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Famous Article Writers In India in 2024

When you type in your question in a web browser, it shows you a bundle of information for you to cope with and find an answer to your doubt. This information appears before you in the form of website articles, which helps you gain knowledge on the subject of your interests. Just like this one right here! This article will give you a through details on the Famous Article Writers In India.

Famous Article Writers in India

An article also finds its way into magazines and newspapers, serving its purposes in both printed and digital formats. One of the earliest forms of article writing was news articles, to update the readers about current occurrences based on public interests or niche subjects. Article writers in India and beyond write informative and brilliant articles to contribute to the fields of printed and electronic platforms. 

India is home to a diverse form of art and literature, thanks to several Indian writers across different states who contributed to the country’s literature in their native languages. Some of the most famous writers in the world are from India. Writers in India also gained exposure to the English language, which gave birth to “Indian English literature.” The earliest works of this literature were the writings of Louis Vivian Derozio and Michael Madhusudhan Dutt. 

ous Indian writers such as Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo and, R.K Narayan popularized the concept of Indian literature in English. The medieval Indian literature witnessed a transition into modern articles, which are customized writings to cater to the target audience. It helped writers connect with their readers phenomenally and assisted people in expressing themselves in the form of writing.

Currently, among the authors are article writers who write articles for newspaper columns, magazines, and website blogs to resonate with the contemporary audience like never before. 

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Bhavik Sarkhedi:

Bhavik Sarkhedi has more than six years of experience with freelancing content. His articles got posted in Entrepreneur. Huffington Post, Techniasia, and Life Hack. He aims to write for Forbes and Fast Company soon. He provides businesses with the necessary help to flourish in the digital world. 

Mr. Sarkhedi  has written three books with one of them becoming the best seller in Amazon ‘The Weak Point Dealer.’ The other two books being ‘Will you walk a mile and ‘The C to T of Content Marketing.’ He is the founder of a content marketing agency named Write Right, targeting small to medium businesses and providing them with A to Z business solutions. 

Khushwant Singh:

Well-known for his books “Train to Pakistan” and “Truth, Love and a little Malice.” Khushwant Singh has also penned articles under the column “With malice towards one and all.” During his editorial services at ‘The Illustrated Weekly of India’ and ‘Hindustan Times.’ Making him one of the famous article writers of India.

He expressed his views on the contemporary political scenario and wrote about literary works. His articles also focused on the socio-economic events of his period. He also wrote about his traveling experiences, especially during his time in The UK.

Chetan bhagat:

Quoted by The New York Times as, “The biggest selling English language novelist in Indian history.” Chetan bhagat draws a well-illustrated line between an author and an article writer. The mind behind famous books such as ‘Half Girlfriend’ and ‘2 States’, is also one of the renowned article writers who has written for the newspaper ‘The Times of India.’

The author covers the aspects of contemporary issues and has written essays concerning national well-being. Some of his recently published articles are: ‘The youth need to shut their phones and ask about the economy,’ and ‘Indians are still living in denial about mental health issues.’ 

Jhumpa Lahiri:

Well-known for writing short stories, essays, and novels. Jhumpa Lahiri was a struggling writer whose literature was rejected by publishers before her critically acclaimed writing named ‘The interpreters of Maladies.’ It comprises several real-life occurrences concerning the lives of immigrants in the post-partition era. Other familiar works to her credits are: ‘The Namesake,’ ‘Unaccustomed Earth,’ and ‘The Lowland.’

She is also one of the famous article writers who has lent her thoughts to renowned magazines and newspaper publications, such as: ‘The New Yorker’ and ‘The New York Times.’ Her articles mostly fall within the categories of ‘fiction’ and ‘personal accounts.’ Some of her works as an article writer include: ‘The Boundary,’ ‘In Translation,’ and ‘Brotherly Love.’ 

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Ruskin Bond:

Beginning as a freelance writer and eventually acquiring jobs at various magazine publications, Ruskin Bond’s work became well recognized and admired among readers and critics alike after his novel was published in 1980. His literary works were deemed responsible for the development of children’s literature in India. Some of his famous works include collection anthologies such as: ‘A town called Dehra,’ ‘Island of Trees,’ and Novels: ‘Once upon a Monsoon time’ and ‘Funny side up.’

The famous writer is also one of the active article writers, contributing to the ‘Times of India’ blog with writings humorously mirroring his real-life experiences. Some of his earlier published articles are: ‘Mussorie Diaries,’ ‘Room for words,’ and ‘We asked them for stories.’ 

