught to you

– Different valuation techniques would be provided to you

– You will learn to design various revenue and expense models

– Presenting reports through models will be taught to you

– Certificate of completion would be provided upon completing the course by giving the assessment

– You will gain access to Grant Thornton LMS for a period of 1 year

Email: [email protected]

4. Corporate Finance Institute

The course provided by them will give you insight into the ways of functioning of a financial department or sector. The course is application-based and aims at making each of you competent in the field of finance and accounting.

Course: Financial modeling and Valuation analyst

Fees: $497 per year (USD)


  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Presentation and visuals
  • Strategy

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Benefits of Doing This Course:

– You would be exposed to 29 courses consisting of 1550+ sessions

– More than 170 interactive sessions would be there for you to have a detailed understanding of the various concepts

– Expert instructors will educate and train you so that you can have a holistic knowledge development

– Blockchain certificates are provided to students which is a verification of your skills

– The institute is rated as one of the best educational organizations providing quality training-based education to their students

– There are multiple steps that are part of this course like prep courses, core courses, elective courses, final examination, and finally getting FMVA certified

5. Proschool 

The academy provides quality skill-based education to its students to help them gain the knowledge required in a place of work. Financial modeling is a required field that requires you to have basic knowledge about the core areas of functioning. The course provided by this institute in this area is considered one of the best courses for financial modeling.

Course: Financial modeling course


  • Excel Proficiency
  • Formatting of Excel Sheets
  • Advanced functions
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Data Filter and Sort
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Table formula and Scenario building
  • Pivot tables
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cash flow statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Time value of money
  • DU point analysis
  • Capital budgeting
  • Forecasting revenue
  • Life of project
  • Analysis of historical financial statements
  • Valuation based on DCF and relative valuation

Mode: Classroom; Distance learning; Live sessions


  • INR 40,000- Classroom program (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, BLR, HYD, Kochi, Chennai)
  • INR 32,000- Live classes
  • INR 20,000- Distance learning


Benefits of Doing This Course:

– The course is 80% practical based

– You will receive joint certification from NSE and IMS Proschool

– Industry experts would be teaching you

– Advanced techniques and usage of advanced tools would be taught to you

– Level 1 of the CFA curriculum would be used to help you brush up on your accounting and finance basics

– The institute provides additional training and certifications on VBA- Macros and Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

– Case study methodology is used to help students gain maximum exposure to the industrial workings

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9619207323

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am doing a full-time job. Can I still do financial modeling training?

Yes. This is not a course with rigid timings. Most of the courses are provided by the institutes in an online mode. Along with online deliverance, students will be given the benefit of flexible timings and days they want to do the sessions. As a professional short-period course, institutes know that various people from different backgrounds are going to opt for this course. So to accommodate maximum students, these flexible timings are there.

Q2. Can I pay the fees for the financial modeling course in installments?

Yes. Though not all, many of the institutes offer the option of fee-paying in 2 to 3 installments. Keeping in mind the fees and the students, most institutes have introduced installment facilities to their students. Anyone willing to opt for installment must contact the respective institute directly for further assistance.

Q3. Will I receive job assistance once I complete the training program?

Yes. This is a job-oriented course which is usually done by those who want to get recruited. The training and practical assignments are created keeping in mind this aspect. Thus the institutes always provide placement assistance along with guaranteed job interview opportunities. 

Q4. When will I get the certificates for financial modeling training?

You are going to receive the certificates after you complete the course. Most of the institutes set minor tests or assignments which the students have to answer and only after passing that test will you receive the certificate. If you do not complete the test or attend at least 75% of the classes, the certificate would not be provided to you. 

Q5. Is it worth doing financial modeling training?

Of course. A professional course expands your horizon and helps you to have better industrial knowledge. Most college degrees would lack the practical aspect of a given course. This gap is filled by this course. Along with the theory sessions, you would be given practical assignments that you would need to finish before the next session. A regular understanding of theory and thereby application of that knowledge would make you a highly suitable candidate in the professional world. Doing this course would immensely help those who desire to enter a job.


We have heard that time and tide wait for none. This is your time to excel and reach the greatest heights of success. Even if there is a huge competition around you, one can still be uniquely efficient. The desirability of you as a candidate lies in the knowledge you have and your confidence. A financial modeling training course will give you the necessary knowledge and through this knowledge, you would gain confidence. So, this is your time. Stop thinking about other things and go for this course to set your finance career on fire. Enroll in this course now!

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