Arundhati Roy:

Arundhati Roy is an author, well-known for her book named, ‘The God of Small Things.’ She began her career by writing screenplays for movies and television series. One of them being ‘In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones’ for which she won the ‘National Film Award for Best Screenplay in the year 1980. 

She has also written articles based on current politics and cultural aspects. Famous publications such as the ‘Financial Times’ and ‘The Guardian’ feature her articles. Her latest article expresses her thoughts regarding the coronavirus pandemic and suggestions to deal with the crisis. 

Salman Rushdie:

Salman Rushdie is the mastermind behind the award-winning novel named ‘The Midnight’s Children.’ He has 12 more published books to his credits, inclusive of several other non-fiction works. He is known as a significant figure in the literary field of South Asia. The author was an elected member of the ‘Royal Society of Literature,’ which was the UK’s senior literature organization. He has also written a novel based on the controversy he underwent after the publication of his book ‘The Satanic Verses.’

He has made contributions to ‘The Newyorker’ by writing essays for the publications, covering the themes of fiction, cultural comment, and personal history. Thus, bearing the title of one of the most influential article writers ever. Some of his renowned articles are: ‘Truth, Lies, and Literature,’ ‘On Censorship,’ and ‘The Shelter of the World.’ 

Anita Desai:

Anita Desai is a celebrated figure in Indian literature. The author nominated for the Booker Prize on three occasions is well known for her post-partition works ‘Clear Light of Day,’ ‘In the village by the sea,’ and ‘In custody.’ She is the recipient of several awards for her literary work, including the ‘Padma Bhushan,’ and has 16 published novels to her credit. She has an article featuring Outlook India based on her life experiences and ideas for her writings. 

Amitav Ghosh:

Amitav Ghosh is a famous author who has made a vast contribution to contemporary Indian literature with his works. His prolific writing has touched upon both the fiction and non-fiction genres. ‘The Circle of Reason,’ ‘The Shadow Line,’ ‘The Calcutta Chromosome’ are some of his well-known works of modern literature. His most anticipated and recent writing, ‘The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable, is of a non-fiction genre. 

Amitav Ghosh is also one of the prolific modern writers in India. He has penned down essays depicting the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister, ‘Mrs. Indira Gandhi’ and the riots of the aftermath, the military ambush on the Sikh temple of Amritsar’s origin, and the infamous gas disaster of Bhopal along with other events that took place in 1984. He also explains his absence on several literary fests for the sake of his love for solidarity as a writer. 

Aravind Adiga:

“Aravind Adiga began his novel writing with the ‘Man Booker Prize,’ winning novel named ‘The White Tiger’ in the year 2008.” Thus, he became the second-youngest and fourth author to win the prestigious award for his debut book. The book depicts contemporary India and its influence on the world around, which makes it a masterpiece of 21st-century Indian literature. He has also written a collection of short stories named ‘Before Assassinations.’ His recent works are: ‘The Last Man In The Tower’ and ‘The Selection.’ 

Some of AravindAdiga’s articles are visible in ‘Outlook Magazine’ such as: ‘Bangalore Diary’ and ‘The Ballad of Babel.’ Making him one of the famous writers of modern Indian literature.

Jeet Thayil:

Jeet Thayil won the ‘DSC Prize for South Asian Literature for his debut novel ‘Narcopolis.’ It also got nominated for the ‘Man Booker Prize’ and ‘The Hindu Literary Prize’ in the year 2012. His debut novel highlights the replacement of ‘Heroin’ as the cheaper drug form ‘Opium’ in Mumbai during the 70s and 80s. He intended on creating a kind of memorial for the people considered as the ‘lowest of the lowest’ by the common public for their drug abuse. He writes articles based on contemporary city life and social issues making him one of the influential writers of modern literature. 

Shashi Tharoor:

Shashi Tharoor is a renowned Indian author and an influential political figure, who has published up to 19 successful novels (fiction and Non-fiction) since 1981. He started writing at the tender age of 6, and his work began getting published at the early age of 10. His book mainly focuses on India and its history, culture, cinema, politics, foreign policies, and several other contemporary issues within India. His writings mostly highlight Britain’s brutality over the Indians. 

He is one of the most sought-after writers in India. He has written daily columns for famous publications such as: ‘The Hindu,’ ‘The Times of India,’ and ‘The Indian Express.’ Shashi Tharoor states his opinions and views on current affairs and political leaders in his articles which can be gained access to from different online publications such as ‘The Outlook’ and ‘The Bloomberg Quint.’ 

Bipin Chandra:

Bipan Chandra is a chairman of the National Book Trust, India.

He has gained expertise in the economic and political history of modern India. His book, ‘India’s struggle for independence is declared as a masterpiece in terms of highlighting the freedom struggle by the country. He had begun his career as a lecturer at the Hindu College, Delhi. His other memorable writings are Nationalism and Colonialism in modern India and The epic struggle in the name of Democracy. 

His articles cover his field of expertise on the economic and political history of India’s affairs, ranging from the 1970s to 2014. 

Sanjeev Sanyal:

Sanjeev Sanyal is one of the leading economists in the entire continent of Asia. He currently holds the position of Principal Economic Adviser in the finance ministry of the government of India.

He was recognized as a young global leader by the ‘World Economic Forum’ located in Davos. Some of his ‘noteworthy’ works are ‘Land of Seven Rivers, A brief history of India’s Geography,’ ‘The Indian Renaissance,’ and ‘The Charm.’ 

Sanjay Sanyal has contributed to ‘The Reader App’ and ‘The Indian Express’ with his articles by touching upon current occurrences such as Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the aftermath. The ‘Atmanirbhar’ trend, popularized by the current Prime Minister of India. Thus, making him one of the famous modern writers. 

There are also freelance article writers in India who primarily focus on delivering creative and influential content to their audience as well as their clients. They write for online websites, magazines, and newspapers to interact and effectively communicate with their readers and potential customers. 

Mukti Masih:

With a writing experience of up to 14 years, MuktiMasih has mastered the art of combining the right amount of emotional aspects with the facts to deliver creative content. Her potential lies in giving a personal touch along with an effective selling strategy in her essays. She is a content strategist and understands that emotions work their magic more than facts. She has contributed by her work to 100+ websites, 10,000 blog posts, and 4,000+ social media posts. 

Priyanka Desai:

Priyanka Desai is another name in the field of freelance content writing which cannot be left out. She is one of the very efficient content writers in India. She has worked for famous media outlets such as SEMrush, Business.com, Forbes, and Tech-in Asia. Her PR team at Scribblers, helps commercial brands to use the internet platform to the maximum by offering them content marketing services, content creation and curation, and distribution. She and her team have helped several businesses leverage their client base, attract potential investors, and hire suitable talents.

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma:

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma is a full-time freelancer who has worked with publication houses, travel and hotel businesses, individual authors, government agencies, start-ups, and brands. 

A former journalist by profession, she has worked as a content creator, curator for travel and lifestyle brands. She has also edited manuscripts and is an active blogger. She is appreciated for her contribution digitally to the United Nations Volunteer projects. 

Bhawna Agarwal:

Bhawna Agarwal has been an active freelance writer for seven years having worked for companies such as Mettl, Auxies Group, NRI Start-up group, Start-up Tour, and Wittyfeed. During her final year of graduation, she began putting her writing to work and hired freelance writers while giving preference to students and household women.

Bhawna Agarwal used to handle a team of freelancers comprising of 25 writers and ten editors before leaving for London. She studied MA writing from the Royal College of Arts, London. Currently, she is independently working and focuses on technological and designing aspects. 

Arti Agarwal:

Arti Agarwal is a professional content marketeer and writer with work experience of 7 years in the field of writing, photography design, and content marketing. She is the recipient of the award ‘Most influential content marketing professional’ by the ‘World Marketing Congress.’ She has immense expertise in the language of English and is willing to learn and teach any topic in great depth. 

Mathew J Maniyamkott:

Mathew began writing blogs on Blogspot, later moved to WordPress for publishing his essays. He expressed his thoughts on different subjects through his writing. His specialty was to share his work with strangers and request their feedback.

He began receiving positive feedback for his articles which helped him gain a few offers. To build his portfolio, he wrote articles for Inc42.com and Trak. in. Later he went on to contribute to the Indian Express after six months of persuasion to one of the editors. Currently, he writes for ‘yourstory.com.’ 

Anuradha Tiwari:

Anuradha Tiwari is a freelance content writer, author, and TEDx speaker who has helped several businesses reach their goals by outsourcing their content. She has contributed through her writing for Yourstory and India Today. Her work engagement includes blogs, press releases, social media promotions, and SEO. She has worked with over 35 different brands such as Apollo Hospital, Max Hospital, Narayana Health, Fabindia, and many more. 

Protima Tiwary:

Protima Tiwary has been a freelance writer for four years and has a tom of experience with branding, marketing, and communication strategies. Managing projects and people are her fields of expertise. She has previously worked with a publishing house in Mumbai by managing events and advertisements. She has indulged in digital campaigns, from the phase of planning till execution for two years. 

Anshul Motwani:

Anshul Mehta established WittyPen, a place where clients can hire content writers across various fields of experience to assist them in content curation and management. The team at WittyPen allot suitable content writers to help their customers based on their area of interest. They have editors who keep track of grammatical errors and plagiarism in their content before they are at their disposal. Their team comprises 200+ writers and 10+ editors who have worked for more than 100+ businesses. 

Anshul promises to deliver quality content for his clients as he explains to his writers the needs and expectations of his potential clients and asserts upon meeting the deadlines. 

Vagisha Arora:

Vagisha Arora stands out from the lot by her dedication and persistence towards writing. She has freelance writing experience for four years. She finished her MA in English from Delhi University and has been working with Accenture as a content analyst since. Her passion for the field of writing helped her gain experience and expertise across several niches. 

She has accomplished up to 200 projects for the ‘Content market’; a reliable and one of the largest platforms for Indian writers to contribute their work. She is also collaborating with other platforms such as ‘Kalaage’ which encourages young writers to express themselves through writing. Her articles got published in Times of India and magazines such as Bonobology. 

Vaibhav Kakkar:

Vaibhav has 13+ years of experience in the Content & Digital Industry. He is the Founder & CEO of IIM SKILLS, he runs a Podcast Vaibhav Kakkar Show to teach people about What’s New in Content. Vaibhav Kakkar Books are very famous for beginner’s understanding of Content Writing.

Apart from being an avid reader and famous writer, Vaibhav Kakkar regularly blogs about Professional Courses on his blog vaibhavk.com

Ritika Tiwari:

Ritika Tiwari is a former IT employee, who took up freelance writing as a permanent job. Currently, she is using her software engineering degree to help brands establish a strong presence in the internet world. Ritika helped Canva by creating enticing web content, thus enabling them to reach out to the Indian market. She has contributed to famous newspaper publications such as The Hindu, Times of India, and Mumbai Mirror. 

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The authors and content writers are the reason you receive and impart knowledge from both the internet and the world around you. The digital platform has helped budding writers and authors across India to showcase their talent and express their thoughts. 

Famous publications such as India Today, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, and The Hindu have served as a platform where both writers and readers meet and resonate with each other. The words published speak to the audience and, the readers’ indulgence encourages prolific writers to raise the bar of excellence. Great authors make great readers, which in turn creates great authors. 

With widening freelance opportunities, one needs not to be a critically acclaimed writer to have his/her article published for the vast public to see. Anyone wishing to share their views with the world can begin writing blogs on WordPress and other blogging sites. Mathew J Maniyamkott could serve as an ideal example for similarly kickstarting his writing career.

Even you can translate your thoughts to words, write essays for various publications, and join hands with the majority of Indian writers. 


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Q. What is the duration needed to finish the content writing course online?

3 months in total is the duration of the course. 1 month for the online sessions and 2 months for the internship program.

Q. What is the basic qualification required to enrol for the content writing master course?

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  • Nicely written article. It was a delight finding some of my favourite authors and writers such as Khushwant Singh, Chetan Bhagat, Ruskin Bond and so on. I am an avid reader and even found some of the books in the list which I I have read from the famous authors mentioned above. It was surprising to learn that Shashi Tharoor’s writings were published from a tender age of 10! The article was indeed a memorable ‘revisit to the prodigy’. It not only gave information about the famous and renowned Indian writers but also served as a recommendation for some books I can read. It was a wonderful experience to learn about so many Indian authors under one article and knowing about the expanse of their literary works across different genres. You have mentioned books of fiction, history, biography, autobiography and many more which kindled my interest in them. It was also fascinating to learn about the contribution our Indian authors have made in terms of articles and newsletters. Even they were based on a vast expansion of genres that I was mesmerized. I am currently reading Khushwant Singh’s articles. In your article you had also written about freelance writers and their work profile which was an icing on the cake. It was inspiring to learn about writers who started small and went on to make it big in the content writing industry. As an added bonus, you had also mentioned some freelance companies’ names which I believe will be very useful for your readers who are looking forward to finding a job in the field. I am planning on starting a business venture online and have been looking to hire a freelance writer recently and your article showed up as an answer to my quest. You have written in depth about every freelancer and their achievements that I am quite confused about whom should I choose for my assignment. It would have been more helpful if you had mentioned the charges for hiring a content writer and also a medium to contact these freelance writers. But an amazing job on all that you have included. Keep it up!

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